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  1. Its dead at the moment. They were cleaning up after Pakatan tookover but then they had squabble with ngos etc over the destruction of the old trees and no word whether the private land condos etc are still on the move or not. I used to come here and after planespotting to do a short stroll you can literally see a small group of hornbills and green colored birds on top the trees near the food stalls and a lot of japanese photographers used to visit here to spot birds but now japanese are also avoiding here due to Prc influx. Tun Fuad Stephen park is abandoned as well. Previous gov was too busy gentrifying for shiny stuffs without taking a look at how Langkawi manages their beaches. New gov was also mum on it. The only place i can something similar now is Shang-Ri La Rasa Ria resort at dalit bay lol.
  2. Yes its not sustainable. The real question comes should we urbanise east peninsula and east malaysia at expense of our flaura and fauna. Look at covid. Because of the good highway in the west so many are bringing potential covid infection from the mco two weeks ago. Air travel is more environmentally friendly over highways and high migration volume of people going back and fort on the road.
  3. I can predict what a few of them will say. Pls back up a large xray storage compartment in lahad datu, and long pasia etc. Build a specialist hospital in pensiangan. Pay extorbitant fees to doctors to stay in the interior to give excellent medical care no need for helicopter medevec. Dont bother about the orang utans and pygmy elephants and the flaura fauna around borneo they're expendable, urbanisation is more important look at how fine peninsula is doing with all the dead tapirs and tigers killed due to loss of habitat and migration. See how relax we are with the sumatran rhino being extinct.🤣
  4. A lot of specialist doctors are in the west are not keen on relocating to east Malaysia. Its the same for Indonesian patients from Kalimantan sulawesi flying to Jakarta to sort any special illnesses all on Garuda and how people from Chiang Rai flew all the way to Bangkok as well on Thai. You're aware that pc12 cant carry max stretcher? For mab they had to block 2-3 rows of seats which is why airasia bailed out. So far only private jets with wide enough cabins like the challenger and citation are capable of it. But chartering them can cost a fortune is the patient or insurance gonna fork out rm22k for an hour ride on a citation? Look at how mi and ka did. They dumped bki and kch cause it was not feasible even using scoot is struggling for them. If they were to add the flights as well will they honor the frequency requirement. Doing just hkg-bki-sdk thrice a week doesn't cut it. Maswings was berated for poor frequency as well. To call for improved highways look at what Pakatan did to Panborneo project. But even if that highway were to be completed no average person is going to drive from kuching all the way to kk.
  5. For us in east Malaysia they're essential. In a week so many stretcher pax flying to the west Malaysia and AK was not keen on getting certified for that since 2008. Would foreign airline operate BKI-SDK 3x daily? or BKI-KCH with 4x daily? I seriously doubt that can happen unless gov fork out money to buy planes for them. It will be fine to close down MAB provided no suspension in any routes immediately. Best solution is to sell it of to competent companies and let them immediately resume all routes. But will there be one interested to buy now with Covid now in place?
  6. Where in the world is there a 1 trillion rimggit debt for Malaysia. It was 50-54% gdp debt. Dont put in liabilities as debt. Again this is what pakatan Failed at explaining to the public.
  7. Sound simple. Doesnt work. Wheres fly mojo, wheres sabah sarawak own airline. The main problem is money. To start up a new airline where you're going to find 25bil ringgit(just to maintain 2 dozen narrowbody) that is estimate to maintain the frequency of flights at a reduced rate. So everyones tickets gets cancelled aye. Its the same everywhere. Its a focal point that airlines is still a very subsidised industry and there's no level playing field globally. Unless one can treat flying as non necessity, expect world govs to continue helping out the airlines and the hotel industry.
  8. And then they will jack up the price like indonesia. 🤣 When everything closes shop. Do you think foreign airlines both flag carriers and lcc even bother to set up flights here and maintain the same domestic frequency that we have? Especially post covid impact? Think logically for once. Or you're the type to stay at home and hope rich businessmen fork out their own to charter their own private jet domestically to settle business.
  9. The problem medevec is never financially feasible u dimwitt. No matter how many times we try to tell you. You just dont listen. You just yapp nonstop like a stupid puppy. Just shutup okay?
  10. They did that. No one came forward. They even port it towards GA operators like Sabah Air and Hornbil. Problem? We dont have big aircrafts with proper range and no one wants to cash in for asset procurement and training. Airasia knew the problem and chose not to dig itself in deep red for it. AirAsia will only do it if its commercially viable. During my days in Sabah Air state cant even do a proper Medevec contract with us and the weather around here(Boarded thrice and had 2 rtb because of the weather) makes u think twice about going deep into the rural area. Is the same for Nepal helicopter operators in Himalaya using very underpowered AS350 which is very unsuitable for rescue operations at like 15000feet above. There are more powerful helicopters better equipped but nobody wants to invest in them in lukla. OD was built just to disrupt Ak to Lion to operate without haste in Indonesia with an additional market tap into europe using widebody(Failed thanks to better market opportunity in Thailand). In the early days Lion approached MAB to to open a side venture but it failed Lion was not a proper FSC and even Malindo today. Lion ceo then met with few msian gov official some say ol Najib gave the go ahead as well and came out Malindo with the idea of more competition equal better options for consumers while bleeding Lions cash balance just to keep Airasia pressured in Indonesia from overexpanding on all fronts.
  11. Would the bad times include repossession of property and assets by the banks? The poor will Gulung tikar towards the coffin would be the best move as many Developed country in the west have been doing it for every economic downturn. Not everyone can have savings for rainy days in this kind of competitive environment. There's no middle ground.
  12. Again you are calling out on big corporations. How about employees and production workers wellbeing? Might as well callout to China for cashing out ACR Hna group and CRH when state funds could be diverted into important needs no? I think China made more sense than to dispose off 50k worth of workers. Free market my ass.
  13. Folks get retrenched. Peoples flight get screwed hurr durrr and you wonder why UK has not impose a proper movement or lockdown restriction. People still cramping in trains and people going to work. My cousin working in a private chiropractic which should not be essential services is now asked to work as usual. People heading out without knowing if their job is essential or not cause the gov wont pay a nickle to keep them at home and their high tax rate meant nothing all these while. For the airline industry even private, low cost and flag carriers in usa and china and Me3 are now getting rescued now with gov injections. If all airlines are closed how are they going keep people moving around and the economy running and you have a legion of workers ranging from engineering, itc, frontline, hospitality servicing all from multiple ecosystem now without jobs. You're recommending them to change profession and leave their passion job?
  14. Heard thausands of Malaysians in london are on go show on mas check in. I think staying put indoor and abiding uk's restrictive measures is more safe than fighting for a seat back to Malaysia and then somehow getting infected along the way. Lol
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