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  1. Looking at the schedule I think perhaps these red eye flights are for a better aircraft utilisation ?
  2. At least for those I know, in the 90s I remember MH was always the first choice when flying from KUL to many popular places that MH offered direct flights. Many were willing to pay higher ticket prices for the branding, product and service which was always associated with a premium airline (at least in Y class). SQ on another hand was seen as a cheaper and yet less preferred option. How thing has changed ! Another thing is I believe MH underestimated the impacts from ME airlines to its Kangaroo Route. I think A380 was ordered at the back of their mind that the kangaroo routes could sustain those A380s. By the time they received A380, they already have lost the market share on Kangaroo routes substantially.
  3. Are the current D7 A330s capable to fly KUL-CPT with their ETOPS rating ?
  4. Luckily MAS has no ATR72 in its fleet. Otherwise there will be more maths to do 😁
  5. The additional outbound flight MH7031 has exactly STD as MH123. That is interesting !
  6. And none of these tail wau (in blue and red) matches their all blue corporate Wau logo
  7. No worries. I am holding Aussie passport and it is listed in the first 10 countries. All good. it is a big relief for us to be able to use e-gates at KLIA after the long wait experience at the immigration counter in the past, especially the one we had during last year CNY.
  8. That is my understanding too. I am just clarifying on Julius post that “Based on what Kee Hooi Yen experienced, it would seem all these 46 countries do not require MDAC submission, get their fingerprint captured during first visit and can use egates straight away.” 🙂
  9. We still submit MDAC form 3 days prior to our arrival. Not sure if that is an exemption applies to us but we still make the submission nonetheless.
  10. Yes. Our last visit was Sep last year and I wasn’t sure if we were eligible to use the e-gates yet. We went thru the counter, got our fingerprint verified and passport stamped. This time is our first time using the e-gate and yes, we waltzed through the e-gate without any interaction with the officer.
  11. We have our fingerprint registered with Malaysian immigration during our previous visits many years ago. Each time during our entry to Malaysia, we are asked to verify our fingerprint at the immigration counter. This is the first time we could head directly to the e-gate and waltz through without verifying our fingerprint.
  12. Haha I must be too excited or blind to have missed all these signs leading to the e-gates area. Anyway, I remember the electronic display boards directly above the e-gates show Malaysian passport only. I stand to be corrected though. We registered for the MDAC form online within 3 days prior to our arrival in Malaysia. Last I understand the foreigners need to go through the immigration counter on their first entry for their finger prints to be collected by the officer. Once the records are in the system they can use the e-gates for the subsequent entries if they are from the 10 countries above. Not sure if this process has been changed or not.
  13. Believe it was built on an old oil palm plantation and potential dealing with peat soils. Peat soils or swampy land are low in bearing capacity and highly compressible hence expect significant settlement overtime. It takes a very long time for these kind of soil to consolidate. You will see the ground continue to settle excessively if they are not given sufficient time to consolidate prior to the opening. An alternative to this is expensive ground treatment including piled foundation. Another example is Elite highway (E6). I remember few years ago some part of the road settled below some overpass bridge piled footings near the median. The road was topped up with hundreds of mm thick asphalt layer to rectify this problem.
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