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  1. What do you mean 70s? In the late 90s/early 2000s KLM and BA had large screens for IFE projection… if I paid slightly more I got MH’s 747 or 777 with seat back TV!
  2. Completely agree with you. They are very shortsighted. The budget probably goes somewhere else!!
  3. Ok That makes more sense. You can always change after a few years
  4. That is so true. Malaysia has closed most of their tourist offices in Western Europe and USA because of cost cutting. the government and MAS did concentrate on china but then failed to consider the rise of secondary Chinese airlines. These fly from Various second tier cities which are lower yielding. MH should really focus on building a few core medium/long haul routes that will make money - and even if you replace aircraft 1:1, it should be fine as long as the aircraft has the range required. The current A330-300 can’t do non stop Europe flights without taking a payload hit. I suppose the A330neo could do non stop Europe/NZ flights, so even if we don’t get A350s, it gives me hope that further expansion can happen!!
  5. they should think ahead and get something future proof, rather than an update of an older plane. hope they won’t be shortsighted. However, if they are going the airbus way, I will be happy if they get some A350s along with A330neos…
  6. MH was stupid. They gave up their HND slots .. first they made it BKI-HND then gave it away to D7, if I remember correctly. Hopefully they will make use of their prized HND slots now
  7. It’s a shame cos Malaysia was big on marketing many years back. But because of corruption and mismanagement, money was channeled for other reasons. to save money, the government closed down tourism Malaysia offices in many major cities across us and Europe. Very premature, and with complete lack of foresight. they decided to concentrate fully on China alone, but places like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam carried on promotion in Europe as well as Asia. It’s this complete lack of foresight and inappropriate penny pinching that has made me despair! tourism is our third biggest money earner - they should be putting money there in order to maintain our lead in terms of arrivals etc etc. This is especially so since we’ve lost practically most direct air links from Europe and USA. they are the biggest spenders worldwide. oh well, what do I know?
  8. Looks like it’s alternate day KL 801/2 and 809/10. just check their schedules online...
  9. Wow, that is a shocker. What a shame for KUL. Until we can get our economy to the next level, and lift the ringgit up from the depths, we will remain as a low yield destination. Plus, none of the European carriers can face the huge capacity that the ME3 provides to KUL.
  10. Agreed... what a shame that the ringgit is now worth less than the Thai baht and Philippines Peso ...
  11. Nice catch!! Air peace 777!!
  12. SV Choong.. this is a discussion. Every is allowed to present their facts and talk. But you just told me not to ‘impose’ my ideas on here - sounds like it is you that need to take a deep breath and re read what you have written!
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