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  1. These appear to be white tails - so they should receive them pretty quickly. Malindo Air was in the process of rebranding to Batik Air Malaysia but has not received approval from CAAM when Covid-19 hit. Does this mean that going forward, it will be Batik Air Malaysia operated by Malindo Air? Lion Group seems to have taken back or sold most of the Lion Air liveried aircraft in Malindo's fleet. I see 9M-LCR (Batik Air Malaysia livery) is flying these days.
  2. Airbus reaches deal to restructure AirAsia jet order https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/airasia-reaches-deal-restructure-airbus-jet-order-say-sources
  3. Malindo Air to take delivery 10 Boeing B737 MAX, employ up to 1,500 staff https://www.nst.com.my/business/2021/09/724692/malindo-air-take-delivery-10-boeing-b737-max-employ-1500-staff
  4. This was originally leased from ILFC (now Aercap) for 10 years. Looks like it was returned (or repossessed) early.
  5. Sorry to see this go - one of the nicer D7 special liveries.. I wonder who the new owner is and whether it will be converted into a freighter.... From Skyliner: Airbus A330-343 MSN 1423 REG 9M-XXJ AirAsia X ferried 06aug21 KUL-FNI on return to lessor ex F-WWTY
  6. Airbus pivots A350 to cargo to fix its freighter fortunes https://theaircurrent.com/aircraft-development/airbus-pivots-a350-freighter-fortunes-boeing-777xf/
  7. Another A350 variant has been launched... Airbus challenges Boeing cargo dominance with A350 freighter https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/airbus-launches-a350-freighter-2021-07-29/ Airbus to base new A350 freighter ‘predominantly’ on -1000 variant https://www.flightglobal.com/air-transport/airbus-to-base-new-a350-freighter-predominantly-on-1000-variant/144826.article
  8. German airline Condor to acquire Airbus A330neo jets https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/german-airline-condor-acquire-airbus-a330neo-jets-2021-07-28/ Airbus has managed to place the Airasia X NTUs with Condor and Cebu Pacific.
  9. Although sad, it would be good for Malaysian aviation post-pandemic. It will help to reduce the over capacity that we had the past few years.
  10. A Silk Way Boeing 747-400 freighter, registration VP-BCV performing flight 7L-648 from Hong Kong (China) to Baku (Azerbaijan), was accelerating for takeoff from Hong Kong's runway 25L when the crew rejected takeoff at high speed due to the failure of the #3 engine (PW4056, inboard right hand). The aircraft slowed, vacated the runway at the last exit (past the runway end) and became disabled clear of the runway when 12 main gear tyres deflated as result of the rejected takeoff. https://avherald.com/h?article=4e9d60dc&opt=0
  11. A Transair/Rhoades Aviation Boeing 737-200, registration N810TA performing flight T4-810 from Honolulu,HI to Kahului,HI (USA) with 2 crew, was climbing out of Honolulu's runway 08R when the crew stopped the climb at about 2000 feet reporting they had lost the #1 engine (JT8D, left hand). Tower cleared the flight for a visual approach to runway 04R. The aircraft began to descend while trying to position for a return to Honolulu's runway 04R. The crew advised they might lose their other engine, it was running very hot, and requested the coast guard out, and then reported: "We have all the Rhoades 810" and requested to turn right towards the airport and received clearance. Tower subsequently cleared the aircraft to turn onto a heading of 020 for runway 04R, the crew reported they no longer had the airport in sight. Tower advised they had a low level alert, tower cleared the flight to land on any runway, all operations at the airport were stopped, emergency services were called out and the coast guard were on their way out. Tower provided a heading of 310 degrees directly to Honolulu's Kalaeloa Airport, in the end tower did not receive a reply from the aircraft anymore. The aircraft did not make it to the airport and needed to ditch in the Ocean about 2.7nm short of the Kalaeloa's runway 29 (last position received from the transponder: N21.275 W158.026 at 50 feet MSL at 113 knots over ground). Both crew were rescued, one pilot was airlifted to a hospital, the other taken ashore by a rescue boat and taken to a hospital. Both pilots received serious injuries, one of the them is in critical condition, the other in serious condition. https://avherald.com/h?article=4e9bbe04&opt=0
  12. Yes, it was the 11th Anniversary! I remember our small cosy group in HKG!
  13. MalaysianWings celebrated its 16th Anniversary on 23 June 2021. Covid-19 lockdowns meant that we were not able to have the anniversary spotting session this year (and also the 15th last year). However, looking at the photos from previous anniversaries, I hope that we can get together and will be able to celebrate the 17th next year. 5th Anniversary, see: 7th Anniversary, see: 10th Anniversary, see: Thanks Gavin, all MW crew and moderators. Also remembering our dear friend Pieter C and all the years this wonderful community had together! Take care and stay safe. Hope to see you guys at the airports soon! Happy Anniversary, Malaysian Wings!
  14. Hi Hakan, Thank you for letting us understand the situation in your country. Malaysia is still under lockdown because our hospitals are full of Covid-19 patients. We are supposed to stay at home and only essential activities are allowed. Offices are closed and only some factories are able to open. Travel more than 10 km is not allowed. Our vaccination rate is still less than 10% and progressing very slowly. Most governments don't seem to realise that speeding up vaccination will mean that the country can return to some normality sooner. So sad! Please take care and I hope that you can join us again in KUL in the near future!
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