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  1. Love the night shot.. superb!
  2. Yeah raining but got some rare visitor today.. Smartwings Boeing 737-800 OK-TVW but sadly the weather is bad this evening.
  3. Thank god all passenger is safe.. kind reminded me Airasia B733 skidded in BKI many years ago.. LAT livery I think.
  4. Spotting at 8th April 2017 from Nasi Kukus D'Garden and Terminal 2. 9M-LNT 9M-AHD 9M-MUD "Panda Livery" Subang Gangster at Terminal 2, later off to SGN.
  5. Thanks.. yeah quite simple but beautiful..
  6. My shot of Thai Smile Airbus A320-232 HS-TXS to Bangkok on Monday 3rd of April. The aircraft rotate quite early, unhealthy load perhaps?
  7. That was unhealthy load.. Considering the fare aren't that cheap.
  8. Anyone managed to spot Thai Smiles inauguration flight this evening?
  9. Spotting part 3. Dated 16/03/2017 which I spot together with junior BKI Spotter named Goh. Here is some photo taken last thursday. Hornbill Skyways King Air B300 9M-WSC. Pardon for heat haze. Test flight. Bell 206L Long Ranger 9M-BBC, belonged to Sam Ling Group if not mistaken Erikson S-64 Air Crane N189AC "Gypsy Lady" still in BKI. Hornbill Skyways Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605 9M-ATM. Pardon for heat haze. and who thought there is no suprise? Here is suprise visitor Royal Malaysian Air Force 6th Squadron Hawk 208 M40-38 doing flyby around BKI aerodrome. "Bario" on taxiway Charlie. Airborne ! 9M-AJC China Southern Airlines Airbus A320-214 B-6291, seems they deployed the A320 rather A321 lately. Newcomer Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-85C B-5706 from Fuzhou. Lastly spotted our fellow Malaysianwings member Mr. Giovanni Lawai operating Super King Air B200GT 9M-WSB by Hornbill Skyways.
  10. http://www.astroawani.com/berita-malaysia/pengurusan-bagasi-mogok-lebih-50-penerbangan-di-klia-ditunda-135865 Happened today in KLIA. Feel sorry for those involved in this incident which lead to delay.
  11. Jetway original from Terminal 1 Subang isn't it?
  12. They need to do the important thing to compete with major airports or else KUL will continue left behind, just compare last year ranking and this year.. just my 2 cents.
  13. The management need to buy a new train for aerotrain services else the problem will not be solved.
  14. Thank you. Yes their operated at BKI as scheduled basis if not mistaken.
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