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  1. Hello guys. Any news on XXJ? She departed KUL last night as D7900 and is still flying as per FR24 source. Presumably to somewhere in Spain.
  2. Happy 16th anniversary Malaysianwings! 🎉🎉
  3. It seems AirAsia X repossessed XXP. She was ferried back to KUL from BNE & WTB on 28th of May.
  4. 9M-MTX from KUL as MAS2536. 3/10/2020
  5. Nice catch! I Wonder where it will go next after domestic since My Jet Xpress is really expanding at a rapid pace.
  6. P2C flight. Usually will park at the cargo apron or Bay 9.
  7. 9M-AJD "Sarawak More To Discover" 9M-VAA "3, 2, 1, Take Off" livery
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