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  1. jahur

    BKI 2021

    Direct JFK would need nearly 16hours with operating endurance of nearly 18hours with at least 1hour 30min of potential holding and diverting alternate included. Not sure if MH 350s are configured to do nonstop like that. For the flight that was tested in KK overhead it had 50++ pob onboard including gov staffs. Also Aircraft left JFK at a secondary airport after the PM and his entourage exit probably due to JFK's high overnight charges. This is probably a rare occasion that MH widebody was used for long haul trip for the PM as NAA ACJ319 is in use by the Agong for QE's funeral while NAB ACJ320 is under maintenance. RMAF Bombardier BD700 and Dassault falcon only has endurance for 8-9hours, 2-3 hours less than the ACJs. Meanwhile in Asean Philipinnes Marcos Jr chartered PAL's A350 while Jokowi is skipping the UN meeting physically after visiting US on Garuda's B77W 4 months ago.
  2. jahur

    BKI 2021

    9M-XXQ. Airasia still maintaining widebody upgauge. 9M-MAG flown in today as MH5028 and flying back as MH5029. Heard trial and testing before tomorrow's charter flight by the Malaysian Gov to fly the PM long haul.
  3. J cabin fitted with 12 Safran z500 seats. KUL-TWU pure j customers do not necessarily take up 16 seats so unlikely anyone got downgraded. Though websites are still selling 16seats for other flights that mxv may fly to so its may be potential nightmare there. Also i am not sure if they have fixed the inseat power supply shortage though. MXV deployment was initially delayed as passengers seated on the Isle, window seat do not have charging capability for their portable devices as the vendor was unable to supply them on schedule with the current usb c global shortage. Guess in the end they still have to fly them. Passengers on the middle seat will have fast charging capability and all passengers on business class are unaffected. Wireless IFE is working except some stuff still had to be done manually by the cabin crew as well.
  4. Wonder if the panasonic IFE'S are already loaded. Last heard from a friend no content as of yet.
  5. Last heard the option to execute the remaining atr's can be done its just up to MAG. They may also allow MAG to transfer some of the unfulfilled orders to ATR EVO as the turboprop market has not been doing that well so far. Unfortunately limited funding and cash reserve it can only commit the 737 and 330 replacement. I still think it was stupid for the state gov of east msia and MOT to bulldozed the operational flight subsidies for the 600 series. They were adamant for MASwings to use the atr72-500 like the old fokker days until it rots after 15-16 years of use then probably only signalling for a new aircraft order. Aircrafts are just not that long lasting nowadays. Also for them to think Airasia would takeover RAS completely in 2016 knowing there are still so many airports in east msia not capable of handling a320s and these type of flights are in no way profitable commercially. Its same old buy new stuff and use em til it rot no renewal nor upkeep while the neighbours are not that stupid.
  6. Yeap most are averaging 12 years old now with the oldest approaching 14 very soon. Reports from Maswings and Firefly that their atr72 were already having growing tech issue begining of 2013. There was a critical period when i recall Maswing only had 6 aircrafts and 4 were aog no spare to cushion the operational impact. In the old days 10% of your fleet would be on standby for such situation. Dwindling yields etc nowdays its pretty much 100% utilisation. The a220 can operate out of SZB but dont think it can properly hold the same amount of aircrafts than the atr72 fleet due to the larger size. One thing i did notice overseas was the regional jet fares technically being slightly higher than the 320/737 counterpart throughout. Not sure if msia would be able to accept it or not knowing we are a very price sensitive market. As for operational issue in SZB. New gen aircrafts are technically quiet and should not be a noise burden nowadays. Raya 767 757 and old days 727 were a lot more noisier and as of today they still have early 2am morning arrivals not forgetting RMAFs c130s and a400ms so doubt noise concerns is the issue. SZB is just being constrained to avoid cannibalizing part of KLIAs traffic hence the turboprops only while Raya operating as cargo were not affected.
