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  1. All the old guys in Khazanah's been replaced. But the people who replaced them are...well they come with the seal of approval from the man up top.
  2. Of course not, different people who disregards past lessons. As for AirAsia X, I doubt they'll die if they absorb MAS. More likely MAS will be killed and AirAsia X will be bailed out. TF will then be smiling & laughing all the way to the bank.
  3. The story behind the scenes in arranging all the charters to fly stranded passengers back to the UK. Some people were quite alert about MAS's A380 movements! https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/sep/23/how-secret-plans-saved-customers-of-thomas-cook-from-being-stranded?CMP=share_btn_tw
  4. Of course not. But I don't see your contribution to making things number one now do you? That's the problem with a lot of Malaysians today. Too much criticizing, not enough contributing. Too much condemning, not enough commending.
  5. And the others have quality? In terms of tourism receipts, we're third behind Thailand & Singapore. https://www.e-unwto.org/doi/pdf/10.18111/9789284421152
  6. You can argue all you like till the cows come home but the fact is if you stay one night, you're a visitor. Period.
  7. The Malaysian diaspora certainly can help in this case - but in the last few years many have done more damage by disparaging the country in a fit of political spite because they don't know the difference between country & government. When you have thousands saying they're ashamed to be Malaysian even the best promos will fall by the wayside. And it's not going to improve, given how stupid the current Minister of Tourism is (Tourism minister says there aren't any gay people in Malaysia)
  8. TF subscribes to the Michael O'Leary school of publicity. Funny thing is, now that Ryanair is having difficulties O'Leary has learnt to keep himself from shooting s#1t out of his mouth. Would do TF well to follow MOL's example. It's not a question about gomen being slow. It's about TF wanting his way and only his way, without realizing that the gomen can ask him to go take a hike on the highway. Again, it's all about his own tongkats!
  9. Low Cost Carrier terminal doesn't mean a low cost terminal for the LCC. Maybe he should learn the distinction.
  10. They're dumb. They could have just included all the processing fee into the fare. That's what other airlines do...
  11. CAAM is already looking into regulations. MAVCOM's role is to execute said regulations for commercial aviation. Having MAVCOM frees CAAM to have a better oversight into the bigger picture. In any case how do you know that the remuneration is bloated? Just because he is paid RM 85,000 a month doesn't mean it's bloated if it's accompanied by qualifications. Would you work for less just because?
  12. Just because there's no talk about investigation, doesn't mean there's no investigation. Besides, do you really expect an investigation into a matter as complex as that would take less than a month?
  13. Without MAVCOM, AirAsia could do like what they did back in 2012 when they closed down their European routes & left their passengers to flap in the wind, and not get any penalty from it. Without MAVCOM, AirAsia could hoard all the route rights they want & not use them. So yes, we bloody need MAVCOM. All it needs is tweaking for optimization purposes. Tony, stop asking for tongkats!
  14. Isn't KUL always supposed to be seasonal for Condor? The Winter 19/20 season ends in March.
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