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  1. The mind boggles as to then why Malindo in Malaysia need 'up to' 1,500 staff for the 10 birds incoming ?! 😁
  2. So refreshing to see MH responding to demand as and when necessary nowadays 🙂 Who would have thought this possible pre-Covid ? Probably would have expected the more nimble and responsive Air Asia to have done the necessary instead .....
  3. Malaysia Airlines plane with Jalur Gemilang livery to bring in Covid-19 vaccine on Sunday (Feb 21) from: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/02/18/malaysia-airlines-plane-with-jalur-gemilang-livery-to-bring-in-covid-19-vaccine-on-sunday-feb-21 😃
  4. Considering how AAx restructuring will likely be shoved up manufacturer A's nether region, it's really not too difficult to imagine them being 'joined at hip' 😆
  5. MH's order has been cancelled, no ?
  6. At that burn rate, the 300m 'loan' from Sabah will keep the fire going for 2.5 weeks only 😉
  7. For BKI hub dream it has been repeated, recooked, rehashed every so often over such a long time, it should really be reclassified as a coma already 😁
  8. Cathay Dragon / Dragonair logo and branding gonna go way of the dodo too 😆
  9. Let us be realistic and practical about it - any of that money spent on those very specific purposes for the time being will be exercises in futility Better to dump the money in now to help keep AK group alive in hope they can pull through this crisis, in time eventually, and only then talk about all those fanciful projects 🙂 Like what reasonable degree of success can one possibly envisage in turning KKIA into an "international hub" and "promote Sabah tourism destinations" when borders are closed off everywhere ?! 😄
  10. Korean Air to take over Asiana Airlines for $1.6b https://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/161713/korean-air-to-take-over-asiana-airlines-for-1-6b/ Another brand goes the way of the dodo ..... 😪
  11. I'm wondering what is happening to those (previously) ever so precious LHR slots nowadays - would BAA be within their right to reallocate to other carriers if there are takers ? And if eventually MH (or any other Malaysian entity) decide to restore a more normal schedule to the UK, the slots have to be reapplied / renegotiated for ?
  12. Cover Story: Creditors to decide fate of MAS, AirAsia X https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/cover-story-creditors-decide-fate-mas-airasia-x Wonder why they still call it "debt restructuring" - isn't that closer to a debt write off instead ? 😁
  13. Seem Khazanah may not be financially in position to side with the devil though
  14. AAX’s capacity plunges 100pc to 6,032 in Q2 from: http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/156868/aax-s-capacity-plunges-100pc-to-6-032-in-q2/ Total 2,291 pax in Q2 2020 (undefined how many are fare paying) Averaging slightly above 25 pax per day I'm guessing those numbers are statistically irrelevant given the current environment We are near halfway through Q3 2020 already, wonder how the figures are adding up ?!
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