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  1. Very handsome captain there Thanks Gavin.....see you again on "final 32 Left"
  2. hey hey....777 in AOR. I remember once i did a charter flight KUL-Bintulu on 777....for Petronas.
  3. ha ha Norman.... Last time i camp there with Jon in his Kancil.....
  4. "Dragon 25" E-4B 73-1676
  5. Thanks MIR. Pass through SZB this morning, no activity around the aircraft. Probably after my jog tomorrow morning, i'll drop by SZB
  6. Other info of participants?
  7. Thanks MIR... No wonder between 07:30-07:45 ... 1 Beech200T 2 CN-235 3 C-130 departed subang....formation towards EAST
  8. TK

    BKI/WBKK 2013

    Nice update from Kinabalu....thank you. Panas....
  9. Thank you for the info on C-40B Any idea when will she depart?
  10. TNI-AU CN-295 (an up size of CN-235) ASEAN Tour, thanks to MD Salleh for the info of this aircraft in town....and he went for holiday!!! A-2902 Skadron 2, Halim Lining up runway 15 via Hotel. Back track on 15 The 3 tone camouflage blends well.... Take off roll for a short one hour joy ride. 9M-AHO, probably military charter.....after landing, she taxied to air force base.
  11. TQ Benny, saw it on flt radar...i wonder if its a charter
  12. TK

    BKI/WBKK 2013

    Jahur.... Is this a morning shot? I like this spot, crash gate.
  13. Yes Flee... KLM 7021, departed at 12:35... Lady pilot was talking on radio.... Probably be back maybe 16:00 onwards. Nice to see a Jumbo in SZB. And btw, it is my first time to spot a KLM in Subang!!! after all these years...there is always a first time. PH-BFU 747-406 MSN 28196 LN 1127 Year 1997.
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