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  1. Over the weekend, it flew KUL-SHJ-LGW. Perhaps, this is a fund raising trip? They badly need new capital as Malaysian stock market was lukewarm to their latest rights issue - it was under subscribed and the underwriters had to pick up the unsold shares.
  2. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/9MVVA Yes, looks like the plans may have gone on ice...
  3. AirAsia Group Bhd proposes name change to Capital A Bhd https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/air-asia-proposes-name-change-capital-bhd
  4. Cash flow positive does not mean it is making profits either. They do not appear to have any strategy or roadmap for a sustainable airline in the future as they seem to indicate that they will get cash injections from Khazanah from time to time!
  5. Well, their next planned new aircraft delivery will be the A321XLR. No more new wide bodies till 2027, at least. Not sure if that will help because by 2023 (that is the expected delivery of the XLR), D7 might already be dead.
  6. I think that in those days, they were not planning to expand the fleet that much - their delivery schedule is mostly 5 planes p.a. with some years at 7 planes. Also they still had AAC and they might have some ambitions of becoming an aircraft lessor of reasonable size. But the long haul model is difficult to operate as there are very few genuine profitable routes. D7 was more like a marketing arm of AK and was used to interchange pax with the AK network. Since AK had the larger network, D7 lost out...
  7. If it is B787, the B78X is a more direct replacement for A333. So they may need to have B789/B78X combo to replace the A332/333. And what will they choose to replace the A332Fs? Never say never - D7 may fold and if that happens, MH taking over some of D7's order book may be less of a fantasy. Furthermore, D7 will not be taking the A339 till about 2027 - so Airbus is worried that there may not be enough customers taking deliveries. That may jeopardise the A330Neo programme. There are a lot of pieces to this jigsaw!
  8. Yes, they have good examples in VietJet and Cebu Pacific... More worrying is that they might be preparing to liquidate D7 if the restructuring does not work because Covid is still very much a big problem for international travel.
  9. Info above is from planespotters.net It was previously 9M-XXW. I wonder why Airasia took over this aircraft from Airasia X? It has been spotted at BKI: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/10422884
  10. I think B787s will probably be a step too far as it will involve a lot of new infrastructure investment. Will more A359s (in regional configuration) or A339s be more suitable? I wonder if they will replace some A330s with A321XLRs - this will give them some flexibility in scheduling, enabling more frequency without overcapacity. It looks like MASKargo will become a significant profit centre from now on - will they acquire more freighters, either P2Fs or new builds?
  11. Special Report: Malaysia Airlines turns cash-flow positive in October, 2023 breakeven target in sight https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/special-report-malaysia-airlines-turns-cashflow-positive-october-2023-breakeven-target-sight
  12. Singapore Airlines selects the world’s newest freighter - the A350F https://www.airbus.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2021-12-singapore-airlines-selects-the-worlds-newest-freighter-the-a350f
  13. Airasia X CEO, Benyamin Ismail said that their fleet is now 15 aircraft and there may be further reductions, if there is no improvement in the countries reopening borders for tourism. He also said (during the company's AGM) that the A321XLR will be flying some routes in future. So it looks like they see narrow body operations as a priority and are pushing A339 deliveries further into the future.
  14. First A321XLR development aircraft undergoes final assembly The very first A321XLR flight test aircraft, MSN11000, took a major step forward this week in becoming reality. This is the first of three planned development aircraft which will perform the flight testing and Type Certification programme -- starting in 2022, to pave the way for series production and entry into service in 2023. More: First A321XLR development aircraft undergoes final assembly
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