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  2. Updating AirAsia X fleet news, following some lessors took back their aircraft, the following aircraft have left AirAsia Group: 1. 9M-XBD MSN713 -> Returned to lessor JLPS in July 2020, now converted to freighter at Dresden, Germany 2. HS-XTB MSN786 -> Returned to lessor AerCap in April 2021, re-registered as EC-NOG, currently in pre-delivery check in Singapore 3. HS-XTD MSN741 -> Returned to lessor AerCap in March 2021, re-registered as EC-NOF, currently location unknown 4. 9M-XXK MSN1433 -> Sold in April 2021, new owner unknown and currently stored at Nimes-Garons Airport, France 5. 9M-XXP MSN1481 -> Returned to lessor Aircastle in February 2021 and currently stored at Toowoomba Airport, Australia 6. 9M-XXY MSN1600 -> Returned to lessor Seraph Aviation in February 2021 and currently stored at Nimes-Garons Airport, France From its peak of 40 airframes, current A330-300ceo fleet stands at 32 with 1 pending for delivery HS-XTM for Thai AirAsia X. Rumour is swirling AirAsia X will return more A330-300ceo to lessors as Vietjet has picked some ex-AirAsia X airframe to launch their mid-long haul destinations. AirAsia X has rejected lease for 7 A330-900neo which have been completed and stored at Toulouse, France. Information Source: airliners.net, planespotters.net
  3. AirAsia X A330-343 9M-XXK left for Nimes, France for storage, reportedly sold. Update from Skyliner-aviation.de: Airbus A330-343 1433 9M-XXK AirAsia X Ferried 01 April 21 KUL-FNI on return to lessor ex F-WWCS https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/9m-xxk AirAsiax previously appointed AMS Aircraft and Eastmerchant to sell 2 A330-300s (MSN1423 9M-XXJ and MSN1433 9M-XXK) Read More: http://www.avimeter.com/aircraft/airasiax-mandates-ams-aircraft-and-eastmerchant-to-sell-2-x-a330-300s © Avimeter
  4. That is so true! That has also brought in some rare traffic into TWU which you probably thought impossible in the past, such as this - Harimau Malaya A330! Photo Credit: Lensa Aviasi Tawau
  5. So refreshing to see MH responding to demand as and when necessary nowadays 🙂 Who would have thought this possible pre-Covid ? Probably would have expected the more nimble and responsive Air Asia to have done the necessary instead .....
  6. The schedule has been updated until mid of april, still plenty of opportunity to catch her at TWU😊
  7. Looks like the next flight is due tomorrow and this coming Saturday. However nothing is loaded for next week.
  8. More plane spotting photos at the inaugural flight event, photos credit: Lensa Aviasi Tawau
  9. Thanks for the info, Jahur.😀 It is quite a surprise and rare occasion that MAB allowed wide body aircraft operations in TWU as this tiny airport doesn't really support and operate wide body movement. I guess they have pushed it really hard to make it happen and a dream comes true for the spotters like us in Tawau. Anyway, here is a photo captured by my friend Lensa Aviasi Tawau, enjoy!
  10. Apparently the a333p2cargo will be 2x weekly doing TWU-HKG(Wednesday & Saturday) until Airasia and Malaysia Airlines restores optimum inter SDK/TWU/LHD feeder flights to BKI. As of now the fruit and seafood export supply chain is affected due to passenger airline frequency cuts from Movement order and foreign demand somehow is also peaking up. Usually Seafood and fruits exports are on multiple inter Sabah flights onboard atr72, 737s and a320s passenger belly(Each flight carrying 1tonne or so) flying into BKI then from there transferred to a Maskargo A332Fs or AK A320s flights to Hong Kong. At Hong Kong some of the items will be split up and flown on another dedicated air freight towards China and Japan. Before covid in rare cases the Japanese sometimes charter Private Jets to Bki Twu or SDK to pick up the goods. 😂
  11. Probably the most exciting news today for avgeeks in Tawau, TWU just welcomed the first ever wide body aircraft A333 at the apron today, operated as MasKargo P2C flight KUL-> KCH-> TWU-> HKG. https://www.theborneopost.com/2021/03/20/maskargo-launches-inaugural-tawau-hong-kong-flight/ 採用超大型A330-300空巴 湖港直飛貨運航線開跑 (for those who can read mandarin) Photo Credit: The Borneo Post. Aircraft registration number: 9M-MTA (not Harimau Malaya, unfortunately). More photos to follow.😁
  12. I seem to recall MH already committing to a fleet renewal. Then and10t went and cancelled it all.
  13. If Aircastle is concerned, next two to go will be 9M-XXW MSN 1596, and 9M-XXI MSN 1411
  14. Knowing mab ill probably head to nowhere with no concrete plan and heading with just 3.5bil to operation to sustain operation to 2025.
