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  1. jahur


    I've recalled seeing the Interested clients list from Bombardier when the project was announced in 2012. It includes Thai Smiles, Hong Kong Express, Bangkok Airways, Garuda, Lion Group, Mab, Firefly, Airasia Group, Scoot, PAL Express, Vietjet, Vietnam airlines. It basically looks like almost all of the asian carriers were keen. Even airasia was quite close to getting something signed in 2018 when Airbus tookover the CS series but decided to wait for more reliability reports from other carriers.
  2. jahur


    A220 is a very good plane and would've already snag a few orders from asean during launching if the cfm leap was an optional offering instead solely depending on the problematic pw 1500g. That engine has been a headache and it seems to operate like a beta state product.
  3. jahur

    BKI 2021

    Some pictures for the proving flight. It seems we may see them plying into KK and Kuching for Kaamatan and Gawai brief period before flying them internationally by late June.
  4. jahur

    BKI 2021

    Malindo a333 proving flight will be arriving later eta 11.10am etd 12.30.
  5. We have seen the likes of "cant afford dont buy"/ "buy early why wait" being discussed everywhere. But I've seen colleagues and relatives who literally cant and never will get leaves approved for holiday seasons unless they change profession or leave. Where do these folks go apart from contributing to the brain drain. You also have to accept that the airline potentially screwing up with "retiming/reschuling" will be the norm as well. LimA 2023 dates were never fix 6months ahead like it used to and we have stories of homestays cancelling peoples advance booking and hiking up the rates once the dates were confirmed.
  6. Sceptical on the mechanism. You need to buy 3 days before holiday season. But we all know people will binge buy tickets at inflated rate weeks to months before travel date hence seat availability may actually be little. Gov to block 12 seats per a320/738 for this? Also the from the article "As of May 17, Loke said there was a remainder of 17,708 flight tickets from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak. “There were 8,903 tickets to Sabah and 8,805 tickets to Sarawak,” he said." Its very likely maybe only 10% of such tickets will be subsidized from the looks of it. Those wanting the rm300 ticket its gonna be tough actually getting them.
  7. Last recall od downsizing their atr operations. The 737 routes to south asia were more lucrative than expanding the turboprops head on with Fy and fighting east msia against airasia. Now coupled with additional feeder services to australia, Od has found its nice sustainable spot.
  8. Hm seems to mention 277seats capable of 6350nmi range. So they're planning to reconfigure to that config in the future?
  9. Aerotrain replacement underway, one rail line on track to operate next year - MAHB Article Eta June 2024 one track. I give maybe 3-6months more of additional delays by malaysian standards.
  10. Its pretty much the standard to always give way to crew and charter based guests first everywhere there's no need for signs. The only thing i see here is the lawyer as usual is not happy that certain groups(at most 17pax for the aw-139 helicopter) can bypass queueing the immigration. Well he is in for a rough ride if he is in the US.
  11. Latest exhibit Lawyer asks why O&G workers allowed to cut queue at Miri Airport https://www.theborneopost.com/2023/05/10/lawyer-asks-why-og-workers-allowed-to-cut-queue-at-miri-airport/ All O&G helicopter operators have their own inhouse ground support team and avsec. Prescreening immigration checks are also done landside unlike commercial passengers. So why this lawyer is all chalked up or are passengers so offended nowadays.
  12. Garuda has already replaced their seats on some of the 738s with a different model. Most airlines undergo refurbishing once the seat has hit certain cycle for full service within 10 years. Even MASWings twin otter viking have already replaced the original delivered seats that came with the aircraft using recycled material from unused b772 and B744 seats. I do have to agree though the new seats that airline are refurbishing to are just there for revenue increase not to improve comfort. Cant source back the old original seat models anymore unless it was 5 years ago. Even the old seats under Haeco that MH took with 9M-MXA onwards the current Model is Haeco economy and is reported to be 1inch thinner in cushioning and 36% lighter. https://www.timco.aero/content/haeco-cabin-solutions-vector-economy.html There's an even thinner model called Haeco light. https://www.timco.aero/content/haeco-cabin-solutions-vector-light-0.html Almost 92% of the airline industry opted the lighter seats in exchange of adding more rows of seats very tiny numbers of operator resorted to retaining the same amount of seats as per pre refusbish config. 160 seater b738 was the norm in 2010, in 2023 more than half of 738 operators full service carriers are changing to 178 2 class cabin. Even Airbus tossed the idea with space flex galley and toilet redesign in 2013 for the a320 series which from a 148 norm 2 class to a now 166 2 class config or 188 1 class.
  13. Pretty common for LHR With social media and tik tok on about airlines are pressured to give useless statements explaining aviation terms that normal people would not understand. Just weeks ago airasia had an air turnback that required holding and some local city council cinabeng could not understand why they had to hold and was confused of air pressurization issue not being the main point to the tech fault. https://www.malaysianow.com/news/2023/05/03/airasia-passengers-up-in-arms-after-china-flight-scare Infact even Ryanairs nasty hard landings are by the books.
  14. The old seat model under Haeco brand were under circa 2007 selection will no longer in production within 2024. by 2019 most of the economy class seats offered by manufacturers nowadays are slimline light with only minor customization applicable to postering skin type, headrest, arm rest length, recline angle. The sad thing is even cushion padding for business class got thinner by average on the last survey check done by qatar airways and singapore airlines product department and they have a hard time deciding.
  15. Flew with tbe cabin twice. My moms ipad pro kept disconnecting while my android phone was connected. Then somehow they rebooted the thing and my phone kept disconnecting and the ipad maintained connection. Only good part of the intranet ife is it easier to skip parts of the movie/tv show previously the panasonic ife seeking was very laggy. GUI is also a lot better on android chrome and ios safari browser than the previous panasonic. Another issue is they seem to only enable the wifi at 30000feet above and they turn it off 10minutes after descent. So if it were a 1hour 30minute flight you're probably subjected to only 30-45minutes worth of ife content with the other parts of the flight without wifi during climb and descent. The procedure needs a complete overhaul. Seat wise not much to complain as i got more knee room than the previous cabin. So far i flew a 1 hour 30minute flight and another 2 hours 15 minutes on economy. Not sure how i will tolerate on a 4hour flight though.
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