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  1. when the dugong coming ah?
  2. question: is weather station still accessible via the slip road?
  3. eh? where did the other 1 go? I still saw 2 when I flew out on 19th Aug.
  4. question: is that incident report internal only and confidential? or is it public facing?
  5. may I know how to gain access to this spot now? still have to drive through the palm oil estate? thank you.
  6. The new spotting structure is ready and opened´╝č
  7. I was at Gate C12 last week taking flight to Taipei. The renovated toilet there looks good, just one complain: the water pressure for the wash basin is too strong, causing water to splash out all over the place as the basin is very shallow. This makes the entire area dirty again.
  8. Is it just me or KLIA + KLIA 2 land size is bigger than that of Changi T1234+5? How do we not have a good strategy of putting these advantage to good use is beyond me.
  9. MH620 yesterday was upgraded to 333 to cater for the cancelled MH624. and it was served by 9M-MTO What I don't understand is why the incoming flight MH619 was so late? it reached SIN at 1635hrs when it should have reached at 1535hrs. According to FR24, 9M-MTO's previous flight was on 6th July, meaning the delay is not due to late arrival or aircraft before MH619. Perhaps crew shortage is really getting worse?
  10. Benjamin Ho


    I just want better toilets. Got a toilet shock when I came back from AMS to KUL. the cleanliness of toilet in AMS is even ahead of SIN.
  11. This is the construction site spot?
  12. There is a diversion LH778 to KUL enroute to SIN. Any idea why?
  13. I don't understand, doesn't it goes into single train mode every middle of the night for maintenance? isn't it what the maintenance depot is for? or is it NOT a maintenance depot?
  14. one got to admit that with new engine the A321 looks amazing!!!
  15. Yes, MH really need to upgrade its equipment for TPE, for the fact that it only has 1 flight per day and always seem to be full. Not to mention always park beside D7's A333 in TPE.
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