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  1. I was taking a domestic flight on the 15 Aug and KLIA are using body scanners now at the domestic security.
  2. I believe for flights to Bangkok you get this. For flights to Yangon you get the standard meal box.
  3. Ive checked with the flight attendants yesterday from KUL SIN KUL sector and so far they serve everyone snacks and drinks. No discrimination.
  4. Took a flight from KUL to Medan today and talked to the air stewardess and they are not even sure about it. So far they are serving meals, snacks and drinks to everyone.
  5. A question here, I know the business class and business suites has a USB port to charge your phone. How about the economy seats? Do the economy seats have USB ports for charging? Like the A330 and the B738.
  6. On a 737 is very uncomfortable especially with the seat pitch on MAS 737. In addition on a full flight, the queue for the toilets.
  7. I will be in Brisbane and Sydney again this October and will check if I can use the Qantas Lounge on Business Class on Malaysia Airlines Last time on Brisbane I was denied entry into the Qantas Lounge at Brisbane with the Business Class Boarding pass. Only allowed in because of my One World Sapphire benefits.
  8. Thanks for the information. This is just what I need to know. Good to know that you can enjoy the benefits of Enrich Gold although you chose to use your Qantas FF for the flight.
  9. If you are on a one world flight, say you are on a Qantas flight and you are not able to get any Elite Points to your Enrich due to the class of travel. However if you use the Qantas FF you get points. So if you then nominate QFF for the flight, can you still use your Enrich Gold card to get lounge access, priority boarding etc?
  10. MH88 to Tokyo on A380 on 28 Aug 2018 had been retimed. Apparently technical fault. Anyone got any news?
  11. Anyone knows which lounge is Malaysia Airlines using for Business Class at Sydney Airport? Is the lounge Qantas?
  12. Your J Pass shows you are One World Sapphire or Emerald member? My experience In the Qantas Lounge is similar. They told me Im allowed entry because Im sapphire as shown on my Business Class pass.
  13. Are you a One World Sapphire or Emerald Member? If you are, you can use the lounge I guess.
  14. Same here. The staff at the Qantas Lounge did state about Malaysia Airlines not having a contract with them. They will only honour One World status holders.
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