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  2. I know it's rather blur and it's only someone's imagination at this point in time - but do the wau logos on tail and wingtip look different ?! 😁
  3. Yes, this Airbus rendering appears to be yet another variation in the livery. MH is being consistently inconsistent.
  4. We used to have BA, AF and LH serving KUL but they are gone as their yields are poor. Only KLM remains and that suggests that AMS may be a viable destination. MAS Kargo is already plying that route, so a daily flight to AMS might be sufficient to service the route with pax and cargo capacity.
  5. How does the A330neo decision being unstrategic? Enlighten the community please.
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  7. Mean mas has given up on business turnaround plan, is lacking strategic plan and will remain at current status for foreseeable future.
  8. Except it sometimes feels like the tortoise is the one sleeping in this race 😁😭 Anyway, hope that these A339s are just renewals of existing and ageing fleet, before the real purchase for expansion/return to Europe is decided soon. Also, please MH... decide what is your livery...
  9. Long long since I posted anything. Nice subtle hint of a new variation of the Wau on the Tail? I know people will yell, scream, rant and rave "inconsistent branding" - but not bad la :) The industry faces headwinds in the coming months and a tapered growth plan, without over-stating plans and ambitions that would otherwise later to have to be shelved/KIV'd, I think the measured pace at which MH is unravelling itself from seemingly years of "uncertainty" is admirable, respectful and reflective of its foundation years. When people talk about SQ vs MH.. yup - there are differences - but respectively, and from the anecdotes and tales of past.. the "Hare" can always end up being stunned by the "Tortoise/Turtle" at the finish line. 😉
  10. Was not mention also that MH has also managed to snug 10 optional purchasing rights that will expire post 2027. Seems like this option may allow them to take in either 1 to maximum of 10 aircraft of either 330neo or 350 after 2027. This probably allows the small group of stayback a333s to peacefully exit the fleet after 2027.
  11. Malaysia Airlines to acquire 20 A330neo for widebody fleet renewal https://www.airbus.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2022-08-malaysia-airlines-to-acquire-20-a330neo-for-widebody-fleet-renewal > 10 to be purchased from Airbus and 10 to be leased from Dublin-based Avolon. > Seating: 300 in two classes. > Gradually replace its 21 A330ceo aircraft. > Airbus and MAG also signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to study a wider collaboration in the areas of sustainability, training, maintenance and airspace management.
  12. Seems like it. Airbus, Rolls royce and Avolon banners spotted.
  13. Looks like MOU and flexible leases secured and signed. There's an event in Putrajaya with the Minister Of Transport in attendance.
  14. Great improvement, but still long ways till we return to pre-pandemic levels. Onwards and upwards!
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  17. IIRC, Malaysia doesn’t count day trips to their visitors tally. You either have to spend more than one calendar day (pass immigration 00:01 day after arrival) or 24 hours (I am not sure which one) to be counted as a visitor. Singapore on the other hand doesn’t count Malaysians entering by road. I don’t know if any of these have changed.
  18. They are probably counting visitors from Singapore including the day trips to JB.
  19. I was going to use them on a trip to Redang but changed my mind. Cost wasn't the issue (although it was a concern) however the key issue was the strict limit on 7kg of luggage. Yes I know its a small plane but for many 7kg is too little.
  20. I recall I read an article saying Malaysia has a relatively high returning visitors in the visitor numbers each year. This suggests that visitors love Malaysia and would like to come back again. What lacking here is an effective and consistent marketing strategy to attract more visitors especially first time comers. Many sources suggest that KUL is a low yield route to many airlines. Perhaps this is the reason why it is not always in the top priority for major airlines, particularly premium airlines when compare to SIN which is the region financial hub ?
  21. And you may have forgotten that AK/D7 had a very extensive network that brought a lot of traffic into and out of Malaysia. KUL isn’t one of the top 25 busiest airports for nothing.
  22. You are clearly mixing up politics and state. We have plenty to offer to tourists. What we lack is a good marketing team which everyone in here agrees. You know that Malaysia is the most competitive economy in ASEAN after Singapore? And also second in ASEAN for ease of doing business? I didn’t pull this out from my butt, but ranked by World Economic Forum and World Bank. You know that a lot of carriers are increasing their capacity to KUL? QR/MH will increase their flights to 3X daily. EY flying 781 this summer. EK is suspending KUL-AKL (no traffic rights anyway) and bringing back terminator service. TK will increase its frequency to 10x weekly. KU is returning to KUL soon. WY also increased its KUL service. KL will bring back AMS-KUL-CGK. I have given specific examples what Malaysia has to offer. But you keep dismissing it because the grass is greener.
  23. Clearly Craig and Chris Tan need dose of reality. If Malaysia has so much to offer why aren't new airlines mounting daily non-stop flights into Malaysia? Or even current ones upping their service or bring in their largest jets? Hey, you two seems to be pro, whatever rocks your world.
  24. My memory isn’t as good as it used to be. Remind me again, when was the MH twin tragedies and when was Mueller’s tenure again? MH never served MXP. Malaysia never had any rights to fly into MXP. I don’t know about now after the ASEAN-EU open skies agreement. You sound like one of those Malaysians I overheard abroad when asked if Malaysia is a nice place to visit. “Malaysia? It’s so boring. Government is corrupt, dirty toilets, racist/unfair government etc. you go visit Singapore or Thailand better”. Malaysia has plenty to offer to tourists. I find it rather sad that a Malaysian (I assume you are one) doesn’t know what Malaysia has to offer. Maybe have a tour around Malaysia and see what it offers yourself? Go deep into the jungles in Sabah/Sarawak/Taman Negara and see if TH/SG have the biodiversity that we have? You said Singapore has more high end hotels or that Thailand offer better bang for the buck. Do you know that MY/KL hotel rates are the cheapest between the two?! Just compare St. Regis to St. Regis. Or MO with MO or Four Seasons to Four Seasons. And you know that a lot of “tourist activities” are much cheaper here compared to Thailand? I can assure you that no one will buy our semi conductor (our largest export) and palm oil if MYR is at parity with SGD.
  25. Funny you should mention Thailand, as if their domestic political scene is an oasis of calm. You think poverty doesn't exist there? That doesn't stop TG from flying richer folk from elsewhere into BKK, HKT and beyond. TG is hardly a model for how to run a profitable business, but for better or worse, it does put Thailand on the map. In Singapore's case, relatively few visitors fly all the way there just for that MBS infinity pool Instagram shot. Yes, they have much more business traffic, but a lot of their non-Chinese tourists are only on stopovers because it's a convenient spot between regional attractions. Malaysia used to get a lot of that until MH slashed their international network. Clearly, this is becoming a chicken-and-egg rant driven by political emotion more than facts. For the benefit of everyone else, I shan't drag it further into the abyss. But I will summarize my point: MH is going to bleed one way or another, until fundamental changes are made at the very top. I'd rather a bleeding MH that actually benefits Malaysians, than a bleeding MH that tries to become an expensive LCC. I have no fantasies about MH becoming a truly profitable global carrier like SQ, nor do I delude myself into thinking the billions pumped into MH would go into some other worthy project that benefits the rakyat. It's not my first day in Malaysia.
  26. Another MH marketing top honcho bites the dust. Malaysia Airlines' brand and creative head Sagar Paranjpe steps down https://www.marketing-interactive.com/malaysia-airlines-sagar-paranjpe-steps-down
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