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  1. Crowdstrike cybersecurity firm says its software update triggered worldwide Microsoft IT outages In Malaysia Airasia and MAG were partly affected with check ins reverted to offline manual check in. Staffs having issues even retrieving or accessing rosters. Meanwhile several tech companies in msia are also affected.
  2. Some of the Airbus owned frames will be coming in next year as well down to 2026.
  3. I heard they are currently in midst of implementing Wifi IFE based system for the 737s sadly will not be extended to the 330. Though content wise dont expect anything better. Many distributors have hiked the rates for content made worse now with Forex related issue with MYR. Some like Disney and Sony entertainment have hiked nearly 200% with only universal entertainment being on the lower end. There are even more expensive ones like HBO that even established airlines are finding it hard to maintain the contract. Even MH has trimmed content significantly as a result with very slow rotation.
  4. First A339 rego's been comfirmed as 9M-MNG continuing from the A380
  5. Mvc's currently otw back just arrived at hnl.
  6. Yea 4 meant for last year. And if based on q1 2024 projections 8 frame this year. Now no one is sure due to Boeings scrutinised FAA checks. Next year if i recall it was suppose to be 9-10 frames. For this year alone with everything running slow maybe 2-3 more frames that is if nothing new happens at Boeing that causes further pauses.
  7. Should be MVC technically 3 months behind schedule.
  8. Probably piggybacking those collins and recaro seat models that won awards for other airlines "years" ago lol. Anyhow Safran Rave ife after 2021 apart from 4k, comes with wireless headphone connectivity as standard even on economy. Technically you bring your wireless Bose or Sony noise cancelling headset and sync it to the IFE without needing to plug in anything. Only thing i am not sure if MH opted the OLED model or not cause Safran has updated a newer variant called Safran Rave Ultra which has some display upgrades.
  9. Another slightly altered video this time officially from their youtube account.
  10. Was wondering did their 2x twin otters flew lately? Seems web booking remains closed. I doubt they could meet the E2 deliveries in the next few months.
  11. Mh3*** Maswings flight Mh4*** codeshare Mh5*** repositioning/ endorsement/ ferry flight all with 0 commercial nor charter customers onboard Mh6*** Maskargo Mh7*** are usually extra flights. Domestic holiday seasons we get those type of flight numbers as well. Mh8*** charter/haj/umrah Mh9*** seems to be codeshare also. Why SYD gets the 7*** those are short term extra flights.
  12. Have a feeling since that seasonal charter is on. FY is just offering seats during repositioning than flying them on empty leg. Likely this route wont last long once the charter is over.
  13. https://x.com/cliper31/status/1796103840921477606 https://x.com/cliper31/status/1796103840921477606
  14. Most of the countries current mess can be traced from this fella. 😂
  15. Their render from 2months ago still has the songket But on the product video a diff wau was used LOL Someone on facebook made a render this is pretty much what it looks like now.
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