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  1. My main gripe about KLIA2 1. Tons of twists and turns, up and down arriving or departing. 2. Very very dark and gloomy. 3. Some departure halls are "hidden" KLIA is a tad better...but not that great either.
  2. Never did like the shape of the A380. Comfort wise...IMHO guess all widebodies have roughly the same comfort level if you are in economy. I definitely dislike the puny windows on the A380. In short, am ok with it going away.
  3. Tried to redeem Big points...but can only be done via credit card payment (not sure why wasn't allow M2U cash)...then get charged RM32 for cc ...hahaha...
  4. The weather has been pretty bad lately. Limited sun.
  5. I guess that is why the Flankers didn't follow the Hornets to Australia for Pitch Black 2018. Our pilots are not getting their flying hours in. Heard the amphibious Maritime birds have not flown in 2 months either.
  6. Noted. I guess the average Joe will have to buy a ticket. Thanks Prestley.
  7. Nice pics Prestley. Those shots can be taken from inside the terminal? Visitors have a clear view of the apron?
  8. Wow...red team reacted quickly.
  9. I am guessing this is a known fact to many of you, but I thought I'd share it anyway. I had a great time spotting in January so I thought I'd do it again. Just returned from Phuket and it was different this time. 1. Aircraft land on runway 09 (west to east) Dec-Apr (www.phuket.com) when the north east wind blows. Landing aircraft are very low in direct sunlight. 2. The sun is behind you if you are perched on the southern side. ==> great pics May 1. Planes take off from runway 27 (east to west). The planes are pretty high by the time they reach the beachside. You will get belly shots, unless you stand much further away with a longer lens. 2. Now, the sun is now infront of you if you are spotting from the southern end. So...I guess you will need to move to the nothern end. 3. The smoking deck in HKT departure is pretty useless at this time too, backlit pics. 4. The sun also runs parallel almost in line with the runway, making for more backlit issues and heat haze. Use "sunearthtools" website to check the position of the sun any time of the year to plan your trips. Hopefully you find this info useful. Just my personal experience, so if my facts are wrong, I do apologize. Just to clarify...my 1st trip was in Jan Runway 09, had a great time. 2nd trip in May 2018, runway 27, not so great.
  10. I do think he playing the Boeing card to leverage pricing on new Airbus jets. I do believe Boeing knows it too, but....who knows?
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