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  2. FM - Shanghai Airlines, they had weekly operation before the pandemic. MU did not fly into BKI pre-pandemic. I guess post-pandemic the arrangement will remain the same. Anyhow, FM belongs to MU Group, same same family but different airlines.
  3. If it helps to fill up MH/KU seats, why not? With the inclusion of KU, MH is now in codesharing/interline agreement with AT, EK, QR, WY, SV and TK, more code sharing ME partners than what SQ/TG/BI currently offers. MH got their Europe and Africa continents well covered, from top Scandinavian countries till end South Africa. Plus, KU is currently operating a very young fleet A320ceo (progressively being replaced)/A320neo/A321neo/A332/A338/B77W. Incoming are A321neo/A321neoLR/A339/A359.
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  5. KU is tiny. But I suppose it's flattering they chose MH...
  6. KePKAS sambut baik pengumuman tiga syarikat penerbangan utama China – Sabah Media CZ, MF & FM gonna make their presence at BKI again next few months 😁
  7. Kuwait Airways announces code-sharing agreement with Malaysia Airlines Kuwait Airways partnership with Malaysian Airline enables us to jointly offer operations to serve our passengers expanded connectivity to Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand from Kuwait via Kuala Lumpur to major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, and Singapore. In addition to popular tourist destinations within Malaysia. Time for Malaysia Airlines to get B787-9/10 or more A350-900/1000 to cater to the crowd. One can dream....
  8. Lets hope they use the A320Neo for this service - they have 3 (over 16 year old) A320Ceos in their fleet.
  9. They use rather old aircraft (although not as old as the AK B733s) - so they should not launch too many flights as their planes can easily go tech!
  10. 1st batch of handover Bki-twu Bki-kch Vice vesa. Bki-sdk not sorted due to insufficient aircraft. 1 aircraft with no spare based in BKI in may doing BKI-TWU-BKI-KCH-MYY-KCH-BKI until end of July. If some issue were to happen in between which i guarantee will happen regardless how spotless or brand new aircraft is. It's going to be the same airasia and myairline domino effect retiming+delay scams again.
  11. Indonesia carrier TransNusa set for Malaysian launch KUALA LUMPUR: TransNusa, an Indonesian airline, is gearing up for its Malaysian launch "very soon" after finally receiving the greenlight to start operating here. In an interview with the New Straits Times recently, PT TransNusa Aviation Mandiri chief executive officer, group aviation Datuk Bernard Francis said the carrier would kickstart its operations with Airbus A320 aircraft from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). "We have got all the approvals from the Malaysian side and also the Indonesian side to start two daily flights from next month. https://www.nst.com.my/business/2023/03/890132/indonesia-carrier-transnusa-set-malaysian-launch
  12. Last week
  13. Disruption continues at MYAirline https://www.msn.com/en-MY/news/other/myairline-announce-flight-delays-due-to-technical-issues/ar-AA18MKTA?ocid=sprinklr_sch
  14. I only started the regular commutes in 2006 so missed the 747's on the route. I used to be a VS FC Gold member. F in SQ with <2000 miles would get you 7 tier points with only 35 needed to re-qualify. With one way F tickets around ~RM600 and access to the SQ F lounge it was happy days.
  15. Qatar Airways will increase its cargo capacity to PEN according to aeroroutes. QR 840/841 will operate 4 times a week using 77W/77L. I wonder if they are short on crew to do this flight with pax.
  16. You have an amazing memory. I remember that's how the KUL-SIN shuttle worked for the most part. Except I also remember flying SQ's A310 and I think it was MH A300s at that time. SQ even flew their 747 (Big and Megatops) along with their 343 into KUL back then. The best part is if you ever flew their "First" class service back then, you are eligible to use the first class lounge and they also serve Dom/Krug on that short 30 minutes flight.
