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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and how it works last time. Certainly it was an interesting time I would love to experience.
  2. FM - Shanghai Airlines, they had weekly operation before the pandemic. MU did not fly into BKI pre-pandemic. I guess post-pandemic the arrangement will remain the same. Anyhow, FM belongs to MU Group, same same family but different airlines.
  3. If it helps to fill up MH/KU seats, why not? With the inclusion of KU, MH is now in codesharing/interline agreement with AT, EK, QR, WY, SV and TK, more code sharing ME partners than what SQ/TG/BI currently offers. MH got their Europe and Africa continents well covered, from top Scandinavian countries till end South Africa. Plus, KU is currently operating a very young fleet A320ceo (progressively being replaced)/A320neo/A321neo/A332/A338/B77W. Incoming are A321neo/A321neoLR/A339/A359.
  4. Kuwait Airways announces code-sharing agreement with Malaysia Airlines Kuwait Airways partnership with Malaysian Airline enables us to jointly offer operations to serve our passengers expanded connectivity to Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand from Kuwait via Kuala Lumpur to major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, and Singapore. In addition to popular tourist destinations within Malaysia. Time for Malaysia Airlines to get B787-9/10 or more A350-900/1000 to cater to the crowd. One can dream....
  5. Disruption continues at MYAirline https://www.msn.com/en-MY/news/other/myairline-announce-flight-delays-due-to-technical-issues/ar-AA18MKTA?ocid=sprinklr_sch
  6. LOL. That's something amazing compared to the now nick-and-dime everything AK does now. They should do so again and charge RM15 per cup noodles dished out. Haha!
  7. Not sure how the old program worked last time, but the current one is pretty decent too, https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/th/th/news-article/2019/malaysia-airlines-new-shuttle-fares.html
  8. Yes, I wonder where are they gonna squeeze in their flight? Currently there are 39x daily KUL-SIN flight, based on Google Flight.
  9. Yes, this is like the third major disruption since they commenced operation in last December. Kind of reminding us of AirAsia's early days with their banged up B733 they pulled out from Mojave desert. LOL! Dear Valued Customers, We regret to inform you that we will not be able to achieve our on-time departure (OTP) commitment for some of our flights on 16 Mar 2023. At MYAirline, we value openness and transparency with our Customers. The reason for this delay is due to a technical issue and our Engineering team is on top of this. At MYAirline passenger safety will always be our no 1 priority. Our passenger experience matters and our teams are doing their best to minimize the impact on valued Customers. But regrettably, our punctuality will be impacted today, resulting in delays for the flights listed below. Flight delay: —————— Kota Bahru: KUL-KBR, Z9 7103 - Estimated departure time: 18:25 KBR-KUL, Z9 7104 - Estimated departure time: 19:55 Kuching: KUL-KCH, Z9 8103 - Estimated departure time: 11:45 KCH-KUL, Z9 8104 - Estimated departure time: 14:05 KUL-KCH, Z9 8105 - Estimated departure time: 22:40 KCH-KUL, Z9 8106 - Estimated departure time: 01:00 Kota Kinabalu: KUL-BKI, Z9 8803 - Estimated departure time: 16:25 BKI-KUL, Z9 8804 - Estimated departure time: 19:35 For all impacted passengers by the delay, we will be sending out email and SMS notifications with the new departure times and if you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our live chat agent at www.myairline.my. Our customers are important to us, but we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, MYAirline
  10. I think it felt very narrow and tight because the seats were from last generation, the lower bar of the seat is too thick taking up much of the seat pitch. One of the reasons why the newer generation Y seats are iron-board thin or little to virtually no padding to allow more leg space and easier maintenance. 30" for a premium airlines is really no-no IMO, the least they should go should be 32", oh well airberlin was half premium, half LCC any way. I missed those days when MH had 34" on their B772ER! The longest/widest Y seat pitch in the industry.
  11. SAUDIA to Grow Long-Haul Fleet with up to 49 Boeing 787 Dreamliners https://boeing.mediaroom.com/2023-03-14-SAUDIA-to-Grow-Long-Haul-Fleet-with-up-to-49-Boeing-787-Dreamliners Saudi Arabian flag-carrier to order 39 fuel-efficient 787-9 and 787-10 airplanes Announcement including options for 10 additional jets is part of Saudi Arabia's broader investment to become a global aviation hub RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) today announced the national flag-carrier will grow its long-haul fleet with the selection of up to 49 787 Dreamliners. SAUDIA is set to purchase 39 787s, with a further 10 options, utilizing the outstanding efficiency, range and flexibility of the Dreamliner to sustainably grow its global operation. The agreement will include both 787-9 and 787-10 models. This agreement is part of Saudi Arabia's wider strategic plan to transform the country into a global aviation hub. In total, Saudi Arabian carriers announced today their intent to purchase up to 121 787 Dreamliners in what will be the fifth largest commercial order by value in Boeing's history. This will support the country's goal of serving 330 million passengers and attracting 100 million visitors annually by 2030.
