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  1. First three B737MAX 8 have been assigned: 43016 7721 Boeing 737-8 MAX 9M-LRG Batik Air Malaysia On Order N1781B 43017 7778 Boeing 737-8 MAX 9M-LRH Batik Air Malaysia On Order N1780B 43018 7794 Boeing 737-8 MAX 9M-LRJ Batik Air Malaysia On Order N1800B Source: https://www.planespotters.net/production-list/Boeing/737/737-MAX-8?sort=airline&p=3 identity crisis again???
  2. EI-GTT joins freight forwarding specialist Geodis (operated by Titan Airways) as G-DEOS. https://www.scramble.nl/civil-news/geodis-enters-dedicated-air-cargo-market
  3. (Former) Thai AirAsia X A330-343 HS-XTD MSN 741 is now wearing Wamos Air colour as as OE-IHK, soon to be EC-NOF. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/10281141
  4. KUALA LUMPUR: The tender to replace Kuala Lumpur International Airport's ageing aerotrains, estimated at RM400 million, is at the final stage of evaluation process. Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd said it had identified a final shortlist of bidders for KLIA's Automated People Mover (APM) tender after completing the technical evaluation stage. The shortlisted bidders are now being assessed on their commercial offers. The tender was expected to be concluded over the next two months, MAHB said in a statement. https://www.nst.com.my/business/2021/08/722373/mahb-final-stage-assessing-rm400mil-aerotrain-bids?fbclid=IwAR30EHTjQHKPvher7Zaxm3jfoxb2Y003UIY5qj9_5wRYy0yG8jKAXDloS_o Let's hope they can utilise current pandemic to upgrade the service at soonest and we can put those bad episodes of train breakdown behind for good. Good time to start few new shell-companies to receive gomen project. Any bidders?
  5. Update: 1. MSN 786 HS-XTB: Stored at SIN for Wamos Air EC-NOG. April 2021. Flew to WOE for storage prior to entry to service. Airbus A330-343 786 OE-IFR AerCap ferried 09aug21 SIN-WOE, for World2Fly, reg EC-NOF res ex HS-XTB https://flightaware.com/live/flight/OEIFR/history/20210809/0002Z/WSSS/EHWO https://www.skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.main?LC=nav4&page=2
  6. Update: MSN 1596 Airbus A330-343 9M-XXW AirAsia X ferried 11jul21 KUL-MNL, after storage MSN 1581 Airbus A330-343 9M-XXU AirAsia X ferried 08aug21 KUL-MNL, after storage MSN 1533 9M-XXS and MSN 1549 9M-XXT are also currently at MNL.
  7. Welcome. Ater checking, actually it was sold to new owner, and they flew him out to FNI to join her sister MSN 1433 9M-XXK which was sold back in April 2021. MSN 1600 9M-XXY is also at Nimes Airport for storage.
  8. Update: MSN 1432 9M-XXJ: Sold to new owner, stored at Nimes Aug 2021 https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/9m-xxj Here is a video of her arriving into Nimes Airport:
  9. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/malaysia-airlines_mhxjalsubmp4-activity-6827855583933292544-BqLu https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/hq/en/experience/japan-airlines.html July 2021 marks the first anniversaryof MH-JL partnership. Apart from the KUL-NRT joint venture, anyone knows what other plans they did or will be doing?
