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  1. IIRC, Malaysia doesn’t count day trips to their visitors tally. You either have to spend more than one calendar day (pass immigration 00:01 day after arrival) or 24 hours (I am not sure which one) to be counted as a visitor. Singapore on the other hand doesn’t count Malaysians entering by road. I don’t know if any of these have changed.
  2. And you may have forgotten that AK/D7 had a very extensive network that brought a lot of traffic into and out of Malaysia. KUL isn’t one of the top 25 busiest airports for nothing.
  3. You are clearly mixing up politics and state. We have plenty to offer to tourists. What we lack is a good marketing team which everyone in here agrees. You know that Malaysia is the most competitive economy in ASEAN after Singapore? And also second in ASEAN for ease of doing business? I didn’t pull this out from my butt, but ranked by World Economic Forum and World Bank. You know that a lot of carriers are increasing their capacity to KUL? QR/MH will increase their flights to 3X daily. EY flying 781 this summer. EK is suspending KUL-AKL (no traffic rights anyway) and bringing back terminator service. TK will increase its frequency to 10x weekly. KU is returning to KUL soon. WY also increased its KUL service. KL will bring back AMS-KUL-CGK. I have given specific examples what Malaysia has to offer. But you keep dismissing it because the grass is greener.
  4. My memory isn’t as good as it used to be. Remind me again, when was the MH twin tragedies and when was Mueller’s tenure again? MH never served MXP. Malaysia never had any rights to fly into MXP. I don’t know about now after the ASEAN-EU open skies agreement. You sound like one of those Malaysians I overheard abroad when asked if Malaysia is a nice place to visit. “Malaysia? It’s so boring. Government is corrupt, dirty toilets, racist/unfair government etc. you go visit Singapore or Thailand better”. Malaysia has plenty to offer to tourists. I find it rather sad that a Malaysian (I assume you are one) doesn’t know what Malaysia has to offer. Maybe have a tour around Malaysia and see what it offers yourself? Go deep into the jungles in Sabah/Sarawak/Taman Negara and see if TH/SG have the biodiversity that we have? You said Singapore has more high end hotels or that Thailand offer better bang for the buck. Do you know that MY/KL hotel rates are the cheapest between the two?! Just compare St. Regis to St. Regis. Or MO with MO or Four Seasons to Four Seasons. And you know that a lot of “tourist activities” are much cheaper here compared to Thailand? I can assure you that no one will buy our semi conductor (our largest export) and palm oil if MYR is at parity with SGD.
  5. Out of curiosity, does MH plan to return to South Africa (JNB/CPT)? Just to give you an example, Türkiye isn’t exactly known to be a well run country nor a country with strong currency but an extremely well run airline and airport. Look at all the intercontinental carriers flying to IST. From what I’ve been told, the numbers are there to justify for direct flights between CDG/FRA/MXP and KUL (and of course AMS). Ringgit is falling, but not a doomsday scenario like many Malaysians are making it out to be. Depreciating against the USD/SGD/VND sure. But against a basket of currencies, they are doing quite ok on YTD, y-o-y and some even to a 5-year period. A bit off topic but you can’t compare MYR to SGD. SGD is a huge financial hub and a major importer of goods - they really can’t just let their currency depreciate. Investors love to buy SGD bonds/equities/holdings etc. because it’s a safe haven and doesn’t really fluctuate much against other major currencies. USD - well the Feds are rising interest rates and it’s also considered a safe haven. Whenever there’s trouble in the world (aka this past decade?), investors will usually pull out of other currencies and put it in USD. The unfortunate thing is that almost every thing in the world is traded in USD. So we have to live with appreciating USD.
  6. Wait. If the 330neo can’t do France with full cargo load, how would it do AMS? Isn’t AMS very cargo heavy (since MHKargo flies there)? Have you seen MH ticket prices on their London flights (just KUL-LHR alone) this summer? It’s ridiculous. And flights are all full. If they can maintain that premium year round, it’d work out great for them. MH won’t be competing with one stop service like QR, TK, EK. MH will be the sole carrier flying nonstop between AMS/LHR/CDG/FRA-KUL (KL is supposed to restart KUL nonstop beginning NW22 schedule). Those nonstop service is what’s going to pay the bills. TK is significantly cheaper to Europe. But did you check the price of just KUL-IST? You’d be shocked that TK is actually paying you to fly more to Europe but you can stopover in IST twice. No one will blame MH for MH17. MH370 might be a bigger deterrent. But that was almost a decade ago. Nobody remembers that long. Look at China Airlines (remember the 80s/90s when everyone was avoiding CI like a plague?).
