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  1. yo bro, PINTAR as follows: PINTAR – Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility – is a collaborative social responsibility initiative by the GLCs and private corporations in Malaysia to foster academic excellence particularly for the underprivileged and underserved students nationwide. The PINTAR programme provides a foundation for Malaysia’s younger generation to achieve excellence. Through its programmes and support of companies, it is envisioned that the children of PINTAR will grow to become future leaders of the country. Developed with the objective of mutual engagement between companies and schools, PINTAR has, at the heart of its programme, the participating companies’ support and ongoing employee participation in the spirit of volunteerism to reach out and extend assistance by way of human capital development. Through PINTAR, we hope to inspire and motivate young Malaysians to excel in education and to groom them to become well-rounded individual and responsible citizens in society. The involvement of the companies in PINTAR goes beyond a one-off financial contribution but instead they actively participate in more meaningful programmes and activities. Various projects were undertaken including engagement sessions with parents and school teachers, remedial and extra tuition classes for underprivileged students, nutrition programmes, motivation courses, counseling clinics and skills building workshops. These efforts have thus far been well received by the schools and students involved.
  2. Dear all, A total of 120 students and 16 teachers from 8 different schools from 7 different states visited our simulator on 16th June 2011. We would like to share those photos with you! Enjoy! Malaysia Airlines PINTAR Program
  3. This initiative is to provide a more serious simulation flying for customers.
  4. Dear Pall, Good day Thank you very much for your reply, I appreciate it a lot. We are well-aware that our simulator is really not that compatible compared to any advance simulator out there, and in fact some hardcore simmer has it at home. Lets look at another perspective, seeing kids having their great time and enjoyed the thrill of virtual flying eventually gives us a satisfaction that indeed this simulator has provided them a rough idea of flying. We have that everyday and so far we are getting a very satisfying feedback from our customers. If the real simulator really cost RM500-RM1000, isnt that a good alternative to try out something more simpler? We never deny that this is a "video-game" look alike simulator, but put in another hand, real simulator also using the same platfrom BUT they installed some advance hardware to make it more real as a whole. We are trying to improve from time to time, please bear with us rather than commenting such an unwise comment here. We hope to see you and lets arrange a meeting and you can share with us how to make it more 'real'. I can be reached by cingji90@yahoo.com OR 016-3865433. Feel free to call me Aviation is an industry that complementing each other, thats what I think. Anyways, pleasent weekend everyone! Best, Cingji
  5. Dear Ikman, Thank you very much for your reply. Currently, we are working hard with our supplier to bring down the price. We will definitely keep you posted on future price. I mean discounted price. Come and visit us. Thanks Best, Cingji
  6. Dear all, I have some updates for everyone in MalaysianWings. As you guys know that currently Firefly placed a flight simulator at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. Hence, during this one week school-break, we are offering a great deal for everyone. 1) Print screen this and print it OR save in your phone. 2) Present this to ticket counter once you arrived at LEX, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. 3) Enjoy 20% discount to fly our awesome simulator. 4) Be AMAZED! We now have BOEING merchandise at our simulator. Come and have a look and get yourself one or more! Please support us and more to come soon! Best, Teoh
  7. Hi guys, Good day As promised, I hereby upload more photos on our progress! Our People a.k.a Our Pilots Our Supporters We are hoping to build another simulator, BUT, we need our support through our survey Here's the link: http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=15343 Thank you!
  8. Please let the votes keep on coming! Thank you and good day!
  9. Hi everyone, Good day Thank you for your inputs and I appreciate it a lot. Of course, I need more to convince the "boss" here in order to make this happen in Malaysia. In regards to the LCD screen, this simulator can be modified according to our needs for 180' view. While for the pricing, we will definitely make it affordable to everyone. We will do our best to bring it down to Malaysia, nevertheless, I hope everyone here in MalaysianWings keep blasting more ideas and suggestions so that I can print screen this to our Managing Director to convince him!!!
  10. Hi All, Good day Please help us to complete the poll above because we are working very hard to bring this simulator over to Malaysia. Due to convince and pursue this project to our Managing Director, who host big sum of finance. We need your help to provide us more inputs on this idea. Description: Model: B737NG Manufacturer: Flight Deck Solutions Ltd, Canada Images Video Please provide us more input and for sure, we will work hard to bring it down to Malaysia! Cheers, Best Teoh
  11. Hi Everyone, Happy new year and I hope you guys had a blast. Sorry for taking so long before I can reply you guys. It has been a good progress for our team in this project. We managed to get many crowds to come over and supported us, especially young kids. But, from time to time, we need the support from you guys as well in order to upgrade into a full functional cockpit. We are now working hard to do more research on fixed base simulator that can bring more hard core flight simmers. If you guys have any ideas, please share with us here, or perhaps we can meet up to explore more in this. Allow me to answer all the questions above now. Keena- Thanks! please come over and visit us soon! Shukri- Well, we will definitely surprise you on who are those instructors if you come over Bert- Please come over!!!!! I'm waiting for you man! No worries, it will still here for a very long period. Pieter- The overhead is indeed unreachable because its just a dummy at the moment. We do plan to upgrade it as we are doing a test run for now. Yusoff- We are still here in LEX for a very long period, still, u can come over and visit us at any time. Guys, I hope to see more MalaysianWings members here and give us support! Cheers! I will upload more on our progress soon!
  12. Great News! To start off 2011, LeX in conjunction with Firefly is opening it's Flight Simulator to the public for a test flight from 31 December 2010 till 2 January 2011. Don't miss your chance and come experience the thrill of flight! Our Simulator Please come and join us here at LEX in Empire Shopping Gallery, level 2
  13. Hi to all MWingers I hope this post finds you well. I am writing this post today to share with you all about a new breakthrough by Aiman, Hidayat and myself. We received an invitation by Lax in Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya today and they are keen to do a grand project with us, as stated on the above topic. An ATR 72-500 flight simulator will be placed in their gallery so that public can fly the simulator with minimum charges. This project will be kicked off as soon as next month, with due to no delay. But we will start our training in the middle of October as we have SOP to follow and "Base-Training" too. All of our crew need have to equipped with sufficient information about ATR 72-500 and customer service. We will conduct our training once everything is in placed. Hence, we are proud to accept this project as 3 of us together with our future team mates will make this project a success soon. Now, we are doing recruitment which is exclusive for MalaysianWings members only and we are looking for a candidate as follows: - Enthusiastic in flying - Friendly - Good communication skill - Dedicated in their job - Responsible - Team-work - Cadet-pilot/Flight simmer Everyone is welcomed to join our initiative to make flying more enjoyable and fun! Thank you very much. Shortlisted candidates will be notified. Please indicate your email and contact details for us to contact. Happy flying! Best, Teoh Cing Ji
  14. this happens everywhere, not only in MAS, even in the budget carrier. they cant bring the overcharged of $1TWD into court. This was what i faced last time when they called in into our call center and complaint about.
  15. will anyone post up a blog?anyway...
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