  17. From memory its was like this: The flight schedule was fairly static, and flights were operated by alternate airlines Confirmed Reservations For SQ/MH you could buy a confirmed ticket which was usually fixed price and the same or similar for each airline Business was sold as First, so improved lounge access and easier accrual on some FFP programs EG VS (Virgin) when flying SQ The schedule and prices were published on a small 2 fold business card size document which was easy to carry in your wallet The day AK etc started operating this route this stopped and fares increased for many and flexibility decreased Shuttle Around 20% of the flight capacity was reserved for economy shuttle passengers. Tickets were a fixed price, valid on all shuttle flights, nameless and valid for 12 months These were sold from a desk at the shuttle check in area The check in area operated a numbering system you had to show a ticket to get a number and take a seat (there were many seats) When the preceding flight closed the numbers would start to be called up to the 20% (approx) for shuttle passengers The check in agent would check out number, passport and ask your write your name on the ticket As the flight was nearing closure empty space would be filled up with the final space given up owing to now shows Back then most flights were operated by MH A330’s or SQ 777’s The only tricky bit would at peak periods and PH’s when there could be 150+ people waiting so a work around would be rush to main ticket desks and by a confirmed Y or F ticket. It was quite buzz to get the last seat on the plane I used to buy several shuttle tickets at a time to save queueing up each week Other On the way home from Changi on a Friday night if things were too busy a trick I would use would be to rush over to T1 and pick up a confirmed JAL ticket to KL which was fixed price as part of the 5th freedom rights, even J class wasn’t too bad JAL at KLIA was a pain because the office on L4 wasn't always manned
  18. LOL. That's something amazing compared to the now nick-and-dime everything AK does now. They should do so again and charge RM15 per cup noodles dished out. Haha!
  19. Not sure how the old program worked last time, but the current one is pretty decent too, https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/th/th/news-article/2019/malaysia-airlines-new-shuttle-fares.html
  20. True but for regular travellers I personally found life more difficult after the shuttle stopped owing to the loss of flexibility and the increase in prices at peak times.
  21. Japan Airlines NW23 International Preliminary Changes Tokyo Narita - Kuala Lumpur eff 01DEC23 - B767-300ER replaces B787-8 1 daily
  22. I remember once in those very early days, when our early evening BKI-BKK flight was 'rescheduled' (ie. delayed), they brought in one of their catering carts into (the now abandoned) holding lounge at BKI T2 and dished out Maggi cup noodles plus hot water for those who were in need of 'nourishment' - I was immensely impressed 😃 I comparison nowadays .....
  23. Yes, I wonder where are they gonna squeeze in their flight? Currently there are 39x daily KUL-SIN flight, based on Google Flight.
  24. Yes, this is like the third major disruption since they commenced operation in last December. Kind of reminding us of AirAsia's early days with their banged up B733 they pulled out from Mojave desert. LOL! Dear Valued Customers, We regret to inform you that we will not be able to achieve our on-time departure (OTP) commitment for some of our flights on 16 Mar 2023. At MYAirline, we value openness and transparency with our Customers. The reason for this delay is due to a technical issue and our Engineering team is on top of this. At MYAirline passenger safety will always be our no 1 priority. Our passenger experience matters and our teams are doing their best to minimize the impact on valued Customers. But regrettably, our punctuality will be impacted today, resulting in delays for the flights listed below. Flight delay: —————— Kota Bahru: KUL-KBR, Z9 7103 - Estimated departure time: 18:25 KBR-KUL, Z9 7104 - Estimated departure time: 19:55 Kuching: KUL-KCH, Z9 8103 - Estimated departure time: 11:45 KCH-KUL, Z9 8104 - Estimated departure time: 14:05 KUL-KCH, Z9 8105 - Estimated departure time: 22:40 KCH-KUL, Z9 8106 - Estimated departure time: 01:00 Kota Kinabalu: KUL-BKI, Z9 8803 - Estimated departure time: 16:25 BKI-KUL, Z9 8804 - Estimated departure time: 19:35 For all impacted passengers by the delay, we will be sending out email and SMS notifications with the new departure times and if you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our live chat agent at www.myairline.my. Our customers are important to us, but we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, MYAirline
  25. Yes, good to have competition - remember how the MH/SQ pot of gold was so zealously protected that AK could hardly get a sniff for so many years!
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