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  1. While Thai airways has retired all old 772s, 744s, and 15 a333s downsizing to just 34 widebody aircrafts. They have already secured financing for 3 new b777-300ER, 2 B787-9, 2 a350-900 at least keeping overall product new.
  2. Problem now with majority of the crew in that fleet gone and no simulator as its sold. To reactivate and rehire and retrain everyone overseas whislt leasing back the plane it would take more than a year to get things sorted out.
  3. They can and are allowed to send multiple frequency and their 77w are not high density either with not much cargo. Garuda which retrofitted their 777-300ER thrice is still too heavy.
  4. That's the problem with the buying power here. Starting salary is still rm1.4k out of the city area. You can get higher than average in Thailand and Vietnam now. To drop fares to unsustainable levels just to fill up the planes at 80% above break even and expect aux income to do the rest is not long term ideal.
  5. 2017 fares Msia is ranked the cheapest by both low cost and Full service carriers. "The agency’s investigation found, on average, Malaysia enjoys the lowest cost for air travel of any country. At just $4.18 per 100 km, it’s the leading country for flight value. Malaysia’s long-haul, full-service flights cost passengers an average $5.90 per 100 km, while long-haul, low-cost fares are some of the cheapest in the world at $1.81 per 100 km." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.finder.com/ranked-the-cost-of-air-travel-in-80-countries%3famp I think the airlines here need to overhaul the pricing mechanism. 2017 prices alone plus ringgit depreciation up to year 2019 its probably even worse now.
  6. Might not be as feasible. Infact Saudi Arabian Airlines is the best choice for Indonesians now its direct and cheaper than Garuda and they are allowed multiple frequency into Jeddah compared to other carriers. Might expect them to expand with mab and thai pulling out.
  7. Umrah is all year round only Haj is seasonal. Indonesia does occasionally lease a few European based charter like wamos air though its for Haj only. Jakarta 3 runways is still not rated for 340 tonne above weight aircrafts lol. So high density 748s 77w and a380 still cant land there.
  8. Heard the planes will no longer leased by mab and will be put on long term storage until another buyer or leaser comes(highly unlikely as the spec mab configured is too low spec interested party like Emirates and BA have turned away due to this). As for Indonesia even with a large bulk of 330s it wont he able to suffice Saudi's strict slot timing restriction. Unless Garuda sends 400++ seaters and reduce the frequency. A big margin of Indonesians have also used Thai airways but now thai is also not keen on doing feeder umrah and haj. Friends in indonesia have complained the haj umrah fares by lion and garuda to be very pricey when compared to flying with Saudia and other Carriers.
  9. Insider info is that the Dugong is officially leaving the fleet for good. While local Haj Umrah capacity will not be affected as the A330 could supply, substantial indonesian pilgrims transiting would have to source other means as the feeder service is likely gone for good.
  10. Atr services in Peninsula to continue but with a very small fleet. RBLink though is dead.
  11. Info from my indonesian friend is that Lion air is seeking bankruptcy soon. Currently the board and upper management is seeking to apply another newer AOC to transfer some of the assets over. Due to this no funding will be given to Thai Lionair and Malindo.This might've hasten in Malindo in terminating 2k staffs yesterday. Original downsizing fleet to just 13 atrs and 12 737ng might be scrapped as well to an even smaller fleet. Not sure how much Batik Indonesia is affected. Rumors out also that co founder Pak Rusdi Kirana of Lion Air might be facing cbt charges just so after another Indonesian Tycoon Benny Tjokrosaputro was jailed for life from stock manipulation charges.
  12. One way 45 minute flight ticket in S.korea costs 100-300usd and it is similar in Indonesia with their local currency converted. Whereas pre covid KUL-PEN ranges from 30-150usd. Something is definitely wrong there.
  13. Yes and they are currently positioned in Semporna stolport however they are not suited for adverse weather conditions. Need to note the filipino immigrants enter via hidden trails Kunak and Kota Marudu when it is raining at night. It is better to deter them over the sea, as when they reach on land it is difficult for the army or police to catch them. It would benefit to add more patrol ships with better radar under the royal navy and maritime. Understandably previously when they hauled up illegal boats the current ship in the inventory could not even tow the boats and they would have to call in commercial tug boats to do the job. The biggest mistake with since Badawi's and made worse in Najib tenure was prioritizing civil agency over the navy. Navy is terribly short of patrol ships and littoral combat ships and surface scanning helicopters. While the police has too many special ops, uav and fancy helicopters. It should be the air force and navy's duties as with what our neighbouring countries are doing.
  14. Yes and how many conglomerate folks like Lion air Group or FLC groups are there in Malaysia? You need to be a multi billionaire with political connections to start up an airline not a RM2 dollar bargain hunt fella. The logistic demand and air export is regular. Have you even been to East Malaysia for that matter? Note that how the previous state gov of Sabah fell under Kadazan Dusun Murut votes by the lackluster efforts of Warisan? Roads were in better shape prior to 2017. Contracts for town upkeep in were terminated and nobody in the public wanted to take up until 2020. Engineers were laid off for the Pan Borneo Highway projects. Poor Maritime surveillance effort that everyday we see 30-40 Undocumented immigrants sneaking in per 1% of them rounded up has covid for that matter. While the gov big brain idea was to post an additional 8k soldiers to east coast without giving them proper radar equipment and ships to efficiently scan over the seas. The gov only spends 1.1 % of its gdp on military budgeting whereas vietnam and Philippines were at least spending above 3% heck even philippines increased to 11% now under Duterte. While all the previous and current gov of Malaysia could think about is how scared they are to raise the GDP debt ratio to 68% from 53% while giving out stupid b40 cash handouts when it can be given out to save jobs instead.
  15. You do realise the 2 hour a400m flights cost easily 210k one way? Try multiplying that 5x weekly? Its still cheaper over the 330 so should the gov purchase more heavy cargo transporter for the air force? You also have to take account of commercial cargo such as the 2x weekly 15 tonne construction material Hanoi to kk, OnG logistic items Labuan to Hong kong cannot be carried by them. Should rmaf operate commercially? Doesnt sound right. Will the foreign cargo airliners based 2 twin engine widebody freighters in East Malaysia to replace them? Or should the gov kick up Raya Airways to add more planes asap? These should be the questions answered immediately if mab is to close. Not blubbering about debt. Infact airasia should really hold on to Airasia X as a potential replacement for mab instead of downsizing it to just 2 set crew and 1 a330.
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