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  1. From a distance away, Senior Romeo Echo silently watching the arrival of his much younger brother from another mother...
  2. After few hours of waiting and warm up session, the handsome boy descend below the cloud and performed a low fly past for the audiences at 600ft at 1133hrs when the weather was an absolute joke.
  3. Light was excellent during the warm up rounds... just look at David's happy face
  4. May your soul rest in eternal peace. You will be missed.
  5. Gracefully touches down on 32L at 5.18pm, JL 723 were a little ahead of schedule as well as the thunderstorm that were brewing in the northeast side of the airport. You can trust the Japanese in keeping their plane spotlessly clean, complemented further by the signature dramatic stormy sky of KUL.
  6. You don't get to see an aircraft in your car's side mirror everyday.....
  7. Similarly happy looking Hon Kit after his nap... a wider perspective of the a/c ground staffs connecting GPU before the pilot shut down the engine...
  8. Meanwhile when the guys are performing their testing... Team Satellite too has checked-in after collecting the magic pass and have our theme park wristband on. The DC10 will be parking at C4 as requested..... so we hop on the CIMB train over to the satellite... Since we know our gate, and our target is delayed for 40mins... our team decided to chillax at the coffee joint... and our friend went briefly into the slumber-land... to be continued....
  9. Answer found below the cockpit window on the port side of the beauty.
  10. Nice shot on the 734 line up :-)
  11. be patient and it will show up before the end of the week :-)
  12. Hi Jon, I shall drop by tomorrow and help you to mow your lawn.
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