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  1. Just curious. Why does it take so long for the second ATR to arrive apart from the first one?
  2. Dear all, didn't spot for a LONG time, just to share some photos I took few days ago. Cheers! That's all for now
  3. Am thinking to go on 16 February now, anyone going that date?
  4. Chan CS

    BKI 2011

    Hello guys, wanted to share some photos I took these few months, been busy and only upload now, sorry for the quality of the pics though, all were taken using my hp camera. Waiting area for gate a11 - a13 ATR in the morning The runway extension I took near the end of the new runway, took back in April Orion? And last but not least, our friend from north...
  5. Uncle Pieter, I think you don't get to see this Air Crane in Miri anymore... Here's the news it crashed... RIP to the pilot... Source: TheStar
  6. Chan CS

    BKI 2010

    Great work, my all friends! Hope to see more photos from BKI this year! Cheers!!
  7. nice photos you've there! Great shots! Any other photos like where the crews rest? or even the stair would be interesting!
  8. No problem! Getting to visit is very good already. Take picture or not, 2nd place....
  9. Hello guys, thanks for your compliments! Uncle Pieter and Samuel, nobody 'shu' me away from that spot, I even managed to greet the guard!
  10. Hey guys, just to add some more... The control tower with Mt Kinabalu at the background Look at the sky! Sunrises Another sunset, look closely what's in it A military SilkAir MWC MWC again taken on 11 june 9M-MQE See what happens after the 734 landed, maybe because of the wake turbulence? Caught MLB yet again MGE dedicated to AdrianM and Uncle Pieter, hope we can always remember this scene...... 9M-AHP 9M-AHM taken on 11 June AHG landing shot Enjoy guys!
  11. Er.... Shot it? What exactly is your question sorry?
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