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  1. I am pretty sure the customer service is a Malaysian.
  2. Actually I did not anticipate an answer from her. It was just a casual talk during the change of date for the ticket. However weather or medical emergency is the least expected response I have . Anyway, the call experience was pleasant. The call was picked up and answered within 5 seconds after it was re-directed to the respective department. You can only dream if this is a call center in Australia. The customer service was very patient too. Sorry for the OT.
  3. I have an upcoming flight with MH TPE-KUL on 8/5/24. I received a notification email from MH yesterday that the flight is now cancelled and they offer me alternate dates or refund. When I check on their website it seems the cancellation only happens on 8/5/24, not a regular schedule change thing. My question here is this normal ? Not sure if this is something related to the aircraft availability, but it only happens on 8/5 and it is still one month away. Last I check it show the flight is operated by A332. i call the customer service today and when I ask why is the cancellation, the operator says it could be due to weather or medical emergency. Mmmm… it is still one month away… 😂
  4. It was also the place to go for the printed copy of timetable 🙂
  5. Here is an article about the old Subang airport https://www.tslr.net/2007/10/remember-subang-airport.html We went there when my aunties returned from overseas when I was young. I remember during pre-jet bridge era people can walk out to the open air viewing balcony waiving at the passenger boarding or deboarding via the stairs. In the mid-80s there was a major makeover at Terminal 1 where the terminal building was enclosed with glass panel and air conditioned, and jet bridge installed. I think it was during this time the spiral ramps were removed for escalators. Public can still access to the open air viewing balcony at this point in time (it was later restricted to public access in the 90s I think), although there were some glass panels erected in front of the balcony preventing public from climbing and enter to the ramp area. T2 was built as a temporary facility during the major renovation at T1. I remember when we picked up my aunt who were returned from Australia from T2 she mentioned the terminal was very simply and similar to Canberra airport terminal building. T2 was later turned into KUL-SIN shuttle service terminal when T1 renovation was completed. T1's A&W restaurant and later T3's A&W in the 90s was my regular place to go for my study during my Uni days in lieu of library 😉
  6. I always don’t understand why the rush to demolish the old Subang international terminal. It is a waste to demolish such an architectural beautiful building with no proper plan in place yet. Ps: really missed the spiral ramp !
  7. Wonder how were the loads like for both inbound and outbound flights ?
  8. I remember I read a report somewhere criminals like to use the convenience of the mixed arrivals and departures at the airside of the airport terminal to conduct illegal activities among the arriving and departing pax. I can’t recall what exactly the illegally activities were but I think it includes drug and human trafficking.
  9. I did transit once at CGK Terminal 2 many years ago. From my vague memory the arrival at CGK was at lower level and back up to departure at upper level via something like a “back door” staircase (I don’t know how to describe it 😅), and it was barricaded. Upon checking our boarding pass and passport by a security there, we were free to go upstairs into departure level without any scanning. Not sure if this has changed since then. KUL has the security screening at the gate area, similar to SIN. I always find this setup is very inefficient in terms of resources. However it may be convenient for transiting pax, especially those with very short layover time. Upon disembark from the plane, they can head straight to the gate for next flight without the need to walk to the centralised security and walk back to the gate area.
  10. It makes me wonder have they done the proper business case study, especially for project this scale. Hope not another white elephant in making.
  11. Yes I remember that. I had a booking with JQ on SYD-KUL that later got cancelled due to JQ stopped flying to KUL. They rerouted me to SIN via DRW. I tried to get them reimburse me for SIN-KUL but failed to hear from them. After several fail attempts, I wrote an email to Alan Joyce (JQ CEO at that time). I received a reply from their customer service the next day with the reimbursement 😁. I remember the reimbursement incl a night accommodation in SIN was more than half of the amount I paid for my original ticket. Perhaps this is the reason why they don’t consider to reinstate service to KUL 😝
  12. I feel the same too. Even JQ flies to SGN and HKT, but not KUL.
  13. The reason for the retime of return flight SYD-KUL to 6am the next morning perhaps is due to SYD airport curfew ?
  14. Tried JQ on their A321neo LR on SYD-DPS two months ago. Luckily I was on emergency seat otherwise I am not sure if I could endure the flight this long on their standard seats. The toilet is so tiny, only slightly better than the one on a SAAB 340. Sadly nowadays high density single aisle planes becoming more and more common for flights 5 hours and above.
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