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  1. Yay!!!! Bring in the 747 Supertanker! We needed it really badly because that 100,000+ acre Station Fire is causing too much trouble here in L.A. The DC-10 Tanker and the numerous helicopters and aircraft, especially the two "Super Scoopers" aircraft that came from Canada are not enough to fight the blaze.
  2. Copa Airlines orders 13 737-800s: http://boeing.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=750
  3. My dad was driving to LAX to drop off my aunt who was going on Air India bound for Frankfurt last month. I was in the front seat of the car. When we exited Aviation Boulevard, entrance to LAX I spotted this:
  4. Also, the order from MAS brought the 737 ordered past 8,000 aircraft:
  5. The 737NG gets new carbon brakes:
  6. News release from Delta Airlines: News release from Yahoo:
  7. The Boeing 767-300(BCF) takes its first flight:
  8. American Airlines cancels 570 flights for Friday: News release from American Airlines: News release from Yahoo:
  9. News release from American Airlines: News release from Yahoo: News release from NBC 4 Los Angeles:
  10. Here are two reasons : -Jet fuel prices are skyrocketing here in the US -Also, Aloha blames unfair competition from competitors, like Hawaiian Airlines and American Airlines.
  11. ATA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and ceased operations today: Aloha Airlines stopped its passenger service on March 31, 2008 and now only operates cargo flights:
  12. It's a bit a late since the news was posted on LAWA's website, but any way here it is:
  13. Actually,SQ operates 3 daily flight (now only 2 as of Oct 2008): -SQ12 (SIN-NRT-LAX) -SQ38 (SIN-LAX) -SQ28 (SIN-TPE-LAX)
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