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  1. Airbus re-sells six unwanted jets built for AirAsia https://www.reuters.com/article/us-airbus-aircraft/airbus-re-sells-six-unwanted-jets-built-for-airasia-idUSKBN287219 Based on multiple sources, here are the updates: MSN 9512 A321-251NX AirAsia Malaysia (9M-VAC) to (unassigned), currently stored at Airbus production plant at Hamburg with engines installed. All white livery. MSN 9524 A321-251NX AirAsia Malaysia (9M-VAD) to (unassigned), currently actively being air tested at Airbus production plant at Hamburg with engines installed. All white livery. MSN 10079 A320-251NX AirAsia Malaysia 9M-RAU to (unassigned), rumoured to be going to SkyExpress, air tested on 26th November 2020 at Chateauroux Airport, France in full AirAsia livery. Delivered on contract as 9M-RAU, possibly to be repainted soon. MSN 10083 A320-251NX AirAsia Malaysia to SkyExpress as SX-IOG, delivered to new owner 27th November 2020 MSN 10156 A320-251NX, AirAsia India VT-ATG to ??, currently stored at Chateauroux Airport, France in full AirAsia India livery since 26th October 2020, possible NTU MSN 10161 A321-251NX AirAsia Malaysia (9M-VAE) to Capital Airlines, currently stored at Airbus production plant at Hamburg without engines. All white livery. Source: aibflights, news report, planespotters, Facebook Group, Instagram.
  2. https://fifthperson.com/2020-airasia-agm/ Interesting read. AirAsia is burning through RM527million cash monthly....
  3. In other news, on Tony's IG account, he mentioned AirAsia corporate jet Bombardier Global Express-BD-700-1A10 9M-CJG has been sold. The aircraft was flown out of KUL for one last time on 17th November 2020, after a night stopover at Tokyo, it left on 18th Nov 2020. Last tracked flying over Lyons, Kansas, United States https://planefinder.net/flight/9MCJG/time/2020-11-17T05:05:00.000Z/speed/1 https://www.radarbox.com/data/registration/9m-cjg
  4. AirAsia X ordered to pay RM35 mil to International Lease Finance Corp https://themalaysianreserve.com/2020/11/20/airasia-x-ordered-to-pay-rm35-mil-to-international-lease-finance-corp/ The High Court of Justice, Queens Bench Division, Commercial Court (High Court) has ordered AirAsia X Bhd and its subsidiaries, AAX Mauritius One Ltd (AAX Mauritius) and AAX Leasing Four Ltd (AAX Leasing Four) to pay the sum of £6,581,868.05 (RM35.82 million) to the International Lease Finance Corporation. In an exchange filing, the company said the amount is inclusive of costs and interests to the date of the judgement. “Notwithstanding, the company has not been served with the documents in relation to the claim filed by the Claimant with the High Court prior to the judgement. “The Claimant is the trustee of two aircraft leased by AAX Leasing Four,” said AirAsia X in the statement today.
  5. For sale: AirAsia founder Tony Fernandes' Scottish mansion at SGD$4.45 million https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/for-sale-airasia-founders-scottish-mansion-at-s445-million PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - AirAsia founder Tony Fernandes has put up his sprawling Ayrshire estate in Scotland for sale for £2.5 million (S$4.45 million), as the Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on airlines worldwide, according to British tabloid The Sun. The estate comes complete with an 18th-century classical Georgian country house known as Skeldon House nestled in an extensive natural woodland stretching to the banks of the River Doon. The property, which boasts five bedrooms including two suites, an all-weather tennis court, a wine cellar, and sauna facilities, among others, was put up for sale on Oct 1.
  6. The Transport Ministry’s Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) has initiated a technical investigation based on Annex 13 – Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO Annex 13), on an accident involving two helicopters that crashed in Bukit Melawati today. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong said based on ICAO Annex 13, an initial investigation report will be prepared within 30 days from the date of the air accident. Police identified the dead as the pilot, Mohamed Sabri Baharom, 56, who had been with the Royal Malaysian Navy, and passenger Mohd Irfan Fikri Mohamed Rawi, 41, a businessman. The other helicopter, also carrying two people, managed to land safely at a nearby school ground. On board were former Malaysian Airline System Berhad CEO Datuk Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, 66, the pilot, and a woman passenger, Tan Chai Eian, 51. https://themalaysianreserve.com/2020/11/08/transport-ministrys-aaib-begins-probe-on-helicopter-crash/?fbclid=IwAR0vM7SeLNnPrv7tfg8IV4kpOe4F-cI7013OJ3pg1z7-16bSFsvsyX0RpD0 RIP for those departed; for those injured, get well soon.
