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  1. Very odd indeed for the Wau. Maybe if the original slanted Wau was used, the batik pattern wouldn't fit perfectly as it focuses on symmetry design. Though to be honest, the batik pattern seems out of place.
  2. Presumably for the special occasion of their first 737 MAX 8.
  3. ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES JUNE – AUGUST 2023 SE ASIA AIRCRAFT CHANGES source: aeroroutes Ethiopian Airlines since last week filed operational aircraft changes for Addis Ababa – Singapore – Kuala Lumpur service. Since 17JUN23 (Addis Ababa departure), 1 of 4 weekly service has been operated by Boeing 787-9, instead of the -8. The 787-9 departs Addis Ababa on Saturdays until 12AUG23, except 05AUG23. On 08JUL23, service is operated by 787-8, but 13JUL23 (Thursday) is operated by the -9. ET638 ADD2320 – 1450+1SIN1550+1 – 1710+1KUL 789 6 ET638 ADD2320 – 1450+1SIN1550+1 – 1710+1KUL 788 134 ET639 KUL2315 – 0035+1SIN0200+1 – 0550+1ADD 789 7 ET639 KUL2315 – 0035+1SIN0200+1 – 0550+1ADD 788 245
  4. MALAYSIA AIRLINES NW23 TOKYO HANEDA SCHEDULE UPDATE – 23JUN23 source: aeroroutes Malaysia Airlines’ Kuala Lumpur – Tokyo Haneda service during Northern winter 2023/24 season remains pending, as reservation for service on/after 01NOV23 remains unavailable, as of 23JUN23. Previously reported, the oneWorld member’s service for Tokyo Haneda in Northern summer 2023 season is listed until 16SEP23, Kuala Lumpur departure. Further changes can be expected in the next few weeks. MH036 KUL1500 – 2235HND 359 x12 MH037 HND0030 – 0710KUL 359 x23
  5. CITILINK ADDS MEDAN – KUALA LUMPUR FROM MID-JUNE 2023 Indonesian carrier Citilink from mid-June 2023 plans to add new service to Malaysia, with the opening of Medan Kualanamu – Kuala Lumpur route. Effective 16JUN23, Airbus A320 aircraft will operate this route on daily basis. QG536 KNO1700 – 1910KUL 320 D QG537 KUL1545 – 1600KNO 320 D
  6. NEPAL AIRLINES ADDS KUALA LUMPUR – BHAIRAHAWA SERVICE IN JUNE 2023 Nepal Airlines in June 2023 plans to operate international service at Bhairahawa, with tentative scheduling of 3 Kathmandu – Kuala Lumpur – Bhairahawa – Kathmandu flights in June 2023, with A320 aircraft. Schedule from 12JUN23 to 27JUN23 as follows. RA421 KTM2050 – 0335+1KUL 320 1 RA422 KUL0435 – 0730BWA0815 – 0900KTM 320 2 The airline in June 2023 also operates 4 weekly Kathmandu – Kuala Lumpur terminator flight.
  7. AIRASIA RESUMES PENANG – HONG KONG SERVICE FROM AUGUST 2023 AirAsia from August 2023 plans to resume Penang – Hong Kong nonstop service, last served by the airline until May 2013. Upon resumption on 10AUG23, the airline will offer 3 weekly flights on this route, with Airbus A320ceo aircraft. AK2281 PEN0630 – 1030HKG 320 246 AK2280 HKG1115 – 1455PEN 320 246
  8. BATIK AIR MALAYSIA 2Q23 KUALA LUMPUR SUBANG DOMESTIC ROUTES RESUMPTIONS Batik Air Malaysia in May and June 2023 plans to resume a pair of domestic service from Kuala Lumpur Subang, with service to Alor Setar and Kuantan. Kuala Lumpur Subang – Alor Setar eff 25MAY23 Service resumption since July 2022, 1 daily ATR72 OD1502 SZB0730 – 0840AOR ATR D OD1503 AOR0900 – 1010SZB ATR D Kuala Lumpur Subang – Kuantan eff 02JUN23 Service resumption since September 2015, 4 weekly ATR72 OD1822 SZB0700 – 0800KUA ATR x246 OD1823 KUA0820 – 0920SZB ATR x246
  9. FIREFLY TENTATIVELY RESUMES PENANG – KUANTAN IN NS24 Firefly in preliminary schedule listing for Northern summer 2024 season tentatively files service resumption on Penang – Kuantan route, operated by ATR72 aircraft. Last served until December 2020, the airline would operate 4 weekly flights from 31MAR24. FY2462 PEN1310 – 1440KUA AT7 x246 FY2463 KUA1505 – 1635PEN AT7 x246
