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  1. Yes, I think the closure of Runway 2 is to enable the construction of second parallel runway, intra airside road connection that incl. tunnel and fire station as part of T5 construction
  2. Don’t forget there is curfew at LHR too ! I think what concerns TF is the longer taxi time burns his pocket πŸ™‚
  3. There was one instance instead of purchasing SYD-KUL vv, we went for SYD-HKG with a stopover in KUL with MH, because the ticket price for the later was cheaper πŸ™‚
  4. Perhaps in this case Airasia is to blame for bringing in too many oversea passenger into KLIA2 ? πŸ˜…
  5. One stop service centre for ...... flying cars ! 😬
  6. Perhaps the plan was to sell the jump seats to break even ? 😁
  7. Sorry for OT : What are the factors that dictate an airport slots availability ? Gates availability, runway capability, ground handling resources ? For instance are LHR slots restricted by the runway movements or nos of gates ? How about HND ? Would an airport increase its slot availability by assigning some aircrafts to park at remote bays ?
  8. Good on the proposal. They have vision at least two centuries ahead ! Btw, in the interim the airport may serve as a good place to park spare aircrafts for the airlines during the economic downturns. Or perhaps this is a much needed capacity to cater for the flying cars ?
  9. How is this levy collected ? Cash or charge to the ticket prices ? How about tickets issued before this announcement for travelling after 1st Sep ?
  10. Does MH load up meals for the return regional flights from KUL ?
  11. Awesome ! Thanks for sharing πŸ‘
  12. Wonder how is QR doing on DOH-PEN vv so far ? How's the fare compare to their DOH-KUL vv in general ?
  13. So you can only pack one pair of shoe plus two towels in a plastic bag from Giant supermarket with that baggage allowance ?
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