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  1. Found this info on The Spotter's FB Group: MH 7th A359 (9M-MAH) will be arriving at KUL on Nov 11th; and the routing as follows: MH5051 VCV STD 10/11/23 1900 UTC BKI STA 11/11/23 1830 UTC+8 BKI STD 11/11/23 19:30 UTC+8 KUL STA 11/11/23 22:00 UTC+8 Thanks to Wan Putra Aziz for sharing this info on the The Spotter's FB Group.
  2. I'm quite surprised to hear Z9 will be flying both to DMK and BKK for this route. Any reasons why they choose both airport instead of one?
  3. D7 is receiving another A333 from what i've seen online, which is 9M-XBF. And heard that the plane is ex-Philippine Airlines. Perhaps someone could verify it?
  4. And the design of the seats are same too; except for the color mentioned by you above.
  5. Happy 16th Anniversary to Malaysianwings and best wishes to all 🥳 To Uncle Pieter, we will always remember you. Rest in Peace.
  6. Awesome. Can't wait to go back to BKI and spot there.
  7. My guess these are the only photos for this thread 😅 Forgot to share these photos here. 1.AirAsia Airbus A321-251NX 9M-VAB SBW/WBGS, MY 14/06/2020 Spotted while about to land at Sibu. First time spotted the A321neo, and guess what, zoomed it too close and ended up like this (with electric cables) 😅 2. AirAsia Airbus A321-251NX 9M-VAA 3,2,1, take off livery 21 June 2020 Operating as AK5878 from Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to a fellow spotter Darrell Galwynn for editing it for me. 3. Managed to spot her airborne while enroute for lunch. AirAsia Airbus A320-216 9M-RAT 29/06/2020 Arriving from Johor Bahru as AK5035.
  8. Hopefully they will resume pax flight to AMS too. Best of luck to MASkargo.
  9. MJets International (Love Fly) B738 9M-LOV had been spotted flying KUL-MYY-KUL on Flightradar24 today. Any idea or info about that?
  10. New year, and year for new thread. Feel free to share photos from SBW for the year 2020 here. Hoping that i will be able to update this thread regularly.
  11. New year, and year for new thread. Feel free to share photos from KCH for the year 2020 here. Happy New Year 2020 and best wishes to all!
  12. Thanks. BTW could you please change your name so we could easily address you here? Most of us using real names for this group. Thanks again.
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