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  1. What an embarrassment... one of the six countries in category 2. How did it get so bad? Politicians busy with airing each other’s dirty laundry and enriching themselves. this will take a lot of time to sort out
  2. Alamak uncle Tony, Heathrow can manage many more pax with two runways. I’m sure you’ll make do with the same
  3. I have a feeling this is going to benefit SQ more than it will benefit MH. Funnelling our Europe bound passengers via Dubai (mueller time) and now vis Singapore as well.
  4. That was a huge mistake by the previous CEO. I did not understand why they did it. MAskargo under JJ Ong was also very profitable. they were desperate to show some positive numbers so decided to downsize rapidly - but all in the wrong areas. Very shortsighted as you say
  5. Finally! Oneworld cooperation for MH has been abysmal. The airline that sponsored MH into OW was QF, and they dont even fly to KUL. I was so surprised that MH and BA didnt codeshare on their KUL-LHR flights. CX pulled out of Malaysia and left us with KA service only. But I guess MH codeshares with CX out of HKG. MH codeshares with QR and AA - so at least thats something. MH used to codeshare with AA and their onward flights to 🇺🇸 (To and fro CDG, FRA and AMS)
  6. Good, at least there are some reasonable people out there
  7. Sigh, what can we do. Have to ride it out I guess
  8. More shenanigans on the way ... ill Get the popcorn out
  9. Very disappointing news... i always thought that khazanah was a well run company but the recent selling spree and the fact that they didnt learn from last time with regards to air Asia and mas tells me otherwise!! Wow. These are people entrusted with billions of ringgit. Just chuck them down the drain lah. So stupid. Also, have they forgotten about TF and his jibby liveried airplane??
  10. Thanks Kandiah... great to have some good news about KUL sometimes!
  11. Nice one Craig... I completely agree with your comments. We know that the tourism ministry is getting less allocation compared to other ministries, which is a shame considering tourism is number 3 in terms of income for Malaysia. There were a few officers from tourism Malaysia who have been arrested for corruption, and I think the previous tourism minister has been taken to task for using the allocated money for her own benefit.
  12. You cant pick and choose which countries you want to count as tourists. There is a definition - I think it is if you stay overnight in Malaysia. So in Europe where countries are all bordering each other, you are going to discount the tourists that travel by road from eg France to Germany? Thats just ridiculous. You cant have two rules. And you cant justify fact on false information. I can agree that tourism is stagnating in Malaysia - the growth rate has actually fallen into negative territory. There is more to do to help it - unfortunately as Suhaimi says, our tourism minister is a moron. And the news that comes out from Malaysia is rubbish -bomohs looking for MH370, how to identify gays, sodomy 3, ketuanan melayu, anti-shiah, anti Jew (when in fact it should be just anti Zionist regime) etc etc. The current government is just as bad as the old one - this current one is just purely because of incompetence, whereas the old one was more malignant. As one of the Malaysian diaspora in the U.K., I do my bit all the time but I am ashamed reading the news that appears almost on a weekly basis. Its like the media has made malaysia a laughing stock of the world and take great pleasure in writing up this crap.
  13. Well, Ive met many people here (granted its anecdotal evidence) but many people love KL and Malaysia. Im sure they would return (I know many who have already done so). There is a popular restaurant here called chilli padi and the whole of Newcastle raves about it. Always packed. Malaysia needs proper promotion - there is none at the moment that I can see. Has to be the same as it was in the 80s and 90s. Without aggressive promotion, we will lose our.
  14. Even when TF put jibby on his plane just before the elections, and then had to shamefully backtrack after BN lost - the current government has allowed him to thrive. The whole point of it is that he should have made KUL the connecting hub for the whole Air Asia group. It would have worked. Even channel passengers from Europe via KUL elsewhere. But he wanted to control everything, everywhere ....so now hes neglecting his base airline. Sad story. Even with his Labu labi airport, he would have done the same.
  15. I dont know that Thailand is so much better than Malaysia - we are not doing the promotions enough. Tourism ministry has been squandering their money on other things. If you compare with the early 2000s, there is hardly any promotion in U.K. and Europe. This is where you get the higher yielding tourists. Even now Philippines and Vietnam are so much better at tourism promotion on social media.
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