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  1. Probably because they need to redeploy planes to high demand routes for the Summer Olympics.
  2. Honestly AK's mentality isn't that great either. Sure they are profitable, but from what I'm told their internal processes are all over the place.
  3. Of course, because MH would cease to exist if D7 took over.
  4. JL's proposal involves revamping MH's revenue management, assist in turning around the airline, and working to make KUL a hub worthy of competition with BKK & SIN. But Khazanah feels it's not that great because "believed AAGB would fetch the fund RM1.4 bil a year in synergies but did not outline how they would accrue. There were no hard figures on valuations." https://focusmalaysia.my/mainstream/how-jal-proposes-to-turn-around-malaysia-airlines/?fbclid=IwAR3111GyY7BNhkDMe-7nnDPegCPqYt4l748qvvejSRDoxPLmhShKiUdGqy4
  5. According to this report, AF-KL wants to buy a 49% stake in MH and would like to setup KUL as an MRO hub. Would the term be like DL's purchase of VS? JL meanwhile only wants 25% https://www.reuters.com/article/us-malaysia-airlines-m-a/air-france-klm-proposes-buying-49-of-malaysia-airlines-jal-seeks-smaller-stake-sources-idUSKBN1ZK0DX
  6. Might as well just close down MH. This stinks of a D7 bailout...
  7. More details of AK's bid emerging 1) A380 is gone, and Khazanah to bear the cost of the debt. Leased A332 also gone. 737MAX will not be taken up. 2) Khazanah to bear retrenchment costs 3) No golden shares, AK to call the shots fully 4) FY not included in deal, MASwings sold. 5) MH branding is gone. All in all, Khazanah will have to bear RM 8 billion in costs... https://focusmalaysia.my/mainstream/airasias-takeover-of-malaysia-airlines-may-cost-khazanah-over-rm8-bil/?fbclid=IwAR3IUZGY-7eep-5v6XElQFQBK3pQ8doiGALQ0RjNKLjHh7yEyfCRcDKS7ws
  8. AirAsia, JAL front runner to take over MAS - Air France-KLM & Malindo also bidded. https://focusmalaysia.my/mainstream/airasia-appears-in-the-lead-to-take-over-malaysia-airlines/?fbclid=IwAR3LxuL_grh_KBKJDMW_R00mGgMXoKSKJNACOfK53SuVnrGscZKE86g-wWc
  9. As long as the question of ownership of MH is not solved, forget talking about buying/leasing new planes to replace the A330s.
  10. True, but if the CEO is cool towards selling to foreign investors, then that would be a problem as well. Already rumour has it that Raja Azmi is being replaced because he is opposed to a sale of MAHB to Vinci Airports.
  11. No point having improved CASK when your RASK is not improved. The A380 has low CASK but yet MH can't make scheduled flights profitable.
  12. The 78X carries way more passengers in 2-class arrangement than the 789, so I honestly don't see how it could be a perfect replacement for the A333s. Besides, the 789 were ordered for expansion as well as replacement. Yes they have A350s for long range, but they only have 6 to serve LHR. How are they going to schedule the 6 for expanded flights when they already use 4 of the 6 for daily LHR rotations?
  13. All they need is a CEO that can help facilitate the sale of MAHB to foreign investors.
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