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  1. Snap. I was about to say. they are selling the downstream part of the business (retail) but they are very much active in the upstream part (exploration etc etc).
  2. I am sorry, that is still speculation, no matter what the interviewee said! people do drop down and die - usually from arrhythmias, sudden cardiac events, aortic dissection, stroke, brain bleeds. do we know the post mortem findings? May she rest in peace
  3. It’s a shame that QF can’t make KUL work. I’m surprised that they can make BNE-MNL work but not KUL. They already have SYD-MNL!!
  4. Wow. I am amazed by all this. I thought they were improving. I guess they have one hand tied behind their back cos of poor fleet planning. unfortunately it is a GLC and this is the quality we can expect, for now.
  5. Hainan just gave up their A350s…
  6. MH-QR is a true partnership, MH being a mostly regional carrier is leveraging on QR’s strength in terms of number of destinations and excellent service. remember how christoph mueller managed to get rid of many MH European destinations and sign a partnership with EK? then he resigned and got a job in EK! By then, MH was effectively reduced to a minor player on the Europe-Aus/NZ route. MH seems to have bad luck - the other dodgy deal was with AK!
  7. They are reducing services to many cities in Asia … not sure what is going on… it’s not just KUL
  8. MH had offices in very premium locations around the globe. So far from where they are now
  9. Great news, maybe the MAHB report is not a fantasy as we thought! Waiting for Iberia and QF now!
  10. Unfortunately MH is very reactionary. I don’t blame the government looking at their past performances over the years. at a time when other airlines are cashing in on the resurgence in travel, MH is struggling to find aircraft. Their MAX-8 interiors are sad.. they should have gone for what SQ went for. They you have flexibility to use them on longer medium haul routes and keep a slightly premium product. anyways … it is what it is
  11. AY announced KUL to start in May 2007… then they decided to move to HKG instead. BA/IB/LH - those will be a huge surprise (especially IB). hope LH will be able to use their 789s to KUL, and IB with 359s!
  12. AF always had a problem with KUL and MH. In fact, they were the ones blocking MH’s entry to Skyteam which was supported by KLM. in the end, AF wanted GA and VN to join them, but no MH. same with QF - sponsored MH’s entry to OW then doesn’t want to work with MH
  13. https://simpleflying.com/air-india-planned-international-destinations-2024/ well well, looks like the AI rumour might be coming true!
  14. Woah, that will be something if it is really true! I find it surprising that such a large volume hub like KUL does not get QF, and also AI services (considering many Chinese carriers, MH, AK/D7 and OD serve china from KUL).
  15. Great, I was wondering when both would restart KUL services! IA at one point was flying to KUL from Basra via Baghdad … or the other way round… sounds like aircraft maintenance may be a bit suspect though!
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