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  1. Many thanks for your responses - I’m guessing in the interim that 738/739’s could always be transferred back across from the parent company.
  2. An airline which is often forgotten about is Malindo and with international travel recommencing here in Australia and flights to Perth set to recommence, I’ve just been researching the current Malindo B737 fleet and I was unaware at how decimated their former reasonably sized fleet has become. Is it correct they just have -LCR, LNP and LNV left in active service?
  3. Have read elsewhere that an OD 739ER is off to Delta along with 28 other similar frames from the Lion Air fleet, apparently the frames leaving the JT/OD/ID fleets and are apparently leased from Castlelake. Does anyone know which frames are involved in the transaction?
  4. Skyliner is now listing the following for Malindo after transfer and ferrying SZB-KUL on 20/12: 9M-LCR ex PK-LBY 9M-LCS ex PK-LDG
  5. The Sydney service has already commenced. I would dispute that OD are now are full service carrier also, they launched as a hybrid carrier back in March 2013, with all inclusive fares, now they've gone down the LCC/bundled tier fares model. Further to this the fares I've looked at once ancillaries are added in they were more than MH on a number of sampled flights originated ex Perth. The likes of QF, SQ and CX are FSC, Malindo/Batik Malaysia are just plain confusing about their identity and place in the market. They have so much potential but have slid down the totem pole further. The should've kept the hybrid model and if needed reduced their generous allowances. Being Australian but spending a considerable amount of time in MY, I can truthfully say Aussies vote with their wallets, they need to complete the rebrand and distance themselves from aircraft which resemble Lion Air. I'm guessing the alleged incoming incoming 737NG's are from Batik?
  6. For those that may have missed it, OD's B738 9M-LNV has been leased to Fiji Airways to provide coverage for their grounded MAX's. Read somewhere that it was fully crewed by OD tech and cabin crew with the addition of a FJ purser. Still intrigues me that OD can afford to wet lease out 2 738's and still operate their full network including their recently introduced routes, I just can't fathom to understand their fleet logic. That said their does seem to be noticeably less aircraft parked opposite the B gates at KLIA.
  7. Thank you Mushrif and Julius, ended up with row 16 at check in so itll be interesting too see if theres any noticeable difference in the leg-room. My previous sectors on these ex AB A332s have been quite positive.
  8. Cheers JW...so does that mean these additional charge seats are either Y+ or is it just because they are located closer to the pointy end? I was under the impression that the MAS A333s only had 2 rows or forward Y seats with additional legroom.
  9. Im on MH127 tonight and during the online checkin process it shows rows 14-19 as being XL seats, theyre available for purchase for an additional AUD$89.90. Does that mean its a A333 and are these Y+ seats? PER has been a mixed bag recently of A332/333s however the past week its been solely A332s. Any help or guidance is appreciated.
  10. Had a interesting conversation with someone involved with OD's ground handled agent here in Perth who provided some inside info. Australia's are price conscious and since moving from the hybrid model to that of a low-cost carrier, there's been plenty of frustration and angst at check in when passengers find out their bookings no longer include checked bags, which are apparently obscured in the booking process. Rumours are forward bookings are looking fairly dismal, interestly the previous loyal Malindo folk are moving towards SQ and D7 are apparently looking to increase their services on the afternoon departure ex Perth. It'll be interesting to see if they have a future, as at one stage they were quite a viable competitor on the route, although most OD flyers hold onward connections to Central Asia.
  11. Just done a return PER-KUL-PEN-KUL-PER trip, MH127/126 was on A332's with the recent Northern Summer changes, which was a huge deciding factor when booking this trip. As side note has anyone looked more closely at the utilisation rates for these 6 A332's? They're very low and the aircraft spend most of their time parked in KUL, does anyone know if these are on a pay-by-the-hour lease arrangement or a conventional lease? Looking at FR24 records there's no way they currently need all 6 of these aircraft, once again MH seems unable to efficiently make best use of their assets.
  12. Read Malindo are set to commence a 4 day weekly service to ADL via DPS in 1Q 2019. OD173/174 with an evening arrival/departure ex ADL. Wonder if we'll see some additional aircraft added to their fleet.
  13. LNF last night operated OD155/156 and today OD151/152 to/from Perth, it was her first visit to Australia, which is quite remarkable. I've seen a photo of her taken today and she's no sporting EDTO titles below the cockpit windows, does anyone when she was converted? Loadings must be favourable as 900ER's are now regular visitors here.
  14. I've read somewhere PER is being upgraded to a A333 for a few weeks in December.
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