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  1. Malindo Fleet Update: ATR 72-600 - 12 B737-8GP - 2 B737-9GP/ER - 1 At its peak, Malindo used to have: ATR 72-600 - 20 B737-8GP - 22 (-1 9M-LNB) B737-9GP/ER - 6 Seven ATR 72 were transferred to Indonesia's Wings Air between 2017-2018. One (9M-LGD, used to be leased to Royal Brunei Airlines) left in 2020 to Wings Air too. Majority of the B737-8GP (17 airframes) were transferred back to Indonesia under Batik Air Indonesia (16 left in 2020, one in 2021). Three (LNS, LNT, LND) returned to its respective lessors, leaving final two (9M-LNP, 9M-LNV). All six B737-9GP/ER are returned to lessor, to be leased to Delta Airlines. Five left, leaving one (9M-LNG).
  2. Fleet updates November 30, 2021: AirAsia X According to planespotters.net updates, Vietjet will be taking three ex-AirAsia X A330-343 from ICBC Leasing: MSN 952 9M-XXA 13 years old MSN 974 9M-XXB 13 years old MSN 1165 9M-XXH 11 years old Source: https://www.planespotters.net/airline/AirAsia-Group AirAsia X transferred MSN 1596 previously 9M-XXW to AirAsia as 9M-VVA, effectively November 2021. With lease returns and transfer, AirAsia X current fleet stands at 17 A330ceo, peak was 32 Thai AirAsia X AirAsia Group has also returned A330-343 MSN 1058 Thai AirAsia X HS-XTK to lessor Aercap, reducing its A330ceo fleet to 7 (Peak at 12). Plus another two A330-900neo AirAsia India The Group is also winding down its India operation with news of Tata Group buying out remaining stake in AirAsia India. Tata Group recently won the bid to take over Air India with plans to merge it with Vistara as full service carrier and Air India Express with AirAsia India as low fare carrier. Three AirAsia India A320ceo have since been re-registered under Malaysia operation: MSN 5619 previously 9M-AQV, VT-SIN now 9M-RCA MSN 4727 previously N214FR, VT-MOD now 9M-RCB MSN ???? now 9M-RCH With the transfers, Air Asia India currently has 27 A320ceo and 5 A320neo.
  3. AAX records RM149m losses AIRASIA X Bhd (AAX) has recorded a net loss of RM149.14 million and revenue of RM99.27 million in the first quarter ended Sept 30, 2021 (1Q21). In a filing to Bursa Malaysia, it said that during 1Q21, the company has suffered from the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the suspension of scheduled flight operations in April 2020, and the parking of the majority of the aircraft fleet, the performance indicators for the business are not meaningful. “The tabular presentation of revenue and cost metrics in the quarter is therefore not included as there is no like-for-like comparison to the same quarter as at Sept 30, 2021. Official document: http://www.airasiax.com/newsroom/AAX_-_1Q2022.pdf Source: https://themalaysianreserve.com/2021/11/24/aax-records-rm149m-losses/?fbclid=IwAR2j_bYFjnVhd54M5Dhq6nHt6CEkDWIdrV9JihwS2JsrKAIChU4DMh5a8m4
  4. https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/airasia-x-restructuring-plan-backed-by-first-group-creditors-2021-11-12/ Malaysia's AirAsia X creditors agree restructuring, Airbus orders cut AirAsia X (AAX) creditors have agreed to a restructuring that will pay just 0.5% of debt owed and end its existing contracts, the Malaysian long-haul low-cost airline said on Friday. The airline has also reached a deal with its largest creditor, Airbus (AIR.PA) to reduce a multi-billion dollar order for 78 A330neo widebody planes and 30 A321XLR narrowbodies. AAX had been Airbus' biggest customer for the A330neo. AAX now plans to take 15 A330neos and 20 A321XLRs, an airline spokesperson said.
  5. Inter-group transfer: Airbus A320-216 8746 9M-RAV AirAsia first in svc 04nov21 KUL-LGK-KUL after transfer ex JA03DJ Source: https://www.skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.main?LC=nav4&page=1 Photo Credit: Ahmad Sallehuddin A.Sahak
  6. AirAsia X slips into PN17 status after auditor expressed disclaimer of opinion on FPE21 accounts https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/airasia-x-slips-pn17-status-after-auditor-expressed-disclaimer-opinion-fpe21-accounts KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 29): AirAsia X Bhd (AAX), the low-cost long-haul affiliate of AirAsia Group Bhd, is now classified as a Practice Note 17 (PN17) company after its external auditor Messrs Ernst & Young PLT (EY) expressed a disclaimer of opinion on its audited financial statements for the 18-month financial period ended June 30, 2021 (FPE21). In a bourse filing on Friday, the carrier said it has 12 months to regularise its financial condition, failing which it will be delisted from Bursa Malaysia.
