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  1. flee


    Interesting ASEAN tour by the plane: https://aviation.flights/aib/A220/55219 Is Bangkok Airways also interested in this aircraft?
  2. You only need to look at our GDP per capita to realise that most Malaysians cannot afford to fly and pay the fares of FSCs like Starlux, China Airlines or EVA. Only a select few are able to use the ME3 and SQ. So any FSC in Malaysia will have a very small market - this will not be sustainable. MH is like the civil service - tidak apa attitude prevails from top to bottom. MyAirline is not a government sponsored airline - they have to work for their keep!
  3. Yeah, the AK and FD fares were around RM 600 return for much of this year. Now, they have to reduce...
  4. Just completed a couple of 2+ hr flights on these new seats and they are horrible for me. Comfort was so so only in the upright seat position and even then, the headrest did not fully support the back of my head. At a slight recline, lumbar support is non existent and I could not find a comfortable seating posture. So I gave up and sat upright instead. IFE was like what the others here described and the "Your Flight" feature was not operating. I really think that this seat is borderline acceptable on 2 hr flights but if flights exceed 3 hrs, it will be quite a torture, especially if it is a full flight and there is no vacant seat beside you.
  5. So maybe that is why we are seeing some small orders coming through lately. Airlines who need new planes urgently may be able to get A330Neos faster than the A350/B787.
  6. It is interesting to note that Airbus has now made some moves to making the A330 Neo into a shorter range, lower thrust version (previously called "regional") to make it attractive to airlines as a B757/767 replacement.
  7. AirAsia X Q1 passenger traffic up 50pc to 504,476, ASK surges to 71pc https://www.malaymail.com/news/money/2023/04/28/airasia-x-q1-passenger-traffic-up-50pc-to-504476-ask-surges-to-71pc/66850
  8. I suspect any A359 reconfiguration would involve the removal of the quasi first class cabin and enlarging the J cabin. They may standardise on the A339's J seats so that it is a more consistent product.
  9. I have wondered why MH does not use FY more effectively - why not setup FY as their LCC arm, like TR is to SQ? MH would then not be saddled with the task of providing cheap fares. They can operate a FSC international network with some trunk domestic routes. They can use A339/359/A35K for the medium and long haul routes and 737 Max 10 or A321 for their domestic flights. By giving different market segments to FY and MH, they can both specialise and become the best in their categories. Hybrid models don't seem to work that well (although there are exceptions like ANZ).
  10. Sarawak class... Seriously, this lalang politician does not know what he is talking about. It is coming from an ill written PR ...
  11. It not only looks like a B757 but it will eventually replace it in the freighter role as airlines retire them. More pax A321 are reaching 20 years old and be the feedstock for P2F conversions.
  12. 9M-BZA RAYA AIRWAYS AIRBUS A321-231(P2F) https://www.planespotters.net/airframe/airbus-a321-200-9m-bza-raya-airways/rm8nk3
  13. Thanks for the detailed evaluation of both types of seats, Timothy. As I have said in another thread, I don't really hold great hopes for the 737 Max cabin if it is going to be the same seats. All these new seats are designed to reduce size and weight to enable better operating economics for the airline, not pax comfort.
  14. Interesting addition - a B738 that was formerly with Garuda and is in two class configuration... Also interesting to see the full Batik Air livery again, after all the whites....
  15. Yes, that is the ongoing restucturing they are doing - Capital A is supposed to be just a holding company. The business units are separate - AK and D7 should merge and become the airline group. As D7 has the Bursa listing, it is the company to fold AK into even though AK is the bigger and more profitable entity.
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