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  1. TK

    KUL 14R 2020

    thanks for the update ong.
  2. such a route requires ETOPS or now known as EDTO. Probably, a malfunction that does not permits entering EDTO segment. Hence the return to SZB. I am just making assumption .
  3. TK

    BKI 2020

    good update of movement.
  4. nice catch on the 787
  5. LTP = Long Term Parking
  6. TK

    KUL 32L 2020

    wow this thread is active. 😀
  7. Very handsome captain there Thanks Gavin.....see you again on "final 32 Left"
  8. hey hey....777 in AOR. I remember once i did a charter flight KUL-Bintulu on 777....for Petronas.
  9. ha ha Norman.... Last time i camp there with Jon in his Kancil.....
  10. "Dragon 25" E-4B 73-1676
  11. Thanks MIR. Pass through SZB this morning, no activity around the aircraft. Probably after my jog tomorrow morning, i'll drop by SZB
  12. Other info of participants?
  13. Thanks MIR... No wonder between 07:30-07:45 ... 1 Beech200T 2 CN-235 3 C-130 departed subang....formation towards EAST
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