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  1. This evening's MH2 (23:30) to LHR is now tomorrow morning's 07:00 departure - BKI transit pax still do not know their fate 😁
  2. It begs the question whether their plan to have FY do all domestic routes (excepting a few 'essential' ones that apparently only MH can fully fulfil) is still intact - for sure what that is scheduled now cannot be what was envisioned 🙂 Then there is the proposed BKI hub ..... haiyah 😁 Dunno lah, is FY jet operations meant to be at all ? Remember, this is their second go at it. The first attempt was swept aside upon the MH/AK 'merger' - leading to the couple of insects being abandoned at KUL for years thereafter I recall 🙄
  3. Those sort of reduced FY frequencies are bad by their own right, but do look decidedly clownish when you see what AK has on offer as an alternative 🙄
  4. Looks like the charter to/fro Guangzhou (Batik, 9M-LRL) did not happen, equipment diverted to BKI enroute from KUL and returned thereafter Must be some frustrated holiday makers at CAN now But I see flights resuming at both TWU and SDK already
  5. Oh my gosh, and we're anticipating the Chinese labour day holiday rush over next few days/weeks 🤦‍♂️ Understand they are also doing direct charters into TWU as well 😑
  6. I am getting impression FR24 has gone bonkers - unless there is nefarious reason for the weird diversion 😀
  7. There are Firefly flights with FY flight numbers and some with FM prefix Any idea ?
  8. I see MH2668 KUL-SDK being operated by an A330 later today OD1002 KUL-BKI is on its way now with an A330, as will MH2614, 2616, 2638 and 2640 later in the day
  9. Malaysian version of forward planning ... 😁
  10. But surely not weather or medical emergency ... it being a month out yet 🤣
  11. That, and to go gawping at the model aeroplanes on display 😁 Noticed the list above missed out MH's office at Hanover Square, just off Oxford Circus in London - many happy/exciting saturday afternoons there 🙂
  12. https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2024/03/01/short-selling-of-airasia-x-shares-suspended-by-bursa Would seem the money people not particularly impressed ..... ? 🤔
  13. He is right you know, they probably were well capable of 'declining' without outside help ..... 😉
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