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  1. Welcome WSD looks like new liveries for everyone
  2. AK138 KUL-HKG operated by 9MNEO today
  3. Please let us know if any planned date to drop by ?
  4. 13 Sept 2013 23 Sept 2013 Haj Season. 9M-MRL coming in as MH8061 this afternoon, after a very long flight. going out as MH8064 a very hazy afternoon
  5. Agreed on the block sinus or some sort of cold, if you know you had cold then don't fly lah.
  6. 25 March 2013 9M-MLO as MH384 preparing for KCH-HKG via BKI OD1602 9M-LNG from KUL
  7. There you go MIR 26 March 2013 SpeedBird 3429 departing KUL!! my first 748 shoots chop the pole please!
  8. Haha sure Chris, do let me know. Where do you based now?
  9. Couldn't get it.... too dark already that time you're welcome Peter, give me a shout if there's anything further into that area, inside Lorong 2. are you living around Tabuan area?
  10. No problem Peter they are back to origin... btw, got something for today too not in time for that one Dr Chuo Intermap! see if can catch it somewhere ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12March2013 - Tuesday 9M-MSA finally got you! as MH2536 from KUL Going somewhere... 9M-AFP as AK6355 back from BKI
  11. That's what I heard Wai Jun We will know next week on the inaugural flight! Thanks Peter for the info! will try to check it out! are you onboard? 10 March 2013 9M-AQT as AK5202 from KUL
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