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  2. These appear to be white tails - so they should receive them pretty quickly. Malindo Air was in the process of rebranding to Batik Air Malaysia but has not received approval from CAAM when Covid-19 hit. Does this mean that going forward, it will be Batik Air Malaysia operated by Malindo Air? Lion Group seems to have taken back or sold most of the Lion Air liveried aircraft in Malindo's fleet. I see 9M-LCR (Batik Air Malaysia livery) is flying these days.
  3. Airbus reaches deal to restructure AirAsia jet order https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/airasia-reaches-deal-restructure-airbus-jet-order-say-sources
  4. First three B737MAX 8 have been assigned: 43016 7721 Boeing 737-8 MAX 9M-LRG Batik Air Malaysia On Order N1781B 43017 7778 Boeing 737-8 MAX 9M-LRH Batik Air Malaysia On Order N1780B 43018 7794 Boeing 737-8 MAX 9M-LRJ Batik Air Malaysia On Order N1800B Source: https://www.planespotters.net/production-list/Boeing/737/737-MAX-8?sort=airline&p=3 identity crisis again???
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    BKI 2021

    Well its already in September 2021. Thought this thread is long overdue. Some spotting i did this couple of weeks.
  7. Last heard even their office management got trimmed they will have to rehire some of them back along with third party vendors etc etc. 100staff per narrowbody aircraft is still a very tight margin unless you're benchmarking against ultra low cost carriers where it can be 40-50 staff per plane lol. Doubt malindo domestic is sustainable though unless it focus flying its foreign routes to Malaysia instead.
  8. The mind boggles as to then why Malindo in Malaysia need 'up to' 1,500 staff for the 10 birds incoming ?! 😁
  9. EI-GTT joins freight forwarding specialist Geodis (operated by Titan Airways) as G-DEOS. https://www.scramble.nl/civil-news/geodis-enters-dedicated-air-cargo-market
  10. Malindo Air to take delivery 10 Boeing B737 MAX, employ up to 1,500 staff https://www.nst.com.my/business/2021/09/724692/malindo-air-take-delivery-10-boeing-b737-max-employ-1500-staff
  11. (Former) Thai AirAsia X A330-343 HS-XTD MSN 741 is now wearing Wamos Air colour as as OE-IHK, soon to be EC-NOF. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/10281141
  12. Let's hope so indeed, knowing how things operate here, the aviation sector is in need of a massive revamp and change of mindset!
  13. KUALA LUMPUR: The tender to replace Kuala Lumpur International Airport's ageing aerotrains, estimated at RM400 million, is at the final stage of evaluation process. Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd said it had identified a final shortlist of bidders for KLIA's Automated People Mover (APM) tender after completing the technical evaluation stage. The shortlisted bidders are now being assessed on their commercial offers. The tender was expected to be concluded over the next two months, MAHB said in a statement. https://www.nst.com.my/business/2021/08/722373/mahb-final-stage-assessing-rm400mil-aerotrain-bids?fbclid=IwAR30EHTjQHKPvher7Zaxm3jfoxb2Y003UIY5qj9_5wRYy0yG8jKAXDloS_o Let's hope they can utilise current pandemic to upgrade the service at soonest and we can put those bad episodes of train breakdown behind for good. Good time to start few new shell-companies to receive gomen project. Any bidders?
  14. I am really happy if I could give you all some moral. When I have time, I will continue to share the pictures with you..Just I need to select the pictures for deserve sharing with you. Btw, today is your independence day, like as ours that we celebrate yesterday...Hari Merdeka :)
  15. It’s a shame cos Malaysia was big on marketing many years back. But because of corruption and mismanagement, money was channeled for other reasons. to save money, the government closed down tourism Malaysia offices in many major cities across us and Europe. Very premature, and with complete lack of foresight. they decided to concentrate fully on China alone, but places like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam carried on promotion in Europe as well as Asia. It’s this complete lack of foresight and inappropriate penny pinching that has made me despair! tourism is our third biggest money earner - they should be putting money there in order to maintain our lead in terms of arrivals etc etc. This is especially so since we’ve lost practically most direct air links from Europe and USA. they are the biggest spenders worldwide. oh well, what do I know?
  16. Thank you for sharing the pictures ! A breath of fresh air for us that have not stepped on a plane in almost 2 years !
  17. This was originally leased from ILFC (now Aercap) for 10 years. Looks like it was returned (or repossessed) early.
  18. Update: 1. MSN 786 HS-XTB: Stored at SIN for Wamos Air EC-NOG. April 2021. Flew to WOE for storage prior to entry to service. Airbus A330-343 786 OE-IFR AerCap ferried 09aug21 SIN-WOE, for World2Fly, reg EC-NOF res ex HS-XTB https://flightaware.com/live/flight/OEIFR/history/20210809/0002Z/WSSS/EHWO https://www.skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.main?LC=nav4&page=2
  19. Update: MSN 1596 Airbus A330-343 9M-XXW AirAsia X ferried 11jul21 KUL-MNL, after storage MSN 1581 Airbus A330-343 9M-XXU AirAsia X ferried 08aug21 KUL-MNL, after storage MSN 1533 9M-XXS and MSN 1549 9M-XXT are also currently at MNL.
  20. Welcome. Ater checking, actually it was sold to new owner, and they flew him out to FNI to join her sister MSN 1433 9M-XXK which was sold back in April 2021. MSN 1600 9M-XXY is also at Nimes Airport for storage.
  21. Sorry to see this go - one of the nicer D7 special liveries.. I wonder who the new owner is and whether it will be converted into a freighter.... From Skyliner: Airbus A330-343 MSN 1423 REG 9M-XXJ AirAsia X ferried 06aug21 KUL-FNI on return to lessor ex F-WWTY
  22. Update: MSN 1432 9M-XXJ: Sold to new owner, stored at Nimes Aug 2021 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/9m-xxj Here is a video of her arriving into Nimes Airport:
  23. Hello guys. Any news on XXJ? She departed KUL last night as D7900 and is still flying as per FR24 source. Presumably to somewhere in Spain.
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