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  1. The local feed at AirAsia Japan is really small, compared to Peach or Jetstar, I don't think that would help as well if they are to send their A333 over to Japan, unless AirAsia Group wide suddenly starts flying into NGO in large amount and their passengers transit at NGO. AirAsia Japan operation is wobbly too. After 7 years of operation, it only has 3 A320 with Chitose, Taipei and Sendai route. Cancelled Busan, Seoul and Fukuoka, pale in comparison to Jetstar Japan and any local carrier. Philippines will be bloodbath to compete with Cebu Pacific as their local feed is small and India as you have mentioned is highly taxed. Vistara has the trump card here. GoAir, IndiGo and Spicejet have upper hand at lower end. Air India and Vistara have higher end. AirAsia is the smallest player among all mainline airlines in India.
  2. Highly doubt Japan would do any better. Airports in Japan have one of the highest operation cost around the region and NH, JL and American carriers won't be too kind to AirAsia Group for barging into their territory. Let's not forget NH has three A380 and JL will soon launch their Zip Air. Long haul LCC profit margin has always been razor thin for D7. Unless you are backed up with rich sugar daddy like QF-JQ, SQ-TR, or upcoming JL-ZG....you might just wanna stick to your thin profit margin or be doomed.
  3. Oh my, can't believe how affordable Malaysia is, time for 1000% increment. I wonder if CAAM is facing financial constraint at the moment, hence could not afford or could not hire qualified personnel.
  4. Well they did mentioned limited tickets available. So they're not entirely wrong at all.
  5. The route is flown by Emirates. My friends managed to get two tickets. Return ticket RM198. ....I suppose exclude all relevant tax and charges. Mad crazy few tickets only.
  6. Unless all three airlines in Malaysia buy shitload of Boeing aircarft as sweetener and Dr. M visits USA more often in next two years to urge Donald Trump for a favour. Knowing how Dr. M works, nah, till hell freezes over. Vietnam and the Philippines were in Cat II for a long period before FAA finally approved them. Right after high level officals including their President numerous visit and Vietjet signed 200 MAX order and Vietnam Airlines bought shitload B787s. The Phillipines bought B77W. Agree with you here. I hope they are employed based on their calibre and capability, not because of their cable. It is airline industry safety and regulation we are talking about here. Hundreds and thousands stakeholders livelihoods are at stake. Employees, suppliers, down to flying public. I supposed AirAsia X can withdraw flight but not adding more flight due to the downgrade? The downgrade coudl trigger ripple effect on all three airlines, causing them to pay more insurance premium and leasing cost. Malaysia has lost a lot of aviation talent over the decades when MH went through several rounds of restructuring and many of these now with ME3 and China/Hong Kong/Taiwan. No thanks to politics.
  7. Did AA remove the code after the downgrade or they have done it before? The downgrade may impact the pending MH-SQ code sharing agreement if the US destionations are included in the agreement. Hopefully not. Catergory 1 in 12 months, says CAAM https://www.thestartv.com/v/catergory-1-in-12-months-says-caam Malaysia Airlines says US codeshare deals may be hit by FAA country downgrade https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2019/11/538015/malaysia-airlines-says-us-codeshare-deals-may-be-hit-faa-country I wonder if the 33 weakness is made known publically by FAA.
  8. AirAsia, AirAsia X ink profit-sharing deal for KL-S’pore route https://themalaysianreserve.com/2019/11/12/airasia-airasia-x-ink-profit-sharing-deal-for-kl-spore-route/
  9. The only way around this is to hire foreign expats who have the neccesary skills and capability and fill the gaps now while they train our locals to take over eventually. CAAM needs to improve the local pay package too, monetary and fringe benefit as well. Too bad, we can't just keep saying no budget, no budget now. Time is of the essence.
  10. I think downgrade yes (they will be more than happy to have you leaving their country). Upgrade no, new equipment no. AirAsia X needs to stick to current schedule to maintain their access. They are subjected to random checks by US athorities too.
  11. At the moment, all Batik Air Indonesia B737-800 are flying, not sure which will be assigned to OD. Confirmed was three, another three is under consideration.
  12. AirAsia India is taking ex-AirAsia Malaysia MSN 5430 9M-AQR. New reguistration unknown at the moment. With the delivery, AirAsia India current fleet will stand at 25.
  13. Well both you and Craig are correct the recent MH360 flight run back is totally unrelated with Malaysia being downgraded to Cat II, however the general public do not think otherwise. The whole aviation ecosystem in Malaysia needs a reboot to make it more competitive and market driven. On the issue of charging exhobitant fee on aviation professionals, yes, they increased the fee overnight, like 300%. No advance notice was given, my pilot friends had shock of their life when renewal was due. Reason given was "the current rate has not been revised for decades, hence we are hiking it now. Take it or leave it!" Let's not forget their 1000% hike in airline operator fees back in 2016, caused a firestorm.
  14. ....and the s#1t hits the fan. Captain Ahmad Ridzwan Mohd Salleh was previously with AirAsia as Regional Head, Flight Safety before joining CAAM. The downgrade will definitely give MoT a sure bullet to revamp both MavComm and CAAM. Don't think Singapore will hand over the Southern airspace corridor back to Malaysia anytime soon.
  15. This is happening on the back on flight a day after flight MH360 turn around after landing gear incident. Doesn't look good for all parties.
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