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  1. So, only nine SQ and MI aircraft combined, worldwide 🥴 Wonder how to find space for those other 138 😕
  2. Would I be right in assuming MH's two daily LHR flights are being maintained (so far at least) regardless of yields or loads just so those precious slots can be retained ?
  3. I once ended up in the open air outside arrival hall queued up for immigration clearance - heck more pleasant there than the stifling atmosphere inside hall proper (though I doubt many of my fellow queue members appreciated sniffing Jet-A1 fumes as I did 😀)
  4. Yes, BKI T2 was already overcrowded. Then the red one decided to stay put for ages instead of shifting to T1 when that was ready, all the while pax numbers kept increasing. That obviously did not help matters one bit, safe to say
  5. How likely that PEN redevelopment be placed on back burner now, considering recent political changes ?
  6. I'm guessing their current 'Unlimited Pass' offer (RM499 exclusive taxes and "fees applicable") is a fund raising attempt to alleviate cash flow crisis
  7. Perhaps it's just me, but I do feel the airline should need to rephrase that 🤣
  8. One can only wonder what the load was aboard the inaugural flight today 😁
  9. After all this finger pointing and insinuations, can we reasonably conclude then that this seemingly 'exclusive' AAG/Airbus relationship is fast unraveling ? And if so, how much, if any, of the current purchase commitments already in place will be affected 😑
  10. Wow ! Many thanks indeed for that dose of nostalgia 😁
  11. Why not ? Just because some politician is concerned about criticisms from the other side, compassion and common sense goes out the window ? Incidentally, the opposition here (LDP) has since sort of dispelled your 'silver bullets' line of thought 😁 refer: http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/147095/show-compassion-govt-urged/ He didn't say we are well prepared, he didn't say we are prepared, he didn't say we are taking steps to prepare - he said we will not be able to handle an outbreak 🙄 So what happened to all the expertise and experience from SARS episode previously ?
  12. Good to see some common sense coming through 🙂 Special pass for Chinese tourists from: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/02/09/special-pass-for-chinese-tourists Not absolutely clear though if those Chinese presently in Sabah will be issued the special passes here in Sabah or they need to travel to Semenanjung for it 😐 But at least option is there However, if the Sabah authorities persist with their 7 days stance, then I fear for the reputation of our 'hospitality' amongst the Chinese tourism market. Less we forget the very recent cases of those 'negligent' Chinese visitors being detained for failing to have their travel documents stamped at BKI ? When these people return home, they will talk and more likely than not, it will be someone's loss consequently ...... 😒
  13. Furthermore, that last bit by our CM about "...Sabah does not have sufficient resources to cope in case of an outbreak in the state..." is a statement of sheer embarrassment to us Sabahans. If true, we should be so very worried already 😟
  14. This part of it is particularly disappointing and I cannot comprehend logic behind that stance Our tourism people went over and wooed those Chinese nationals to came visit our land, and they did, and contributed in their own way to our local economy as well as social/cultural exchanges. Whilst they are here, things developed in their homeland, which would endanger them if they do make their way back. So we now tell them they have 7 days to sort things out, then go away, dunno where to but go away somehow 😒 Bear in mind that these visitors have been amongst us for a while already and there has been no reported incidence of any of them being a victim or carrier of the dreaded virus (which in grand scheme of things, really isn't as deadly as the media has portrayed it to be) So, IF in event any one of them (and we don't know which one as of now) is/was to pass on the virus to any of us locals, it's more than likely a done deal already. And do we see any effort to identify all people these Chinese nationals have had contacts with for duration of their stay here so far for purpose of isolating/quarantining the 'victims' ? No So why is it such a big deal we Sabahans cannot afford to accommodate these few Chinese (medical refugees) for a while more ? What is there to lose by showing a measure of compassion to them ? Perhaps visa extension can be done on a weekly basis, with a view on how the situation in Wuhan/China develop with time ? More likely than not, our visitors are more keen to return home than overstay their welcome here really I'm concerned about the aftermath effects - say our tourism people go over to Wuhan/China after all this crisis has blown over (yes, flu epidemics come and go, regularly) and people there recall what sort of 'hospitality' their kin were accorded in times of need ......
  15. Coronavirus: Sabah govt announces additional temporary travel restrictions https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/02/07/coronavirus-sabah-govt-announces-additional-temporary-travel-restrictions 🙄
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