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  1. Pretty much the same on Redcap and OD. Working in the airline industry in Msia, you're either underpaid for the work you did than neighboring peers in Asean, undervalued, not protected, forced to penny count for the company. Then imagine someone from Gulf comes and flashes you rm100-150k to exit your debt bond and monthly non taxable salary in USD, nearly half who are approached would gradually jump. Then the local airlines in msia have to forkout large last min sums to do type rating for the freshies. Its the same sentiment for the office private business segment with inflation up but salaries and balance life/work not catching up. Client/Customers well being not thought off and hospitality % is degrading. Only minor leeway we see is Myairline but we'll see how long they can water down. The Gov after undergoing 4 changes in the meantime is parroting the same autopilot phrase instead of solving the issue hands on. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2023/01/20/airlines-urged-to-focus-on-operations-to-avoid-delays
  2. From my visual observation in KLIA, most of OD targets pax are from South and Central Asia and almost half of them continuing towards Australia. A pretty lucrative niche market when compared to them struggling to fill up the frequency demanding but low yield domestic Malaysia market.
  3. At Maswings while there are 10 atr. Only 6 are on active duty ever since most of the RAS turboprop routes have been been discontinued only a select few remain. Meanwhile MASWings is facing a shortage of twin otter vikings by at least 2-3 frames and MOT is midst of adding more new subsidies routes and frequency for STOL routes.
  4. Not sure most know these frames to be from ALC. Another being shown was 2 a330-9neo being primed for Q4 2023. Group CEO disclosing at least 10-12 new aircrafts will be delivered in the end of 2023 with large chunk belonging to the 737-8.
  5. New info from initial 2 frames, we may see 6-8 frames being brought forward.
  6. Nothing has even been passed through state regarding alcohol sales ban in Langkawi its but its enough to spook westerners. The same thing in Bali had a brief down demand/mass rescheduling when the "bali bonking ban" was enforced. Only to find out that the rule does not affect tourist and for local indons it has to involve family members filling police report. When Lahad Datu had the sulu incursion and ESSCOM was setup, US tourist were forbidden to travel to Sabah for holiday by their embassy. Then Sabah experienced an exodus by China tourist lasting nearly a year and a half. Stuff like these does impact local scene.
  7. I thought the same initially but i found out the ife video was apparently pro bono by some multimedia third party company as a testbed project. Not my cup of tea but again seems to appeal the tiktok crowd with very low attention span. Probably the same crowd eye ogling any attempts of weight saving and lower carbon emissions boeing airbus promotes. 😂
  8. Yes cause everything is underfunded. Even the sepilok jungle walk project which was announced in 2003 got halted several times awaiting funding from federal only finishing up in 2022 lol. Lok Kawi is not well taken care off in the same regard. Even the current crocodile issue in east coast, Jabatan lack staff to monitor and also lack funds to provide bounty compensation to local hunters. Catching wild crocodile without permit is an offense. In the case of Sabah Tourism the budget allocate is just enough to cover staffs salary and some lackluster marketing of 2-3 countries. Sometimes staffs have to fork out own money to do some things. So yea pretty understandable they cant even pay photographers adequately with most of the promotion using old circa photos as much as they could. Like MH we like to buy grand stuff and then act like it will last for an eternity. Only to get dumbfounded when neighbours have modernized and replaced with the correct stuff unlike ours always bounded by "national agenda".
  9. You'd be shock that the tourism agency actually looked for amateur photographers and paid them below market value or 0 pay to do some coverage for Lok Kawi wildlife park and Sepilok. That's how broke the budget is. How i know well my ex schoolmates were complaining about them not getting any pay to do photography on behalf of Sabah Tourism. Engaging proper studio also no budget hiring local amateur also no budget lol. Now how are they gonna pay for daily tv slots ads in NHK, or ESPN if they cant even pay for photography session to update the place.
  10. Most of certification training are usually conducted under IATA which CAAM recognizes and have to be renewed annually. Market forces has been steadily pushing the domestic travel demand for the no frills affordable. Hence MH has decided to offloaded most of the domestic routes to FY. It has also decided to not take over flights between peninsula to east msia due to logistic and certification issue that fy does not have. How routing works so its like taking TPE/NRT to BKI MH and then you'll be transfered to FY for the BKI-SDK leg all bookable on mh website with enrich and potential ow listing if all is executed well. If i am not mistaken once most of the domestic takeover has been covered. It will look into places that MH formerly terminates such as BKI-HKG, Peninsula- China routes.
  11. For Sabah Tourism main issues lies on budget. Gov and state allocate very limited sums. So you pick the least effort required that will bring in the most volume. Hence for Sabah it was always going to fight for China lol. Recently in 2022 there were attempts to relocate some of the marketing to Middle East and certain parts of Europe but that's purely because most of the funds meant for China marketing were not used. If i recall correctly Sabah Tourism needs an increase annual budget of nearly 500% to accommodate former markets like Australia and Japan. Funds meant for TV spots, Youtube ads, Social Media post, Sponsoring foreign tourist to come in and market. A friend in South Korea posted an image on the tv screen in his hotel room of a Korean made ad promoting Kota Kinabalu. So far KK has been promoted as the budget family friendly alternative of Phuket/Bali by local word of mouth in South Korea so it got a bit viral. But no mention of Sepilok, Semporna or other places in Sabah. All in all very limited effort required by sabah tourism.
