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  2. AirAsia’s Fernandes skeptical about deliveries any time soon https://www.flightglobal.com/orders-and-deliveries/airasias-fernandes-skeptical-about-deliveries-any-time-soon/137692.article
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  4. Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic are heading stormy clouds as both countries' government will not extend loan or bailout for them. The latter is in slightly better position as its bail out is backed by Rolls Royce, Airbus and Heathrow Airport. Scott Morrison casts doubt on billion dollar Virgin bail out https://www.9news.com.au/national/coronavirus-scott-morrison-casts-doubt-on-virgin-australia-bail-out/92e50326-d13d-4f08-b685-1d8237774b80 Virgin warns of price hikes under Qantas monopoly as bailout hopes stay alive https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/virgin-warns-of-price-hikes-under-qantas-monopoly-as-bailout-hopes-stay-alive-20200402-p54ghj.html Coronavirus: Aviation giants lobby for Virgin Atlantic bailout https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-aviation-giants-lobby-for-virgin-atlantic-bailout-11966892
  5. Yes, as long as the aircraft is up in the air, it should be earning money. Yield is another story, better than sitting on tarmac not generating any income. Current cargo delay is mainly due to nation restriction, some countries are in complete lockdown and ban flights from other countries or overflying their countries, even essential service are not working or working at limited capacity. Some nations took less restricted approach whereby essential services are still working.
  6. was wondering, using non cargo aircraft i.e passenger aircraft and use it for cargo transporting purposes, is it better than letting the aircraft sitting on tarmac? i'm seeing cargo delays in the manufacturing due to current situation. and this thought flash across my mind.
  7. During this Covid-19 airline shutdown period, we get to see a lot more cargo flights - even pax aircraft flying in is carrying mainly cargo, e.g. Xiamen Air upgraded their usual B737 to B787. MAS kept their A330 service to Hong Kong. Good to see YTO in KUL, finally! Too bad we are not able to spot at KLIA now! Here is an old pix of the B757 that I managed to catch at Narita.
  8. Troubled local carriers to get RM10bil help from Khazanah? KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s cash-strapped airlines could get up to RM10 billion financial assistance from Khazanah Nasional Bhd. Sources said the potential RM10 billion would specifically be in the form of loans guaranteed by Khazanah to help the local carriers cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. This was meant as a short-term relief for them to cover operating cost and improve liquidity, a source told the New Straits Times. The pandemic has exacerbated the local carriers’ yields and profitability, which had already been compressed by overcapacity and irrational levels of competition particularly in Asia Pacific. “The assistance depends on how long the Covid-19 crisis will last. Most airlines have cash reserves less than a month to keep their operations, except AirAsia Group,” the source said. He said the government’s intervention via the sovereign wealth fund would be critical at this juncture to assist local airlines such as Malaysia Airlines Bhd, AirAsia, Firefly and Malindo Air as the air transport industry supported about 450,000 jobs in Malaysia in 2018. More: https://www.nst.com.my/business/2020/04/580216/troubled-local-carriers-get-rm10bil-help-khazanah
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  14. Air New Zealand parks up more than half its fleet 7 x Q300 aircraft 10 x ATR aircraft 23 x A320 aircraft 12 x 777 aircraft 6 x 787 aircraft https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12321321
  15. With commercial pax market decimated due to COVID-19, airlines are now re-purposing their aircraft carry medical equipment and supply from China. https://samchui.com/2020/03/31/special-flights-to-transport-medical-supplies-from-china/?fbclid=IwAR2-Y4-tp-KAe_x3A6GjerXzmn6ywX31OG3Hk0UDVo4MVxLk3NRJ3GrhtIk#.XoRxZogzZpl https://samchui.com/2020/03/30/covid-19-airbus-and-boeing-work-to-support-virus-relief-efforts-8/#.XoRx1YgzZpk Alibaba has sent their third batches of medical aid via YTO Cargo Airlines B757-28S B-2830 yesterday. YTO Cargo Airlines is KLIA's newest entrant, 11th cargo airline to fly into KUL. https://themalaysianreserve.com/2020/04/01/covid-19-third-batch-of-alibabas-donation-of-medical-aid-arrived-in-malaysia/?fbclid=IwAR3y0fkOiXfykjbH6gI6eYJZdHFaQMRzXK8MbRaYIzcwyl6i4l9PG2gUyFE
  16. well, people seeing the potential of development in KK, like i said, timing. Oh, rasa ria resort, the majestic infinity natural beach with long long shoreline and soft fine sand. the very last time i'm there was like 15 years ago, i hope that it still remain as pristine as it is. By right KK shouldn't be the sole focal of development for sabah as the state govt should equally developing other city for the betterment of the state as well.
  17. Its dead at the moment. They were cleaning up after Pakatan tookover but then they had squabble with ngos etc over the destruction of the old trees and no word whether the private land condos etc are still on the move or not. I used to come here and after planespotting to do a short stroll you can literally see a small group of hornbills and green colored birds on top the trees near the food stalls and a lot of japanese photographers used to visit here to spot birds but now japanese are also avoiding here due to Prc influx. Tun Fuad Stephen park is abandoned as well. Previous gov was too busy gentrifying for shiny stuffs without taking a look at how Langkawi manages their beaches. New gov was also mum on it. The only place i can something similar now is Shang-Ri La Rasa Ria resort at dalit bay lol.
  18. to be honest, urbanization can't be avoided if there's a need arise, it's always timing that such needs arise. Sometimes, it's hard to juggle between the flora and fauna vs development sometimes. take a look at Tg Aru. I wasn't following the progress now, is it on hold? How i wish the old tg aru to be remain as it is.
