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  1. Chine Eastern starting new route to KUL. Hangzhou - Kuala Lumpur https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/230308-mukul
  2. 6 A330's are in the process of being returned to the Lessors
  3. Raj

    KUL 14R 2020

    Nice catch Flee and KS. Double cargolux in KUL?
  4. Aircraft had a air turn back the previous day. Unreliable Airspeed. Captains instruments had a defect.
  5. Malindo has even reduced its fleet. 4-5 ATR sent back to Wings Air. 2 aircraft usually out of service. Leaving them with 8-10 active aircraft.
  6. BKI - SIN to likely be axed next month
  7. Because the STAR and SID out of KUL, alot fly over/close to Putrajaya. However if they really manage their resources well, i am sure they can for e.g use only runway 33/32L/33 only combination and route traffic arrival and departure away from Putrajaya area.
  8. Nice Shots KS & Flee. Keep them coming
  9. Nice one KS. There were a few wide/narrow body aircraft parked up by the raya cargo bays. Anyone have any pictures and aircraft types?
  10. Very rare catch KS. Nice
  11. Nice KS, keep them coming
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