  7. Thai Lion Air is dying too, both narrowbody and widebody services....laying off staff, banks are seizing whatever assets they can. There seems to be some true wat your friend have said JT Group is being sued now over unpaid debt in Indonesia and Rusdi is now trying to attain new AOC to wash his hands off from JT Group https://www.ch-aviation.com/portal/news/96789-lion-air-sued-in-indonesia-over-alleged-unpaid-debts (behind paywall) https://www.ch-aviation.com/portal/news/95860-founders-of-indonesias-lion-air-mull-new-airline
  8. MAHB checkmates AirAsia X https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2020/10/24/mahb-checkmates-airasia-x
  9. Yes, did he actually bothered to read what the loan entails to? All of the 300million are invested back in Sabah. As per Bursa Malaysia filing: "The purpose of the loan is to fund specific development projects as agreed by both parties as listed below: RM170 million to establish and operate OURFARM digital food supply chain and cold chain facilities in Sabah; RM110 million to part-finance the project to turn Kota Kinabalu International Airport into an international hub for AirAsia Berhad's operations; RM10 million to enhance e-commerce platforms and marketability of Sabah products; and RM10 million to further promote Sabah tourism destinations on airasia.com, the digital super app of AirAsia. This loan is in line with AirAsia’s pivot into the digital business. The main purpose of the loan is to enhance logistics in Sabah by increasing its supply chain and connectivity, creating over 100,000 new jobs in the process." AirAsia Group is unable to redistribute the money for other purposes. Well, by wordings, no; who knows what will happen in real. Now the question, did they get back their KKIA T2? It seems they will require to build up KKIA into international hub, maybe we will soon see A330 and more A320 being stationed there once the borders reopens.
  10. They still need to think of a way to raise another RM700million after getting RM300million from Sabah Government. Guess they can turn to Penang and Johor Government for help since they have established quite substantial hubs at both states. With RM1billion, TF mentioned he is comfortable. Not sure how long RM1billion will last them. They need to negotiate with Airbus for their A350/A330neo/A321XLR/A320neo order since their objective moving forward is to be medium haul operator. Airbus has delivered quite a few aircraft this year despite the massive downturn in aviation industry, can be a sign Airbus is willing to negotiate their deals with their customers. However, AirAsia Group still has some legal stuff to pay off RM60million for airport fee due to MAHB spat, lawyers to fight lessors lawsuit, MyCC fine, MAHB navigation fee, office rentals (which I don't understand why there are so many ie. in KL Sentral, RedQ, Damansara), digital ventures, 20k staff payroll. Most importantly refund to customers!
  11. Hunting season is on for AirAsia Group.......... MAHB, BOC Aviation and I believe there will be more are now up in arms over AirAsia assets. May force them to put their remaining aircraft, office tables and chairs as collateral. TF might want to consider selling his London and Bangkok home for some cash. Gone are the day when few hundreds thousands are sink in for Year End Concert/Dinner with all the international stars.....also the many many different ventures that opened, rebranded many time over and shuts god knows when.................
  12. Goodbye Cathay Dragon? CX to reduce workforce by 25% and retire Cathay Dragon sister airline brand. Unconfirmed reports but announcement might come on Wednesday:https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/cathay-pacific-cut-6000-jobs-axe-cathay-dragon-brand-amid-pandemic-scmp Would KA suffers the fate as MI?? Both are great brands KA-MI though overall experience might differs.
  13. MH Enrich wasn't rewarding since its inception.......more so under Raja Dato Nordiana Zainal era...after that Enriched Enhanced was lipstick on a pig.....can;'t be bothered to accrue anymore.....
  14. Asset offloading commenced: AirAsia A320-214 9M-AFB has left the fleet, now with Laudamotion as OE-LMR. 9M-AFC is also in preparation for returned to lessor onwards to Laudamotion. OE-LMT has been allocated.
  15. Some extra readings: Keeping Malaysia Airlines up in the air - https://www.thestar.com.my/opinion/letters/2020/10/16/keeping-malaysia-airlines-up-in-the-air Malaysia Airlines or Firefly? It is Khazanah's call - https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysia-airlines-or-firefly-it-khazanahs-call Commentary: Southeast Asian airlines are falling from the sky in this COVID-19 storm - https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/southeast-asian-airlines-sia-thai-mas-debt-crisis-covid-19-13272104 As much as a lot of us Malaysia Airlines supporters care and love our national carrier, I think it is time for us to bite the bullet and let MH rest for good. 20 years of mismanagement, after more than RM40billion pour into it, chopping 6,000+ staff, early retirement for many senior and brilliant staff and selling off buildings, aircraft and many other assets, we are still in the woods and getting nowhere.
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