  19. Yes its not sustainable. The real question comes should we urbanise east peninsula and east malaysia at expense of our flaura and fauna. Look at covid. Because of the good highway in the west so many are bringing potential covid infection from the mco two weeks ago. Air travel is more environmentally friendly over highways and high migration volume of people going back and fort on the road.
  20. Medevac, special cargo are mostly intra state, Maswings should be sufficient to cater, MAS 738 is a luxury. Mentioned previously, Maswings could operate a mix fleet with smaller 30-50 pax aircraft to cater for low load. Subsidizing regional like maswings is many times cheaper than MAS. There is always 101 reasons not to change but there are alternative solution. MAS business model remain largely unchanged since 1990's, is proven financially not feasible and unsustainable. If we don't change or adapt, resources is wasted and not better utilized.
  21. I can predict what a few of them will say. Pls back up a large xray storage compartment in lahad datu, and long pasia etc. Build a specialist hospital in pensiangan. Pay extorbitant fees to doctors to stay in the interior to give excellent medical care no need for helicopter medevec. Dont bother about the orang utans and pygmy elephants and the flaura fauna around borneo they're expendable, urbanisation is more important look at how fine peninsula is doing with all the dead tapirs and tigers killed due to loss of habitat and migration. See how relax we are with the sumatran rhino being extinct.🤣
  22. " Inter city road in Sabah & Sarawak has been neglected on purpose "... that part might be controversial, really. Gov can simply say, why do we need to build huge highways when the population in east malaysia is rather small and scattered. Just look at KK, SDK, BTU and even KCH so many white elephants... buildings, malls even houses. I mean this is where regional turboprops & regional jets come into play. Looking at New Zealand, and most european countries, even USA thats what people normally do. Don't see them operating A320s and B737s for BKI-SDK/BKI-TWU sectors. Sure they still do, but at a very scarce frequency. Most of their frequency throughout the day will be operated by "regionals". American eagle, colgan air, air NZ ATR, Qantas Link Dash-8s etc etc... btw almost all of them are subsidised. If not subsidised... regionals will become a " FAX " ? Yes... that old Fly Asian Xpress. Thats what Maswings used to do, give east malaysians the frequency. BKI-SDK x5 flights a day vs Redcap only x3 flights a day. Worst, after redcap took over there is no BKI-SDK-BKI flights in the late evenings nowadays, causing lots of trouble to the locals and business community. Right? People miss maswing right? Any sandakan and tawau people here wants to respond thats why they need the ATRs. Coz late evenings you might only have 20 pax... but that 20pax need to fly, and they matter. On MH really, medivac is not the only the thing they do. They also carry human remains ( there is a special rack for it ), they also carry hospital X-ray materials (there is also a special place and rack for it, to keep distance and shelter it from pax and baggages), and industrial equipment that AFAIK only MH and the cargo players can handle. All these things, they fly between east and west malaysia, yes almost on a daily basis. Not only within malaysia but also to all the international routes. AirAsia is fine, they are doing a great job flying the average malaysian salaryman from point A to point B with a few pos cargo. Thats great. But are they willing to install and invest on special equipment, collapsable seats, and " dedicated cargo area " that WILL require them to sacrifice baggage compartment on all their pax aircrafts? Are they also willing to invest on staff training and certification for all the things mentioned. I doubt so, and i also dont think their business model allows it. At the end of the day, AirAsia & Malindo is great, they really are good. But, the 20pax matters & the " national airline " still matters.
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  26. not that quite actually. i can agree to the point that the road infrastructure can be better but then it will not replace the necessity of RAS in east malaysia. And i do believe east malaysia should be treated better in terms of infrastructure. Anyway, even with the budget used for road infrastructure, we still need RAS for East Malaysia. I think it is still worth while to use RAS rather than a specialize road accessing to places like bakelalan, long pasia, Kapit.
  27. A lot of specialist doctors are in the west are not keen on relocating to east Malaysia. Its the same for Indonesian patients from Kalimantan sulawesi flying to Jakarta to sort any special illnesses all on Garuda and how people from Chiang Rai flew all the way to Bangkok as well on Thai. You're aware that pc12 cant carry max stretcher? For mab they had to block 2-3 rows of seats which is why airasia bailed out. So far only private jets with wide enough cabins like the challenger and citation are capable of it. But chartering them can cost a fortune is the patient or insurance gonna fork out rm22k for an hour ride on a citation? Look at how mi and ka did. They dumped bki and kch cause it was not feasible even using scoot is struggling for them. If they were to add the flights as well will they honor the frequency requirement. Doing just hkg-bki-sdk thrice a week doesn't cut it. Maswings was berated for poor frequency as well. To call for improved highways look at what Pakatan did to Panborneo project. But even if that highway were to be completed no average person is going to drive from kuching all the way to kk.
  28. Believe it is more cost effective and beneficial for gomen to relocate resources spent on MH to upgrade and maintain hospital facilities in KCH and BKI, and supplement with contract or chartered PC-12 or King Air air ambulance . Not that foreign airlines won't serve BKI-SDK or BKI-KCH, it is just not permitted. Believe MI, TR, KA would be happy to ply SIN-BKI-SDK, SIN-KCH-BKI, HKG-BKI-KCH, HKG-BKI-SDK. If MI or KA is allowed to set up a regional hub at BKI and KCH, could base or contract a few regional jet to feed BKI-HKG, BKI-SIN, KCH-SIN like LH/EN in Italy. Inter city road in Sabah and Sarawak has been neglected on purpose for many years. by keeping the people poor and rely on gomen handout, those in power could demand their votes.
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