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  1. The two Awan Inspirasi EC225 have been ferried to Manila as far as I know.
  2. With TUDM performing their weapons validation program in Sabah, it was only a mater of time before the jets, CN235 and C130 stopped by Miri even if it was just for a flypast. Here's TARING05 Combine on 31st July performing a low fly past over runway 02. [/url]
  3. 9M-AJW has now been assigned to be with BKI hub and therefore more chances to catch her in the new special livery when she comes to operate the daily MYY flight. [/url]
  4. That's right. Which is unfortunate, because we do get some rare action here in Miri once in awhile such as US Army aircraft and some private jets.
  5. Some recent shots to revive the thread.. 9MRAC[/url] otterand73 MWEnighttaxi AQH AQF1 AJNrotate
  6. Had a short trip back to KCH recently and visited some colleagues at the airport, took some shots whilst I was there. MSEwtmk[/url] AQS1 AHSrotate2 AQO2 9MRAP
  7. Many thanks for the coverage, KS! I wonder what they do with the spotters' photos on display after the event..
  8. 9M-AJE featuring a newly launched livery in collaboration with UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) which is the second local Malaysian university to collaborate with AirAsia and have its own special livery on one of the airline's aircraft. Original photo credits to Mr Walter Asa with editing by yours truly. [/url]
  9. There's actually a few! But I don't think they are here on MWings.
  10. Reviving the Miri thread after 2 years.. MAB's sole Negaraku 737 coming in from KCH. [/url] And a special visitor, N81118 off to Subang.
  11. And a pleasant upgrade today, Saudia sent their Queen. [/url]
  12. A7-AGC on the second last day of A346 service into KUL. The same aircraft operated the final one today. Video of the final arrival today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_pzuvk4BNY
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