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  1. I just wonder how this will impact safety - if the morale of the whole company is poor, there is a good possibility that safety will be compromised. Lets pray that we don't have another disaster like what MH experienced in 2014.
  2. I know some people who regularly flies to Dhaka and they say that the Malindo flights are almost always full of Bangladeshi pax. I suppose management is right to capitalise on where the demand is. Domestic flights are too price sensitive and there is also political pressure to keep fares low. Good yielding international flights will help to pad up margins lost on domestic destinations.
  3. Yes, their widebodies are working very hard - even the A350s are pressed on to Japan/Australia/NZ routes. They are really short of widebodies and this kind of poor fleet planning needs to stop. It seems like they always look at aircraft purchases when an emergency happens because those higher up do not deal with non emergency situations!
  4. It would appear to me that MAG is really short of cash and is cutting all unnecessary expenditure and non profit making activities. I suspect that their situation is far from the rosy picture they are painting of themselves to the media and the public.
  5. Does that mean that they are willing to accept the China NTUs?
  6. It appears that FY's ATR fleet is being depleted with no replacements incoming. Does FY have plans to operate jets from SZB? Will Mavcom sanction it?
  7. Boeing 737 MAX returns to fly with Malaysia Airlines by June 2023? https://www.nst.com.my/business/2023/01/871657/boeing-737-max-returns-fly-malaysia-airlines-june-2023
  8. Yes, I think people associate them with Lion Air and flying with them only as a last resort.
  9. I guess that they are trying to replace Airasia X - D7 is finding it challenging to reactivate its fleet due to its weak financial position.
  10. Perhaps this has something to do with the Japanese side? IIRC, Malaysia only has seven non-daytime slots allocated to them by the Japanese. Are the MH slots additional slots? Perhaps, they can only get the slots after midnight. If they are sharing slots with D7, then MH is being unprofessional - last monorail leaves HND before midnight and if you miss that, it will mean alternative means of transport or a night at the Toyoko Inn nearby!
  11. New MAG appointment next month? https://www.nst.com.my/business/2022/12/865624/new-mag-appointment-next-month
  12. Reactivating aircraft is a complex process. So many factors involved and the cost is high. So everything needs to be balanced. It takes time too - QF says it takes several months to bring back its A380 from the desert. Although A320 checks are simpler, they still need time as supply chain difficulties will largely dictate how soon an aircraft can be activated.
  13. Thai govt. is well aware that TG is playing its part in Thailand's tourism industry. TG is not well managed but I think their govt. has decided to support it because they are looking at the bigger picture. Similar to why the Malaysian government is subsidising our fuel - the govt. knows it is not sustainable but cannot just withdraw it without substantial reforms. MAG is just like TG in terms of importance to the country but the difference is that funding is not forthcoming unless MAG proves its business case. So instead of intervening directly, they are allowing the management to make the changes before releasing the money. But it would seem that MAG management is taking their time ...
  14. Sad end to an ego trip. MH cannot possibly bring back the A380 without a cabin refit if it wants to be competitive. That will prove too costly and returns are still uncertain. In the end, it was the right decision to retire the fleet.
  15. I think announced they were suspending services before the pandemic but restarted a 4X weekly service during the pandemic. See: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2020/10/629397/after-6-month-pause-british-airways-resumes-flights-kl
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