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  1. BKI-SDK, 4X weekly starting August 18. https://www.malindoair.com/promo/Hello-Sandakan?fbclid=IwAR3XtddK5TyH_LVJIRN453WnT3haEl1mF2_jWS2wu2Kxj5saVT8_E4mMIEM
  2. Heard that TWU will receive flights from Guangzhou starting July, operated by Hainan, twice a week of 738 according to interview with DCM of Sabah. Hope it is true.
  3. QR will retire A380 in 2024 as well. https://simpleflying.com/qatar-airways-a380-retirement/
  4. Malindo Air next week is adding Kota Kinabalu – Tianjin service, with 3 weekly flights scheduled from 17JAN19. Initially service operated by 737-800, switching to -900ER from 02FEB19. OD688 BKI1800 – 2330TSN 739 246 OD689 TSN0030 – 0600BKI 739 357 Source:airlineroute
  5. Malindo Air introduced BKI-TWU commencing December 6, with daily flight. Joining the crowd, to feed their chinese passenger I think. Maybe its time for government to expand Tawau Airport to allow direct flight from North East Asia.
  6. Anyway Airasia X will be suspending KUL-AKL February 11 next year.
  7. AirAsia BKI - BWN daily from 18th Jan https://newsroom.airasia.com/news/airasia-to-boost-connectivity-from-kota-kinabalu-with-daily-flights-to-bandar-seri-begawan
  8. Saw video in facebook, seems everything left was debris.
  9. Reminds me of those good years when you can get cool collection of playing cards, postcards, pen, etc for free, nowadays, you need to buy these items.
  10. Try to book TWU-KCH, but didn't found any flight between these two city in November, is it cancelled?
  11. As I travel short distance at most, i felt no longer in need to fly with MH unless it is cheaper compared to AK. MH used to be my first choice, but for the past one year, service wise, it is comparable to AK for flight less than 3 hours. Better flexibility in terms of frequency and at some point food is better on AK compared to MH. These days the option for seat selection is very limited to only less to 5 seats in MH based on my experience if you check in at self service kiosk. To my notice, many seats are indeed available, and I need to request to change my seat over the counter. Too much hassle. Am I the only one? Some more, I really hate those non IFE 738, especially for flight more than 3 hours. I really wish MH can shine again like its glorious years, still hoping though.
  12. Wonder why OD dont do KUL-TWU. Airasia have 5/6 flights and MH 2 flight daily plying this route. Immigration at TWU is horrendous these days.
  13. East Malaysia : TWU LDU SDK BKI MYY MZV BTU KCH LBU West Malaysia : KUL SZB PEN AOR KBR Asean : BKK HDY CGK SIN SUB KNO Asia : ICN HKG Australasia : PER Europe and beyond : in my dream, hahaha.
  14. Someone posted in facebook claimed to be airasia staff in KK told that all operations will be shifted to Terminal 1 by Dec 1. Arriving airasia flights after 11pm on Nov 30 will be directed to KKIA T1. Hopefully it is true.
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