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  1. Interesting that HND/NRT flights generate that much demand right now; granted Japan recently reopened but JL/NH has been slow to restore services to Malaysia compared to other parts of SE Asia or US. JL restored daily flights but with smaller aircraft (788 instead of 789). I hope they reuse that BNE capacity elsewhere as there is only 40 seats available per week/direction between MY and AU (PER, BNE, SYD, MEL). I would expect QR 35Ks to come at a discount? Since it's all fitted with QR's cabin and configuration. I recall TK and LH taking in SU and PR's 359s. I am curious if there are any sanctioned/canceled 359s that MH can pick up easily/for cheap. Oddly enough, those off-brand business class is better than LH/TK's original business class. I don't know how bi/tri-lateral works for QR/MY/AU air services agreement. But if QR is only allowed 3 daily into AU's big 4 cities, it doesn't make sense to go via KUL since that will still mean 4 daily QR-AU flights. The only exception is what QR is doing right now DOH-MEL/SYD-CBR. Replace CBR with any non SYD/MEL/BNE/PER and it'll work (same goes for Malaysian carriers).
  2. Couldn't find a thread on FY (since most of the time it's lumped in MAS' Privatisation topic). FY applied for 1x daily PEN-KNO and 2x daily SIN-PEN. Seems like a much better option than 2/3x weekly on MH. But where do they get the planes from tho?
  3. So we get a new Aerotrain system in........2025?! https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2022/09/05/klia-aerotrain-upgrade-to-be-completed-by-march-2025 https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2022/09/05/new-aerotrains-for-klia-by-2025/
  4. They should try to re-schedule one fo the LGK's flights. It's 1.5 hours of each other.
  5. We shall see. New administration promised some austerity measures so we shall see which department gets the biggest cut. Defense spending has been quite abysmal. When you say hands off with airlines but do they decide which planes say MAB get based on specifications/needs from the airline itself or what incentives they get for purchasing that particular aircraft 😉. 20 plus 20 seems more reasonable, but really no 359/35K/789s? No expansion into Europe (I'll leave US/Canada out for now) in the medium term? I remember reading that QR rejected deliveries of their 35Ks. I doubt a lot of passengers will complain if they sub MH's current 359s with QSuite fitted 35Ks.
  6. Seems like TK is getting the bulk of EU-MY traffic (I prefer a 11-2 split instead of a 6-7 [flying time in hours] split with Gulf carriers). In other related news, KLM will scale back its KUL operations beginning Summer 2023 schedule. Initially the plan was to fly AMS-KUL-CGK daily but it has now been reduced to 3x weekly (winter 22/23 is 4x weekly). I can't imagine crew cost for this flight. Day 1: AMS-KUL, Day 2-4: KUL; Day 4: KUL-CGK-KUL; Day 6/7: KUL-AMS!
  7. Not the best example, but I don't think there's a crew change at DPS for OD's KUL-DPS-AU flights.
  8. Let me understand MH's conundrum. MH is currently short of aircraft (which explains why they have to suspend lackluster routes and this does not include the 330s needed for China/Korea/Taiwan/HK if MH wants to match their 2019 capacity) but MH is ordering 1 330 less than their 2019 330 fleet even though they don't have enough planes? Sounds apt for MH 🤣 Do you think the new government will have better planning or will empower MH more to make decisions that's best for the airline?
  9. Makes sense then. Because PKU/JOG flight schedule seems very odd for a regional flight. It doesn't connect to any destination beyond KUL from PKU/JOG other than DOH. LHR requires three 359 frames. TYO double daily (1x each to NRT and HND) will require about 0.7 each (about 7-8 hours ground time in KUL). There's still one left for rotation/maintenance. One destination that keeps getting 359 other than TYO/LHR is AKL (probably due to range more than anything else since 359 is premium heavy for MH). Did MH firmed up the 339 orders? There hasn't been any news since the MOU was signed.
  10. MH needs a new social media/PR team. Who launches/resumes a new flight without any hoo-haa or at least give some sort of advance notice. I didn't even know they fly to Pekanbaru now! They can follow how UA teases their followers with new routes and announce it with a bang. Their social media is all about Journify and not much more. These social media posts or press release aren't expensive. At the very least, put it on their website!
  11. JP gave MY another 7 weekly (non daytime) HND traffic rights provided that Malaysian operator code-shares with a Japanese carrier on the new HND flight. MH can increase HND to daily now if it wants to but I don't think that'll happen until NS23. Mavcom had already allocated those 7 traffic rights to MH earlier this year. Let's see if JP will re-allocate RU's daytime slots (like Heathrow did). Traffic rights, more often than not, are given in multiples of 7. Airlines don't usually tow their planes e.g. from HND to NRT if only 7 was given to HND whilst unlimited at NRT.
  12. Did an intern forgot to update MH's winter schedule? 😂 Is MH really upping their frequencies to CGK 5 daily beginning this Sunday? And DPS from 10x to 21x 😂
  13. Per aeroroutes, TK will "upgrade" (seat wise) to ex-Aeroflot 359 beginning 07AUG23 on TK 62/63 (the 3 additional new weekly flights).
  14. Summer seasonal flights 😛. This weekend is beginning of winter schedule. I find it odd that they FY can fly PEN-HKT 4x on 738 but MH won't let them do at least once daily PEN-SIN (their previous 2-3 weekly flights were awful). In other news, MH will add southern summer seasonal flights to SYD and MEL. SYD goes from 14x 330 to 15 x 330 MEL goes for 14x 330 to 14x 330 and 2x 359
  15. Per aeroroutes, OD is adding 7M8 services to NRT. RTW here they come! KUL-NRT-ANC-YVR-LAX-MEX-JFK-LHR-DXB-KUL all on 7M8!
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