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  1. saufi

    LGK LIMA 09

    Departed LGK at 0100hrs, finally at arrival hall KLIA to collect baggage at 0220hrs with Bro Norman and family, Chaity were there too.. flight delayed from 2005hrs MH1459. The chosen last few to leave LIMA event on 6th Dec 2009. More reports coming later..
  2. Nice to meet u all.. I had a very late visit there today, anyway. Many thks especially to Bro. Norman and the dedication shown by Gavin and Tarmizi for their 'sims' at the show today and the rest of the team. It was a real attraction!! Non-stop. To simmers, for your info, F/O TK had tested and landed safely PMDG 737 from Tarmizi's sim!!. He was really enjoying it And guess what?, Till 7pm just now,Mwings' booth are still receiving visitors while the rest of the booth had closed their shop. Mwings photos is also one of the bestsellers. Maybe TK and Jonathan can confirm this. Regards.
  3. I'll be there also... and get to know you all. Capt Radzi, what time will u be coming.. so long tak jumpa since the A380 landed in KUL? Thanks 4 the Hari Raya wishes. Regards.
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