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  1. Thanks guys, it makes more sense now. It’s the whole operations of petronas that will be under scrutiny and sanctions. the Thais are happy to provide fuel for Mahan. I guess they are not too reliant on their oil companies in terms of overall country revenue and bailouts of GLCs! they do have a huge domestic market as well which helps I’m sure.
  2. Yeah KU finished end of October. The QF story is just incredible. They fly all over ASEAN but avoid KUL. I really don’t get it. surely MNL and CGK are not premium destinations, and I’m sure visa requirements will be quite tough too! I also don’t understand why KUL fuel operators are all scared of US sanctions? Surely we have petronas who can supply fuel to Mahan air? they already fly to quite a few destinations including BKK and HKT - are the fuel operators there not using US companies? I hope RJ will restart the KUL tag on… and it would be great to see IA coming back but with their new 787s!
  3. Fulamaaak… Algiers now! Never thought it would ever happen. looks like a seasonal route. all we need is Teheran, Almaty (air Asia now trying to block air Astana by starting earlier!), Amman, Baghdad, (LAX/SFO one can dream)… and maybe at least one of either Paris, Frankfurt or Rome!
  4. Doesn’t make any sense to me, they can come out at least into the gate area or even a atellite building as they don’t need to cross immigration. At least let them stretch their legs and get walk around or even buy some food at the satellite building.
  5. The original plan was for Air Astana to fly to KUL in Oct 2024 (with a SIN tag on). Then last year they said that they would bring KUL forward to Oct 2023. But they haven’t restarted KUL yet - not sure what the hold up is. Perhaps it is the aircraft (A321) as they need an auxiliary tank for the distance (IIRC).
  6. Why give AOC then? The competition for low cost low yield routes is crazy. MH, AK and OD are killing each other and all are competing on mostly the same routes. just leave it like this …
  7. from aeroroutes… QATAR AIRWAYS RESUMES PENANG SERVICE FROM LATE-OCT 2023 1 min NW23Oneworld Published at 1700GMT 05OCT23 Qatar Airways at the launch of Northern winter 2023/24 season is resuming service to Penang, as the airline opened reservation for travel on/after 29OCT23. The oneWorld member will operate Doha – Phuket – Penang routing with 777-300ER on daily basis. QR840 DOH0245 – 1325HKT1545 – 1820PEN 77W D QR841 PEN2245 – 2315HKT0035+1 – 0400+1DOH 77W D The carrier has been operating this routing, although reservation for passenger flights to/from Penang was not available.
  8. More from aeroroutes… AIR MAURITIUS NS24 MALAYSIA SERVICE INCREASES Published at 0700GMT 28SEP23 Air Mauritius in Northern summer 2024 season intends to increase service to Malaysia, as the airline currently lists 3 weekly Mauritius – Kuala Lumpur service during following periods, instead of 2 weekly: 03APR24 – 25APR24, 03JUL24 – 29AUG24. The 3rd weekly flight is not scheduled for the month of May and June 2024. MK646 MRU2300 – 1010+1KUL 332 14 MK646 MRU2300 – 1010+1KUL 339 3 MK647 KUL1250 – 1550MRU 339 4 MK647 KUL1250 – 1550MRU 332 25
  9. From Jim Liu’s aeroroutes…. ETIHAD INCREASES KUALA LUMPUR FLIGHTS FROM JANUARY 2024 Published at 1730GMT 22SEP23 Etihad Airways starting January 2024 is expanding service to Malaysia, where the airline plans to increase Abu Dhabi – Kuala Lumpur flight, from 1 to 2 daily. The 2nd daily EY412/413 service, on board Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, is scheduled to commence on 15JAN24, and will be maintained on/after 31MAR24. EY412 AUH0845 – 1950KUL 789 D EY418 AUH2100 – 0805+1KUL 789 D EY413 KUL0925 – 1250AUH 789 D EY411 KUL2115 – 0040+1AUH 789 D good to see that the demand for flights to Malaysia is healthy!
  10. I think it’s daily to NRT and 5x weekly to HND. soon HND will be gone, and NRT will be 12x weekly
  11. Absolutely, I think PMX will have to pander to the population to stem the rise in the green wave. Looks like EK is back to 3 class A380, plus two other 777 flights. TK is twice daily, EY daily, QR daily (+ two MH operated flights). And even SV has 3-4 flights a day. the garmen officials used the money to fund their travels, that’s for sure.
  12. True, the ringgit is suffering a lot because of our over reliance on China. It was a big mistake. I don’t see why we could not keep our trading with our usual diversified base of countries. This was worse during the Jibby era when we were the pariahs internationally due to the 1MDB scandal. MH17/370 also set back our tourism for many years, due to the shock of twin crashes but also due to MH’s withdrawal of 777 services (all of Europe/SA/north and South America). … there is no visibility of MH as well as tourism Malaysia in those regions … there is not even much promotion on social media which is cheaper … bit mistake by the garmen to ignore our 3rd biggest income earner. the green wave is creating own goals in our country’s efforts to move out of the middle income trap. No one wants to invest really… not if you want to keep the 51% requirement for local companies to own anything that is set up. Anwar is too scared to make major reforms.
  13. Craig - absolutely right! Tourism Malaysia has 99 problems. Malaysian tourism promotion took a back seat during the najib era … especially in Europe and USA. Money was being lost in the billions due to corruption and to stem the tide, the first things to go were the offices of tourism Malaysia. They were resting on their laurels for far too long, hoping that china will come through for us! The lack of effort in Europe, USA, Australia was a huge mistake. even at our peak, Chinese tourists to Malaysia numbered 3 million, while Thailand was getting 10 million!! This is in addition to 1.5 million from Russia, 1 million ish from UK, Germany etc etc! we were way ahead of Thailand in the 80s and 90s, and Thailand has overtaken us by far. The film ‘The beach’ in 2000s really impressed people world wide (IMHO) who flocked to Thailand for the beaches, pleasure, sun, food… meanwhile, in Malaysia, western studios just avoided filming due to the strict regulation and red tape! We missed a trick here. so many missed chances and missed opportunities. Our country could have been so much more. Shame
  14. Yeah, I agree MH has been heavily cost cutting but it had been forced to buy meals from Brahims at overinflated rates… so I am not surprised that they have tried to push the costs down by downgrading the meal quality.
  15. Hopefully not ‘influenzas’ but influencers? Hahah
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