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  2. While I appreciate new technology and fleet replacement, this will be ultimate disaster to BI to be honest. Their current B787-8 utilisation is minimal at best, spending most of their time on the ground. Their schedule to Melbourne and London is no longer daily as pre-COVID 19 era, now transit via DXB and leasing out LHR slots to Qatar, bringing in the B787-9 will be even worse off. Unless they are planning to return to PER, BNE, SYD and AKL to support its (non-stop) LHR flight, I don't see how they can break even, let alone making marginal profit. 1990s/2000s BI with multiple hubs and eight B767s/two B757s flying weird route pattern like BWN-RGN-CCU-DXB-LHR all over again. Feeling deja vu....... This is the first airline in the world to do B787 fleet replacement, albeit with B787 as well. The four B787-9 will replace the first four B787-8 and will operate alongside with BI's fifth B787-8 V8-DLE. I don't see them flying nine B787s, that's suicidal with small international network.
  3. Except PRC, USA, AUS, JPN, etc few airlines could depend mostly on domestic market. I heard yield has dropped, it would be a challenge for MH to maintain profit like in 2023. If include KUL-DXB, IST, etc, there is fairly substantial volume from KUL to EUR.
  4. Wow, that would be some heritage to be impressed by - like twenty odd years from the W brothers' first flight ?! 😜
  5. To be fair, the current 788s will be 15 years old when the first 789 arrives (according to the article). 9M-MTA is only 12 years old but the A339s are expected to arrive later this year. I am more curious if MH will announce any orders at the SG airshow. They aren't known for announcing orders at an airshow but the narrow body replacement and additionally wide bodies are supposed to be announced Q1 2024.
  6. SQ also has huge bank/corporate contracts in addition to connecting a lot of pax around the world. Also helps when their home base is one of the wealthiest in the world. And it doesn't really help when the Malaysian government doesn't see forests for the trees. Do you think they will want to pay a very capitalist but popular singer RM10 million per show for exclusive rights to host a concert in ASEAN? I don't think ordinary taxpayers will agree to this as well. It's the same for MH. Government and your everyday taxpayers aren't willing to pump in money to buy brand new planes or install lie-flats on the 7M8.
  7. MH will swap its 300 seater A350 (ex-SK) from MEL to DOH for NS24 schedule. That's quite a lot of capacity for DOH-KUL, 2x359 (MH) and 2x77W (QR). And MH 350s seems to have quite a bit of ground time (both KUL and outstation) compared to the 333s.
  8. I guess with recent discussion regarding MH fleet planning, want to share the latest news from our neighbour: Royal Brunei Places 787 Order With An Eye On 787-8 Replacement | Aviation Week Network
  9. Always the case. That's why SQ is centuries ahead.
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  11. IMO, I do not think MH has issue finding the right equipment, rather finding and getting an equipment at the right price is the main issue. It took them quite a while to get its seventh A350, and now dragging its feet on the eight. The plan might not happen at all since all used A350s in the market is now dried up. Moving onto B737max, MH could have taken up those 737max not taken up by other airlines, but they chose to wait for their own, which was and is still hit by several delays due to Boeing manufacturing quality issue. They could have taken the COVID19 as an opportunity to re-equip its older fleet quickly with new interiors. Retire the horrible A330-200, and get in more A350-900s. Well the new used equipment has different interior, at least it is better than current ones onboard A330-200. Or even the B787s, sign up a good support deal with Boeing, negotiate heavily with financial house for a good deal during the pandemic and get the equipment in. There were so many used B787s in the market back then. Now we are saddled with A330-900s which is one generation behind the newer equipment. Let's not forget, the B737max 10/ A321neos dilemma, the writing is on the wall for some time Boeing won't be able to get them certified and EIS anytime soon, MH should have just sign up with lessor for 20 pieces and get over and done with. If they are to place an order on its own now, they can only receive it towards the end of the decade. Most bigger SEA airlines has or will eventually A321neo in their fleet, except GA and MH now. To survive the ruthless aviation industry, you need to either go big or go home, especially now with the pent-up demand. No one knows how long it will last, best to max the opportunity now. TG has the same predicament as MH, but was very bold in making their moves. Absorbed ThaiSmile, sold properties in various location in Thailand and around the world, retire and sold older fleet and reequip their fleet quickly. They snapped up almost every available used A350s in the market, competing with Delta Airlines and Lufthansa. As a snapshot, those 45 B787-9 order they placed recently are mainly for capacity replacement and only 15 for expansion. MH is a case of "penny wi se, pound foolish". And that pound foolish will come back to bite their backside few years down the road. Oh well, some here may say, "Haiya, you dun know what is happening behind the scene la. Deal with it. Go fly SQ then." And that is the exact mindset is what is pushing premium passengers to SQ, EK, EY, QR, TK et al. You can only earn minute profit from Y class, you need sustainable profit both front and the back of the plane.
