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  1. Put a thinking hat of an employer, I'd ask this question. Would there be guarantee from employees (of different nationalities in this case) they'd turn up for work appropriately expected of them the next day? There are reasons the "camp" or "workers quarter" exist, of of them is control. Of course I disagree over-tighten of the rules.
  2. In an unrelated topic, anything Red Arrows? The last time they were here about 5years ago or so I think.
  3. New things always good though not necessarily. I am happy with ATR 72 so hopefully they stick with the one type -500 as per current (Air Crash Investigation episode came to mind)
  4. rework in terms of ...? Anyway looking good, MH
  5. They are desperate lot. At all cost, the opposition (hey, in some states they are the ruling party) must/seen/projected to look bad. So nothing new there
  6. I never trusted the Star especially nation section but I read the classified n advertisement though
  7. The last time I went past 12am, it was closed but previously it did not. My guess is the policy to close the area beyond 12am still applies now.
  8. No one with flight simulator experience was asked forward? hehe
  9. I happened to notice this FAA-5minutes-delayed-flight-status two times already. Pardon my ignorance but where MH5448 goes to? It seems originated from Japan and can't be cargo-revenued flight since it is 5xxx. Special flight might be but what?
  10. Another Malaysia Airlines livery-Airbus A380 on the way home as Malaysia 5439
  11. Hahaha :-D Let us not generalise journalists as the whole. Just say specifically the Editor-in-Chief. For a paper that were sued and mostly won by many, if only MAS were to sue, surely will win ;-) But of course, not the case. B-) I am still laughing :-)
  12. And here she is, as tracked on Flight Radar24, a few hours away from manufacturing base on its way home, operated as MH5437 at 22:12 Malaysian Time. (Click on the picture for larger image)
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