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  1. Has the A330neo uploaded in their reservation system yet ? Any idea which route will be the first to receive ?
  2. Social distancing no longer required at LHR 😁
  3. You are correct and I agree there is no right or wrong names. There way I see people especially some foreigners confuse with KLIA2 is when it’s IATA code is KUL yet it has a separate airport name (not terminal) from KLIA thinking it is a separate airport. I have friends asking me if the tickets they booked are correct, especially when they have flights to and from both KLIA and KLIA2. When you think it is a logical name, it may not to some foreigners. Nevertheless I believe this is just a minority group.
  4. Unless KLIA2 has a different IATA code from KUL, I will think KLIA2 is not a separate airport. Yes, people do confuse with different airport names share the same IATA code. Not sure if there are two different airports in the world share the same IATA code.
  5. I was having conversation with a total stranger (a Japanese) in an onsen in Japan two days ago. Using his limited English, he seems like he knows very little about Malaysia. He was very surprised to learn I was originally from Malaysia as he thought Malaysia is a Muslim country. Interestingly the first city name came out from his mouth was Kota Kinabalu !
  6. Is KL’s routing to HKG via KUL partly due to avoid Russia air space ?
  7. I guess nowadays people simply have more options than before. When people have more options they will find one that is more suited to them. A good example is air conditioned buses are common nowadays compared to the old days. If given choices, people will opt for air conditioned bus over non-air conditioned bus for the same route, although there is nothing wrong with non-air conditioned bus. Nevertheless, there are still people go for non-air conditioned bus if the fare or schedule is more suited to them. My longest narrow body flight was TPE-KUL on MH B738 many years ago. The flight was just under 5 hours and I really don't like it. I try to avoid NB for any flight that is more than 4 hours since then. Now I have an upcoming flight SYD-DPS with QF B738 which is just over 6 hours. Will see how it goes ! Sorry for the OT.
  8. I recall I read an article saying Malaysia has a relatively high returning visitors in the visitor numbers each year. This suggests that visitors love Malaysia and would like to come back again. What lacking here is an effective and consistent marketing strategy to attract more visitors especially first time comers. Many sources suggest that KUL is a low yield route to many airlines. Perhaps this is the reason why it is not always in the top priority for major airlines, particularly premium airlines when compare to SIN which is the region financial hub ?
  9. Yes indeed. We have a booking with them for Dec this year. I emailed them in September asking for what option could I have. They replied my flights were still with confirmed status at that time. In order for me to get full refund without any penalty, they advised me to email them again in November that they may have the latest flight schedule for Dec/Jan by then, which I did. I emailed them a few days ago and four days later the full refund amount appears in my credit card statement, no drama. Very impressive especially they are deep in financial problem now 👍
  10. QF last B747 (Reg : VH-OEJ) flight, SYD-LAX-MHV
  11. So it was under the schedule passenger flight number MH04. Interesting.
  12. How full is the apron at KLIA/KLIA2 now with the grounded fleet from MH, AK group and Malindo ? Same goes to SIN. It must be quite a sight especially with SQ group’s wide bodies.
  13. 25% Khazanah + 25% Air Asia + 25% AF/KL + 25% JAL. Happy days
  14. Thanks for the mini TR 😁 ’Technical issue’ happens to every airline. But I guess what makes SQ different from MH in this case is how well SQ manage its ‘damage control’, which MH is lacking of
  15. From the image was the aircraft on A330 / B777 stop mark ?
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