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  1. Wow i've never heard of a330 being less fuel efficient let alone one that is on PW. What sort of weed you've been smoking? It is bassically one of the most fuel efficient widebody. The a330neo is only efficient if you put up more seats like an lcc as the rolls royce engines are more power hungry. Try changing a y ticket on JAL it cost as a brand new ticket unless its flex full fare. You guys are asking the impossible in a very unstable market at the moment. Its simple Malaysians are too poor cheapskate to fly fsc, foreign premium pax have abandoned malaysia. Transiting passengers are on subsidised gulf carriers that offer greater value product and services. Not helping is the current government promoting many inconsistent policies that have deterred investors to neighboring countries instead. More so our pm has been busy angering neighboring countries and trade partners on policies which he believes is right regardless of diplomacy. Car prices are increasing 25% oh wait its not confirmed til year end. How is government going to instill investor confidence with this kind of flip flopping. And with lack of foreign businesses for fdis how do you expect flag carriers to stay afloat unless it goes full low carrier which many of us are not keen on it.
  2. Project Amal will be reabsorbed back into Mas charter this year end. Saudi gov restricting new operators from applying haj slots. Saudi restriction is basically to apply haj it has to be an established airline operator that has been operating for a minimum of 5 years and beyond. So getting a brand new AOC is pretty much useless for haj umrah now.
  3. Probably misquoted on equipment onboard and location of cabin galley design. Cause all 6 are very different from each other not very streamlined not sure how Air Berlin ordered their planes. Also heard the pw a333 are to go as well for rr powered 333 and 339neo but its all internal speculation at the moment. The only fleet aagb will leave untouched are the a350s. They will also closed down the Haj and charter operations by stages as it is too seasonal.
  4. The ec725 are on worldwide restricted grounding for gear and rotor design issue. Awan inspirasi oil n gas ops went to a halt because of this. Westar is lucky as they have Agusta Westland helicopters to continue.
  5. Believe the airline does not have cash flow and funds to even lease any planes at the moment. The airline is in need of loan for product renewal. The A332 were leased at very low bargain rates without any additional contract for cabin design adjustment hence the operational suitability issue now.
  6. Wonders whats worse. Most of the A332 on mab have poor IFE that are out of service. No chillers to preserve fruits. Different configuration and door options accross 6 of the a332. Tight 738 like seats deployed 10.5hour flight. Would prefer for a restricted payload A333 to be deployed instead.
  7. I did a few times got few rejections believe its hard to get acceptance with low bids nowadays. Business promo fare is cheaper though be prepared for hefty penalties and price difference charges if u plan to change flight etc.
  8. Garuda CEO fired for smuggling on A330neo delivery flight 🤣 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-12-05/indonesia-to-fire-garuda-ceo-after-smuggled-harley-found-on-jet
  9. Heard caam being instructed to study the possibility of increasing air space charges to airlines. Wonder if this will affect consumer ticket prices.
  10. Caam bout to hike fees. Guess renewing license is going for a price increase again.
  11. Visited CAM office in Putrajaya a while back. For first time goers it will be a bit tough cause its so small it doesnt even look like an government agency. You enter and it looks like small makeshift kedai runcit with one counter and only 2 staffs. By right it should be at least 15 admin staffs there. Not only that safety oversight issue like theres only few instructor holding multiple typerating overlooking all our airlines its severely understaffed.
  12. Seeing how operationally screwed up all our airlines are flying to maintain cost efficiency its pretty much to be expected.
  13. Not much complain from other airlines actually even on internal distribution. I understand lcc require fast pace 100% efficiency operations but i still dislike the way it causes problem for others. As pall mentioned if you look at how they run in the operation side there is a lot of problems to list out and majority of the aviation regulations are just closing their eyes.
  14. In Dublin ryanair complained of long taxi length and also are the most notorious for requesting non standard departure and arrivals to save time irritating other carriers. They're also the most noisiest complainers in europe. Not helping is their ceo is a noisy lot on social media. Yes they have the volume but you dont see complaints out in the open on others like ba or lh. Believe Ak ops is seriously following neck to neck with Ryanair on unnecessary social outburst and constantly squeezing in shorter turnaround and flights on their planes. It is okay if it does not cause an issue to other carriers but most of the time it does.
  15. Not sure on klia. But in bki u guys are always the one to rob pushback sequence. Tow truck is not in place but already requesting atc clearance. Asking for high speed descent asking to overtake ATR72s and going below profile. But over other countries u guys act so holy abiding the speed limit. Going non standard requests is very common in malaysia. 😂 While giving out discount id tickets to atc staffs. The list can go on.
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