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  1. Singapore plans to made in mandatory by 2026 onwards. As for the rest of Asean expect some integration by late 2028. And as usual cost will be pushed to passengers instead. Banks and auditors are always gawking at the ESG solution and go green initiative and pushing all businesses and corporations to comply the standards as much as possible. Air ticket prices to go up as Singapore mandates sustainable fuel for departing flights from 2026
  2. Same issues plaguing other airlines in Malaysia. No spare aircraft when technical issues occur and it causes a cascading effect on the network.
  3. Heard the sultan has gone bargain hunting for acj338 and is now actively trying to nego a 1 bbj787-9 from this deal off books.
  4. Few friends left AK and MH and working over there while not as competitive to the gulfs or hong kong based airlines, the low cost of living and everything being tax free is a huge advantage. But again for how long Brunei can keep up with this charade as it has yet to put effort to diversify its economy. Even Saudi Arabia knows this and is actively trying to open up and they're in a much safer margin compare to Brunei.
  5. Well some may see them being delusional based on them saying they're planning to go on head to head with SQ lol.
  6. Thai Airways to Retrofit A320s with Royal Silk Seats Thai's retrofitted a320 plan seems to be a lot better than MH's z600i on the max and NG with the only promise given by the MAG's CEO that it wont be deployed on flights beyond 4hours(for now). While the fear of Thai imploding the market with so much aircraft orders and random AOC approvals, there's not much to worry as it will always be bailed out no matter what. Meanwhile over here its every man for himself and customer experience is receiving the short end of the stick. It pretty much put MH below GA, SQ and TG in the narrowbody fleet but slightly ahead of PR and VN a321.
  7. It could be the airline just feeding part of the countries under belly import export line via Malaysia with passengers being insignificant to the airlines actual appetite. Technically not break even but the country's gov is willing to stomach up to keep their restricted economy moving. A lot of airline in those region are operating in that sort of similar ways that is very taboo to the many lot.
  8. MAHB: Upgrading, development plans for Kota Kinabalu International Airport From the looks of it - 1 extra widebody / 2 narrowbody gate with jetways with mild terminal building expansion from the international side near gate 2. -Rework on immigration width, and landside area - Apron expansion near the domestic area to allow 6 narrowbody aircraft(Likely for airasia) -Multi level car park(Finally) Meanwhile Terminal 2 ramp is still underutilized and ground handlers are too lazy to tow unused aircraft to that particular area.
  9. The 4 a332f Maskargo received have no external fuel tanks with a max endurance of about 10.5hours with max cargo, so it cant really do nonstop cargo flights to europe. Also they were delivered without the auto floor roller as a result the ground staffs have to use physical strength to push the cargo. Stark contrast to the 2 b744f which were delivered in near full spec. The contingency plan is to always hold a few a330ceo if they cant get fleet replacement timeline in check or did not place proper replacement to facilitate replacement. Though them being sloppy when it comes to cabin and aircraft reliability shows it may not be a good idea. One good example is look at the ATR fleet which are essentially broken planes flying with missing landing gear doors or one side autopilot inop or even inaccurate fuel readings. B77W project was something tossed around to many airlines in 2001 it was not even called 300ER back then with MH being offered to retool and defer orders for it if necessary. The B777 orders MH had was quite flexible. Anyhow it is good MH did not took the 200LR that plane was a 300ER in fuel consumption but carried less people and served MH no purpose looking at how MAS failed the long haul market when it comes to yields. A lot of the mess msia is in right now can be directly tied to Tun M. Reliable FA-18D subsequent cancellation(as a spite to bill clinton). Also the core cause for Malaysia being too heavily reliant on the unreliable french and tossing around the palm oil barter trade offset for the most part with Najib executing the remainder. The A380 was an ongoing bundle deal which resulted the Scorpene, CTRM and the A400M for larger discounts and local bumiputera tech transfer setup for cronies. It was also why Airasia got favorable discount aircraft rates for its large order of a320ceos.
  10. This is a pretty good start especially with QF. Now looking to see if LH and AF has the appetite to come down back.
  11. Recently Riyadh has started their own poaching. CX months ago saw the signs and hit the pannick button cause they also experienced massive amount of crew leaving. BOD on swire group and etc out of spite then allowed a massive hike for the tech crew pays but it will affect the financials. Capts now taking back almost 80K usd monthly with 80-90ish duty high hours and the FO's also getting a hike that almost matches with the gulfs. Next coming months Air India(Post Vistara) will also start their tour around Asean and the oriental region. Few carriers in Mainland China have also reported started to adjust the payscale to avoid massive exodus as a response. Those countries at the ME3 their flying schools have very low uptake which is sad. Flying or being a cabin crew is not a a career their locals look highly upon(well given how shitty air travel is nowadays they have a point as well). The airlines over there with the help from their respective gov's have to offset part of it hiring massive amount of expats and foreigners and giving high salaries.
  12. Except an old aircraft will result in maintenance cost climbing and will require many tinkering to keep it at pristine condition no matter how many take off and landing cycles mileage it has. Even spare parts stocking at MAG is very low now and u have very low manpower plus low morale from the engineering team. Frontline cabin crews still being paid RM1.5k basic in 2024. So am not sure how the CEO claims MH is on its way to fight with SQ on the BFM interview lol when a lot of things behind the scenes are inadequate. The profit it has may probably be only there for short term at the current trajectory of how this country is running and taking everything for granted.
  13. Not mistaken the PW equipped a330 have lower commercial payload+range. The plus side was the maintenance cost package. Apart from that the current 3 A332F with lower mtow cant do AMS direct(beyond 20 tonne commercial payload) as they're not equipped with external fuel tanks unlike the 6 pax version from ex air berlin. For now there is no indication if the current a330ceos can fully exit the fleet by 2027-2029. This solely relies on the additional 20 optional slots for the a330-900 that MAG has yet to firmed anything. The worse case scenario in play is MH not firming anything past the 20 frames means it has to retain a small fleet of a330ceo due network requirement. The old plan was them to have at least 33 widebody but now it seems the CEO is hinting them needing between 35-40. The old MH A330-300 9M-MT series was an order for 15 firm and 10 optional. But the airline just took 15 at the end. The 1990s B777 orders were also changed along the way with i believe some of them expressing interest in the 300ER project before the A380 was pushed instead by the early 2000s.
  14. Economy seats rumored to be Collins Aerospace Pinacle. Still no info on IFE but likely to be Panasonic EX3.
  15. Even before the pandemic 2-3 a330s will always be in the hangar for checks and potentially a spare sitting around with lower utilisation rates. It was even more drastic during the 9M-MK series era where you can see up to 2 on the remote bay and 2 in the hangar. The problem is the airline now fully utilizing the widebody fleet like an LCC which gave no window for any spares. Having a spare aircraft sitting around the remote bay like its a taboo thing for any bean counters and the general public nowadays. Except in the time where a domino effect takes place and the casscading result of retiming rescheduling occurs everyone turns a blind eye and say this is an operational thing and it has to be accepted by the general public.
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