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  1. Snapped by a friend of mine while he was about to fly back to SBW.
  2. First time spotted her in close; Pacific Flight Services Beech C-90GTi King Air (VH-RIA). Smaller than the Super King Air, she do look cute. And she could be considered as a regular here too.
  3. November 14th (Thursday), spotted at SBW AFRS Station. Got permission to enter the airside for a event, which i will share it here. AK5030 (A320-216, 9M-AQA) arriving from JHB, and the flight was delayed. AK5882 (A320-216, 9M-AJH) arriving from Kuala Lumpur
  4. A quick peek today, as SBW is witnessing a historic event 😁 will upload the photos here later.
  5. Let's hope Boeing will settle the Max problem as quickly as possible. They suffered a lot because of the Max fiasco. And thanks for the Google sheets on the delivery list. Will be easy to know what aircraft will enter service.
  6. Any info about the incoming B738s to OD? Heard that ID is transferring 3 of their B738 to OD.
  7. I would like to share photos of my flight departing SBW on November 1st, 2019 snapped by Reynold Morris. I had his go ahead to upload this photo. AirAsia Airbus A320-216, 9M-RAT, departing SBW to KUL as AK5873 on November 1st, 2019. Enjoy!
  8. Taken on November 1st (while waiting for my flight AK5873 to KUL) and today (after arriving from KUL as AK5870). My SBW-KUL flight is operated using 9M-RAT (last A320ceo received by AK) and KUL-SBW is A320ceo (9M-RAK).
  9. Taken while waiting for my flight home to SBW today. All was taken using my Huawei Nova 2 lite phone.
  10. Not sure where to upload this, so i'll just upload it here instead. Snapped upon arrival at klia2 yesterday. Will upload the rest later.
  11. Will be flying to KUL this weekend; so hopefully i'm able to spend a time spotting there It's been 3 years since the last time i spot in KLIA.
  12. Who knows they will reintroduce flights to Jeddah as well (since they previously operate flights to Jeddah via Hyderabad on B739ER)
  13. That Kawasaki C-2 is definitely a rare catch!
  14. Interesting. Let's wait and see for more news about this new start-up.
  15. Didn't found any thread about BTU, so i decided to create a new thread here. Snapped by my youngest brother where he was about to fly back to KUL after attending my cousin wedding. And it's a A320NEO.
  16. Heard from a friend of mine (AK staff based at SBW) that SIN-SBW might be temporarily delayed,pending approval from Singapore authorities. Let's hope it will proceed as planned.
  17. Snapped by a friend of mine when he disembarking from his flight (BKI-SBW) on 2/09/2019. Airline: AirAsia Aircraft: Airbus A320-216 Registration: 9M-AHT ('Thank You Sabah' livery)
  18. AK been granted traffic rights for SBW-SIN by MAVCOM; flight to commence on October 2019. Link below: https://www.mavcom.my/en/2019/08/08/air-traffic-rights-bulletin-july-2019/
  19. Latest update: It's back to business at SBW. Link below: https://www.theborneopost.com/2019/08/14/sibu-airport-resumes-normal-operations-after-faulty-runway-lights-repaired/?fbclid=IwAR13eD7TCEpI_Sy61Kvith09biqGZ9E-Q-3hQUcI8cLqrxmqxIVez3LdFrE
  20. SIBU: A total of 1,561 passengers were affected when 12 flights to and from Sibu were cancelled due to the closure of Sibu Airport runway yesterday evening. Sibu Airport manager Zainuddin Abu Nasir said the decision was made following detection of faulty runway edge lights. read more below: https://www.theborneopost.com/2019/08/14/faulty-runway-edge-lights-force-cancellation-of-flights/ and in Malay: https://www.utusanborneo.com.my/2019/08/13/lapangan-terbang-sibu-ditutup-susulan-lampu-landasan-rosak-beroperasi-semula-pagi-rabu All night inbound and outbound flights are cancelled due to the faulty light last night. However the lights was successfully repaired at 7.50pm, however due to safety reasons, MAHB (alongside with the agreement with AK and MASwings), decided to close down the runway for night operations,as they need to repair and stabilise the runway lights. The only aircraft departing SBW before the closure is MH2717 (B737-8H6, 9M-MXS 'Negaraku') and here's the NOTAM for WBGS for yesterday: D0838/19 NOTAMR D0500/19 Q) WBFC/QMYAO/IV/BO /A /000/999/0215N11158E005 A) WBGS B)1908130131 C) 1911130131 EST E) TO ENABLE ATC TO APPLY MNM SPACING ON FNA THAT WILL ACHIEVE MAX RWY UTILISATION AND MINIMISE THE OCCURRENCE OF 'GO-AROUNDS' LDG ACFT SHALL EXIT THE LDG RWY WO DLA AT THE FIRST SUITABLE EXIT TWY OR AS INSTRUCTED BY ATC. ACFT LDG RWY 13 THAT IS UNABLE TO EXIT VIA AVBL EXIT TWY SHALL STOP AND REVERSE COURSE ON THE RWY ASAP. ACFT THAT NEED TO PROCEED TO THE END OF THE RWY AND REVERSE COURSE ON THE TURNING PAN SHALL INFORM ATC BFR LDG CREATED: 13 Aug 2019 01:39:00 SOURCE: WMKKYNYX (to all airmen, kindly correct me if the info on the NOTAM is incorrect)
  21. If i'm not mistaken there's also a Mexican FSS with MH, named Isela
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