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  1. Here is quick rundown on AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia X A330-300/900 previous and current fleet:
  2. The actual location is nearer to Cherating, rather than Gebeng itself. It will be connected with ECRL Cherating stop. A huge aetropolis city development undertaken by Pahang government.
  3. I wonder if it has its own special inflight safety card. It did its last flight under AXM on October 28, 2023 as AK883 from DMK.
  4. Fleet reassignment within AirAsia Group Airbus A320-216 MSN 5619 HS-CBM Thai AirAsia ferried 30 Nov 2023 KUL-CGK after transfer ex 9M-RCA, formerly AirAsia Malaysia 9M-AQV, AirAsia India VT-SIN Airbus A320-216 MSN 4562 HS-CBL Thai AirAsia ferried 23 Nov 2023 KUL-DMK after transfer ex 9M-RCF, formerly Frontier Airlines N208FR, AirAsia India VT-SXR Source Source
  5. Malaysia Airlines has stated two years ago they would not be taking any of the China NTU as they are built to each Mainland China airline's specification. Malaysia Airlines prefers their own custom built B737 MAX. China NTUs (About 140 of them) have mostly reassigned to United, Alaska, Air India Express (55 units), GOL Brasilia and some other smaller airlines.
  6. Resurrection of KCH-PER vv. route since Malaysia Airlines dropped it almost a decade ago.
  7. Qantas is currently short of widebody to do KUL and priotises other routes which can deliver consistent better earning. They dropped KUL in 1999 due to poor load and funneled their pax via 3K/MH since then, with SQ as addition now. The load is simply not there to justify deploying one/two widebody to do the flight. There are a lot of Malaysians VFR/ students /Indian subcontinents pax heading to Down Under, the same can't be said for the other way. I blame Ministry of Tourism for doing a poor job since the late 2000s in attracting new waves of tourists. Transit market is there but compared to Singapore's transit hub status, KUL is left out in the cold. Also, Australian government strict immigration against Malaysian passport holders for past few years make Australia quite unappealing quite recently. A decade earlier Qantas was also supposedly helped with MH's restructuring effort in 2012; when the then-embattled Australian carrier Qantas wanted to create a new premium joint-venture Asian airline with MH. However the plan collapsed spectacularly when both parties being unable to reach mutually agreeable commercial term. I think Qantas is just too jaded with KUL now.
  8. Finally launching int'l hub in BKI? On a side note, A320-251N 9M-RAP operated a special rescue flight last night from KMG (Kunming Changshui International Airport) to KUL to bring back 121 Malaysians plus one Indonesian caught in job offer fraud syndicate.
  9. Nice addition to KUL, this would be their first foray into South East Asia, however Air Algerie has less than stellar reputation, especially their A330-200. Approach with caution!
  10. 9M-MTN has returned to KUL safely just now in the evening. Most probably will be in hangar for few days before returning to service.
  11. 9M-MTN is still stuck at Mumbai. MH has dispatched their recovery team to BOM to rectify the issue, no additional information available. Pax re-routed via CMB/SIN to KUL with UL or AI via DEL/SIN. That being said if the immigration has confiscated their passport, there is nothing MH can do tbh. India is notorious in being difficult in issuing visa. For Malaysians, we are required to have pre-arrival visa done to enter India. Actually I am curious to ask why did they confiscated the passport? Was it because they were moved to the Westin?
  12. Three airframes are now confirmed heading to/ returning to AirAsia. 9M-DAB, 9M-DAE and 9M-DAG.
  13. LOL, and the eight frame timeline is now further pushed back. SE-RSC MSN 391 still stored at Lourdes/Tarbes-Ossun - LFBT. Source: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/11014447
  14. Yes, indeed. MAG and AAGB cancel flight, so does OD. They would have thought moving to OD those pax won't get the same bad experience they have encountered with the other two airlines. 'Til the reality hits them. LOL! As for the IFE, I think Lion Air Group stopped providing it after their OEM Lumexis Corporation in the US went out of business in 2016. Recalling back then in 2016 some of their B737-800NG were delivered from the factory without the IFE. Used to get it done at AIROD hangar in SZB. Since then they have not have any IFE. During the days which they had it, the content was crappy any way. The irony is the ditch Panasonic IFE cause it was too pricey and went with Lumexis only to have the whole thing fell apart. Lion Air Indonesia earlier this year introduced a new third party app called Tripper. Not sure if it will be rolled out to Malaysia. AFAIK, AirAsia X has also abandoned its Samsung Tab handheld device offering. They do not offer WIFI as well. Now the remaining will be MH long haul flight with actual IFE system and some B737-800 flight. MH - WIFI - Yes (except selected B737-800NG, A330-200, A330-300) - installation on A330 fleet happening progressively. IFE - Yes (except selected B737-800NG) AAGB - WIFI - Yes (only for selected A320) IFE - Not available Batik Air Malaysia - WIFI- No (on their website they stated wifi is offered, but based on my few travels with them, it was not available) IFE - No
  15. Addition: They will add Shanghai from December 8, 2023 onwards. Same day as they launch Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
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