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  1. https://english.vov.vn/en/society/two-vietnamese-airlines-ground-40-aircraft-due-to-engine-inspection-post1075076.vov Maybe these issues
  2. 13" quite big for econ,on the opposite 17" too small in biz.
  3. Yes,my flight KUL-TPE also offer 3 choices:nasi lemak/omelette/bihun.I think 3 is more than enough,2 option is reasonable and use the cost to rich the content .
  4. Not only that,even their new product always 1 or 2 generation behind competitors.Take a look A339 business class,no wow factor just a common thing that rolled out before covid.
  5. 1.5K is ridiculous,even 4K hard to survive nowadays .
  6. From customer vision no matter it's brand new or second hand,please refurbished the cabin as well.Look at the CX ancient 773 for example
  7. The A332 contract until 2028 ,right? I think there is still expandable.
  8. Azul and HK airlines grounded a few A350,go go MH
  9. But I thought SE-RSB belongs to China Airline
  10. That's a great news,I wonder where's the aircraft lease from?
  11. 3 of them will return to lessor in 2H if not extend.For now MH facing serious wb shortage and they have no choice.
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