  10. Update: MSN 791 HS-XTJ: Returned to lessor, stored at CHR July 2021. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/hs-xtj
  11. Fleet Impairment 2020-2021 as at July 28, 2021 A320-200ceo 1. MSN 2633 9M-AFB AirAsia Malaysia to Volotea as EC-NOY 2. MSN 2656 9M-AFC AirAsia Malaysia to Laudamotion as 9H-LMT 3. MSN 3052 RP-C8979 Philippines AirAsia 4. MSN 3576 HS-ABG Thai AirAsia to Volotea as EC-NON 5. MSN 3679 HS-ABH Thai AirAsia 6. MSN 3729 HS-ABI Thai AirAsia 7. MSN 3765 PK-AXF Indonesia AirAsia to Volotea as EC-NOQ 8. MSN 3963 PK-AXI Indonesia AirAsia to Volotea as EC-NOR 9. MSN 4019 HS-ABJ Thai AirAsia 10. MSN 4035 PK-AXJ Indonesia AirAsia to Volotea as EC-NOS A330-300ceo 1. MSN 713 9M-XBD: Converted to freighter at DRS. July 2020 2. MSN 741 HS-XTD: Stored at XMN for Wamos Air EC-NOF. April 2021 3. MSN 786 HS-XTB: Stored at SIN for Wamos Air EC-NOG. April 2021 4. MSN 1065 HS-XTL: Stored at CRK. July 2021 5. MSN 1433 9M-XXK: Stored at FNI. Sold in April 2021 6. MSN 1533 9M-XXS: Stored at MNL. 8th May 2021 7. MSN 1549 9M-XXT: Stored at MNL. 13th June 2021 8. MSN 1600 9M-XXY: stored at FNI. February 2021 New fleet which were not taken up A320neo/A321neo NTUs A320-251X: 1. MSN 9516 Thai AirAsia ntu to Sky Express SX-GNA, delivered 28 May 2021. 2. MSN 9566 AirAsia Japan ntu (JA04DJ) to SkyExpress SX-TEC, delivered 23rd December 2020. 3. MSN 10079 AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-RAU), to SkyExpress SX-CHG, delivered 26th June 2021. 4. MSN 10083 AirAsia Malaysia ntu to SkyExpress as SX-IOG, delivered 27th November 2020. A321-251X: 5. MSN 9512 AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-VAC) to North-West Air Air Company RA-73028. 6. MSN 9524 AirAsia Malaysia ntu (9M-VAD) to North-West Air Air Company RA-73028. A330-900neo NTUs 1. MSN 1967 AirAsia X – Unallocated 2. MSN 1966 AirAsia X - Condor 3. MSN 1970 AirAsia X - Cebu Pacific 4. MSN 1971 Thai AirAsia X - Condor 5. MSN 1972 AirAsia X - Condor 6. MSN 1973 AirAsia X - Cebu Pacific 7. MSN 1976 Thai AirAsia X - Cebu Pacific
  12. 9M-LNL is the first to leave. Seen here at HNL yesterday after arrival. OD operation is totally crippled by the pandemic and not doing any commercial flight now. God speed to all Malindo staff. Things going around is they will send off all remaining 5 B739 to Delta and maintain current 13 ATR 72, 5 B738 moving forward if they do restored their operation. Thai Lion Air's fate remains a question, was planning an expansion in Dec 2020, but Thailand is currently hit with pandemic wave. Current fleet 6 B738 and 3 B737MAX-9. All 5 B739ER will head to Delta. Indonesia side, Lion Air: possibly downscale current 43 B738 operation to move to MAX. Remaining 78 B739ER, some will leave for Delta, remaining 50 will be returned. They still have 189 B737MAX8 and MAX9 and 50 B737MAX10 on order. Some of these orders will never see light of the day. A330 operation: 3 A330-300ceo, 6 A330neo with another 4 pending delivery. Batik Air A320 operation remains. 44 A320ceo and 1 A320neo. Further delivery on standstill as Rusdi has not been paying batch payment. 112 A320neo and 65 A321neo order in doubt. Unknown for 25 B738 and 6 B739ER. The latter most probaly go to Delta too. A330 operation: 3 A330-300ceo Wings Air was supposedly to add few more ATR 72 in 2019/2020 but missed payment. Current fleet 66. Lion Air Group signed for 100 ATR 72: 81 delivered, 2 crashed, 79 in fleet, 3 NTUs, 14 pending. Super Air Jet: 4 A320ceo. Their focus will be here.
  13. This B737 airframe has moved to the Mines, Seri Kembangan and decorated in murals since March 2021. "Country Heights founder and executive chairman Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew said the 45-tonne Boeing 737 was previously used as a restaurant in Bukit Bintang before being purchased and taken to the Mines Wellness City." https://selangorjournal.my/2021/03/portraits-of-selangor-sultan-tengku-permaisuri-adorn-airplane-turned-restaurant/
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