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  2. Western media is at least more independent than state-sponsored media. Seattle Times broke a few stories about the 737 MAX (biggest employer in their own backyard and US' largest exporter), left-leaning media constantly dissing #45, WaPo who broke the Watergate scandal etc. Will CGTN or Global Times etc. expose China's or CCP"s wrongdoing (if any)? Most media are biased against other countries (if you think they are *only* out to cripple the CCP, you are wrong). You can compare how BBC/Guardian and say CNN/MSNBC reported Harry Dunn's case or social issues in the US. Or how Straits Times and The Star reported on MY/SG maritime boundary issues.
  3. The assumption is that such journalist will be killed for reporting different view point... i think that's a cold war propaganda. I will believe it when I see it. All western medias are now reporting anything China with negativity. A decade ago, it was the Arabs and the middle east and Islam. They always find someone to blame and then brainwash the public bits by bits. From the other side of the coin: https://thenanjinger.com/news/national-news/wuhan-expats-fed-up-with-foreign-media-hype/?fbclid=IwAR3L811ZNKdTRD1ebBgNicn0h8JfJwArAfxOLaWw997p0OZm9xkO1iGQTuk
  4. I think one important difference is the Western media allows for different viewpoints - e.g. you see Fox News as very pro Trump whereas other American media are very anti-Trump. So if you watch a few channels you can get some idea what the real news is. But Russian, Saudi and Chinese media only project their government's views - and journalists can get killed if they are reporting anti government news! Malaysian media used to be all about BN government but at least now, other views may be presented. We are still far from a free media, but it is getting a bit better.
  5. Exactly, western news aren't as balance or free of propaganda as many think they are. Chinese media is guided by the CCPPD.... imagine if they are not, the social order will be hard to maintain. The western media and govt would frankly like to cripple the CCP through years of demonising the CCP. So there goes the political agenda. For me personally, facts that is free from propaganda and political agenda is extremely important to me.
  6. Happy Chinese New Year! RB has been sending down their brand new A320neo instead of the usual ATR72 for the BWN-TWU route
  7. Yesterday
  8. Yes, VP-CEB is owned by Ekovest ...registered in Cayman island
  9. EK seems to have 5th freedom rights between PEN and SIN too. Been years since I flew a widebody on that route
  10. If it's MH, would probably forgo concept of flying with own metal and just paste a code share on whichever carrier willing to risk trying it out
  11. There are ten of thousands incidents everyday that are news worthy. it is editors job to choose those that fit the news organization owners and consumers preference. similarly, mainland chinese media is guided by ccppd.
  12. If is MH, it would operate as a triangular route.
  13. Waiping

    BKI 2020

    N888ML A much delayed Spring Airlines A320 Neo arriving around 0925 and departed 1020.
  14. Seems like QR still have the edge over EK, based on journey time for Penangites travelling to ME and beyond. Via SIN seems like a long journey when you have options to fly out via KUL/BKK/HKG or even SIN with SQ/MI.
  15. Wow, what a score for EK. There are a lot of Malaysians especially Penang-ites working with EK for, this route is definitely a boon for them!
  16. Wow great news ... competition for QR!
  17. Emirates has today announced that it will be flying daily to Penang, Malaysia via Singapore, starting from 20APR20. Congrats to Penang..!! EK348 DXB-SIN 2:30 - 14:05 SIN- PEN 15:35 - 17:15 EK349 PEN-SIN 22:20 - 23:50 SIN-DXB 01:40 - 04:55 Source: https://www.emirates.com/media-centre/emirates-to-launch-services-to-penang-via-singapore/?sf116535438=1
  18. Very true.... can't rely on anyone to report real news these days. One thing for sure... the US wants to cripple or slow down the Chinese and possibly brought them under the control of the US, so the US can continue their domination for years to come. Unfortunately MH17, Malaysia Airlines and possibly Malaysia are victims in this case. Accusations were quickly formed by supplying possibly doctored "evidence". It seems after all there is a struggle or proxy warfare in the background that is largely unaware of by the general public.
  19. It is good to watch all media - western media watchers will also wince when they watch the CCTV coverage of events in HK. Moral of the story is to read and view media widely (and with open minds) so that you get coverage from the various perspectives. Then only make your mind up, if you wish to form some opinion! PS On a personal note, apart from Malaysian media, I do follow US, Australian, British, French, Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern media too. They are all biased. Really makes one think what the real function of media (of the various countries) and the agenda that they pursue.
  20. Boeing's 777X jetliner successfully completes maiden flight SEATTLE (Reuters) - Boeing Co successfully staged the first flight of the world’s largest twin-engined jetliner on Saturday in a respite from the crisis over its smallest model, the grounded 737 MAX. The 777X, a larger version of the 777 mini-jumbo, touched down at the historic Boeing Field outside Seattle at 2 pm (2200 GMT) after a debut which began almost four hours earlier at Boeing’s revamped wide-body assembly lines north of the city. The decision to take advantage of a gap in clouds to start the months of testing needed before the jet can carry passengers came after two attempts had to be postponed due to high winds. “It’s a proud day for us,” said the chief executive of Boeing’s commercial airplane unit, Stan Deal. More: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boeing-777x/boeings-777x-jetliner-takes-off-on-maiden-flight-idUSKBN1ZO0QA https://www.airlineratings.com/news/stunning-first-video-boeing-777x-inflight/
  21. Conspiracy theory or not, western media is biased and often attached to their political agenda. I was in Hong Kong to witness the so called Pro-democracy bullshit movement. The western media are so biased that they turned a blind eve on the truth but supported the vigilantes that destroyed the city. The western media and western govt orchastred much of the movement from behind the scene.
  22. Last week
  23. If they’re going to lose money anyway they might as well get some shiny new widebodies
  24. With a more lucrative home market I’d be disappointed if they didn’t find good routes to fly.
  25. so long MAB unable to improve their operation efficiency, no need to say any aircraft replacement plan.
  26. NH announced a huge expansion due to the new HND slots (new flights to ARN, IST, MXP as well as increased frequencies to SFO, SYD etc.) - they probably need the planes from somewhere and SE Asia gets the brunt of it. Having that said, KUL capacity adjustments lasts for only 2 months unlike other stations where their NRT flights are halved for entire summer. HND's slots are use it or lose it. NRT on the other hand still have slots available. HND is also taking over some transfer pax (e.g. even with the limited KUL flights, MY-US pax are still able to transfer at HND to LAX, JFK, SFO - which probably accounts for more than 50% of the MY-US market on NH).
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