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  2. On last count AirAsia Group has more than 20,000 staff. 30% would mean around 6,000-7,000 would lost their jobs. They have staff in following countries: Malaysia Singapore Indonesia Thailand Philippines Vietnam Cambodia Laos Myanmar Japan India South Korea USA China Taiwan Macau Bangladesh Sri Lanka Saudi Arabia Iran Croatia Georgia I believe there are other countries with smaller staff population. The former AirAsia Head of Esports Allan Phang has posted a Google Sheet with details of those who were laid off in first round of retrenchment. You can view the list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14ObT90PlQM6nbdg2B1OwzZ3irXylcoT-tOwYQqrLJ1E/edit#gid=0
  3. KUALA LUMPUR -- Southeast Asia's biggest low-cost carrier AirAsia Group is set to reduce its workforce by up to 30% as founder Tony Fernandes considers selling a 10% stake in the airline to raise cash. Desperately trying to stave off a cash flow crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic which has decimated the region's travel and tourism industry, AirAsia will also slash remaining staff salaries by up to 75% in an attempt the save the airline, the Nikkei Asian Review has learned. The retrenchment will include cutting 60% of AirAsia's cabin crew and pilots for both AirAsia and its medium-haul affiliate AirAsia X. AirAsia Group operates through Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, India and the Philippines. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Transportation/AirAsia-to-slash-workforce-by-30-considers-10-stake-sale Bloodbath
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  5. Malindo Air offers VSS for staff https://www.nst.com.my/business/2020/06/597997/malindo-air-offers-vss-staff
  6. 333 staff to go (172 pilots, 111 cabin crew and 50 engineers) in first round of redundancy.
  7. With aviation sector grounded, sources say AirAsia looking to cut headcount https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2020/06/04/with-aviation-sector-grounded-sources-say-airasia-looking-to-cut-headcount/1872343
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  9. It was good to finally spot after 3 months break. Towards mid morning, a MAHB 4WD dropped by and informed us that police may patrol around the perimeter roads. They may issue compound for disobeying CMCO. So spot at your own risk. This A318 has been around SAE hangar for quite a while.
  10. After these 3+ months of spotting hiatus, finally get to spot. Raya Airways has acquired this N741AX, former Amerijet International. She will be registered into 9M-RXB.
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  12. A330neo approved with intermediate take-off weight hike Airbus appears to have secured regulatory approval for an intermediate maximum take-off weight increase on the A330-900. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has listed two weight variants of a 245t version – designated WV910 and WV911 – on the aircraft’s type certificate. https://www.flightglobal.com/air-transport/a330neo-approved-with-intermediate-take-off-weight-hike/138596.article
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  14. Take a look at susi air how many of their pilatus porter went down. Mas fokker, atr and otters had few cases of engine failure and they all circled back with one engine without needing to write off any frame or grand insurance payout to dead folks. If you had one engine n it fails you have to ditch. Ask around the crew working in GA over here nobody is keen on single engine turborprop and helicopters. So many bell 206 crew had vacated for augsta westland aw139 and aw109 even if the payrate is lower. Even Maswings had issues recruiting crew for the viking fleet last year and had to make salaries competitive to near widebody fleet levels to keep them cause people just leave. People are scared to fly in the topography and weather in Borneo. Heck i rode on a twin engine airbus helicopter for medicine resupply and census recording in rundum and experience 2 rtbs on 2 consequtive days just because of weather. Doctors and nurses are not keen on riding it again as well. Try getting a fleet cesna grand caravan single crew rated(CAAM DOES NOT ALLOW THIS)and keep low salary. You want a better plan build road highways that dun screw up the flora and fauna.
  15. First and foremost, cost. Twins are more expensive up front, and more expensive to operate compared to single engine. Simply put, double the engine, double the complexity, double the fuel etc of a single engine. Anything that is subsidized will never last, so may as well get it over with and use cost effective options to get the job done. Don't "plan for the next 30 years" and build faraway airports just to cater less than 10 flights a day with planes that are too big for their purpose ! In terms of safety, have you experienced an engine failure in flight ? If not, then the chances of it happening on a single engine is the same. There's no guarantee either that the crew will know how to manage a engine failure situation in multi-engine aircraft ie: TransAsia Airways Flight 235 RAS should be plain and simple, like a bus ride. Pay RM100 and fly for an hour ... not the current way of compulsory pre-booking, loyalty program, moving prices ... wrong model for it's purpose.
  16. Thai Airways: pandemic delivers final blow to mismanaged carrier Stripped of state protection, national icon faces drastic recovery overhaul The slow collapse occurred in layers. Management was inconsistent as presidents and board members frequently came and went for political reasons. And employees were not blameless, taking advantage of executive mismanagement to feather their own nests. It wasn't that the need for reform went unrecognized, just that efforts by past presidents, when they came, were inevitably cut short. Piyasvasti Amranand took the helm in October 2009 after serving as energy minister. Within Thai, he is still spoken of as the only true reformer, launching cost-cutting measures such as salary cuts for senior executives. Despite helping the airline fill its deficit in 2009, directors suddenly voted him out in June 2012 in what was seen as a politically motivated ballot. His spouse was a senior member of the Democrat Party and the kingdom was under the premiership of Yingluck Shinawatra from then-rival-Pheu Thai Party controlled by her brother, the exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Piyasvasti expressed exasperation at receiving no explanation for the apparent boardroom coup. "The performance of the company during my term has improved in every aspect," he said at the time. Charamporn Jotikasthira, former president and chief executive officer of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, took the helm in 2014. But Charamporn's reforms faced a major revolt from the airline's union and made little progress. He ended up retiring in February 2017. Sumeth Damrongchaitham took over the position in September 2018, but resigned March this year in the middle of his tenure. Unprofessional boards also did not help. After a military coup in 2014, a trend emerged when Air Chief Marshal Prajin Chatong, who later became a deputy prime minister in the junta, was appointed chairman. Five civilian members were purged and replaced with five Royal Thai Air Force officers. The appointments marked an end to the management culture of only appointing technocrats to board management positions that Thaksin had introduced around 2001 and Yingluck abided by. Three air chief marshals are currently on the board and have no experience in running listed companies or restructuring loss-making airlines. Unions are guardians of workers' rights, but employees at Thai are seen as overprotected. Salary increases are based on length of employment. "At times, senior captains were getting paid more than the president of the company," a former board member told Nikkei Asian Review. At one time, the airline had 300 engineers reporting 8 hours overtime for all 365 days of the year, "which does not make sense," the former board member said. And, he added, when changes were introduced to reduce such compensation anomalies, staff were able to get around them through special allowances. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Company-in-focus/Thai-Airways-pandemic-delivers-final-blow-to-mismanaged-carrier
  17. Thai AirAsia considers merger With its "fortune hanging in the balance", the chief of Thai AirAsia (TAA) says it may merge with another low-cost carrier (LCC) to clamp down on pricing wars once flights eventually resume in the country. If Thailand does not resume tourism activities by July, TAA's chairman said next year the company would begin laying off employees, downsizing the company and its fleet to keep its business alive. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1925524#cxrecs_s
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  19. Waiping

