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  1. 6 A330's are in the process of being returned to the Lessors
  2. Raj

    KUL 14R 2020

    Nice catch Flee and KS. Double cargolux in KUL?
  3. Aircraft had a air turn back the previous day. Unreliable Airspeed. Captains instruments had a defect.
  4. Malindo has even reduced its fleet. 4-5 ATR sent back to Wings Air. 2 aircraft usually out of service. Leaving them with 8-10 active aircraft.
  5. BKI - SIN to likely be axed next month
  6. Because the STAR and SID out of KUL, alot fly over/close to Putrajaya. However if they really manage their resources well, i am sure they can for e.g use only runway 33/32L/33 only combination and route traffic arrival and departure away from Putrajaya area.
  7. Nice Shots KS & Flee. Keep them coming
  8. Nice one KS. There were a few wide/narrow body aircraft parked up by the raya cargo bays. Anyone have any pictures and aircraft types?
  9. Very rare catch KS. Nice
  10. Nice KS, keep them coming
  11. They should go for a B788/9/10 combo that way they have one fleet type with varied capabilities. Since narowbody is gna be MAX down the road, transition wise going up would be easier.
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