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  1. Friends, Here's an updated consolidated flight schedule for WMKC/KBR, in case anyone would like to go spotting around Pengkalan Chepa. All these and lots of small aircrafts too. Holiday is nigh and I'll be in town! Happy spotting.
  2. Hhahahah... you don't have to. You can write about how people here say to improve the snekboks. Lagipun, capt, if you MB, OLA! (orang lain angkat) Buleh dak??
  3. Captain, do you have the password ke to access the blog? You should be writing there too. Heehhhe...
  4. New livery? How about just leave it 'bare' silver. Like those CX and JL cargo planes? It's going to be so cool.
  5. Although I would have loved LionAir's -900ER better, the -NG is good enough.
  6. Hey hey, I missed this thread... And I missed you while you were here too. Someone promised to call on Wednesday after 3.30pm 'for any development on Pk Eng's visit' but he must've forgotten. Heheheh. July issue of 360? Don't have it therefore was not educated on the subject (as you can see from my HK TR ) Yup, Jln. Ewan in KK is actually a lorong. A back lorong...
  7. I'd like to have 55 of those 737-800's, please. Make mine with winglets!
  8. Alpha-Papa was the one skidded at WBKK several years ago for which I became one of the stranded pax at the terminal! Bad day.
  9. Excellent. Desmond thanks for the lead.
  10. I like the new 'script' typeface better, even though I dislike script typeface. Hmmm... I think I've said this before somewhere.
  11. Is that a FAAM's BAe 146?? Wow... doing research here?
  12. Wow... F50 in Melakaaa!! Very nice Simon. More, please. What's the timetable is like?
  13. Aiyooo 1830?? Gelap already ho...!
  14. Ok guys further "how to improve MH snekboks" pointers. Let's play comparison game... Compare this Breakfast on MH BKI-KUL 28 Jun 2008 with these Lunch on AK KUL-BKI 30 Jun 2008 Give-away question: Which one would you stomach better?
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