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  1. Definitely,there are a lot red ball alongside with their schedule list in FR24.
  2. Give up even PVG PEK?Firefly will equip 738max oneday and fly to China?
  3. Yes I know,there's only one relative matter:money money and money.Maybe a few 332 routes would be downgraded to 738 after China open border. Glad to heard this information (previously reported through 2028)
  4. It's such disappointing if MH not received that 6 built A350 thought they're facing serious aircraft shortage issue.The first half dozen new A339 just to fulfill the leaving A332 and no expansion before 2025.They will totally uncompetitive with other region players.
  5. As I know,BKI-TPE remain stable around 60% all these day.
  6. Year after year,hate and boring to heard the official announcement:narrow losses than last year,next phase turnaround plan in progress.
  7. Iron Man "War Machine" concept
  8. Maybe blocking someone who money way and......
  9. SQ play very proper decision. Put all the eggs in only one basket ,if any big a/c development delayed like 787/380 happened again. There will be a huge lost for SQ. Distribute order in two factory can reduce the potential risk
  10. Domestic flight use less fuel compared to region flight. Less fuel means less take off weight. Less take off weight dont need more powerful engines. And less power engines = less fuel consumption
  11. As per 31JAN13 GDS inventory display, Malaysia Airlines from 01MAY13 introduces Airbus A380 service on Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong route. The A380 operates MH072/073 service. The airline previously planned to introduce 3rd daily service from 15JUN13 (MH432/433), this remains unchanged for the moment followed by the operational aircraft changes. MH072 KUL0915 – 1305HKG 380 D MH432 KUL1540 – 1930HKG 738 D MH078 KUL1915 – 2305HKG 738 D MH079 HKG0845 – 1225KUL 738 D MH073 HKG1445 – 1825KUL 380 D MH433 HKG2030 – 0010+1KUL 738 D resource:airline route
  12. Taiwan passport have 15days visa-free currently
  13. AJ is a left-handed person
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