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  1. Wow...it sure looks alot longer than the previous model!
  2. Can I buy a pair of business class seats from them?
  3. Just received an email, 15 May onwards...Malindo will no longer serve hot snacks. Guess it's to difficult to differentiate who is eligible for pizzas and who doesn't...so best solution is to serve nothing at all.
  4. Wow BKI is really a heaven for Koreans! Just glad that I've flown with Air Busan, Jeju Air and Eastar Jet.
  5. Yup...the stair is only for staff, passengers embark and disembark using the zig zag ramp. You can see how works on youtube. Just type Aviramp...
  6. I used to follow him...I even agreed with him on how badly he was treated by the crew on MH the other day. Then on his recent video in which he was stranded in China...he directed his frustration at a MH 330 arriving at the gate...what did that have to do with his bad luck. I unfollowed him after that. Seems he tool a swipe at MH just because and nothing else. Tell tale signs of a diva...sorry end of rant. An oh...the refund donated to a charity thingy...oh puhlease...
  7. Based on the approved map. They could fly to lahad datu and onwards to tawau and sandakan from lahad datu...or is that also not approved by mot?
  8. Nope...Plaza Premium opens at 6am, MAS' Lounge at 5am.
  9. I pity the crew operating BI 857/858, after arriving at 1am they have to depart again at 6.55am...I wonder which hotel they will be put up at?
  10. What are your thoughts? I have never had a bad flight on MH especially on their longhaul service...is this just an unfortunate isolated case?
  11. As I remember the left with red trimmings were ground crew, pink trimmings cabin crew while the yellow ones were Chief Stewardess. If you see these days, the yellow trimmings are no more. Only denoted by the bars on their name tags.
  12. Saw a picture shared online of the crew on the A380, they seemed to be in the charter uniform and not in the usual kebaya.
  13. Spoke to the crew on my recent flight to DPS. On flights less than 2 hours 738 are manned by crew of 5, above 2 hours 4. My KCH KUL had 5 crew while the DPS had 4.
  14. "MAB is not a LCC, need to learn from BA, LH, KL/AF" Unfortunately the likes of BA and AF are copying LCC...with no luggage, no meals, nothing included with the tickets. If MH do a BA or AF, don't think it will go down well with the flying public.
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