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  1. I think they are now reaping fruits of their "we're cheap, cheaper than you know who ......" campaigns of yesteryears (well, at least for us Malaysians)
  2. Whether you are aware of it and/or care to recognize it, there were promises and obligations pledged to the two Bornean components at conception of the nation of Malaysia, and I suppose we should be grateful that all parties have largely adhered to the spirit (if not to the letter) of this If I may opine, your "Let the Sabah/Sarawak government run it" assertion smacks of ignorance, and dare I say, sheer arrogance I can only pray and hope that those in corridors of power, whichever their political inclination, do not entertain such thoughts of yours in the slightest bit, ever
  3. I don't suppose any of the Max 8 or Max 10 destined for MH would have made it to the production line yet ?
  4. Kenot leh, says there only "4 seats left" Potential is limited, max saving is RM600 😁
  5. Anyone into yield management ?!
  6. Ah yes, do recall who it was who laid on that blue Hebatkan Negaraku 9M-XXI into BKI last year ? 'Backed the wrong horse' everyone said (particularly with the 'old horse' at other side of the fence then) You have to but admire how management there had just 'acted accordingly' since - weathered that challenge quite well by any account
  7. As far as I can remember, upper floor of T2 had accommodated only KFC, another kopitiam and a souvenir vendor - not sure it's wise nor safe to channel pax up there as matter of course Not unless you mean raising the roof, building outwards and sideways, fitting in aerobridges (oh you gotta have them, all canggih airports have them nowadays) and a couple or more flyovers in vicinity to 'ease traffic congestion' ...... another big ticket item awaiting big budget allocation, mouthwatering prospect
  8. Would that not be akin to saying the rain clouds keep drenching upon MAB alone even when others are standing under the same sky ?
  9. Or it could be purpose of land purchase not for use as an airport terminal in long term plans ?
  10. If the will is there, I reckon no issue whatsoever Just get people behind adjacent Tanjung Aru Eco Development to build and deliver a new school nearby Gonna look fantastic on their CSR profile whilst freeing up land for T2 expansion; win-win situation for all
  11. Well, could be BKI T2 making a comeback ? Solutions in sight for KKIA2, Star City woes from: http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/141893/solutions-in-sight-for-kkia2-star-city-woes/
  12. Be realistic - if the 'alpha male' even think of jumping, those lower down the food chain worth their salt will already be limbering up in preparedness to jump
  13. Mathematically it makes sense - two negatives make a positive (sanity ? none here, look elsewhere please)
  14. The state Thomas Cook is in nowadays, the goodbye may not last till 26 Mar 2020 - maybe next week even ?
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