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  1. Inflight Video for the Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000 Inaugural Flight to TPE as CX484 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF2UnR_DYfw&feature=youtu.be
  2. My turn after long haven't posted in MWings https://flic.kr/p/Xt7xge
  3. AHKGAP is pleased to present to you all an album of photos of Scoot’s first revenue flight to HKG, as well as details of what took place onboard the first flight outbound from HKG. One of our member was onboard the first service to Singapore. Scoot’s first flight to HKG, the airline’s 13th destination, arrived ahead of schedule at 0502 hours local time as TZ220 and departed back to Singapore early at 0641 hours on flight TZ221. The airline's Chief Executive Officer Mr. Campbell Wilson and Mr. Dominique Loh, the airline’s manager for Communications and Guest Relations, were onboard and our member Sneeze Lam had the honour of meeting these two distinguished individuals. Scoot flight attendants ensured a fun-filled journey for passengers by singing songs in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, and the airline’s CEO even took part in the onboard duty-free sales, giving passengers the chance to interact with him. An early touchdown at 1010 hours local time in Singapore concluded a memorable experience for everyone onboard. We thank Scoot for the wonderful experience and hospitality and wish them the very best. More photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.336890973118406.1073741855.151415914999247&type=1
  4. Thanks Raymond Our association is found since 01 Aug, 2012, still very green in the aviation field, but we have some experienced spotters who spot from the era of Kai Tak. Please feel free to visit our website and the facebook fan page.
  5. Inaugural A380 flight of MH to HKG with water cannon salute More photos of the day, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.249572745183563.1073741826.151415914999247&type=3 And relevant text: http://www.ahkgap.net/2013/05/01/hkg-welcomes-malaysian-a380/ Enjoy
  6. May I ask where to spot BKK with such backdrop, is it a point easy to reach? Great job there and Happy Anniversary!
  7. B-16311, Hello Kitty Happy Music Time is now on apron of KUL, please rush for her departure if you just know about this.
  8. Today I search on IHG and found the rate for Holiday Inn Silom is nice, so I may stay there for 1-2 nights. Just now I would like to see how you guys will go, then I plan the next and solid it.
  9. Hi guys, Long haven't seen you guys here and in face, so may I have more information regarding this gathering? Such as which hotel to stay for spotting and how long to stay? Cause I wish some days sightseeing in downtown. Thanks.
  10. Did some spotting recently in the cool December! I would share some of the special as highlights. B-LJA - Hong Kong Trader, I always have no luck with her, since I planned to spot her 4times, and all 4times, she landed on the opposite runway. Up till now, I still haven't a shot of her FLYING. B-LJE, the 1st -8F delivered to CX A typical busy moment in HKG, but I never understand why people on A.net love such kind of photos with all small planes. Once in a blue moon, I think.....we have TWO Worlds Although I was always bad luck with B-LJA, but god knows I am a hot-blooded spotter, so he sent me these from Korean in the same day. Last but not least, thanks EVA Air, so that HKG is under the coverage of Kitty Jet Merry Christmas to you all.
  11. Haven't been to MWs for long, so I am kind of newbie here To me, Yr 2011 is sweet with the commencement of B787 and B748F first flying. Not too much spotting I did overall for this year. Therefore, I have not much to share. Trips were not happened to much as previous year as I have changed my job in the mid-of-year. Just 6 flights flew i/o 13 in 2010. Hope to see those jokers and gangs in 2012, confirmed in BKK? MWs, the best aviation forum in Asia in my opinion. Cheers to all of you Sneeze, fr HKG
  12. Great shots Ian, and as usual lovely special shots by Suzuki san.
  13. Need help for information on the below heli: 9M-MOH AS355 NP Thanks.
  14. Great shots there Danny! Haven't seen your post for long (Maybe I missed some from you?!). FYI, I will visit TPE soon in Aug, an ad-hoc trip for Year2010. Will you be around?
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