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  1. Rumored was a Medevec flight covered by insurance. Probably the first time I've heard widebody aircraft being chartered by insurance instead of the typical gulfstream/challenger privates jet. In BKI Prudential was known to fly learjet for Indonesians seeking cancer treatment in Gleaneagles. In MKZ it was the older gulfstream iv for Mahkota medical also for indonesians.
  2. Looks like back on domestic now heading to kch as AK5206.
  3. Seems to be discontinued for now. Last seen on a test flight circling above penang yesterday.
  4. A333 scheduled until end of March 2022 now. Saw some pictures online Aerodarat has brought in the proper pushback tow truck, taller stairs etc. Aircraft also will now also park at gate 1 with jetway connected no more side park and self taxi out. Unfortunately gate 2 will be disabled when it is parked.
  5. 9M-VVA scheduled for double daily AK KCH run tomorrow onwards.
  6. Am not sure what Airasia Groups Gameplan is but the excess expansion tactic since 2015 is what caused the current issues even without the pandemic. Was already worried when D7 ordered 50 widebody aircraft then revising it to 75 and then revising it again up to a crazy 100 and now down to a quarter of what it plans to order. D7 with Thai aax itself can only hold at most 30 planes. For them to operate 100 with their optimistic approach back then was never feasible unless they anticipate competing Lccs and full service airlines to closeshop.
  7. Only recall the a333 replacement is between the b787-9 and a330-900neo and they are still the prime candidates. Maskargo's having a small dilemma as 9M-MUC left years ago. The a332f are also impacted by limited range to Europe especially AMS being load restricted by half of what it can carry over. The only similar candidates with no range issue is either the b767-300F(carrying negigble 8-10tonnes less cargo) or the upcoming a350freighter(significant more payload) . B777/b747freighter volume capability is not maskargo's turf. Everything with it is still a rumor. Only thing that seems to be confirmed is the A330 replacement is scheduled for entry Q2 2023 and it may not even be from D7 slots. No model has been disclosed. Both 789s and a339s are pretty much easier to get and they both can meet the dateline delivery. So not much clear cut which model is selected. Everything is pretty much zip tight currently. So pretty normal to see lots of speculations and what ifs popping.
  8. Ops and crew definitely prefers B787-9, the efficiency benefits surpasses a330neo if taking on the long term aspects on fuel burn and range. But as u said It is cost prohibitive initially to acquire it and to setup for it vs A330neo when there's already the A333+A350 commonality around. Some of the rumors going around is Msia gov and the French might be intervening and asking MAG to take part of the cancelled orders from Airasia X. But i would likely treat this with a grain of salt.
  9. Aircraft flew with CAM and part of management were onboard as a proving flight. Looks like AK will temporary lease the ex D7 a330s to alleviate part of the debt burden D7 is facing. Also to see if widebody operations is feasible for AK.
  10. jahur

    BKI 2021

    Looks like runway has just been reopened weather is also clearing up.
  11. jahur

    BKI 2021

    Yes pothole reported by atc. Lol. It has been raining consistently everyday for more than 2 weeks in the evening period. I know cause everytime i try to go out for a jog for the evening it bloody rains.
  12. jahur

    BKI 2021

    Had the opportunity to get upclose with the Antonov 124 days ago. This is probably the first time i've seen this(Except in KLIA) along with the IL-76 in Kota Kinabalu. That leaves the AN-12 and AN-22 not yet spotted. Probably the only time i thought about having wide angle lens as this plane refuses to fit itself into a kit lens. 😂 Crew arriving ahead of schedule. With Volga Dnepr everything is DIY. Pushback tow bar, traffic cones, Wheel Chokes, Loads of spare tyres are brought in by them. Once it has been decided no pushback is required the Tow stick is stored back into the cargo hold. Aircraft did a 360 turn without pushback required photos here onwards are all video screenshots from my camera. With adverse weather coming in Atc had to prioritize arrival traffic first. So the aircraft took off behind schedule. As you would expect it even brough on a large crowd from the surrounding GA hangars and even avsec at the opposite end of the runway came out to spot its departure 😂 Another note if this plane was loaded it would've rotated right infront of Terminal 2 even with full Runway length in use for departure. But since it was empty with only fuel it rotated very early as expected. Early left turn to avoid weather. Bon Voyage.
  13. Seems to be 2 more flights remaining. MH2594 KUL MYY 29 oct eta 1315 MH2594 KUL MYY 30 oct eta 1315
  14. Anyone in miri? Mab is sending out p2cargo for 3 days continuous using the A330-200. 9m-MTV is currently descending.
  15. jahur

    BKI 2021

    Past few weeks. Traffic frequency for the 737 a320 is gradually picking up. Widebody p2cargo charters days might be numbered.
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