  12. New Saudi Arabian Carrier Riyadh Air to Launch with All-Boeing Fleet of up to 72 787-9 Dreamliners https://boeing.mediaroom.com/2023-03-14-New-Saudi-Arabian-Carrier-Riyadh-Air-to-Launch-with-All-Boeing-Fleet-of-up-to-72-787-9-Dreamliners Riyadh-based, PIF-owned airline to order 39 Dreamliners, with options for 33 more jets, enabling tourism and sustainable growth Passenger-pleasing, fuel-efficient 787s will support Saudi Arabia's goal of welcoming 100 million visitors per year by 2030 RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Riyadh Air announced today that the new Saudi Arabian carrier has chosen the 787 Dreamliner to power its global launch and support its goal of operating one of the most efficient and sustainable fleets in the world. Owned by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), Riyadh Air said it will purchase 39 highly efficient 787-9s, with options for an additional 33 787-9s. Based in the capital city, Riyadh Air will play a key role in growing Saudi Arabia's air transport network.
  13. Thus far, all information are pointing towards Riyadh Air is "liberal" airline, alcohol will be served. Saudia remains dry airline. Riyadh Air will be based at Riyadh, Saudia at Jeddah. Flyadeal, Saudia low cost subsidiary is currently based at Jeddah too. Another LCC, flynas is currently based at Riyadh too. It will be suicidal for Riyadh Air to be dry airline if they want to attract all the Westerners, yuppies and expats. They are planning to outdo Dubai and Qatar with the Vision 2030 plan.
  14. LOL, airberlin Y class on A330-223 seat pitch is 30", Y+ 36" and J 60".
  15. I wonder how many millions Saudi government paid Tony Douglas to move him from EY. He joined EY back in January 2018, left in end of 2022. Peter Bellew has been out of job since July 2022, after easyjet's disastrous operation summer that particular year. Rumours has it they will be placing an order for close to 80 B787-9 Dreamliner for both Riyadh Air and Saudia, with another 100 B737max for Riyadh Air. Saudi Arabia is currently investing SAR150 billion to set out in the PIF Program 2021-2025 – one of the Vision 2030 realisation programmes, aiming to unlock the capabilities of various sector to drive the diversification of its heavily dependent oil and gas economy. They will also get a new international airport, King Salman International Airport masterplan. it will span 57 square kilometers and have no less than six parallel runways with capacity for 120 million annual passengers by 2030, and 185 million annual passengers by 2050. Coupled with DOH, DXB and IST, I sure hope MAHB is sitting upright now with this new airline and airport. Competition is jacked up very high now which I think even Singapore Changi will have tough time to compete. Saudi has the trillions worth of money to burn, something Malaysia does not have.
  16. Yes indeed, even for a short two hours flight. Some passengers would love to take a short nap, those "wing" headrest would have come in handy.
  17. Yes, MAB uses the same Z110i for their refurbished MH and FY B737-800NG. Only difference is MAB did not opt for the headrest for both MH and FY.
  18. Air Japan, ANA All Nippon Airlines's new long haul low cost arm, unveiled its products few days ago. https://www.flyairjapan.com/en/service/event All economy class with 324 seats on B787s with 32" seat pitch and will commence flight in February 2024 to Southeast Asia and expand its network. They have also opted for Z110i Economy seat from Safran, however theirs come with headrest.
  19. Found this report: https://www.businesstraveller.com/business-travel/2022/07/22/malaysia-airlines-unveils-new-b737-800-business-class-and-economy-seats/ Apparently Malaysia Airlines will be re-config 38 of their B737-800NGs. Current MH B737-800NG fleet stands at 42. Therefore four will not be getting the upgrade.
  20. Most probably the cargo demand is high now, and MH has a habit of cancelling one or two daily flights and combine those flight with others. Also, everyone is rushing to BKK, before the new compulsory insurance imposed by Thai government takes place. Will save a bit bit there. Hahahaha!
  21. New addition for MYAirlines: A320-214 MSN 4013 9M- MyAirline delivery 08-09mar23 TLL-SHJ-KUL, OE-reg ex OE-IZU Source: https://www.skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.main?LC=nav4&page=1 Originally with easyjet D-ABDY/ OE-IZU 13.6 years old.
  22. Ex-KUL, MH market has very limited premium market in Malaysia market itself. Those premium passengers have mostly opt for EK, Tk, QR, EY and SQ, leaving really limited passengers for MH. Locals want cheap cheap airfares even for J class, MAB is simply responding to the market demand in stripping down their previous offerings. Even if MH improves overnight with lie flat seat for J regional, 30-40kg complimentary check in luggage allowance, beef steak for J class etc will the local market bite the bullet? I don't think so. The other day I saw comments on FB ANA return ticket to Hokkaido Chitose RM2600, a lot commented expensive (Bear in mind ANA usual price is RM5K and above, JAL is RM7K and above). I wonder what is cheap for them in pre-covid era?? Singapore Airlines wouldn't have an issue, their "name" sells them well. MH is in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. Just like TG. My only guess the MAB management put FY jet operating from PEN, KCH and BKI is to allow MH concentrate on its operation from KUL and leave the other smaller hubs to FY to take care. MH still fly in one or two flights to smaller hubs to connect the limited premium passengers to its international flights.
