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  1. A320-216 MSN 7057 HS-BBV Thai AirAsia ferried 20sep22 DMK-CGK after storage ex F-WWBT Source: https://www.skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.main?LC=nav4&page=2
  2. The new few airframes will be, according to planetspotters.net: 9M-LRL 43012 / 7655 new airframe 9M-LRM 43010 / 7576 new airframe 9M-LRP 43014 / 7704 new airframe 9M-LRS 42995 / 6448 ex- PK-LQG (Lionair livery) 9M-LRV 42998 / 6911 ex-PK-LQO (Lionair livery) This will bring Batik Air B737-MAX8 fleet to 16, two short of initial target. Complemented with three B737-800NG. The fleet movement would also effectively means the end of B737-MAX operation in Indonesia. Lion Air Group has shifted out all their MAX8 to Batik Air Malaysia; all four B737-MAX9 to Thai Lion Air. Collectively, the Group still has 179 MAX8/9 and 50 MAX10 on order. Officially on Boeing's order book, they placed an order for 201 MAX8/9 and 50 MAX10. GA has returned their sole B737-MAX8 back in July 2022.
  3. AirAsia Group Fleet Movement September 20, 2022 A320-216 MSN 7030 HS-BBU Thai AirAsia ferried 13sep22 DMK-CGK after storage ex F-WWDC A330-343 MSN 720 HS-XTG Thai AirAsia X ferried 18sep22 DMK-CRK after storage ex B-6120 A330-343 MSN 1423 VP-CSU AerCap ferried 19sep22 FNI-NAP ex 9M-XXJ (https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/10518366) A330-343 MSN 1670 2-MXBA BOC Aviation ferried 19sep22 CRK-KUL ex 9M-XBA (https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/10710506) Source: https://www.skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.main?LC=nav4&page=2
  4. Those A330-300ceo which were meant for Malindo were reassigned to Thai Lion Air because back then Thailand was registering more promising numbers and figures than Malaysia. Thailand also has more liberal aviation policies compared to Malaysia. Prior to COVID, Malaysia traffic rights to Australia and New Zealand have mostly, if not, all have been utilised by incumbents MH and D7.
  5. According to skyliner-aviation.de, it seems MYAirlines has inducted another A320ceo into its fleet with new registration 9M-DAB. However, the MSN is unknown for now. It could be either one of AK Group's A320ceo or those random A320ceo currently undergoing MRO at SAE. Possibly skyliner may have misreported as well. Now, we have: 9M-DAC, ex- Frontier Airlines N220FR, with winglet, 9 years old 9M-DAG, ex-Thai AirAsia HS-ABH, without winglet, 12 years old 9M-DAH , ex-Thai AirAsia HS-ABL, without winglet, 12 years old 9M-DAA is assigned to Global Upline Eurocopter 120B Colibri. Need to skip this registration I guess. IATA assigned code: Z9 (used to be assigned to Kazakh airline Bek Air, folded in 2021 due to the airline's failure to correct safety violations as a result of Bek Air Flight 2100 crash). I wonder why they didn't request for "MY" instead since it is no longer in use. Previously, it was used by Egypt's Midwest and Maxjet, both have folded some time ago!
  6. AirAsia to enlarge Indonesian and Philippine operations, says Fernandes https://www.theedgemarkets.com/node/636526 Salient points: Plans to enlarge its Indonesian and Philippines operations beyond their pre-pandemic levels by Q1, 2023, riding on better tourism and connectivity prospects. Will not cut its fleet operations in Malaysia and Thailand. Current fleet size of 205, will increase to 300 planes over the next five years. Will begin to take delivery of 362 Airbus 321neo starting 2024. On its cargo operations, he said AirAsia’s logistic-arm Teleport will contribute significantly to the group’s growth in the next five years, with 50 freighters in service. The group is resuming their order for four Airbus 321 full freighters, with the first delivery expected in December 2022, which they had put on hold earlier due to the pandemic.
