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  1. Yes I remember that. I had a booking with JQ on SYD-KUL that later got cancelled due to JQ stopped flying to KUL. They rerouted me to SIN via DRW. I tried to get them reimburse me for SIN-KUL but failed to hear from them. After several fail attempts, I wrote an email to Alan Joyce (JQ CEO at that time). I received a reply from their customer service the next day with the reimbursement 😁. I remember the reimbursement incl a night accommodation in SIN was more than half of the amount I paid for my original ticket. Perhaps this is the reason why they don’t consider to reinstate service to KUL 😝
  2. I feel the same too. Even JQ flies to SGN and HKT, but not KUL.
  3. The reason for the retime of return flight SYD-KUL to 6am the next morning perhaps is due to SYD airport curfew ?
  4. Tried JQ on their A321neo LR on SYD-DPS two months ago. Luckily I was on emergency seat otherwise I am not sure if I could endure the flight this long on their standard seats. The toilet is so tiny, only slightly better than the one on a SAAB 340. Sadly nowadays high density single aisle planes becoming more and more common for flights 5 hours and above.
  5. I believe Air Arabia flies SHJ-KUL too. And KU on KWI-KUL. Is there any BAH flight ?
  6. Was onboard MH122 SYD-KUL on 2/9. Not sure if the food was catered from kitchen in KUL. The lunch presentation was very disappointing and the food I had (curry chicken with rice) was not to my taste. Anyway, it has been long time since my ride with MAS (my last flight was pre-COVID). So I can't tell if this is post-Brahim thing or it is the ordinary MAS standard nowadays ? IMG_8242 by hooiyenkee, on Flickr IMG_8243 by hooiyenkee, on Flickr
  7. That is interesting. Wonder what average price MH is paying for flights more than 3 hours ?
  8. Remember during COVID time the airlines I flew with checked, double checked and triple checked our travel documentation making sure we had the appropriate vaccination certificates, and installed the necessary Apps required by the destination country on our mobile phones.
  9. I have the same understanding too. The airlines are responsible for most part of the costs if not all (and fines too) if the passenger fails to present the required travel documentation and is rejected entry at the destination. That’s why we can see airlines often very keen in checking passenger travel documentation at check in or boarding time.
  10. Agreed. I have many friends in Australia who have been to Malaysia enjoy and like Malaysia, and they don’t mind to go back again. There is even one keep going back to Langkawi for 3 times. I believe Malaysian tourism lacks of effective marketing to promote itself to let more people know about Malaysia. On another note, I could be wrong but I feel Malaysia has no clear and unique identity in the eyes of foreigners unlike our neighbouring countries. They often relate Malaysia to Indonesia.
  11. Has the A330neo uploaded in their reservation system yet ? Any idea which route will be the first to receive ?
  12. Social distancing no longer required at LHR 😁
  13. You are correct and I agree there is no right or wrong names. There way I see people especially some foreigners confuse with KLIA2 is when it’s IATA code is KUL yet it has a separate airport name (not terminal) from KLIA thinking it is a separate airport. I have friends asking me if the tickets they booked are correct, especially when they have flights to and from both KLIA and KLIA2. When you think it is a logical name, it may not to some foreigners. Nevertheless I believe this is just a minority group.
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