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  1. So this some random news clipping I managed to retrieve ..... 😁
  2. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    Heh, still no sign yet of those diverted birds at LBU and MYY making their way over 😀
  3. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    But wait, seem like 9M-RAH is now attempting to come in, after circling above Bongawan
  4. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    I guess it will take quite a while to clear all the accumulated congestion - have to wait till the rain stop before they can even start repairing the damaged runway at least (it's still pouring out there as I click away .....) 🙂
  5. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    Yeah, saw a couple of people sweeping up that part of the runway nearby the right angle turn at Jln Selangor Felt sorry for people in 9M-MSB having been waiting (at least 20 minutes or so) at end of runway 30 only to have to backtrack along runway to return to terminal, together with 9M-RAR close behind Tough to understand logic why 9M-AQB was pushed back and made her way towards runway 30, even as 9M-MSB and 9M-RAR were already on their way back to terminal. Yes, she too had to make her way back after a while 😄
  6. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    9M-AJY still circling up there, but it would seem 9M-MLS had had enough and making her way to MYY (?) to wait it out
  7. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    Looks like 9M-MXL and 9M-MSA already resting at LBU
  8. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    Looks like BKI runway not going be of much use this afternoon. Just saw 2 A320s, a B738 and a B733 return to terminal after spending time waiting at end of runway (Tg Aru end) 😀
  9. Possibly from next week (SQ106/105, SQ126/125) 😀 Singapore Airlines to fly A380 on 60-minute flight | CNN Travel
  10. I hope all are armed and ready for the SQ Dugongs upcoming visits 😀
  11. Wild shot in the dark - this is some corporate manoeuvre to get those creditors to agree to the proposed drastic haircuts, or someone just clicked the end game button 😁
  12. The mind boggles as to then why Malindo in Malaysia need 'up to' 1,500 staff for the 10 birds incoming ?! 😁
  13. So refreshing to see MH responding to demand as and when necessary nowadays 🙂 Who would have thought this possible pre-Covid ? Probably would have expected the more nimble and responsive Air Asia to have done the necessary instead .....
  14. Malaysia Airlines plane with Jalur Gemilang livery to bring in Covid-19 vaccine on Sunday (Feb 21) from: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/02/18/malaysia-airlines-plane-with-jalur-gemilang-livery-to-bring-in-covid-19-vaccine-on-sunday-feb-21 😃
  15. Considering how AAx restructuring will likely be shoved up manufacturer A's nether region, it's really not too difficult to imagine them being 'joined at hip' 😆
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