  23. The QR HKT-PEN sector is for cargo only, unfortunately. No pax. Suffice to say, Malaysia is not *that* important market for QR itself, hence "outsource" their flying to MH. They can earn more $$ by deploying their resources elsewhere. Them going to Medan market will definitely hit MH Umrah and Haj market. Yesterday's announcement answered the qns why QR have been visiting Malaysia a couple of times since last year: to recruit new pilots and cabin crews. I believe there are about 10-20 AirAsia pilots left for QR. Numbers could be higher..... Full Qatar Airways Network Expansion and Resumption Announcement New destinations: Chittagong, Bangladesh starting 11 March 2024 Juba, South Sudan Kinshasa, DRC Lyon, France starting 3 July 2023 Toulouse, France Medan, Indonesia starting 15 January 2024 Trabzon, Turkey starting 16 June 2023 Resumptions: Beijing, China starting 26 March 2023 Birmingham, UK starting 10 July 2023 Buenos Aires, Argentina starting 8 December 2023 Casablanca, Morocco Marrakesh, Morocco Davao, Philippines starting 1 April 2023 Nice, France starting 9 May 2023 Osaka, Japan starting 1 March 2024 Tokyo Haneda, Japan starting 1 June 2023 Phnom Penh, Cambodia starting 29 October 2023 Ras Al Khaimah, UAE starting 1 November 2023 Frequency boost to 35 destinations, +21% / 655 weekly flights extra in July 2023 vs July 2022. Abuja – Port Harcourt – increased from two weekly flights to three Abuja – Kano – increased from three weekly flights to four Athens – increased from seven weekly flights to 14 Belgrade – increased from five weekly flights to seven Berlin – increased from 11 weekly flights to 14 Bucharest – increased from 10 weekly flights to 14 Cairo – increased from 21 weekly flights to 28 Copenhagen – increased from four weekly flights to seven, and 10 from winter season 2023/24 -Finnair also operates 7 weekly flights, totalling 17 weekly in Copenhagen Denpasar – increased from 14 weekly flights to 21 Dublin – increased from 12 weekly flights to 14 Düsseldorf – increased from seven weekly flights to 11 for winter season 2023/24 Edinburgh– increased from 10 weekly flights to 14 Hanoi – increased from 10 weekly flights to 12 Hong Kong – increased from 11 weekly flights to 14 Khartoum – increased from seven weekly flights to 14 Larnaca – increased from seven weekly flights to 14 London Gatwick – increased from seven weekly flights to 10 (14 weekly flights for peak summer season) London Heathrow – increased from 42 weekly flights to 45 Madrid – increased from 16 weekly flights to 18 Manila – increased from 17 weekly flights to 18 Milan – increased from 16 weekly flights to 21 Mogadishu – increased from three weekly flights to four Nagpur – increased from four weekly flights to seven Oslo – increased from seven weekly flights to 12 for winter season 2023/24 Phuket – increased from 14 weekly flights to 21 for winter season 2023/24 Saigon – increased from 10 weekly flights to 12 Sarajevo – increased from three weekly flights to four for summer season 2023 Sofia – increased from three weekly flights to four weekly flights in summer and five weekly flights in winter season 2023/24 Stockholm – increased from three weekly flights to five for winter season 2023/24. - Finnair also operates 7 weekly flights, totalling 12 weekly in Stockholm Taif – increased from three weekly flights to seven Vienna – increased from 10 weekly flights to 14 Warsaw – increased from seven weekly flights to 14 from winter season 2023/24 Yerevan – increased from seven weekly flights to 10 Source: https://www.qatarairways.com/en/press-releases/2023/March0/Qatar-Airways-Reveals-Seven-New-Destinations-11-Resumptions-and-35-Frequency-Increases-at-ITB-Berlin-2023.html
  24. Planespotters.net previously reported that ex-AirAsia X A330-300 MSN 1411 (9M-XXI) and MSN 1481 (9M-XXP) are now being prepared for Batik Air Malaysia, however airfinancejournal said Batik Indonesia will be taking them instead. https://www.airfinancejournal.com/articles/3589750/batik-air-takes-more-leased-a330s Time will tell if Batik Air Malaysia will take both airframes or will wet lease both from its sister company. B737max can do it too but with a stopover.
  25. New Air Traffic Rights granted for Batik Air: KUL-TPE-NGO v.v. / 3x weekly Batik Air Feb-23 KUL-ADL v.v. / 7x weekly Batik Air Feb-23 KUL-MLE v.v. / 7x weekly Batik Air Feb-23 KUL-IST v.v. / 4x weekly Batik Air Mar-23
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