  7. Oh nice. A company was over ambitious and MAB is the one paying the price 🤷🏻‍♂️ I suppose MH is planning the 6-9 9M-MT* series to fly regional routes (unless you know a last minute sub to cities like TYO). Absolutely no plans to increase the 350? 6 is a bit odd.
  8. Seems like it’s less than what they’d like? 20 instead of minimum 21? So they are downsizing? Is it AAX frame or built to AAX specifications as well?
  9. Oh yes. I didn't realize they added a 1530 flight to JFK. That would be a long day flight to JFK but you won't get any breakfast or supper as meals 👍 But imagine the horror if you are booked on QR 849 to QR703 (KUL-DOH-JFK) and rebooked to QR 4990 and QR 9001
  10. With MH 164/165, QR will re-schedule QR853 to previous QR 845 timing (departing KUL at 1055). With these 2 MH and 1 QR flight, KUL is mostly back to pre-pandemic frequency (other than the seasonal 4th daily flight that runs over summer).Both QR and MH will have short turnaround at their destinations. I have no idea where QR853 seamlessly connects to other than Middle East and LHR/CDG/IST.
  11. Good to know about the slightly wider seats - do you know if any other airlines chose Safran as their seat other than Starlux so I know if I have sat on their seats before. Starlux's new business seats on the 339 looks good tho (and someone who recently flew BR's 789 told me their J seats are awful). I actually prefer MH's 380 J seats over the 330 J seats (only if the J seats are slightly longer since I am pretty tall). I don't know of anyone who's calling airline to reduce their seat weight. I think they want to reduce flying but aviation is not the main source of carbon emission. I am sure one day we will all be vegans driving an electric car and sailing across the 7 seas to cut our carbon emission. Young people also did not experience the golden age of airline miles Well guess this didn't come to fruition then I thought I read somewhere that they were going to but it didn't happen.
  12. I have lost track of this but when are the 737-8s (Max) arriving? Because the current 737-800 are flying to places like PER, DEL, BOM plus BKI-NRT (those are all 4+ hours flight). The plan for flatbed seats on the 737-8s are still not happening (even though they plan to use this for India/China/Australia flights)? Most of these flights are either long daylight flights or a redeye on one of the legs. Safran makes some pretty decent looking flat bed J narrow body seats 😬 Btw, someone posted a video of it on social media, and it seems like these seats do recline (they were in Y). The J seats looked like those hard-shell seats where it's a "slide-down" seat. These seats look OK for < 2 hours flight. I don't need IFE for flights to BKK, CGK, SGN, BKI etc. but I'll shop around more for flights to PER, HAN, HKG, MNL etc. And god forbid they have the same seats/pitch in Y/J and they fly the 737-8 (MAX) to secondary cities in JP/KR like Hiroshima/Pusan. Speaking of new planes, Farnborough is coming to an end but MH didn't announce any orders? Is MH under the government's new austerity measures as well? It's a more palatable "enhancement" rather than saying we are squeezing in more seats. If they want to be more green, they could have remove another row of Y to reduce more weight as well, or better yet, remove another 2-3 rows 🤣. At least we haven't gone the way of Euro J/Y cabin yet where they take out the ovens or move the toilets to where the galley is and any person of size will have problems entering/exiting the rear lavatories. Something I agree with hotels is the discontinuation of small plastic bottles for your shampoo etc. especially in lower tier hotels (it's not like their shampoo are great to take home with). But don't cut things like housekeeping or turndown service "due to covid yada yada for your safety" etc.
  13. Judging from the pictures in this article, are they removing the reclining function in all classes too?! The business class seats have a hard shell.
  14. Looks like MH just released their new refreshed 738 seat map. Configuration changed from 16J/144Y to 12J/162Y. They took out 1 row of J to fit in 3 rows of Y (plus slimmer seats) and J seat pitch went from 42" to 39" 😓
  15. Can Heathrow just willy-nilly ask airlines to re-schedule their flights? I know EK pretty much showed LHR the middle finger when LHR asked them to cancel flights, but asking airlines to re-schedule their departure 3.5 earlier to meet the passenger capacity cap is nuts! Does it makes a difference whether an airline is departing at 22:00 or 18:30 since the arbitrarily fixed cap is 100k pax? God forbid someone is connecting at LHR or has appointments in London before their flight.
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