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  1. No buyers, Malaysia Airlines to return six A380 to Airbus? https://www.nst.com.my/business/2022/09/834438/no-buyers-malaysia-airlines-return-six-a380-airbus
  2. flee

    BKI 2021

    Thanks for sharing Meor! BKI is seeing more traffic again, and more widebodies too!
  3. I think both LHR and AMS had healthy cargo loads throughout the pandemic. That was why LHR flights did not stop. As for missing the golden opportunity, MAG does not have enough aircraft because its A330s were flying regional routes full of cargo and these are highly lucrative. Flying to Europe requires extended block times as various wars and conflicts have caused diversions from the normal routes. Malaysia's largest trading partners are in Asia - so demand is naturally greater and the recent order for A330Neos confirms that MAG is not looking at long haul routes for the foreseeable future. The present management does not have the luxury of unlimited government funds anymore - so their plans are necessarily not geared for expansion unless there is a strong business case.
  4. I think we should not be too bothered with the Airbus rendering. It appears that it was done in a hurry as the VVIP event was scheduled in Putrajaya. Perhaps that was why only an MoU was revealed - the final details are yet to be nailed down.
  5. Yes, this Airbus rendering appears to be yet another variation in the livery. MH is being consistently inconsistent.
  6. We used to have BA, AF and LH serving KUL but they are gone as their yields are poor. Only KLM remains and that suggests that AMS may be a viable destination. MAS Kargo is already plying that route, so a daily flight to AMS might be sufficient to service the route with pax and cargo capacity.
  7. Aergo Capital announces the successful delivery of two (2) B737-8 (MAX) aircraft to Batik Air Malaysia https://aergocapital.com/aergo-capital-announces-the-successful-delivery-of-two-2-b737-8-max-aircraft-to-batik-air-malaysia/
  8. I think they are hedging their bets a little concerning the market recovery. At the creditors' restructuring meetings, they were forecasting a fleet of 15. Perhaps some lessors were no longer patient to wait for the resumption of flights and took back the planes. However, this may help them as they can look to lease some A339s for their London services, if necessary.
  9. Yes, many young people are not able to understand that until the 1980s, many cars are still not air conditioned and most cars sold have manual transmissions! In the 1970s, a B747 cabin resembles a cinema as the IFE screen was in front of the cabin and the movies were projected onto the screen. My first air miles programme was with British Airways - everything was done by mail and bookings were with the travel agent. Yes, those were the days! Most pax do not recognise that aircraft weight is a big issue - the heavier the plane, the more fuel it will burn. Those LCD screens do weigh a fair bit - imagine having 160 of them on board!
  10. Good to see Batik getting Max as they renew their fleet. Its boring to see mostly A320Neos at KUL!
  11. I believe those routes that you have mentioned will be upgraded to A330s. MH will only use the LCC aircraft for domestic and intra ASEAN routes. However, one can now see the cabin differences when switching from a long haul flight to a short haul one. So product consistency is thrown out of the window. Airlines don't seem to care about that anymore - e.g. SQs B737s are definitely one step lower that their wide bodies. Almost all US and European carriers were guilty of that earlier this year but they got warnings from the various authorities and may have toned down their cash raising activities. But we cannot really compare them to AK and MH as they received billions in govt. aid for the Covid disruptions while Malaysian airlines got minimal assistance. They don't have any reserves now and are very aggressive in preserving their cash these days.
  12. The activists are targeting aviation because of the optics - aviation only contributes 2.5% of global carbon emissions. Heavy industries are more harmful and they don't get targeted as much because they have powerful politicians defending them. However, every little bit counts and aviation can also see cost savings when pursuing the sustainable route. MH could have done more had they switched to the Max. The B738 is dirtier and they should get rid of the A330Ceo as soon as possible - they can save a lot of carbon emissions and money burning less fuel.
  13. To be fair to MH, they are competing in a highly price sensitive market - so it is understandable that they make themselves relevant in these markets. Right now, they are moving towards offering an LCC product. It is up to the customers to decide if their product is worth the premium over LCCs. Batik can now boast that they have the Max - it will be a marketing advantage. We shall have to wait and see what happens when the market has fully recovered from the pandemic. The sad thing about business is that most managements are so focussed on margins and bottom lines that they don't pay as much attention to product quality and service excellence. It is not just standards in airlines have declined, integrity also seems to have been thrown out of the window. Look at how US and EU airlines are selling tickets for flights they don't intend to fly in order to improve their cash flow. I am sure that this will come back to haunt them in future.
  14. This position isn't an easy one - it calls for great integrity because D7 has been performing some serious financial acrobatics. Some of their financial and accounting policy practised by D7 are highly dubious. A CFO worth his salt should resign if he does not agree with the attack on his professional and ethical integrity.
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