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  1. Oman Air is nice. They used to run SIN-KUL-SIN with a good deal. Sadly stopped not long after.
  2. The new autogate is quite impressive. Reads quite fast compared to the old one
  3. Heard some foreigners queued for over 2 hours at this queue.
  4. Wow nice. Interesting traffic there. Out of a sudden MKZ has something super rare
  5. Quite simple with big pay . Still allows me to use credit card. Top up just enough to pay for the flight.
  6. Config is the same as XBD - 367 all economy. Havent seen this XBD flying for few days now..
  7. Wow nice catch ! This fella has been sitting in SZB for awhile and been wanting to catch it. Thanks for sharing
  8. Hon Kit

    Prima Air

    Wah. Check in counter at a restaurant .
  9. I did KUL - SIN - KUL last year on HY. Only bookable through agent site. Not cheap
  10. Lets move on. Life will be better now onwards.
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