    BKI 2020

    First posting after Mac, Juneyao on medical cargo mission from SZX.
  20. https://www.xtandi.ru/index/xtandi_ehnzalutamid_kstandi_enzalutamide_kupit/0-5

  21. Single engine does not work. Really buzz my mind why would anyone think of using single engine turboprop for ras with commercial pax onboard, insurance comes in mind cuz the rates of this type of planes going down is higher. Its okay if it was just flying doctors or mail goods delivery service. Even GA operators like Hornbil, Sabah Air and Layang-layang in Sabah Sarawak operates small twin engines turboprops. Nowadays You have turbo commander, viking otters, dornier serving well in ras pax sectors and some can be converted to floaters.
  22. they need to approach RAS with a different mind-set. Equipment type is all wrong, (ATR72 and DHC) .. it should be floatplanes and single engine types to really serve it's purpose. Example people in Kapit need to travel 5 hours by BOAT to reach their nearest airport in Sibu. If taking Bintulu - Sibu flight, the journey to the airport (half hour) is longer than the actual flight time !
  23. I know I am late abit but this is wonderfull news...congratulations
  24. Philippine Airlines confirms $1bn revenue loss due to Covid-19 Philippine Airlines (PAL) has seen revenue shrink by nearly $1 billion since it suspended operations because of the coronavirus pandemic, the flag carrier’s parent confirms. Airline president Gilbert Santa Maria was quoted in local newspaper The Philippine Star last week saying that the carrier has seen revenue slide by over $300 million per month - totalling nearly $1 billion - since suspending operations in March. PAL Holdings says that the airline had been “more or less” generating revenues of $300 million per month and Santa Maria’s estimate is “not without basis”. See: https://www.flightglobal.com/airlines/philippine-airlines-confirms-1bn-revenue-loss-due-to-covid-19/138527.article
  25. Hello guys, It has been long time over the accident and some of reports has been released. According by the report; there is no any long touchdown or unstable landing configuration. Pilots says, a lightning hits the plane while short final and some of electronics devices effected but not mulfunction. Also aprroach conditions lost for a while. There was extremely bad weather in Istanbul at that day. (an eyewitness statement confirmed, while plane crossing over head on approach path he said the plane too low than usual path and engines roaring. Pilots also said that they lost altitude for a moment and open full throttle to catching path). After effected lightning, pilots decides to land immediatly and request from tower priority instead of circling or go around. Pilots also confirmed they accepted tailwind with the cause of situation. FDR reports said, normal touchdown and landing speed in limitation, runway lenght also enough whatever the conditions. After landed safely, deploys speed breaks and reversers, decelerates the plane into runway until 80knts, they decided to vacated end of runway but...plane doesn't slowdown and keeps the speed even they are using breaks cause of hydroplaning at that area with runway dirty surface. Then fells down to road level. I saw the wreckage 2 days later. There are two comclusion at the end of report; 1- Tower was not effective about to manage of this situation when wing gusting change and decreasing. They must be get certain decision, chease the traffic, change the runway direction the report says shortly. Also ATC reported the tail wind conditions and asked intentions to pilots in "Turkish". Pegasus crew were Turkish Captain, Holland Co-pilot.(I belive he was Korean, his name looks Korean) 2- Pegasus pilots CRM doesn't work properly in the cockpit. Communication was not clear and helpfull eachother. While Captain in Command, F/O managing the communication and did not understood what ATC said to them. At this moment, crew did not manage and discussed over the very important point about wind condition properly because Captain was busy to use plane, F/O was not able to understand of the ATC report in Turkish. While medical controls after accident and continues on investigation, unfortunatelly doctors has been found brain tumor in F/O that he doesn't know before. He went back to Netherland. Captain arrested from causing death and went to jail for a while then he released to be tried without arrest. Trial still continue. Turkish Pilot Association also released press bulletin about " If there is no intentional intent, pilots cannot be directly responsible for fatalities. "
  26. Latam Air Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Stymied by Lockdowns See: https://www.bloomLatam Air Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Stymied by Lockdownsberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-26/latam-airlines-files-chapter-11-bankruptcy-stymied-by-lockdowns
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