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  13. I’m not seeing anything that suggests TG will be installing some super-premium product on their A320s. It doesn’t even have seatback IFE which puts it in the same category as MH’s 73H. I know the 73Hs are awful for anything longer than a KUL-SIN/HKT hop, but TG isn’t much better in that regard.
  14. MH truly missed the boat in providing a premium hardware when they retrofitted the NG fleet and with the 737max EIS. They could have gone to Collins Aerospace Diamond or Thompson Vantage, which between the two, the latter will bring MH's narrowbody consistent with its widebody. Currently for MH has: Short Haul Business Class: Zodiac Aerospace Weber recliner seats on older B737-800NG 9M-FFF, MLK and MLL BE Aerospace Millennium recliner on non-retrofitted B737-800NG Safran Z600 recliner seats on retrofitted B737-800NG and B737-MAX8 Long Haul Business Class: Stelia Aerospace Solstys on A330-200 Thompson Vantage on A330-300 and A350-900 Thompson Vantage XL on A350-900 (9M-MAH) Collins Aerospace Diamond Thompson Vantage
  15. Agree on the "delulu" part. LOL. Actually, TG is installing Recaro's CL4710 for its new narrowbody J class, also a recliner. Same as MH's Safran Z600i, both are classified as short-mid haul business class product by its respective OEM.
  16. As the millennials say it "delulu" , TG have started retrofitting their A320s (previously from Thai Smile) to have flat beds/proper BC seats. This would allow closer streamlining between NB/WB product. MH is regressing towards LCC level with their current narrowbody product.
  17. Very sad the Max is not fitted with appropriate cabins to conduct longer flights - I think that 6-7 hour flights will exploit their better fuel efficiency. It is a shame that they are using the Max in the same manner as the NG. Very unimaginative!
  18. Well some may see them being delusional based on them saying they're planning to go on head to head with SQ lol.
  19. It's already being used on 5-6hrs flights to AMD and ATQ. I'm guessing the bosses and planners are not in the same whatsapp group on this.
  20. Unfortunately MH is very reactionary. I don’t blame the government looking at their past performances over the years. at a time when other airlines are cashing in on the resurgence in travel, MH is struggling to find aircraft. Their MAX-8 interiors are sad.. they should have gone for what SQ went for. They you have flexibility to use them on longer medium haul routes and keep a slightly premium product. anyways … it is what it is
  21. Batik Air tries Uzbekistan, AirAsia X tries Kazakhstan. Both by A330-343 C12 Y365, perhaps they did it in such a way not to cannibalize each other. Air Samarkand, a new Uzbekistan airline start-up, has Kuala Lumpur planned for its launching. Will be flown by ex-CI A330-302 C36 Y277.
  22. Why not Tashkent or Samarkand? Tashkent is the largest city in Central Asia. While Samarkand is well known with grand buildings dating back to Silk Route era.
  23. Looks like there is little to no demand for this destination - better to go Baku lah. At least there is a F1 GP event there each year.
  24. Thai Airways to Retrofit A320s with Royal Silk Seats Thai's retrofitted a320 plan seems to be a lot better than MH's z600i on the max and NG with the only promise given by the MAG's CEO that it wont be deployed on flights beyond 4hours(for now). While the fear of Thai imploding the market with so much aircraft orders and random AOC approvals, there's not much to worry as it will always be bailed out no matter what. Meanwhile over here its every man for himself and customer experience is receiving the short end of the stick. It pretty much put MH below GA, SQ and TG in the narrowbody fleet but slightly ahead of PR and VN a321.
  25. With the resurgence of TG, I wonder what game plan MH has up its sleeve in the next decade. During the same period, TG will eventually have 54 B787s, 17 B77Ws, 26 A350s, 20 A320ceos, 21 A321neos= 138. That is a lot of widebody capacity being pumped into Asia, Europe and Australian routes. I hope MH will firm up the other 20 A330neos order and 20 A321neo/B737-MAX10 order. TG will also refurbish its narrowbody J class with recliner seat, MH is save here for now.
  26. AirAsia X is doing promotion again for ALA. RM172 return, without luggage and food. Insider's news: The forward booking is looking very poor, need to do extra boost sales promotion to increase the load.
  27. It could be the airline just feeding part of the countries under belly import export line via Malaysia with passengers being insignificant to the airlines actual appetite. Technically not break even but the country's gov is willing to stomach up to keep their restricted economy moving. A lot of airline in those region are operating in that sort of similar ways that is very taboo to the many lot.
  28. As long as Malaysians need a visa to Turkmenistan, traffic from Malaysia will probably be for business. I don't foresee tourist traffic to be that great.
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