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  1. Thanks Chris. Looking at the reports of these on MH its really poor considering the amount of money you pay,
  2. Have seen on several reports on FB groups regarding issues with the A350 J seats. It seems to be a long running issue whereby the seat airbags deflate rendering the seats extremely uncomfortable and unusable. It seems that an emergency air mattress/seat cover can be inflated by the crew but isn’t a good work around. My understanding is that the seats were an off the shelf product however I haven’t heard of such reports from other airlines. Any idea what the cause of this is?
  3. Anybody know how many 737's have the new cabin installed? Unannounced aircraft swaps are getting annoying when you preselect seats, checkin confirms that everything is ok but the plane your board is different. Last night MH609 has this issue and on Tuesday MH610 had an aircraft swap but the check in staff in Singapore were able to resolve it for me. A few months ago they also did this and my wife and I ended up sitting separately owing to row 4 in J not existing in the new cabin.
  4. yes it was MH140/141. sorry was awake late and made a typo error. 9M-MTN is now in Seoul after departing almost 2.5 hours late. Last night 9M-MTA on MH 52 was delayed from 22:40 to 01:25 for some reason. The Auckland flights are almost always late so they should just change the departure time to something realistic.
  5. 9M-MTN has another issue today delaying MH123 to SYD by 90 mins. The return flight was stuck was supposed to depart at 22:15 ( 3mins after the inbound landed) but finally left 06:54. Wonder if this was a tech issue? The knock on effect is that MH715 to DPS is delayed from 09:00 - 16:43 and the subsequent return is delayed. A FB post said that the flight has been retimed 4 times and has yet to depart. This must be another tech issue and thankfully I don't have any flights booked on A332/333 at the moment.
  6. very disappointing because friends tell me that they were ok to travel with. Seem to remember that upon launch they assured people that they were well capitalised, seems not after this news.
  7. re Soda water, I didn't have my reading glasses on so perhaps I got it wrong. Will look again when I travel in a week or two. Personally I hate plain carbonated water so sugar or not I won't drink it.
  8. Have not tried the Satellite ones for about a month but the regional one is better most of the time but it has its moments. For 2 plus weeks there were no 'diet/light' soda drinks eg Coke Zero. Most staff were clueless when asked why. The duty manager asked me to fill out a form and received sone strong feedback from me that the form isn't user friendly as the manager he should deal with it and not burden customers for their own stock control incompetence. He suggested I try soda water and was confused when I said it tastes awful and is also full of sugar. No wonder there is such a dimities issues in Malaysia when people are so ignorant which items have sugar. To his credit he appeared 15 mins later with a few cans of drinks. Stopped by yesterday lunchtime and wanted a sandwich. The menu was missing and upon asking was told that they had bread but no filling. Oh one more thing, they have some Coke Zero but stock was low.
  9. There some food sample pics on a FB group a few weeks ago. The food didn't look great but at least its hot. What is the board allegedly doing?
  10. I guess that if there is strong demand then EK could eventually take over
  11. Commercial flights have stopped coming to Melaka airport, say Malaysian tourism players MELAKA: There are no longer commercial flights at Melaka International Airport (LTAM) and the loss of service is rare, say local tourism players. At the airport on Tuesday, it was found that check-in desks, a baggage carousel and other counters have been empty since September with all flights including to Pekan Baru, Indonesia no longer available. Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) Melaka chapter chairman Khairulnizam Kasim said that commercial flights are crucial for the growth of the local hospitality industry. “It’s sad to know that there are no longer commercial flights at the airport and this is something rare for a tourist state,” he said. Mr Khairulnizam said the airport plays an important role in ensuring steady revenue for the hotels and related industries. He said flights to the airport are also important for business travellers and those who are coming to the state to attend conferences and events, where participants would choose to go on vacation with their families. Mr Khairulnizam said this latest development is also untimely with the state preparing for Visit Melaka Year 2024. Meanwhile, Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (Matta) Melaka Chapter chairman Goh Hock Gin said the halt of commercial flight services will also impact medical tourism. He said previous direct flights from Penang and Pekan Baru to LTAM were a boost for the local medical tourism industry. “Most Indonesians come to Melaka for medical tourism purposes and we need more regional flights to LTAM, ” he added. The airport was busy in September last year with direct flights from Penang and Pekan Baru after it was badly impacted for three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic-enforced hiatus. On May 15, LTAM saw another direct flight route from Pekan Baru operated by Wings Air. A pilot who requested anonymity told The Star that airlines operating at LTAM have not given solid reasons for suspending services to both the routes. https://www.tin.media/news/details/commercial-flights-have-stopped-coming-to-melaka-airport-say-malaysian-tourism-players
  12. I thought MAS Awana were providing the food for the MH International and Platinum lounges?
  13. Thanks. Any issue if I use some of this on other groups (without your name)? On another matter Im wondering if the snack boxes given out last month were actually a test run for what's happened?
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