  7. MLJ MLI MLK MLL with MLJ being the first to be transferred over as the 4th aircraft. Also it seems the remaining 9M-MS series will be brought over as well but it wont be anytime soon. I dont know much about the Ejets but the A220 is a good and proper regional. Passenger comfort aspect the A220 has superior standard seats than the e-jets which are very tight. Cockpit functionality i do know the a220 and e2 jet it is already ahead of the a320neo and 737NG. Fuel burn is definitely more than atr but as it carries more people it can offset. The only issue is whether they can fill up the plane viably. Places during low peak domestic, this aircraft may actually be needed for AK and MH. As for small airports with less than 1500meter runway like LDU. It will be too tight to operate unless one contends sending the aircraft to closeby destinations and offloading much cargo as possible even the ATR72 operating there are constraint when there's too much payload to carry and its sunny and hot. LDU needs a 500meter extension if it wants to fly them beyond 40min destinations. For MZV I am not sure if CAM will authorise MAHB to reopen the unused part of the runway due to terrain even the NDB beacon has been disabled many years ago as it was useless. Airbus and Embraer has been promoting very occasionally but very little uptake so far. Only reason i can think off why most of Asia has been bit shy in getting is probably no lucrative MRO+Simulator bundle or gov to gov manufacturing+trade bundle have yet been offered when compared to purchasing the a320 and a330 series.
  8. Downsizing, Batik Malaysia is also doing something similar. All the years SZB has been operating at excess capacity while target crowd for the business community have not been well received to support SZB having 25-30 ATRs total. At most it can only handle 18 total. Another issue is the reliability of the ATRs. Its widebly known ATR's dispatch reliability starts to dwindle once it reaches age 8years old. For the fokker 50s those start showing issues at age 12. The amount of breakdowns reported by local and neighboring foreign carriers has been well recorded. It's also one of the aircraft manufacturer carrying more than 20 passengers that legally allows a commercial go ahead to fly with passengers onboard if the autopilot is inoperable, fuel quantity indicator broken and many more. Stuff like these on the a320 and 737 results in mandatory grounding lol. Accountants are the only happy lot as the fuel burn is the cheapest out there. Other airline circumvent the dispatch issue by hoarding insane amount of parts and having spare aircrafts but sadly no one in MAG and Batik Malaysia are operating to that extent. Hopefully the ATR fixes most of the issue with the upcoming ATR EVO. The Q400 on the other hand is too cost prohibitive for ASEAN.
  9. A380s to begin exiting early october. All will be flown to Europe for reconfiguration and cleanup for new owner apparently. Aircraft spotters might wanna bookmark every Mondays of every week. This is where one a380 will fly off per week until mid November. No departure timing schedule at the moment. Firefly 737 transfer delayed. Aircraft no 4 delayed to end of this month not sure if no5 and 6 are still on schedule. Very hectic scheduling all being pushed on 3 aircrafts now. One breaks down and its Rayani flashbacks.
  10. Proving flight with CAAM started should be leaving KUL this morning for BKI.
  11. Myairlines team might've actually push the marketing and sales pitch to the public a bit tad too quick especially when looking at how CAAM scrutinizes things ever since the FAA downgrade and with CAAM actually having more manpower than before to check every hair stack. Even GA company in East Malaysia are noticing the increasing strictness.
  12. Was not mention also that MH has also managed to snug 10 optional purchasing rights that will expire post 2027. Seems like this option may allow them to take in either 1 to maximum of 10 aircraft of either 330neo or 350 after 2027. This probably allows the small group of stayback a333s to peacefully exit the fleet after 2027.
  13. Seems like it. Airbus, Rolls royce and Avolon banners spotted.
  14. Looks like MOU and flexible leases secured and signed. There's an event in Putrajaya with the Minister Of Transport in attendance.
  15. This is clearly what is needed to actually make MH work. But our gov made too many blunders over and over as of now none of it is made clear by them. Hence even i myself see it highly unlikely for MH to return back into Europe apart from LHR, AMS, IST are the only 2 it may consider anything else is a no go. The CEO even highlighted this on most townhall. MH has lost the european market, too many mistakes it can only work now through extended alliances and codeshare. Hence why Endau's NWA info is unreliable. He has made few mistakes in the past as well regarding Malaysia aviation requirement especially in regards to East Malaysia RAS requirement and certification ops. Only thing that seems fishy was Mh's own CEO being very confident that MH can take 2 NWA by Q4 next year not sure if this can provide any clues on which frame or model it may be.
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