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  1. If it's MH, would probably forgo concept of flying with own metal and just paste a code share on whichever carrier willing to risk trying it out
  2. BC Tam

    BKI 2020

    Well, if everything in this article is to be believed ... https://www.theborneopost.com/2020/01/09/200000-northern-chinese-tourists-to-visit-sabah-annually/ ... not just scheduled, but gonna station birds here even
  3. Didn't D7 at one time try out a rebranding in blue (for all of one day) ..... ?! 😁
  4. You reckon those Japanese blokes who had just stomached ignominy of a 'restructuring' of their own self recently would realistically be in any fit state of mind to undertake the MH challenge ?! 😁
  5. from: https://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2020/01/17/british-journalist-criticises-airlines-version-of-nasi-lemak-gets-schooled-by-malaysians I apologize to all and sundry for any and all negative comments I have ever posted about inflight grub 😁 (particularly as I had (or should have) thanked the Lord for what I was about to receive ..... )
  6. So this was the slip of paper we were all issued with - go to any of these F&B joints at SIN, present your boarding pass and you're entitled to SGD15 worth of nutritional nourishment Nothing too note worthy after that really Excepting that 9V-MGI was drafted in to rescue our journey and we arrived home a tad three hours over our original STA To be honest, the state we were in by the latter stages, we could not care less what it was thy served us on board (we were 'sustained') But the one thing that lingered in mind - was the profuse and consistent apologies for the 'misadventure' throughout, once it became apparent it was one of those days (when the stars are misaligned .....)
  7. Something like 5 or 10 minutes before the declared ETD on screen at our gate, I suppose 'they' then decided it was a lost cause and announced a "technical delay due to late arrival of aircraft ....." (I'm still left wondering if my showing them on my mobile of FR24 tracking of 9V-MGJ incoming from KUL had any bearing on that decision) The apologies started flowing thereafter, and 'refreshment packs' were freely dispensed at the holding gate we were at Nothing substantial - water, cookies ..... just enough to sustain 9V-MGJ eventually arrived after a protracted delay and made her way to gate to disgorge her cargo, both self loading and manually unloaded - all seemed on track (courtesy of FR24 and Changi's complimentary wi-fi) Then worries mounted, when all activities around the aircraft just ... ceased Not long after, someone came on the PA to concede the aircraft had gone inoperable, I suppose to you and me, it's "not fit to fly" I'm not about to go argue that line of logic
  8. Not saying this is apple to apple comparison, but rather just a recollection of how the golden goose family dealt with our recent 'misadventure' at their home base Our MLE-SIN flight was already delayed at the get go, but the scheduled near 9 hours transit at SIN more than adequately cushioned After a quick sojourn into town for a bak kut teh lunch ..... ... we returned to a well and truly drenched Changi, consequent to which the already busy air traffic was thrown into chaos Our onward connecting flight to BKI fell victim to that, as it came clear the designated aircraft for our flight, incoming from KUL was held up in a holding pattern west of SIN, whilst awaiting accumulated traffic to clear
  9. Malaysia Airlines admits snacks 'too light' during horror flight ordeal from: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12299336 If anyone of us was on that flight and could be bothered to file a trip report ...... 😁
  10. Move to make Labuan flight transit hub from: http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/144822/move-to-make-labuan-flight-transit-hub/ Should Changi big wigs be alarmed by this ? There is after all absence of congestion and an 'extended runway' at LBU Plus 'incentives' some more .....
  11. This Love Fly outfit still not flying regularly day in day out I believe - and yet there are already 'mascara stains' all over 9M-LOV there 😀 Goodness knows what she will end up looking like if and when time get scarce for a quick shower and beauty touch ups
  12. If loads on my most recent MI flights BKI/SIN/BKI give any clue, SQ group would be more likely considering whether to carry on at all in any form
  13. ???!! (again totally out of character)
  14. Look unlikely 9M-VAA will be able to make her appearance at BKI (AK5118) tomorrow, not with how her date at Singapore (AK717) is scheduled Heck of a long flight KUL-SIN though isn't it ?
  15. So the possibility is there, unlikely though it may seem (for now at least) to have airasia.com peddling MH and OD seats ?! Now that would be levelling the playing field somewhat (on assumption no one does any tinkering to the algorithm within)
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