  15. So we know 3 planes (XXP, XXY and XBD) have left the D7 fleet - they said they want to return 5 planes to the lessors.
  16. Not surprising as D7 cannot pay. AirAsia X’s quarterly net loss narrows to RM174m - https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/airasia-xs-quarterly-net-loss-narrows-rm174m
  17. AirAsia X A330-343 9M-XXY MSN 1600 (stored at Nimes) & 9M-XXP MSN 1481 (stored at Toowoomba) have been repossessed by lessors.
  18. Thai Airways fleet looks like an aircraft museum! MAG can't really do fleet planning without a strategic long term plan. That is why they are so quiet on these matters. The Khazanah bailout is only enough to sustain current flying activities but leaves little for future development.
  19. Thai Airways lost a lot of money in 2020 - https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-25/thai-airways-posts-record-4-7-billion-loss-as-debt-revamp-looms#:~:text=The net loss widened to,the Stock Exchange of Thailand. MAG does not publish any numbers but a good guess is that 2020 losses will be more than RM 1bn. Airasia X lost RM 1.4bn, so billion RM losses should be the norm for 2020.
  20. This aircraft has repossessed by lessor Aircastle. Here she is after arriving at Toowoomba Airport: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLYcrymBgSF/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link  The airport has several repossessed aircraft, including VA A330-243 VH-XFH, entire B77W fleet, few B738 and Tigerair A320-232.
  21. Apart from that they took quite aggressive steps to reduce loss, raising capital. Reduce total number of employees from 19,000- 21,000 to about 9,000-11,000 by the end of this year. However, they will start recruiting again to reach the target of 13,000-15,000 in 2025. Travel privilege for current employees will be getting cut down. No more ticket offer for former employees and family member of deceased employees(!) (except those who participated in their MSS program) Merging some divisions and downgrading management level for employees from 8 to 5 layers. Reducing the number of executives from 740 to 500. This initiatives has been completed. Selling off staff training center building and various office space including Headquarter to shore up capital. Holding warehouse sales to sell off Dom Perignon, Veuve Cliquot, salt and pepper shakers, and every inflight amenities, past and present generations. Reduction of pilot from 1,400 to 905. 495 pilots to be made redundant. All remaining 905 pilot will receive new contract with new salary and benefits schedule on 18th February 2021. Leasing or buying another 13 new widebodies and 10 narrowbodies, if the plan is approved by restructuring governing board. This include 10 B787 aircraft, bringing total to 18. Another 3 B77W which are now fully built and ready for delivery. 10 A320neo narrowbodies would be for Thai Smile replace current older A320ceo. Selling off 42 surplus aircraft, as noted above: 10 x Boeing 747-400s 2 x Airbus A380-800s 12 x Boeing 777-200s 6 x Boeing 777-300s 3 x Airbus A340-500s 6 x Airbus A340-600s 1 x Airbus A300-600 2 x Boeing 737-400s While Thai Airways International Group has been quite upfront with their restructuring plan, Malaysia Airlines Group has been quiet..........like very quiet.
  22. While Thai airways has retired all old 772s, 744s, and 15 a333s downsizing to just 34 widebody aircrafts. They have already secured financing for 3 new b777-300ER, 2 B787-9, 2 a350-900 at least keeping overall product new.
  23. I can imagine the experts bashing MH in the not-so-distant future for its short sighted fleet renewal plans -- why didn't MH take advantage of lower rates to renew their fleet, the average age in 2021 was almost 9 years old, why wait till 2025, SQ/CX/VN/TG/GA/everyone else already have shiny new planes, how can they serve so many destinations with only 6 A350s, etc etc. Anyway, I hope they'll keep the experts fully informed of their decision making. The experts are the ones who'll determine the direction of our beloved MH.
  24. AirAsia Group recognises RM299m loss on Japan associate's bankruptcy proceedings https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/airasia-group-recognises-rm299m-loss-japan-associates-bankruptcy-proceedings
  25. Since there are not many deliveries in 2021, we will let this thread continue into 2021. A small update from skyliner: Airbus A330-343 MSN1481 REG:9M-XXP AirAsia X ferried 15feb21 KUL-SYD-WTB for storage
  26. Top Hong Kong poker player raises bet on AirAsia Group via private placement https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/hong-kongs-stanley-choi-emerges-substantial-shareholder-airasia
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