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  1. Hans The missing Kiran's would appear to be..... U2478, U2510, U2464, U2520 The A.109M's are M81-09, M81-11 of 881 Skn Sorry I can't be much help with the Red Arrows ( didn't take a lot of notice as they are based 5 minutes from my house). However, checking photo's I can add to your list..... XX260, XX264, XX294 Hope this helps Keith
  2. Thanks for re-posting your photo's Fitri Have to agree with TK................ those F-5 photo's are just superb Is the one at LIMA one of these upgarded airframes ? looks like the same colour scheme. Hope it stays around until Sunday pm when I arrive in LGK Keith D
  3. Excellent pictures..... Have noticed that the squadron markings on the MiG's have changed. What's happened to the Cobra ? Are they still 19 Sqn ? See LIMA 05 participant Keith D
  4. Excellent photo..... really liked the F-5's you posted before the 'crash'. Any chance or re-posting ? Whetted my appetite, don't see too many F-5's flying nowadays. Saw 2 Turkish AF examples (ex RNeth AF) in UK and one Spanish AF in Belgium all in July. Might actually see you snapping away if your about after Xmas, as I have received confirmation from KL today that I can visit Butterworth on 27 or 28 Dec (very nice Xmas present). Hope the tour is as good as last time in 2004. Keith D
  5. Saw a RAAF F-111C do it's 'dump and burn' torching demo at Boscombe Down, UK in 1990....very impressive!!!!! Hope someone can post a photo. I'm arriving in Langkawi (from the UK) on Sunday... Yes, I know the show has finished, but does anyone know when the participants will leave ? On the Sunday or will they depart on Monday (I'm hoping). Might even see some of you MWingers if your still around after Saturday. Keith
  6. According to a report in an UK aviation mag the TUDM ordered 8 new MB-339CM's in Nov 2006... Does this order still stand? Thanks Fitri for the excellent photo's. Nice to see a bit more military hardware. I was fortunate to get a visit around Butterworth in Dec 2004 and was shown several F-5's that were earmarked for upgrade, presumably the one's in your photo's are the upgarded versions. Looking forward to seeing the Su-30MKM's in Langkawi in Dec before flying down to Penang for Xmas. Keith
  7. Hi Norman Thanks for the advice, I'll try some that I have downsized....... These were taken at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford in July 07. Italian AF HH-3F Czech AF Mi-17lS Irish AC AW-39 German Army CH-53G As for LIMA 07 I will be there, although this time only to see the departures, as getting a hotel room has proved difficult !! Maybe something to do with the Red Arrows being there, not that that bothers me as I live in the village next to their base at Scampton and see them practise every day. I understand the Public days have been reduced to just Saturday, will these mean departures will be on Sunday or will they have rest day and leave on Monday.
  8. Pieter I used Photobucket, and could see the photo's when I ' previewed ' before ' posting ' !!!! Any idea what I'm doing wrong ? Second attempt........
  9. Hi, I'm a new member of MW from the UK and would like to share some more helo pics from LIMA 05, If I can manage to upload them OK. I like all things military especially Malaysian and will be back in Langkawi in Dec and then spending Xmas in Penang, with hopefully another visit around Butterworth AFB.
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