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  1. AirAsia A320 Air Canada (incl. Air Canada Express) CRJ900, E175, A320, B789 Air France A321 Air India A320 Alaska Airlines B734 All Nippon Airways B788 American Airlines (incl. American Eagle) E175, B738 British Airways B742, B744, B772 Continental Airlines B738 Delta Air Lines MD-90, B752, B753 Emirates A332, B772, B77W, A380 Egyptair (incl. Egyptair Express) E170, B738, A321 Eva Air B744 Finnair A321, A343 Frontier B734, A320 Horizon Air Q400 Iberia A321 Japan Airlines B763 Jet Airways A332, B738, B77W JetBlue Airways A320, A321 Jet Lite B737 Jetstar Asia A320 Lao Airlines ATR 72, A320 Malaysia Airlines B734, B738, A333 Northwest Airlines DC-9, DC-10, B744 Qantas A333 Qatar Airways A359 Royal Brunei Airlines A320 Scoot B772, B789 Silkair A319, A320 Singapore Airlines A310, A333, B772, A345, A359, B773, B77W, B744, A380 Spanair MD-90 South African Airways (Airlink) Bae 41, Bae 146 Southwest B734, B737, B738 Sun Country Airlines B738 TAP Air Portugal (incl. TAP Express) ATR 72, A320 Thai Airways B734, B772, B77W Tigerair A320 Turkish Airlines A321, A333, B77W United Airlines (incl. United Express) CRJ900, E175, B733, A319, B738, A320, B739, B752, B763, B772, B744 Vietnam Airlines F70
  2. Business pax between South Asia and the West Coast. Frankly UA has the upper hand in J pax because it is the local carrier and has corporate partnerships with Bay Area behemoths like Apple. Nowhere am I suggesting that Malaysia is the primary market... Have you seen the number of casual Singaporean travellers who opt for SQ to the US? On any given flight, very few. And to be honest I don't see how CDG, AMS or FRA will be high yielding either with the ME3. AMS with the added pressure of KL.
  3. Seems to be talk of a new A350 long haul route apart from LHR. My money is on a CDG service. KL currently has AMS locked down and MAS will have little transit pax in AMS. FRA or maybe even DUS might work with codeshares with airBerlin. But I think it may be myopic to write off a possible KUL-SFO non-stop. I know it will never happen but I believe it is feasible. The times I've been on SQ32 it appears SIA really survives off connecting pax from South Asia. Only 1/5 of passengers were Singaporeans and Americans. There's also a sizeable SE Asian community in the Bay Area, including Malaysians. So a 5x weekly service priced right with the correct mix of transit pax from MAA, BOM, HYD, BLR, BKK, SGN and even SIN might work. Code-share with AA in SF for connections to LAX, ORD, MIA, JFK, PHX, PHL, DCA.
  4. I've found another routing that might make more sense. Instead of using HKG as a gateway point, I explored using ICN. GJT-DEN UA4924 0600-0711hrs DEN-SFO UA277 0801-0943hrs SFO-ICN OZ211 1240-1725hrs ICN-BKI OZ757 1950-2355hrs BKI-SDK MH3093 0745-0835hrs
  5. What an exciting challenge! Given the very complex nature of the routing, I suggest you split the tickets. Choose a nice gateway point that gives you good access between the States and Sabah. I think HKG is a good option as you have an assortment of flights to the US and a good number of flights to BKI. From there, you've just gotta plan 2 sets of journeys: One from GJT/Canyonfields to HKG, and the other from HKG to SDK. Then you've got to see if the two journeys link together. If you can use the same alliance of carriers throughout the entire joinery, that's great. But really, given how messy it's going to be, I suggest focusing on planning the 2 journeys separately first. I've done a dummy booking to demonstrate the above. Grand Junction to Sandakan GJT-DEN UA4924 0600-0711hrs DEN-SFO UA277 0801-0943hrs SFO-HKG UA869 1345-1840hrs HKG-BKI (NEXT DAY) KA61 0800-1100hrs BKI-SDK MH3095 1500-1550hrs Note: The layover in HKG will be extremely long approx. 13 hours, so finding hotels is advisable. Here's a more expensive routing that does not require hotels in HKG. GJT-DFW AA3140 1042-1355hrs DFW-LAX AA2477 1745-1903hrs LAX-HKG CX883 2355-0545hrs HKG-BKI KA61 0800-1100hrs BKI-SDK MH3095 1500-1550hrs Hope this helps. In both instances I found flights from GJT-HKG and from HKG-SDK.
  6. Just restart the damn carrier. Sooner or later it'll only operate routes in Asia
  7. Anyone from MAS with insider information on LAX? It's still showing code-share arrangement...
  8. If I'm not mistaken MAS does have 5th freedom rights from the UK. But transatlantic from London (or anywhere in Europe) is going to be highly highly competitive what more if MAS does not have the metal to sustain daily frequencies. Also, as for MAS cutting LAX and FRA, I don't foresee MAS doing so for the former as I believe it is politically motivated for MAS to retain services to N. America and is contingent upon MAS resuming NYC services which I believe will not be a very wise move. As for FRA, given the health of the German economy, I think it is workable. By the way, LH's capacity to KUL will not be increased substantially as the A346 will operate a tag to CGK as well and services will be increased from 4x to 5x weekly (correct me if I'm wrong on this). So, I don't see this having a major impact.
  9. 0% chance. a. MAS does not have the aircraft to operate these routes. It has 15 aging B772s at its disposal that are operating about 8-10 medium/long-haul routes and are moreover not fit to compete with the rest. Especially on the highly competitive trans-atlantic routes where, sadly, European carriers probably have better offerings. b. South African economy is currently not doing well. c. If we assume MAS returns to NYC, it is more likely for it to operate out of JFK given AA's presence (OW hub)
  10. I'll be flying a 772 tonight. What a more opportune time to read the article aforementioned
  11. I disagree with this analysis. I can't think of any domestic or ASEAN routes that they'll cut back on partly because their ASEAN network to begin with is quite small for carriers in the region serving major cities that any carrier in the region ought to serve if not become irrelevant to the market. I think it would be unimaginable for them to sever SGN, HKT, RGN, HAN, etc. Perhaps BWN might see the chopping boards because of competition from BI where MAS will retain its presence through MASwings. (Then again, unlikely considering recent announcements to upgrade this to a B738 service). They might cut back IST because of TK, DXB (again), LAX (politically I don't think this will work) and FRA (in lieu of direct flights by LH) but really I don't think route rationalization will work this time round because the advent of 'irrational' routes has been wiped off in view of the last round of route rationalization. In fact, I think it may be better to expand their regional network. Work B738s longer, enjoy internal EOS and not to mention serve a gap in OW service to SEA?
  12. Well, this should not be a solution for MAS. Whilst MC would fall, MR would too and become more elastic as travelers switch to alternative carriers.
  13. I hope they handled the delay well...Reading reviews, MAS employees seem clueless as to the procedures involved in a delay. Perhaps it stems from poor english?
  14. DRK is too small. There are few connections MH passengers can make onto QF link. So you're really looking at end-on passengers. And really, KUL as a hub, to go where? MI is making a killing though but that's because I suspect SIN is already a more established tourist destinations for Aussies, and you've more options in SIN for connections which works both ways, MI can pull more passengers to DRW (unlikely though, what is there to see in NT?) and transfer more passengers from DRW to connecting flights.
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