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  1. Bloody nonsense. You have such viivid imagination. In my last 14 years being involved in the procurement process and approvals, I can attest that there has never been such a policy nor an instance of such nature that came across me. In fact the policy is in local first. So rubbish to you. And rubbish to you again about the unwritten policy. You cant be more wrong about this.
  2. There never was a policy of Malay/Bumi only CEO Policy as posted.
  3. Malaysia will put into place anti-trust law next year. However anti-trust laws are extra-territorial which means that a company can be taken to court for act of antitrust in a country where they do business even if the act was carried out another country e.g. at their home base. So MH can be taken to court by SQ in Singapore for an act of anti-trust done in Malaysia where SQ and MH both operates where in Singapore the anti-trust laws have been in place for sometime and yet there is none yet in Malaysia. This is what needs to be established. Please get your facts right. Kindly do not post without checking your facts. Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye was chief executive officer of Malaysia Airlines from its inception in 1971 to 1982.
  4. Where do you get these thingS? Tan Sri Merican exCEO of Petronas reached his mandatory retirement age and was immediately snapped up by a Singapore O&G conglomerate. I dont call that falling by the "wayside"
  5. Danny aka Rashdan I dare to guess
  6. Finally someone else is saying it. I thot I was alone.
  7. I feel compelled to correct the misunderstanding by JFK and Josh T. Before the misinformation goes any further. The option to call the Malaysian Call Center from anywhere in the world has always been available for many years. For the Australian and NZ Customers, the current local toll free number is still maintained. They can call the same local toll free number but the call will be answered by the Malaysian Call Center agents. This has to some extent been made possible by a significant reduction in the cost of cross border call redirection.
  8. Having been to KLIA more times than I would like to count and having worked there, I do not recall there being any aerobridge (as we know it - linking the terminal building and the aircraft) spanning the 1km distance between the MTB and the Satellite Building. There is a train that links the building. There is an underpass between the 2 buldings over which an aircraft can taxi. And there is a large storm drain with several "bridges" spanning for aircraft to cross. So I guess, since these are bridges where aircraft uses to taxi from the runway to the parking areas in the Contact pier, so technically one can naievely call it an "aerobridge".
  9. Correct. That was the reason why before Malaysia supported the various anti-terrorist initiatives, Mahathir wanted to agree on a standard definition of "terrorism". But the powers refused because if the world did this, then the IRA, LTTE, HAGANAH or for that matter the nation of Israel would be defined as terrorist along with Iraq, Libya and some acts of the United States. But I digress.
  10. Somehow you are right about completly missing the point. The cameraman is not trying to embarass the cabin crew but rather to show his and the rest of the group's dissatisfaction with the airline. They are not blaming the crew. If you listen to the audio, you will hear the airline name and even the CEO of the airline being mentioned. I do not believe there was any reference made of the crew. Unfortunately, the cabin crew is the front line representative of the airline and they do bear the brunt of the passengers' dissatisfaction. It is the hazzard of the job of all front liners, from check-in, call center, ticketing, traffic, et al. In the video clip, the inclusion of the cabin crew is merely to clearly identify the airline thru their uniform.
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