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  1. I think one important difference is the Western media allows for different viewpoints - e.g. you see Fox News as very pro Trump whereas other American media are very anti-Trump. So if you watch a few channels you can get some idea what the real news is. But Russian, Saudi and Chinese media only project their government's views - and journalists can get killed if they are reporting anti government news! Malaysian media used to be all about BN government but at least now, other views may be presented. We are still far from a free media, but it is getting a bit better.
  2. It is good to watch all media - western media watchers will also wince when they watch the CCTV coverage of events in HK. Moral of the story is to read and view media widely (and with open minds) so that you get coverage from the various perspectives. Then only make your mind up, if you wish to form some opinion! PS On a personal note, apart from Malaysian media, I do follow US, Australian, British, French, Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern media too. They are all biased. Really makes one think what the real function of media (of the various countries) and the agenda that they pursue.
  3. Boeing's 777X jetliner successfully completes maiden flight SEATTLE (Reuters) - Boeing Co successfully staged the first flight of the world’s largest twin-engined jetliner on Saturday in a respite from the crisis over its smallest model, the grounded 737 MAX. The 777X, a larger version of the 777 mini-jumbo, touched down at the historic Boeing Field outside Seattle at 2 pm (2200 GMT) after a debut which began almost four hours earlier at Boeing’s revamped wide-body assembly lines north of the city. The decision to take advantage of a gap in clouds to start the months of testing needed before the jet can carry passengers came after two attempts had to be postponed due to high winds. “It’s a proud day for us,” said the chief executive of Boeing’s commercial airplane unit, Stan Deal. More: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boeing-777x/boeings-777x-jetliner-takes-off-on-maiden-flight-idUSKBN1ZO0QA https://www.airlineratings.com/news/stunning-first-video-boeing-777x-inflight/
  4. flee

    KUL 33 2020

    D7 lost the X branding some time ago - I remember that many at shareholder meetings don't like the X on the tail and they are slowly doing that with each aircraft that undergoes repainting. Soon the planes will all look like AKs and a merger is also imminent.
  5. Politics rules the day in MAS sale See: https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2020/01/25/politics-rules-the-day-in-mas-sale Looks like they have to state the obvious!
  6. Do also note that most of the cuts are from their NRT operations - it looks like for ANA, NRT flights are less popular than HND ones.
  7. Soon, Thai Airasia X will outgrow the struggling Malaysia AirAsia X. They seem to have found good routes to fly!
  8. Bottom line is that Khazanah should sell off MAS using the model that we saw for Proton. No more management interference from the govt. and let the management run the business like a proper business and not as a civil service. Aviation is an international business and MAS must be able to compete at the international level. Otherwise, close it down and the problem will be solved.
  9. Manila Airport has good traffic management. Dunno why KLIA find it so difficult!
  10. That was a govt. initiative - they recognised that the irrational competition must end. They forced the two companies to merge through the share swap. However, I don't think the very different corporate cultures can ever work with each other unless one party is overwhelmingly in control. They staff of both companies must be told to "do or die" - their jobs are at stake and if the the merger fails, then none of them will have a job.
  11. That is why the govt. is not impressed by the offers - they are all predatory in nature.
  12. Yes, they want some pingback from the public to see what they think of it. Well, none of the proposals look that great.
  13. Khazanah (like Mavcom) was only concerned about overcapacity. They believe that a merger between MAG and AAG would cut capacity. But it is not their job to do so - capacity should be left to the market to regulate.
  14. What strikes me most about all the above proposals is how much they are designed to only benefit the proposers. Nothing much has been proposed on how to make MAS the golden airline that it once was again. The plans all deal with what they want to do with parts of MAS, not the whole entity.
  15. According to one of the reports you linked, MH will become MY and will be a premium carrier with its branding in blue. AK will remain as red. D7 would be no more.
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