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  1. am not OWS or OWE. i got in with pass alone. have even gotten in with UL J pass.
  2. funny, i never had issues with QR biz ticket at the golden lounge
  3. https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/278035/malaysia-airlines-ns18-international-changes-as-of-09apr18/
  4. care to elaborate? cos i heard the same thing "Those with waists bigger than 56″ aren’t allowed to fly Thai Airways’ new 787-9 business class seat."
  5. overworked @ 80 hours a month? i pull 50-60 hours a week and i bet they still get paid more than me haha
  6. think delta one suites but no footwell, just open space. J is the same but the IFE controller has been move to the armrest and in its place u get a small storage.
  7. i have seen the seats. F is not a fully enclosed suite. head level when you are sitting down. J is slightly different from the 333, but overall same seat.
  8. are you the kind of person that lines up every year the iphone hits stores? you must always be up to date and have the latest, trendiest things? comeon... its like rejecting an uber ride because the car is too old. as long as the hard and soft product are competitive, honestly i don't see any difference between a 10 year old plane and a brand new plane.
  9. seems like its a very hit or miss thing. partner flights usually take ages to credit. i flew KUL-CMB-LHR-CMB-KUL on UL and LGW-AMS on BA in may, claimed in jun, all sectors posted only in sept. flights on CX also took about 2 months to credit. what really gets to me is that even taking so long to credit, the validity is from date of travel. kinda short change here i feel.
  10. could this be their new F? https://www.ausbt.com.au/vantage-first-qantas-a330-boeing-787-business-class-seat-gets-first-class-upgrade
  11. how long after travel did they credit? i have one BA flight since may havent credited. also note, that miles are valid from date of travel, so technically you lose 2 months worth of validity just waiting for them to credit. did you experience this personally? how long did it take in the end?
  12. anyone having issues crediting OW/partner flights to enrich? i notice on partner flights, you have to do a retroactive claim, as the flights dont credit to your account automatically regardless if u quote your FFP# at booking or at checkin. these usually credit in 6-8 weeks, which is ridiculous. does this happen on other OW ffp's as well? any experience anyone? in comparison, an ANA flight credited into SQ KF within 2 weeks of travel (also through missing mileage claim) lastly, does the enrich team EVER reply emails?
  13. too many livery. focus on service deLIVERY first. other airlines in the region are lightyears ahead!
  14. whats the recommended FFP in malaysia besides enrich? assuming i still fly MH, just dont wanna put a single mile towards enrich anymore?
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