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  1. Heard caam being instructed to study the possibility of increasing air space charges to airlines. Wonder if this will affect consumer ticket prices.
  2. Caam bout to hike fees. Guess renewing license is going for a price increase again.
  3. Visited CAM office in Putrajaya a while back. For first time goers it will be a bit tough cause its so small it doesnt even look like an government agency. You enter and it looks like small makeshift kedai runcit with one counter and only 2 staffs. By right it should be at least 15 admin staffs there. Not only that safety oversight issue like theres only few instructor holding multiple typerating overlooking all our airlines its severely understaffed.
  4. Seeing how operationally screwed up all our airlines are flying to maintain cost efficiency its pretty much to be expected.
  5. Not much complain from other airlines actually even on internal distribution. I understand lcc require fast pace 100% efficiency operations but i still dislike the way it causes problem for others. As pall mentioned if you look at how they run in the operation side there is a lot of problems to list out and majority of the aviation regulations are just closing their eyes.
  6. In Dublin ryanair complained of long taxi length and also are the most notorious for requesting non standard departure and arrivals to save time irritating other carriers. They're also the most noisiest complainers in europe. Not helping is their ceo is a noisy lot on social media. Yes they have the volume but you dont see complaints out in the open on others like ba or lh. Believe Ak ops is seriously following neck to neck with Ryanair on unnecessary social outburst and constantly squeezing in shorter turnaround and flights on their planes. It is okay if it does not cause an issue to other carriers but most of the time it does.
  7. Not sure on klia. But in bki u guys are always the one to rob pushback sequence. Tow truck is not in place but already requesting atc clearance. Asking for high speed descent asking to overtake ATR72s and going below profile. But over other countries u guys act so holy abiding the speed limit. Going non standard requests is very common in malaysia. 😂 While giving out discount id tickets to atc staffs. The list can go on.
  8. There were amphibious flights long ago by GA companies but no load as the seaplane mostly land in coastal area. Some ras sectors in sarawak are way deep inland. Another option is to actually enhance the road network condition but then how much flora and fauna had to be taken out.
  9. It can work but then again it has yo be twin engine. If u fly single engine as a passenger. You have to sign an indemnity letter. Not only that your crew would be always looking for ditching site to ditch if something goes wrong chances of better survival to ditch in water over the forrest XD. OSH requirements also means the crew would require certification for jungle survival like how Sabah Air Hornbill and Layang Layang did. Another problem RAS has to be operated by a full airline not a GA charter company. Meaning passengers cant sign indemnity forms. Back to square one again to use twin engine. All these issues is also some reason state govs are not keen on starting it will drill big operating expenses.
  10. GA flights operated by airlines in Eu are using twin engine britten norman, vikings and dornier. Some better financed companies even opted king air though king air is not a pure stol aircraft due to lower wing design. Single engine turboprops are mostly charter basis or courier and fly to islands.
  11. Another issue with single engine turboprop crew and passengers have to undergo survival training or they would have to sign indemnity letters because insurance wont do it. The police air wing are doing this on their single engine pilatus. The reliability of single powered engine coupled with the topography of Sabah Sarawak is a challenge. To enable single engine turboprop to fly it means CAM has to overwrite a lot of regulations. Try to imagine youre flying and your engine fails on cruise you cant fly back like the twin otters cause you only have one engine youre gonna have to ditch but you cant cuz the area you're flying in is full of uneven terrains and trees. Its a bunch of lawsuits waiting to happen. Thats what happened to most of the GA operators in indonesia.
  12. Single engine turboprop Does not work in this region. Look at susi air. For it to work the weather in borneo should be good all year round.
  13. I hope this was true but i am also experiencing similar issues working in private sector that involves with ict distribution. Departments not getting enough budget allocation. But revenue and profits keeps climbing. No bonuses for low end staff semua ikut KPI. Higher tier bosses get their ninja kings and higher dividend. Asked collegues that went for another company and no difference either.
  14. Typical msia, ask for replacement, board/management keeps bitching no budget asking for more cost cutting. When things broke down lower end staffs get grilled. Cycle repeats.
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