  12. Joining OW and linking most of the codeshare listing from MH is what FY was meant to gradually go towards during the early jet days. Cost prohibition is probably the reason why FY kept distancing itself from MH years ago. MH is also very penny constraint. With MAG streamlined this issue is still somewhat not rectified. For the current jet ops it will open up KUL base and BKI in the future. Inter Peninsula flights are pretty much of no issue you can send your pets etc on the road that are within 3-6hours driving. Hence why FY can operate sectors like KUL-KBR/TGG/KUA/. Flying to east Msia is a different story. While MH can remove itself, Imagine the locals having to fork up sending a cat or dog on a chartered 737-800f or sharing cargo with the pure freighters like worldcargo/pos/raya and paying 4 figures. In maswings even on short 40minutes flights its very common for passengers to bring in live kampung dogs/chicken/ducks that will be stored in the aft cargo for the twin otter and front cargo for the atr72. Firefly cant do this. Another issue being medical paxing, chartering private jets costing nearly 20-60k on the insurance bill on very rare occasion RMAF(itself running on budget fumes) will do some waiver mercy flights. A lot of this do not pop up on most of the rakyat living in their fluffy "Bangsar Bubble". Screaming "Orang kampung sila berhijrah ke bandar jangan kacau binatang liar bunuh gajah/buaya" and then caught dumbfounded when you have the opposite green wave took a large chunk in the previous election lol. Hopefully MAG would sponsor FY's cargo certification. But that is a heavy cost startup.
  13. Its own direction is okay with route planning. The problem arises when it cant interlink many stuffs from MH. SQ to MI/TR, CX to KA they all did a clean subsidiary to subsidiary ecosystem. One of the he was not keen on was also the IATA Cat 5 dangerous goods certification and medevec. Was also against the oneworld linking and codesharing with MH, enrich points unusuable. Fy Engineering segmented far out til a point it was pretty much a skeleton team with no leverage from MH. MAG is trying to fix all of this now with very limited budget. Even the Inter Sabah/Sarawak Domestic was not well thought off. With the upcoming potential takeover from MH, FY as of today is still not certified for medical paxing, can't carry pets, cant carry Medical equipment, cant carry electronics all in all no difference from Airasia. It will be a derivative of airasia without the perks from MH. It may come to a time where MASWings still has to do some of required flights as they the only ones certified apart from MH. Its one of the reason KUL to TWU/SDK/MYY/SBW/BTU will still be under MH. Some of the essential logistics is still not sorted and no other airlines wants to take the initiative.
  14. Yea our Tourism GDP collection is rather low though i believe it can be improved if our gov actually puts effort in attracting a wider market. Simple thing like marketing is not well thought off for decades. What i dug up from someone working in TG In 2022 Tg was down to 37 widebody aircrafts of 12 a350, 17 b77w, 6 b788, 2 b789. Late 2022 they reactivated a few subfleet of b772 and a333. For 2023 Post pandemic they will reactivate 6 a333 and 6 b772 as aforementioned and acquire 4-6 additional a359 due to network requirement and also may plan to reactivate 4 a380 temporary(not sure if this will succeed management is not keen due to many of its a380 pilots no longer having valid rating the simulator is also offloaded). Next plans are the discussion with Boeing for 20 b787-9 which will be delivered in 2025. These aircraft will act as a surplus and also allow effective retirement of all b772 a333 by then. Thai plans to operate 60++ aircrafts by 2025. Target market will be South Asia, Central asia, Europe and Japan though there are info that they will reduce their focus on Australia.
  15. Current gov primary task is to sort people's livelihood and cost of living as a priority with recession on the way. So many of the public do not bother. Our gov has a very different approach than our neighbours who would still commit to planned asset renewal asap. Meanwhile today we have effectively retired 1. Condor 4x4... x316 units 2. Sibmas 6x6... x186 units =Total... x502 units worth of armored vehicles due to age without replacement. 1/4 of them were originally stationed in Lok Kawi meant to safeguard east coast Sabah except without any airlift capability thanks to us being downsized to just 12x medium lift helicopters(Puma) and majority of them being based in Semenanjung. Meanwhile tensions in South China Sea with the CCG coastguard sighted just today being just 86km from Miri's shore and Philippines Navy actively redesignating Sabah as North Borneo out in the open. None of this are being tackled except for diplomacy talk. You don't garner diplomacy without a strong consistent defence as people would just take advantage. Sincerely doubt they want to effectively tackle MH as well with all of this brewing. The "kita semua kena ikat perut" will be in play while our neighbours do not care. Meanwhile Thai has signed additional leases of 4x a350-9 with the first aircraft arriving in march 2023(very quick). https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2464239/thai-plans-more-europe-japan-flights Garuda got a bailout now seeking to resume of the aircraft orders and are looking for b777 replacements https://airwaysmag.com/garuda-secures-government-bailout/
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