  10. INDONESIA AIRASIA MAY/JUNE 2023 NETWORK EXPANSION Indonesia AirAsia in May and June 2023 continues network expansion from Jakarta, with the scheduling of additional 3 domestic and international routes. Jakarta – Ho Chi Minh City eff 31MAY23 4 weekly A320 (Last served until April 2013) QZ290 CGK2205 – 0105+1SGN 320 x246 QZ291 SGN0135 – 0435CGK 320 x357 Jakarta – Kuching eff 15JUN23 3 weekly A320 (Last served until January 2010) QZ530 CGK0730 – 1040KCH 320 246 QZ531 KCH1110 – 1220CGK 320 246 Jakarta – Labuan Bajo eff 16JUN23 4 weekly A320 QZ860 CGK0710 – 1035LBJ 320 x246 QZ861 LBJ1100 – 1220CGK 320 x246 Previously reported route addition in June: Jakarta – Perth eff 02JUN23 4 weekly A320
  11. BATIK AIR MALAYSIA RESUMES ADELAIDE SERVICE FROM MID-JULY 2023 Batik Air Malaysia from mid-July 2023 plans to resume service to Adelaide, where the airline schedules nonstop Kuala Lumpur – Adelaide flight, with Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The airline will offer 3 weekly flights, effective 13JUL23. OD121 KUL2310 – 0750+1ADL 7M8 246 OD122 ADL0840 – 1455KUL 7M8 357 The airline last operated Kuala Lumpur – Denpasar – Adelaide routing until September 2020.
  12. AIRASIA X SCHEDULES KUALA LUMPUR – BANGKOK SERVICE FROM MAY 2023 AirAsia X from late-May 2023 is adding new scheduled service to Thailand, as the airline schedules Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi flight. From 21MAY23, Airbus A330-300 aircraft will operate this route 5 times weekly. D7170 KUL1010 – 1125BKK 333 x13 D7171 BKK1305 – 1625KUL 333 x135 D7171 BKK1310 – 1630KUL 333 5 Thai AirAsia in recent schedule update already adjusted frequencies on this route, reduced from 2 to 1 daily. It continues to offer 2 daily Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok Don Mueang service.
  13. AIRASIA EXPANDS BEIJING FLIGHT OFFERING IN NS23 Various AirAsia carriers in Northern summer 2023 season continues to strengthen service to Beijing, including Thai AirAsia resuming service to/from Chiang Mai. AirAsia will be adding service to/from Kota Kinabalu from July 2023. AirAsia Kota Kinabalu – Beijing Daxing eff 01JUL23 1 daily A320 AK1560 BKI1800 – 2315PKX 320 D AK1561 PKX0015 – 0545BKI 320 D Thai AirAsia Chiang Mai – Beijing Daxing eff 30APR23 1 daily A320 (Service resumption) FD600 CNX2315 – 0440+1PKX 320 D FD601 PKX0550 – 0935CNX 320 D
  14. BATIK AIR MALAYSIA RESUMES KL – JOHOR BAHRU SERVICE IN NS23 Batik Air Malaysia in late-April 2023 plans to resume Kuala Lumpur – Johor Bahru service, last served until March 2020. The airline schedules 6 weekly flights from 19APR23, increasing to 2 daily from 01MAY23. OD2403 KUL0845 – 0945JHB 7M8 D OD2405 KUL1400 – 1500JHB 7M8 D OD2404 JHB1030 – 1130KUL 7M8 D OD2406 JHB1545 – 1645KUL 7M8 D
  15. BATIK AIR MALAYSIA ADDS OKINAWA FROM AUG 2023; OSAKA INCREASES Batik Air Malaysia in August 2023 is further expanding service to Japan, including new route to Okinawa, operating via Taipei. Planned service expansion as follows. Kuala Lumpur – Taipei Taoyuan – Okinawa eff 16AUG23 4 weekly 737 MAX 8 OD882 KUL0720 – 1215TPE1315 – 1535OKA 7M8 x246 OD883 OKA1635 – 1720TPE1820 – 2305KUL 7M8 x246 Kuala Lumpur – Taipei Taoyuan – Osaka Kansai eff 15AUG23 Increase from 4 to 7 weekly, 737 MAX 8 OD880 KUL0100 – 0555TPE0710 – 1025KIX 7M8 D OD881 KIX1135 – 1320TPE1440 – 1930KUL 7M8 D The airline continues to operate 3 weekly Kuala Lumpur – Taipei Taoyuan – Nagoya flights with 737 MAX 8. The carrier’s overall service for Taipei will increase from 7 to 14 weekly.
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