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  1. Probably the largest ever aircraft to have landed and parked in TWU.
  2. https://www.theborneopost.com/2021/03/20/maskargo-launches-inaugural-tawau-hong-kong-flight/ MASkargo launches inaugural Tawau-Hong Kong flight TAWAU: In response to an increasing demand for seafood in Hong Kong, Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) cargo subsidiary MABkargo Sdn Bhd (MASkargo) today launched a new route between Tawau and Hong Kong. Flight MH7994 departed Tawau Airport with seafood at 3.15 pm and landed at the Hong Kong International Airport at 6.35 pm. “Tawau has always been famous for the abundant variety of seafood. After several meetings with our agents on the potential of exports to Hong Kong and China, we initiated work to introduce this route and mount this flight,” said Sabah MASkargo manager Shim Kwang Huat. “Tawau is a strategic hub for the Bimp-Eaga area and Tawau airport can be developed to serve as an important transhipment hub for the export of raw products from the East Coast of Sabah, Indonesia and the Southern Philippines,” he added. Due to the expected volume, this service route is available on Wednesday and Saturday, that will utilize Malaysia Airlines’ A330-300 aircraft (Passenger to Cargo) which allows up to 30 tonnes of cargo. It was a massive exercise kicking off the flight as Tawau Airport does not manage widebody operations. The technical and safety aspects were meticulously examined before a host of equipment were brought in to accommodate the operations. The local team was also given training on how to manage widebody movement, processes and procedures, he added. For more information on MASkargo flights and services, visit www.maskargo.com
  3. Hi Francis, i remembered we met in HKG in 2016? Time flies.... 5 years since then already!
  4. SHANGHAI (Reuters) - An Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 777 cargo plane caught fire while loading cargo at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Wednesday, the airline said, adding that fire has been contained and none of the crew or ground staff were harmed. The cause of the incident was under investigation, Ethiopian Airlines said in a Facebook post. The aircraft was on a regular scheduled cargo service from Shanghai to Sao Paulo-Santiago, it added. Pictures and videos circulating on Chinese social media showed heavy smoke pouring from an Ethiopian aircraft, and a large section of the upper fuselage appeared scorched. After the fire broke, flights bound for Shanghai Pudong International Airport were diverted to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, said aviation data provider Variflight. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-aviation-ethiopian-airplane/ethiopian-airlines-cargo-plane-catches-fire-at-shanghai-airport-no-casualties-idUSKCN24N1C8?il=0
  5. Have a read of the following. Virus genetics do not lie, whereas politicians do. http://english.xtbg.cas.cn/ns/es/202002/t20200224_230113.html?fbclid=IwAR1UQ7ygkc1hegVMfcL-9-oyb41Su8ASnQR1FULse8028bvzZ4K02qS2BgY The bulk majority of "Wuhan" coronavirus in China was of Type C, which is the grandson of Type A virus. China only have various subsets or the offsprings of Type C, whereas the US have all types. Type A is the original form, so in order to get from Type A to Type C, it must evolve from A to C. So it gives you an idea where that source came from. Not from China. The US troops went to Wuhan to participate in some sports event before the outbreak. So there was a bit of suspicion there. Japan on the other hand is suspecting the virus originated from the US. A Japanese lady who went to Hawaii and came back with Coronavirus depsite having not visited China at all. Someone who did look at the genetics will blame it all on China. Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Australia all have the early forms of Type A and B virus. So who spread it? The US is not saying anything about this and the CDC did not even have any idea before but blamed all the strange form of pheunomia on the electronic cigarettes. Is CDC still reliable? Since you mentioned Dr. Li Wen Liang, click this My contribution is to debunk some flat western lies while some prefer to belive it without giving it the benefit of the doubt.
  6. How do you know it doesn't? Is that what anti-Chinese media says? I guess if one do not read Chinese, it is likely they won't get the first hand information but resort to only western media. There are things to be learnt from the early response and the Chinese government have recognised that. However, in comparison to the beacon of freedom or whatever it is. The H1N1 virus is not even recorded there but letting it spread like a wild fire to other countries.... to a point that today it requires the Vice President's permission before the CDC is allowed to report on it? There are even evidence pointing to the fact that the coronavirus came from that particular country. I guess nobody would mind and worried about the influenza and coronavirus if it comes from the West. Merely treat it like an influenza, I am guessing western media readers would just suck it up without a question. I wish to see how the West deals with it and I am sitting in front of the television with my popcorns. Are we okay to discuss this here since you light up the issue?
  7. Don't really know if their strategy is clear enough as they utilise their 787-8 and 787-9s internationally too to HKG, North America and Australia. I guess long term the A35k will replace their high demand routes such as LHR and JFK? Hope they will place orders for some 777-9/ 777-8s too.
  8. It's laughable because the so called facts as presented by you could just be biased western news and you call it 'facts'? Should I even take you seriously? As I said many times, you can nag all you want, at the end of the day you aren't a tax payer of China and you aren't ethnically Chinese, why would your opinion count? If you think the Chinese government suck, then ask your government to stop working with them. I think you score much better chance at this. Is this a thread where you should keep arguing about this subject? If it is then keep going, you won't hear anything from me.
