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  1. I keep looking outside the window after I saw TGG airport , clear skies all the way...was onboard MH5400 today
  2. Come Feb2014 can 5 A380 cope with 2 flights to London and 1 to Paris ? I don't think so
  3. Guys , I was told after the 11am Breitlling air show , Les will fly his Extra 330 for 15min display, entrance is after Mac Donald
  4. Happy Anniversary guys..hope to see your pic soon.
  5. Normally cargo pilot will carry their own check in baggage in to the cabin, if I am not wrong!
  6. http://malaysianewsnetwork.net/portal/2011/08/air-asia-and-mas-fiasco/
  7. Anyone shoot KULLHR MH004 MPK in the morning 25th Jun?? Happy Birthday MW
  8. Maybe Qatar got crew night stopping in KUL and can get replacement crew , since the opreating capt already pass away inflight .
  9. Yup, I bump into him on the 20mar after his touch and go at the airport... called him " hey TK" Ehhhhh sorry sorry Capt TK ...hi CAPT .... anyway congrat ..waiting to tum seng with you too.
  10. 250 km/h: 100% eco-friendly aircraft sets world record http://www.skyspark.eu/web/eng/index.php
  11. just touch down today runway 32L at 0720hrs this morning...saw someone at weather station...siapa dia??
  12. bring air sickness bag..just in case... http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=FwX8eOfWAhU&...feature=related
  13. MIR..thks for the guide WALTER...see u soon KLIA
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