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  1. It’s a shame cos Malaysia was big on marketing many years back. But because of corruption and mismanagement, money was channeled for other reasons. to save money, the government closed down tourism Malaysia offices in many major cities across us and Europe. Very premature, and with complete lack of foresight. they decided to concentrate fully on China alone, but places like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam carried on promotion in Europe as well as Asia. It’s this complete lack of foresight and inappropriate penny pinching that has made me despair! tourism is our third biggest money earner - they should be putting money there in order to maintain our lead in terms of arrivals etc etc. This is especially so since we’ve lost practically most direct air links from Europe and USA. they are the biggest spenders worldwide. oh well, what do I know?
  2. Looks like it’s alternate day KL 801/2 and 809/10. just check their schedules online...
  3. Wow, that is a shocker. What a shame for KUL. Until we can get our economy to the next level, and lift the ringgit up from the depths, we will remain as a low yield destination. Plus, none of the European carriers can face the huge capacity that the ME3 provides to KUL.
  4. Agreed... what a shame that the ringgit is now worth less than the Thai baht and Philippines Peso ...
  5. Nice catch!! Air peace 777!!
  6. SV Choong.. this is a discussion. Every is allowed to present their facts and talk. But you just told me not to ‘impose’ my ideas on here - sounds like it is you that need to take a deep breath and re read what you have written!
  7. ‘Going places’ - nice one! 😀
  8. SV Choong... we managed to change our government finally in 2018. We are a young country - give us a bit of time. what makes you so sure that the People are able to influence who becomes president in China? Yes, KMT lost the civil war and ran off to 🇹🇼 in 1949, but what other party is there in China?
  9. SV choong.... are you for real? How many times have the government of China changed hands since 1949? Do you think the people there have a choice to vote for?
  10. Wow great news ... competition for QR!
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