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  1. So in summary, we may see the inevitable merger with Airasia Group. They are just not strong enough to be an independent public company.
  2. I think any ops they have in Japan will be based in NGO. So I am sure their biz dev people are looking at the sums... Philippines is also able to take an X while India is also wanting an X. However, India is a terrible place for long haul airlines too. Jet fuel is too highly taxed - so that may be a non starter.
  3. I think it is the PSD that dictates the salary scales. As such, there must be some restructuring at PSD as well.
  4. Well it is about time they reviewed their charges. Otherwise, how can they afford to have sufficient resources for their operations?
  5. Yes, they have run out of routes with good yields. Their loads are good but they are not making money as fast as they burn it! They cannot go on like this - they need to re-think their business model. Also Indonesia Airasia X does not work - best to close it down and maybe move that to Japan.
  6. Cash balance grows but liquidity still an issue at AirAsia X https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/cash-balance-grows-liquidity-still-issue-airasia-x
  7. Transport Minister: Last FAA audit was done in 2003, not 2016 as claimed by Najib https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/11/18/transport-minister-last-faa-audit-was-done-in-2003-not-2016-as-claimed-by-n/1810951
  8. After downgrade, Putrajaya forms aviation task force to improve US rating for industry https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/11/18/after-downgrade-putrajaya-forms-aviation-task-force-to-improve-us-rating-fo/1810926
  9. Well, they aim to monetise their user database. That is why airasia.com is no longer a website for Airasia but is a business unit in itself. They want to be like amazon.com, selling all kinds of things. Their philosophy is to have users not only buy Airasia tickets but also other things in their daily lives. They now have kiwi.com as partners, lets see who else will join them. Will they also allow other sellers on their platform?
  10. Typical Airasia hype... attract lots of people to their website, put them in a waiting room and sell tickets which are not advertised. Meanwhile only a select few will get their RM 99 tickets!
  11. How we lost our head in civil aviation IN the world of aviation Malaysia is not a big name — we do not build aeroplanes nor do we lead in any field of technology related to flying, but we do have a relatively clean track record when it comes to safety. Until last year, the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) was considered an example for others in the region to follow as we made sure that flying in and out of Malaysia is as safe as can be. To be sure, our aviation sector was not really a technical trailblazer operating on the cutting edge of technology, but we did have to face the challenge of AirAsia, a budget airline that grew so fast that it made the world sit up and take notice. Overseeing a fast-growing budget airline is not an easy task; as the term implies, such aviation outfits work the very limit of cost cutting. If not properly supervised they could easily cut corners and put lives at risk. Budget airlines also generate a lot of complaints, primarily due to delays and quality of service as they push manpower and equipment to the brink of the impossible. Budget airlines do generate a lot of technical and safety concerns because they just work planes and people harder, that is their nature. Somehow, the DCA managed to keep everything in check and its strictness allowed AirAsia the framework to grow safely and sustainably. Hats off to DCA for a task well done. So, how did we slide so far down the totem pole to join the ranks of only six other nations in Category 2 of the American Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) classification of countries that connect directly to the United States? The demotion could not have happened overnight as the FAA clearly knew what it was doing. More here: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2019/11/538889/how-we-lost-our-head-civil-aviation
  12. Mavcom's budget is huge as it is based on a collection of RM 1 per pax at all of Malaysia's airports. Really don't know why Mavcom cannot be part of CAAM. However, what is really needed to be separate is our version of the NTSB. We do not have that kind of expertise to investigate air crashes and we do need it now because we have so many airlines and we also have many aircraft in their fleets.
  13. Airasia sold off all its shares in Expedia. airasia.com is now their new Expedia - 100% owned. TF has expressed his dream that airasia.com will ultimately be like amazon.com, selling everything and not just airasia tickets.
  14. More than one way to get into US, AirAsia says after CAAM’s downgrade See: https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/11/15/more-than-one-way-to-get-into-us-airasia-says-after-caams-downgrade/1810230
  15. ¡Increíble! AirAsia expands offering to include other airlines on airasia.com SEPANG, 15 November 2019 - AirAsia has expanded its online offering to include flights on other airlines as it transforms airasia.com into Asia Pacific’s leading travel and lifestyle platform. Announced in partnership with leading travel technology company Kiwi.com, destinations such as London, Dubai, Madrid and Auckland are now available to the more than 50 million unique monthly users who choose to book flights, hotels, activities and more on airasia.com. airasia.com CEO Tony Fernandes said, “Today is an unbelievable day. When we started AirAsia as a low-cost airline back in 2001, I never thought one day we would be selling our competitors. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s never say never. Never say never and believe the unbelievable. Today, with the help of Kiwi.com, we are reinventing ourselves as more than just an airline, bringing to life our vision for airasia.com to be the region’s one-stop travel shop.” airasia.com Head of Airline Distribution Rajiv Kumar said, “In addition to the strategic partnership with Kiwi.com, which is focused on content and technology sharing, we are also exploring opportunities to partner directly with airlines and companies who complement our existing network and travel services beyond Asia Pacific.” Powered by Kiwi.com, AirAsia’s website users will be able to book travel on more than 100 airlines to destinations currently not served by AirAsia, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and the Americas. Kiwi.com CEO Oliver Dlouhý said, “I’m extremely proud that Kiwi.com has been selected to power AirAsia’s transformation and its ambition to make airasia.com a leading travel and lifestyle platform. We have an abundance of airlines and ground carriers at our disposal and together with AirAsia and its enormous customer base, we are proud to be able to open their platform to the rest of the world.” More: https://newsroom.airasia.com/news/airasia-expands-offering-to-include-other-airlines-on-airasiacom
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