  9. ANA has all forms of 787s: -8, -9, -10, while JAL has only -8 and -9... and supplemented by A350-900 (I believe a few are running domestic route for training purpose, HND-FUK and HND-CTS). I wonder if JAL will every buy the -10 to replace some of the olders JAL 772/773 and ex-JAS 772 for domestic run.
  10. The problem with many people like yourself is that you are reading of western news and think they knew it all - what they know is one side of story. Many spend time on the internet and become keyboard warriors. Sorry I do not really think democracy works - the so called people power. One vote from everyone, look at the way politicians spread their fake news (Taiwan for example) and making the general public to think they are great, but many are just a bunch of crooks. I would rather rely on somebody who are politicians for life and just someone in the office for a few years and amass the wealth for themselves and do their friends favours then leaving the problems to the next guy. I am a fan of meritrocracy. For non-citizens, how does Trump, Boris Johnson and etc affect you? There is no direct relationship. Sure they can report on whatever they want, but YOU as a reader have the choice to what to read into and not read into. Most of what Trump does probably have an effect on the policy of your country, particularly if they wish to screw you up. Otherwise you just get by and nothing to do with you. Same goes for China, the western news likes reporting one sided story on China and makes you think Chinese want freedom and etc. How do you know for sure of what they want? I live in Hong Kong for 7 years and travel regularly to China (even lived in Shenzhen for a year). I think I know more than most people and I speak Chinese fluently. So you dont think SG and MY are beacons for freedom of speech but you expect China to be one? There are freedom of speech in China, it doesn't mean you get arrested for speak out against the government. There are people with their own agenda and the western media make a huge fuss about it. The western media do not bother with the political dissidents as much because China is currently their number one enemy or rival. Singapore and Malaysia is pro-western and they do not make a dent in the world stage. Just in case if you have forgotten about Edward Snowden, look at what those people the US considered as traitors, you really think the US is really fair and square on "freedom of speech". I thought only a child would believe such a thing. i wonder what you should say about the Middle East countries, many are authoritarian and lack of freedom of speech. However, nobody said much about them. Apologies for such an OT discussion. I have already made my point. If you disagreed with it, feel free to do so. As with anything in the world, there is no black and white. I hope the voices are multi-dimensional and not just one sided voice from western media (which can be full of sh1t at times).
  11. Young country - 63 years old a young country? China is also a young country, it is founded in 1949. Singapore is also a young country which is founded in 1965. The politics in Malaysia has not improved to say the least as long as it is of the same guy and with voters having the same mentality. Keep staying young and innocent and keep fighting for the right government from hopeful to hopeless. Keep voting the crooks into the government. The competition amongst the world will not wait for you. So what makes you think democracy is the best form of govt? I think you misunderstood what I am saying. If the people are NOT happy with the government, they will revolt and topple the government, just like what they did to KMT in 1940s in China. You really need to read up about China - there are elections on many level. Please don't impose your ideas on other and think everyone should be the same. If you think so, perhaps convince the Arabs who are dictators and many have very awful human rights. Starting from the Saudis.
  12. Those are western media trying to lay blame and discredit the Chinese government as much as they can. Who would have thought it would become an epidemic/ pandemic? Lets compare the Australian bush fire. It was caused by early missteps and ignorance which allowed the bush fire spread farther and faster. It is still burning now. No blame as yet (not much anyway). It is easy to criticize, but had the coronavirus outbreak happened in the US or any other countries, I would not have much confidence in the way others have handled it. The US on the other hand had not even managed to save their citizen from the H1N1 virus which caused 8200 life in 2019. Would you think the following is violating freedom of speech? (Malaysia arrested five people who spread fake news about Corovirus). I actually think it is a good thing. I think it might be okay for Malaysia and Singapore to arrest such people, but defintely not China - for "China" they people will assume these people are sentenced with death penalty without any proof... I am just pointing out the generalisation and the negativity associated with China. Others can do it, but just not China, it seems. https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/3048132/malaysia-arrests-five-spreading-fake-news-about
  13. How many times have the government of Malaysia changed hands since 1957? Pretty much none! Changing of PM and party doesn't mean change in government - we get the same old guy back in the office after the change of government. How many times have the government of Singapore changed hands since 1965? None! How many times have the government of China changed hands since 1949, none! But there has been several leaders. You see where the pattern is? Already there is a deep seated pre-assumption that things have not changed. I suggest further reading into the Chinese government. How did the Communist succeed in China? If not for the blessing of people who put them in power, do you think they can remain in power? The Republic of China (KMT) government was defeated and fled to Taiwan simply because they did not win the support of Chinese people during 1940s. Of the 62 years since independence, what kind of democracy and governance has Malaysian given us? Think about this! Is it as successful as China? We should give democracy the benefit of doubt, instead of accepting it just because "the West said so". https://www.bbc.com/news/education-51281722
  14. Probably Tawau's only International flight. What about the Tawau-Tarakan flight, does it still exist?
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