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  1. KS Ong

    KUL 14L 2019

    Unique traffic over last weekend. JASDF Kawasaki C-2 transport returning to base after spending a night in KUL Thai Airways' Royal Barge Suphannahong has been a regular visitor here since she was painted into this special livery.
  2. Had a surprised visitor on 5/10. Japan Air Self Defense Force, Kawasaki C-2 transport made a stop-over at KUL to the delight of local spotters here. Pardon the backlit photo. Many of us anticipated her to land at 14L. Upon knowing she was routed to 14R, it was too late to switch spot. Have to make do with what we have.
  3. KS Ong

    KUL 14R 2019

    The Royal Barge made her 'first day-time' appearance today. How we wish the weather was better without haze. Many thanks to our northern friends for the info. Departing for BKK. She operated the TG417/18 sectors later part of the evening. Hope to photograph her again in better weather conditions.
  4. Over a span of 9 days, Southern Cross International has been ferrying these two Fokkers from Europe to Australia for Alliance Airlines, via many technical/overnight stops, including SZB. 9/8/19 Southern Cross, SX1946, HB-JVG, Bratislava (BTS), Hurghada (HRG), Muscat (MCT), Bengaluru (BLR), Subang (SZB) 18/8/19 Southern Cross, SX1912, VH-NUU, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Norwich (NWI), Bratislava (BTS), Hurghada (HRG), Al Ain (AAN) Nagpur (NAG), Subang (SZB)
  5. Embraer E195-E2 Profit Hunter 'Tech Lion' (PR-ZIQ) taxiing pass Anjung Tinjau to Bay A12. The port side has a more distinct Tech Lion look than the starboard. She will be performing a demo flight tomorrow at 1100 for an hour. Thereafter, she will depart to DMK at 1500.
  6. Usual Heathrow traffic
  7. Special visitor earlier today. SZB Resident
  8. After dropping off the Inter Milan FC in Singapore a day before (on 17/7), this Air X Charter came and parked in SZB from 18-21/7. Guessed on of the main reasons is cheaper parking rates. Departed this morning from Rwy 33.
  9. Day trip down to Singapore and caught some 'birds'
  10. michgyver... You were on board too... I was at 12F
  11. Even since the observation hill was closed and being off limits to the public in the early 2000, plane spotting activity has been shunned away by the airport authorities. They do not recognize the hobby and they deemed it as 'a threat to the airport security'. It was rather bothersome to the spotters, where we had to 'duck and hide' behind bushes and oil palm trees whenever the 'bulis' in their 4wd with blue lightbar, patrolling around the airport perimeter road. We even tried to timed their patrolling schedule to avoid them. There were also times where we had to come face to face with them. We had to show our identity cards for their 'record' purposes. Not all of them were 'bad cops'. Some were nice and allowed us to spot for a few more planes before asking us to leave. However, some unfriendly ones threatened us to leave immediately or face being escorted to their police station for further 'questioning'. In short, it was kind of a cat and mouse game that we had to endured for a few years. Fast forward to today (17 June 19), the plane spotting environment has evolved for the better. It was a dream come true as Malaysia Airport opened their first purposely built observation deck called Anjung Spotter to the public and more importantly, to the plane spotters community. It is their commitment in elevating the airport experience among their guest, thus recognizing plane spotting as a healthy, inspiring and fun hobby. I am glad to share with you some pictures of today's opening event. Arrived at 0800. The staffs were rehearsing and doing final touch ups for the opening. Some of the pictures contributed from spotters around Malaysia. This is not a permanent feature at the Anjung Spotter as it was taken away after the event. Media registration. There were close to 80 guest, comprising of Airport and Airline staffs, RMAF personnel, Media and plane spotters. Most of the VIPs and guest arrived between 0915 to 0945 and the event started about 1000 with a customary speech by MAHB CEO, Raja Azmi. A rare sight where the two CEOs were 'in talking' terms. RMAF was represented by Air Force Commander 1 Major General Datuk Zahani Zainal Abidin. Anjung Spotter is officially opened. (L-R) AirAsia GCEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, (MAHB) GCEO Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin, (MAHB) Group Chairman Tan Sri Zainun Ali, RMAF Commander 1 Major General Datuk Zahani Zainal Abidin and MAHB COO Datuk Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh. Everyone was 'affraid' of the sun and heat, quickly went back down to the event area for Q&A and makan makan. Some remained on the deck to continue spotting. Lastly, it is time for the event to come to an end. By 1200, most guest had left and the event crew started to pack up. Some spotters remained to spot in the afternoon. On a side note. The Anjung Spotter opens from 0700 until 1900.
  12. Korean A380 banking into the evening sun at 8pm. SWISS Bombardier CS300, C-Series. Not acquired yet by Airbus Lil baby bus B764. Not often seen in the Asia region The B753 is surely a long, thin 'pencil'
  13. We were extremely lucky to have all these BA 744s to arrive 27L in good morning light., all within a 2-hour span. Standard oneworld BOAC Landor Negus
  14. Johor Royalty was in town.. Dropped off delegates at LGK before parking overnight in SZB.
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