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  1. From aeroroutes… Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta eff 30OCT23 5 weekly 787-9 (Kuala Lumpur service no longer extends to Manila, replaced by Jakarta. Jakarta operating via Kuala Lumpur instead of Singapore) KUL downgraded to 787-9 and to 5 weekly (compared to pre COVID). Hope they continue to increase services and the traffic to KUL. It seems a shame to throw away years of service and codeshare with MH. KUL was once a 10 weekly KLM destination (3 weekly eventually given to AF who then stopped flying after 1.5 years or so). this is showing that the demand to KUL (and onwards) has not really recovered. I’m surprised that the new government is not pushing the tourism boat out. Again, they are concentrating only on china and not elsewhere. This is very shortsighted. They have not capitalised on the rebound tourism following 2-3 years of the pandemic. very very strange considering that tourism is the 3rd highest contributor to GDP.
  2. Yeah agreed, it’s cost cutting in the guise of saving the environment
  3. I flew back to KUL on MH’s newly configured 737-800. Seats are just about ok for an hour’s flight. The IFE was using my phone, and the kids were happy with the movies. The stream quality was very good. the pilot did a ‘go-around’ due to the horrible weather (? Wind shear) - resulting in him flying through massive storm clouds and the ensuing turbulence- passengers were screaming etc etc. I started thinking about Netflix Conspiracy theories the way the plane was bouncing up and down, left and right. and I thought that he would divert… but then he tried the second time and thankfully we landed ok. my 3 year old daughter was excited and wanted us to ‘do it again’. I said no. there was no mention of any of it but they did a good job to get us down safely.
  4. Just flew on the 738 to LGK, the old config. the seats were reasonably comfy. IFE of course is out of date. but from what people are saying, the new config is going to make it a worse experience. Does SQ do the same for their 738 max 8? it would seem stupid for MH to offer an LCC type service - unless they’ve really given up on competing with SQ
  5. QF sponsored MH into OW - I thought it was strange when they never really bothered with KUL in the first place! I guess they were thinking of RedQ and all the other options of LCC via KUL. Then that fell through, and Malaysia has been shunned since! not even proper jetstar flies into KUL, only jetstar Asia.
  6. Do you mean the 13.1% and 10.9% of the total cargo Flying to KUL? Who flies it then? Cargolux? MasKargo from AMS?
  7. MH fleet plan seems to be controlled by government funding. Completely not following any logical rules. But because of this short sightedness, MH will lose out. Look at how long it will take to get a new 787 or A350. Even Vietnam airlines has new generation aircraft - flying non stop to the US! MH will always be reactive unless they get rid of government interference totally
  8. It’s terrible. We could have been so much better. The degree of corruption is astounding.
  9. Ah okay, my bad. Didn’t read it properly! Thanks for clarifying
  10. I thought it was 2x A380 and 1x 77W? According to Jim Liu: Dubai – Kuala Lumpur eff 01JUN23 3rd daily service resumes with 777-300ER (A380 service also shifts from EK346/343 to EK346/347) eff 01AUG23 2nd daily A380 service resumes EK346 DXB0310 – 1425KUL 388 D EK342 DXB1025 – 2150KUL 388 D EK344 DXB2115 – 0840+1KUL 77W D EK343 KUL0240 – 0530DXB 388 D EK345 KUL1015 – 1310DXB 77W D EK347 KUL1920 – 2220DXB 388 D
  11. For sure our marketing is bad. It got even worse when they started shutting down tourist offices in major European/US cities, then MH pulled out of US/EU completely; then the government (very shortsightedly! concentrated fully only on the Chinese tourists, and this was followed by our tourism agencies not jumping on the social media bandwagon! for something that is our 3rd largest income earner, I’m surprised the total apathy by the government. They needs to pull their finger out and get working on this soon or we will be even further behind! Post pandemic travel is increasing and we are still waaaay behind in attracting tourists who are going to elsewhere!
  12. KLM always has had love for KUL. It is Air France that has been a problem, blocking MH from Sky team for a long time. In fact, I was surprised when AF used KL’s 3 extra frequencies to operate flights to KUL around 2013. It was a shame they couldn’t make it work, but I think part of it was that MH upgraded CDG to daily A380 which then trashed that market. Now both are not flying the route. They could have done a joint service or codeshare (3 weekly for AF, 4 weekly for MH) - with connections beyond KUL for AF, and beyond CDG for MH (which they did with AA to USA). ICN is used by KLM as a stopover for china flights due to the pandemic, I’m sure until china opens up fully.
  13. As long as MAS is controlled by the government, we will have this same issue every time! it has be run like a proper business for it to prosper I’m afraid… so sad to see it die a slow death
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