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    Plane Lover, Spotting Kaki, Flight Simulation Gila, Virtual Pilot, Manchester United Lover, Movie Goer, and PM me if you wanna lepak!
  1. Hmm.. was this official thing from DCA? I dont remember filing in my SPM results into my CPL or ATPL application to DCA. Though i know flying schools do conduct interviews for cadets to filter out their own requirement. Requirements for application are all in the forms. Since you studied overseas, im not sure la bro, but dont give up, sure got some way one.
  2. Bro, really kah you cant convert your license because you dont have SPM requirement? Did they write to you on the requirements? Cause not all cadets in my ex-flying school were like top A1 students or something and they still did their ATPL papers. Hmm.. Well,just to share, talking about academic requirements for the airline, i have a batchmate who is 27 years old and his SPM results didnt meet the requirement for MAS, but he had a good degree and a good working experience for 6-7 years. Another batchmate is 26 and he has an engineering degree. SPM results would be very important if you are a fresh school leaver and probably if you are still in college or university. but if you have a degree and some workign experience it would really help,as they always look at your highest academic qualification. I wear glasses, left and right eye power around 450, with 70 Astigmatism. When i went for the first medical check up, the doctor explained that for your first class 1 your eye power matters.i cant remember what the maximum power was. You will only know if you see a AME. But once you are selected, and when you are renewing your class 1 yearly in your career, there is no limitation to your eye power as long as you wear glasses and your eye is correctable to 6/60 .
  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Cant wait to have a chance to touch and feel.
  4. *faints and dies* AWESOME!!! Norman and taiko's im waiting for more !
  5. No such thing bro. You have to come back and do your conversion here if you do ur flying in AU.
  6. YES!!! It was o 4th of October.. OMG! We were so excited you guys waved at us!! And just couldnt imagine it woud be someone from MWings..this is so cool.. And the next time you come to LGK let us know The student and the instructor didnt notice their back canopy was open.. And it was not me who closed it.. It was Daljit, my co-spotter to the rescue! Also Firefly on that day.. Starting up. Taxi to Holding Point Bravo. Close up. Lineup RWY21.
  7. Yes the Kambing's on FIRE!!! SILK AIR MORNING FLIGHT AIRBUS A330
  8. Thanks guys. Just a small contribution to my fav forum. Anyways Raj, i as flying at the time the Antonov took off, and i also missed the recent F111 and the ATR 42. ill try my best to catch the intresting traffic in the future. Ibrahim..70-300mm F/4-5.6 G only lah..70-300 VR too poison!!! Here's more..
  9. Some recent action in Langkawi More is on the way. Stay tuned
  10. Dude no need to say sorry..everyone is learning man even ME =)
  11. Yeah its practically a flying brick man. At best glide speed of 85kts we have a ROD of 1100-1300 fpm. Farid's story is amazing. For a person to crash 10 days ago and wanting to fly again soon, thats a lot of courage. Hope he gets back in shape fast.
  12. In HMA, we used to finish all our ground school hours and papers before we started to fly. Once we were done with ground school ,only then we were transfered into the flying wing to start our PPL flying and so on.Thats what my batch and the batches before mine did. But recently they changed that system to an integrated flight training (which obviously is what its suppose to be and what other schools do),meaning, after your DCAT ground stage, you go and do your 42 hours of PPL flying. And once you're done with PPL flying you come back to ground school to do your CA6 and CA2 papers. And thereafter continue your CPL and Twin engine flying once you complete those papers. Thats what i meant with the word integrated ,refering to the way our training was implemented here in HMA. And FK, I think(maybe) we are using the same charts you did when u were here man. The photocopied ones
  13. Its about mismanagement of flying schools by the previous management,knowing they were unable to supply the demands of the airline or rather the industry itself. The reason all this 'delay' came about is because the flying schools had too many intakes in such a short time.The reason why MAS has a backlog is because of that initial delay! MAS surely did their calculations before sending their cadets and sure enough the flying schools just screwed it up. Its not about the airline having too much cadets, its just they never expected them to finish this late and all their timing..LARI!! MAS is riding this boat with us . Well, all said and done, im thankful im where i am and things have impoved. The current batches joining HM have no delays whatsoever. My batch is just stuck in between and since the damage has been done long time ago, we just have to sit it out and have fun while this things last (i guess). And hey, im having loads of FUN!
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