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  1. Last shot: is that a Rossiya Airbus at the VIP Terminal ?
  2. Nice shots, guys !!! Hope you'll be able to 'shoot' my KLM 787-900 (KL0811) arriving 17jan17 at 0700am (yes, I know it's early)...
  3. Yeah, like to know that too ! Any trips to AMS planned ?
  4. We've enjoyed the Silkway 747-8F at Amsterdam already; see www.scramble.nl photo-section for pictures
  5. or KLM till the end of 2018 (BA as well I've heard)... btw, thought MAS/MAB phased-out all the 744's ? apparently wrong !!!
  6. 10may16 will be the day for AMS to see this bird !!! We, Dutch spotters, are eagerly awaiting her arrival She looks fantastic !!!
  7. eff 01JUN16 Ho Chi Minh City – Kuala Lumpur NEW 1 daily service VJ825 SGN0930 – 1225KUL 320 D VJ826 KUL1300 – 1355SGN 320 D and Malindo Air starting 22APR16 is increasing service on Kuala Lumpur – Ho Chi Minh City route, as it adds new morning operation with Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Overall frequency increases from 1 to 2 daily as a result. OD563 KUL0815 – 0925SGN 738 D OD561 KUL1425 – 1525SGN 738 D OD564 SGN1020 – 1325KUL 738 D OD562 SGN1620 – 1925KUL 738 D MAB: brace-for-impact
  8. Better ask Flee, as he was the one to take the shot of KLM 77W (I was only on it later that night)
  9. when would te codeshare become effective for AMS ? Today's KL0809 still shows AF8399 GA9089 MH5631 ! Moreover, KLM will increase the KUL frequencies from daily to 10x a week, also because of the void left by MH...
  10. Great shot bro !!! Although I cannot enlarge the picture, I can share you my seat was 26A, basically inder the N of Boeing
  11. Some nice action shots, you posted there Flee !!! well done...
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