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  1. Hi guys, this is mainly for the IST guys. Im looking to come out and shoot in September so any help and advice will be much appreciated, would also be nice to meet some of you.
  2. Well guys, it's been a while since I posted anything here so thought I should get my local but up to the top, so here are a few pics taken on the 20th May 2008, enjoy...... Arriving to take Chelsea fans to Moscow. Regular Citation 525. Departing to Moscow with fans on board. Another Luton based machine. Netjets Europe. Nice Skyeurope. A visitor from Italy. Departing 08. Nice Isle of Man registered CL605 Heading home maybe? Gone now, RIP. Ryanair with one of their logos. Beautiful looking G4 getting airbourne. Regular Luton - Isle of Man service. And finally the DHL with an odd rudder. Thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed them
  3. Nice shots Pieter, so sorry I could not be with you to enjoy the fun and iffy weather. Look forward to the next set
  4. Nice shots Pieter, I would say the Aloha/transavia ihas returned off lease due to Aloha sadly going under
  5. Sneeze, these photos are just superb, I really love the Air Canada T7, looks so clean, the silver Cathay Cargo is sweet too, great stuff keep them comming
  6. Sadly I am working next saturday Pieter I was just going to message you about that, If for some reason I'm not I will let you know, anyways on with the photos... Thai heading for home. Icelandair with the weals tucked away already!! Rare to get this gem and in sunlight too. Two more form the new open skies agreement. Operating the new LHR - LAX. Virgin stretch. Qatar stretch. Nice special colours. This Air New Zealand is missing the fuselage stripes, I wonder why,any ideas? Nice JAL. Finally operating the Austrian flight was this little beauty. I hope you enjoyed them.
  7. Hey guys, Thanks for all the kind comments, here is an up-date from my recent visit on the 1st April. Had some really decent movements ltely but the weather as usual has been awful, anyways on with the pics, enjoy Nice to get an Embraer. A6-EHH close up. Nice side on showing the full length. New open skies means we get a few new US carriers Lovely Air Canada stretch T7. UAL new colours Saudia on it's way to JED. Ok more to follow soon.
  8. Nice catch, wonder if they will paint it into the new scheme or better still into the Star Alliance livery
  9. I have to disagree I'm afraid Nick, the window frames are a great part of the original scheme, agree the cheat line should be more prominant but the rest is just lovely, it's only my humble opinion though.......... More to come soon guys.
  10. Mr Kong that A380 shot is a beauty , Ian your shots are amazing, gota love that sky well done, it just goes to show you don't always need sunshine to take a great shot, top stuff guys.
  11. Love the first C-17 shot, thats awesome, nice job
  12. Cool photography, shame the sun was not out, nice to hear the tower in the background, nicely done
  13. Thanks guys, again you are too kind. You are all most welcome, I will do my best to show you around, it may cost you a MCDonalds or two though
  14. Some more, enjoy..... Jet Airways are now operating the T7's dailly into LHR, this one is seen entering 27R on the morning BOM flight. Taken 27/09/07. Virgin. Taken 27/09/07. Gulf Air with the old A4O- registration, they are now A9C-. Taken 27/09/07. Nice line of big boys....... Taken 27/09/07. Air India's new scheme is perfect, the sun came out just in time, so happy. Taken 27/09/07. A piece of history, the two 500 series have now been sold to TAM of Brazil, this one is seen on her last visit to LHR. Taken 27/09/07. Turkish blasing away from 27L. taken 27/09/07. Nice United new scheme. Taken 27/09/07. A rare bird now, Emirates operated these new LR T7's only for a very short while to familiarise the crews on them before they operate the DXB-GRU only route. Taken 27/09/07. Amazing scheme. Taken 29/10/07. Rare VIP from Uganda in Africa. taken 29/10/07. Classic scheme. Taken 29/10/07. Another first visitor to LHR, this time another very rare VIP from the Egyptian Government.Taken 16/11/07. Seen on her first visit to Heathrow is this T7 stretch in the new colours, just stunning. Taken 16/11/07. Luxair have new colours and use the EMB's and Dash-8 into LHR. Taken 16/11/07. JAL one world special scheme, nice. Taken 16/11/07 BMi take over British Meditteranean and thus we get these hybrid schemes. Taken 16/11/07. Close up with an Emirates following behind. Taken 16/11/07. VRED waiting to depart. Taken 16/11/07. Last but not least the Star Aliance group celebrate 10 years with this scheme, now also gone. Taken 16/11/07. I hope you have enjoyed these, I will up-date when I can, I hope to get to Heathrow on Wednesday, so watch this space......
  15. Hi Guys, due to popular demand and the fact that I like showing my photos off I have decided to do a kind of blogg for Heathrow movements that I have captured over the past six months that have been of interest to me and hopfuly you guys, this will be on-going so check back for up-dates. I have of course missed a lot of goodies and a lot have arrived or departed in bad weather so I didn't get them, anyways I hope you like the pics and if you want to see anything in particular let me know, enjoy and thanks for looking Owned by Flyglobespan and used regularly in this hybrid scheme for quite a long time. Taken 01/07/07. All Nippon started to use the T7 on the LHR route and have now re-placed the B744 completley on this route. Taken 01/07/07. Rare to get these in daylight and is caught in the last rays of sunshine lining up on 27R. Taken 01/07/07. VFAB arriving on 27L. Taken 13/09/07. We usualy get the B737's so nice to get a B762. Taken 13/09/07. Hybrid schemes are always welcome.Taken 13/09/07. Alitalia have a new colour scheme which are slowly appearing at LHR. Taken 13/09/07. Tarom also have a revised scheme. Taken 13/09/07. Icelandair have now re-fitted all their B757's with winglets, nice! Taken 13/09/07. Iberia don't often use their A319's into LHR so nice to catch this little one on finals for 09L. Taken 13/09/07. PIA look fantastic with their different tails, this handsome strech T7 is caught on finals for 09L. Taken 13/09/07. Air Canada B762's are all but gone from LHR now so here is this beauty in the blue scheme. Taken 18/09/07. Now some pics for the Virgin fans enjoy....... All taken 18/09/07. Air Algerie operate daily. Nice winglet example. Taken 18/09/07. Air Astana B752. Taken 18/09/07. Nice to get the smaller buses from Jordan on a Wednesday. Taken 18/09/07. Another Virgin. Taken 18/09/07 I hope you enjoyed these more to follow............
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