  7. Malindo Air downsizing shakes things up https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2021/10/26/malindo-air-downsizing-shakes-things-up KUALA LUMPUR: Malindo Air's downsizing of its Malaysian fleet will have a spillover effect on local aviation players, eight years after it first disrupted the local industry by setting up operations here. "With Malindo likely operating a reduced fleet going forward, it stands to reason that the main loser will be Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) via lower Malaysian passenger traffic and the main winner will be AirAsia Group Bhd via higher Malaysia AirAsia average fares," said Maybank Investment Bank Research in a note. In efforts to scale down its Malaysian operations, Malindo, which is part of Indonesia's Lion Air Group, has reduced its fleet from a high of 42 aircraft to 18 aircraft today. Since 1Q20, Malindo has transferred 17 aircraft to its sister Indonesian carrriers, returned five aircraft to lessors and stored one aircraft. According to Maybank IB, Malaysian carriers now operate 233 aircraft or 10% less than the high of 260 aircraft in 2019. Starting next year, Malindo will take delivery of 10 B737 MAXs but Malaysia Airlines will dispose of six A380s, which would mean the number of aircraft carriers in 2020 will remain lower relative to 2019. The impact of Malindo's smaller fleet will be in contrast to what happened in 1Q13 when the carrier commenced operations in Malaysia. At the time, the other Malaysian carriers reacted by acquiring or leasing more aircraft, increasing capacity and cutting fares.
  8. Fleet Movement for AirAsia Group Airbus A320 -216 4088 HS-ABK Thai AirAsia ferried 17oct21 DMK-KUL after storage ex F-WWBV Airbus A320 -216 4126 HS-ABL Thai AirAsia ferried 22oct21 DMK-KUL after storage ex F-WWIO Source: https://www.skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.main?LC=nav4&page=1 Both are being prepared for return to lessor.
  9. The two former AirAsia A320-216 leased to PIA Pakistan International Airlines via Asia Aviation Capital (AAC) have been returned from lease. Both are now at CGK underoing pre-delivery check. AP-BLY 2926 15 years old, ex-9M-AFL AP-BLZ 2944 15 years old, ex-9M-AFM The two airframes are from the first batch of A320ceo AirAsia flew back in 2006.
  10. New addition to AirAsia India fleet: Airbus A320 -251N 10520 VT-ATJ AirAsia India delivery 08oct21 TLS-DEL ex F-WWTY Source: https://www.skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.main?LC=nav4&page=1
  11. Regarding the AirAsia A320neo family order, somehow I can't really balance the number. Order history: June 2011 Paris Air Show: 200 Airbus A320neos December 2012: Additional 100 Airbus A320 (64 A320neo and 36 A320ceo) July 2016 Farnborough International Air Show: 100 A321neos Hence, in total: 264 A320neo 100 A321neo Out of these: 45 A320neo delivered 4 A321neo delivered Balance to be delivered: 219 A320neo 96 A321neo Somewhere in between in July 2019 Paris Air Show: Converted all remaining 253 A320neo to A321neos, making it 353 A321neo on order. Yesterday news, it is stated they are converting 13 A320neos to A321neos, making total of 362 A321neo. 353 + 13 = 366 A321neo, 4 delivered. Therefore= 362 A321neo on order. I am trying to make sense where did this 13 A320neos came from cause they have converted them back in 2019. Also, does Reuters news carries a mistake? "Airbus sold six A321neos that had been built for AirAsia last year, industry sources have said." I thought it was 4 A320neos and 2 A321neos that were sold by Airbus to SkyGreece and Russia North West Airlines.
  12. Malaysia's AirAsia Group restructures its huge Airbus plane order https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/malaysias-airasia-group-reaffirms-commitment-fleet-migration-airbus-a321neo-2021-10-06/ Will switch 13 A320neo orders to larger A321neos Has 362 A321neos on order, with delivery through 2035 Airline had halted deliveries during pandemic KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 (Reuters) - Malaysia's AirAsia Group Bhd (AIRA.KL) said it has reached a deal with Airbus SE (AIR.PA) to restructure an order for 362 narrowbody planes worth tens of billions of dollars, including switching 13 A320neos to the larger A321neo model. Deliveries of the 362 A321neos are now planned through 2035, the cash-strapped airline said on Wednesday, without providing details of the previous timetable. Industry sources told Reuters last month that Airbus had agreed to reschedule deliveries and improve terms for its largest Asian customer to salvage the valuable contract. AirAsia received its first A321neo in November 2019 and currently has four in service after halting deliveries during the pandemic. Airbus sold six A321neos that had been built for AirAsia last year, industry sources have said.
  13. I am in opinion MH will not try to complicate things after their fleet simplification soe years ago. Airbus for long haul and B737 for short haul, ATR72 and Twin Otter for rural services. Adding Embraer will be adding another fleet type and there is no regional MRO support for such fleet. Nearest is in Australia. Unless Embraer fleet grows substiantially over the next few years in Asia Pacific, adding Embraer will bleed MH's coffer. 25 B73MAX for now is sufficient as some of the B737NG are still very young, MH will most definitely make additional order when time comes.
  14. Credit: Ralf Ejanz of Facebook Group: 1/200 & 1/400 Diecast Aircraft
  15. They are just buying time, delaying its death. They are glad and lucky that those lessors are accommodative except BOC Aviation, the same lessors aren't very kind to some other airlines, some have been forced to liquidate.
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