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  1. The assumption is that such journalist will be killed for reporting different view point... i think that's a cold war propaganda. I will believe it when I see it. All western medias are now reporting anything China with negativity. A decade ago, it was the Arabs and the middle east and Islam. They always find someone to blame and then brainwash the public bits by bits. From the other side of the coin: https://thenanjinger.com/news/national-news/wuhan-expats-fed-up-with-foreign-media-hype/?fbclid=IwAR3L811ZNKdTRD1ebBgNicn0h8JfJwArAfxOLaWw997p0OZm9xkO1iGQTuk
  2. Exactly, western news aren't as balance or free of propaganda as many think they are. Chinese media is guided by the CCPPD.... imagine if they are not, the social order will be hard to maintain. The western media and govt would frankly like to cripple the CCP through years of demonising the CCP. So there goes the political agenda. For me personally, facts that is free from propaganda and political agenda is extremely important to me.
  3. Very true.... can't rely on anyone to report real news these days. One thing for sure... the US wants to cripple or slow down the Chinese and possibly brought them under the control of the US, so the US can continue their domination for years to come. Unfortunately MH17, Malaysia Airlines and possibly Malaysia are victims in this case. Accusations were quickly formed by supplying possibly doctored "evidence". It seems after all there is a struggle or proxy warfare in the background that is largely unaware of by the general public.
  4. Conspiracy theory or not, western media is biased and often attached to their political agenda. I was in Hong Kong to witness the so called Pro-democracy bullshit movement. The western media are so biased that they turned a blind eve on the truth but supported the vigilantes that destroyed the city. The western media and western govt orchastred much of the movement from behind the scene.
  5. Ukranian Whistleblower Reveals MH-17 Tragedy Was Orchestrated By Poroshenko And British Secret Service https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/ukranian-whistleblower-reveals-mh-17-tragedy-was-orchestrated-poroshenko-and-british
  6. I thought they were going to sell MAB off and Japan Airlines was looking at it? What happened to that story?
  7. The Zaha Hadid designed airport just opened its door today. First flight was a China Southern A380-800 to Guangzhou. Beijing's Capital Airport is already the second busiest in the world. The Daxing airport - said to be the world's largest terminal in a single building - is expected to receive a large amount of the 170m passengers the city expects to welcome by 2025. More at: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-49750182
  8. I am using Experian too, so it was Malindo that had a data breach... I thought it was MH.
  9. Yeah hope the Lufthansa group will buy Condor back! It was rumoured that they will, wonder what the progress is.
  10. Been on Condor 757-300 flights when Easyjet purchased Air Berlin's domestic route. Flew the Berlin Tegel airport to Munich route! It's quite a good airline, seats are a bit LCC like though But I was more into the 757-300 than anything else!
  11. Imagined if Temasek group is one of them.... though very controversial and highly unlikely...
  12. There are some news circulating that 4 parties are interested in buying MAS. Qatar is one of them.... Is this for real? But there is a saying due to geopolitics in the middle east, Qatar might lose their bid....
  13. Wow, it's about effing time! They have done this in Australia and New Zealand since 2002! 17 years ago!!
  14. If they need a good name and brand... they would not pick Malaysia...
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