  7. Not sure what happened with MAG purchase of 36 ATR 72-600s back in 2013. 20 firm orders + 16 options. It was one of the ATR's largest order for that year. Only 12 were delivered and the first copy only saw operation with FY for only three years, and the last was only in operation for four months before they were sent away. 9M-FIA MSN 1093 Delivered: 2013 Left: 4 May 2016 Now with PK-NYY NAM Air 9M-MYA MSN 1099 Delivered: 25 Jul 2013 Left: 28 Dec 2015 Now with D4-BFA Bestfly Cabo Verde 9M-FIB MSN 1128 Delivered: 20 Dec 2013 Left: 19 Jun 2016 Now with PK-NYZ NAM Air 9M-MYB MSN 1153 Delivered: 23 May 2014 Left: 31 Dec 2015 Now with PK-NYU NAM Air 9M-FIC MSN 1158 Delivered: 1 Jul 2014 Left: 23 Apr 2016 Now with PK-NYW NAM Air 9M-MYC MSN 1170 Delivered: 8 Aug 2014 Left: 21 Dec 2015 Now with PK-NYT NAM Air 9M-FID MSN 1178 Delivered: 24 Sep 2014 Left: 30 Oct 2016 Now with UR-RWA Windrose Airlines 9M-MYD MSN 1187 Delivered: Nov 2014 Left: 9 Aug 2016 Now with PK-TVM Travira Air 9M-FIE MSN 1235 Delivered: 5 Mar 2015 Left: 29 Oct 2016 Now with PR-PFD Imetame 9M-FIF MSN 1259 Delivered: 3 Jul 2015 Left: 29 Oct 2016 Now with YU-ALY Air Serbia 9M-FIG MSN 1262 Delivered: 28 Aug 2015 Left: 29 Oct 2016 Now with UR-RWB Windrose Airlines 9M-FIH MSN 1285 Delivered: 28 Apr 2016 Left: 28 Oct 2016 Now with TR-ABJ Afrijet Business Service Source: https://www.planespotters.net/airline/Malaysia-Aviation-Group
  8. It seems like Batik Air Malaysia is building up its operation quite quickly and Lion Air Group has moved all B737MAX8 operation to its Malaysia operation. Those original ex-Lion Air/Batik Air Indonesia B737MAX8 hybrid livery will get full Batik Air Malaysia livery. Ditto for those Batik Air Indonesia B737MAX8 being transferred to Batik Air Malaysia. Only those Lion Air B737MAX8 will be flying around with "naked" Batik Air Malaysia livery for some time. I wonder how long or how much money/ time does it take to wash the airplane and get the configuration standardised? Back in July 2022 when they "officially launched" Batik Air Malaysia they were looking at 18 B737MAX8 by end of 2022. Then you have the other weird three B737-800NGs supplementing the fleet.
  9. Fleet Update for Firefly (FY): ATR 72-212A(500) MSN 812 2-NEIL ACIA Aero Capital ferried 03-06sep22 SZB-HYD-MCR-CAI-TLS-LFBF-KEF ex 9M-FYA Source: https://www.skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.main?LC=nav4&page=2 The aircraft was last spotted at Iqaluit Airport, Canada. 9M-FYB MSN 814 is now 2-ELZE, currently stored in France. 9M-FYC MSN 821 is parked at Subang Airport. 9M-FYE MSN 840 is in long term storage in Subang Airport. Leaving eight ATR 72-500 currently in operation.
  10. Saw this at airliners.net: "Batik Air Malaysia have quietly opened bookings for nonstop Melbourne-KL flights, to commence 06/12 (ex-Malaysia). The flights will be operated with the 737 MAX 8, as follows: KUL-MEL OD173 0910-2005 Days 1/3/5/7 OD175 1925-0620 Days 2/4/6 MEL-KUL OD176 0720-1255 Days 1/3/5/7 OD174 2105-0240 Days 3/5/7 No announcement has been made, and at this stage flights are only loaded until February, so further changes are highly possible. If this does come to fruition however, it will be the longest scheduled 737 MAX flight anywhere in the world." Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne should be around 6,363km or 3436 nautical mile. Current longest B737 MAX8 flight is hold by Brazil's GOL Airlines's Orlando, USA to Brasilia, Brazil; covering 6,080km (3,283 nautical miles) with total flight duration of 8 hours 20 mins.
  11. Thank you for the information, I have not been following their updates for sometimes, saw this tweet two nights ago, hence sharing here.
  12. Yea, I kind of notice it as well. Perhaps they want to avoid another episode of Rayani Air from happening. Also noted, MYAir has recruited or rather poached a lot of AirAsia Group experienced staff, both in management and operation staff. The rapid downsizing of Malindo and AirAsia Group, to lesser extent Malaysia Airlines, during pandemic period, offered MYAir a good opportunity to bring in a solid and experienced team. Now that they have publicized themselves so much, they have a very high mountain to climb. Firstly: no (unannounced) flight cancellation or delay, and secondly a very robust customer service system (i.e. speak to a human!). No thanks to what the current three airlines have done for past three years........
  13. Source: https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/220810-mhdec22cts
  14. Malaysia Airlines to acquire 20 A330neo for widebody fleet renewal https://www.airbus.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2022-08-malaysia-airlines-to-acquire-20-a330neo-for-widebody-fleet-renewal > 10 to be purchased from Airbus and 10 to be leased from Dublin-based Avolon. > Seating: 300 in two classes. > Gradually replace its 21 A330ceo aircraft. > Airbus and MAG also signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to study a wider collaboration in the areas of sustainability, training, maintenance and airspace management.
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