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  1. I would assume that their immigration will need it for the visa/entry documentation since they are entering the country, especially for those passport holders that didn’t have the visa on arrival to india
  2. Too bad MH’s sugar daddy not as posh as those ME airlines..
  3. flydubai launches daily service to Langkawi and Penang in Malaysia https://news.flydubai.com/flydubai-launches-daily-service-to-langkawi-and-penang-in-malaysia
  4. Malaysia Airlines and China Southern Airlines Launch Codeshare Flights Beginning 6 July. https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/uk/en/mh-media-centre/news-releases/2023/china-southern-airlines-codeshare-flights.html
  5. J class already have the option even before the covid.. during covid it stop temporarily. Now they just resume the service again
  6. MH already offered Y class to book meal in advance, i did that for BKK. Not sure for the rest of MH destination
  7. Indonesia carrier TransNusa set for Malaysian launch KUALA LUMPUR: TransNusa, an Indonesian airline, is gearing up for its Malaysian launch "very soon" after finally receiving the greenlight to start operating here. In an interview with the New Straits Times recently, PT TransNusa Aviation Mandiri chief executive officer, group aviation Datuk Bernard Francis said the carrier would kickstart its operations with Airbus A320 aircraft from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). "We have got all the approvals from the Malaysian side and also the Indonesian side to start two daily flights from next month. https://www.nst.com.my/business/2023/03/890132/indonesia-carrier-transnusa-set-malaysian-launch
  8. Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong eff 28MAR23 New routing, 2 weekly 777-200ER (787-9 from 25APR23). Hong Kong service operates via Kuala Lumpur instead of Bangkok KL817 AMS1930 – 1350+1KUL1505+1 – 1845+1HKG 789 24 KL818 HKG2005 – 2345KUL0100+1 – 0800+1AMS 789 35 Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur – Manila eff 26MAR23 New routing, 5 weekly 777-200ER. Manila service operates via Kuala Lumpur instead of Bangkok KL805 AMS1930 – 1350+1KUL1510+1 – 1845+1MNL 772 x24 KL806 MNL2005 – 2340KUL0100+1 – 0800+1AMS 772 x35 AeroRoutes
  9. To add on, the gov even allow new carrier to operate in the already crowded market.
  10. I would say the non-existent planning for their fleet kinda of save them during covid period.. Now with the travelling is back with 2023/2024 most probably be the peak point especially with China start to open again they better expediate the dellivery of a330neo and a bonus if they can get more a350, of course the funding will be major issue.
  11. Really hope that MH will stick with DOH flight even after QR sort out their aircraft shortage... With the upcoming World cup in Qatar this will help to feed their DOH flight, the timing for second flight seems to be good for this.
  12. Emirates has today announced that it will be flying daily to Penang, Malaysia via Singapore, starting from 20APR20. Congrats to Penang..!! EK348 DXB-SIN 2:30 - 14:05 SIN- PEN 15:35 - 17:15 EK349 PEN-SIN 22:20 - 23:50 SIN-DXB 01:40 - 04:55 Source: https://www.emirates.com/media-centre/emirates-to-launch-services-to-penang-via-singapore/?sf116535438=1
  13. I don't think it rubbish, AF-KLM admitted they “had previously been in contact with Malaysia Airlines’s shareholders”. Basically all this proposal have been rejected by the Gov and the details only being leaked now. Maybe someone not at the same page with Khazanah which preferred AAG proposal. I would prefer if gov let the foreign entity(AF-KLM/JAL/Malindo) to take over MH rather than AAG. Too bad IAG not interested.
  14. They did order the 789(most probably for their long haul and expansion plan) but then you said its more of a political stunt... I'm guessing the reasons why they are not proceed with 789 and 339 most probably because of not enough cash and the Gov still have no clue on what to do with MAB
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