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  1. Surprised to see her diverted to SZB in FR24 around 1725. Probably due weather and wants to save some fuel while landed. She was coming in from KCH as AK5209. Rushed to the airport and managed to photographed just in time for her departure at 1845.
  2. After departed from Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport (XFW) and a tech stop at Ashgabat Int Airport (ASB), she landed at 1311 local time. As an aviation tradition of welcoming a new aircraft type for AirAsia fleet, the A321neo is greeted with a welcome water canon salute at Bay K22R. She wears a special livery 3, 2, 1, take off.
  3. Good one Flee. I was positioned at the Anjung Spotter area to get her first landing on Malaysia soil (runway) It is kind of difficult now to spot at Anjung Spotter as the reflective 'CDs' and wires are visible in the picture frame. Even moving nearer to the fence with a ladder, the wire is visible for wide body aircraft. Thankfully, for narrow body, such as the A321neo, it can be 'cropped' away.
  4. No guessing from the rego, VT-INR, who was the previous owner. Surprised to see her earlier today, going for a 2-hour+ test flight.
  5. Surprise visitor over the weekend. RAF KC-2 Voyager, ZZ338, made a stopover in KUL from XSP.
  6. KS Ong

    KUL 14L 2019

    Unique traffic over last weekend. JASDF Kawasaki C-2 transport returning to base after spending a night in KUL Thai Airways' Royal Barge Suphannahong has been a regular visitor here since she was painted into this special livery.
  7. Had a surprised visitor on 5/10. Japan Air Self Defense Force, Kawasaki C-2 transport made a stop-over at KUL to the delight of local spotters here. Pardon the backlit photo. Many of us anticipated her to land at 14L. Upon knowing she was routed to 14R, it was too late to switch spot. Have to make do with what we have.
  8. KS Ong

    KUL 14R 2019

    The Royal Barge made her 'first day-time' appearance today. How we wish the weather was better without haze. Many thanks to our northern friends for the info. Departing for BKK. She operated the TG417/18 sectors later part of the evening. Hope to photograph her again in better weather conditions.
  9. Over a span of 9 days, Southern Cross International has been ferrying these two Fokkers from Europe to Australia for Alliance Airlines, via many technical/overnight stops, including SZB. 9/8/19 Southern Cross, SX1946, HB-JVG, Bratislava (BTS), Hurghada (HRG), Muscat (MCT), Bengaluru (BLR), Subang (SZB) 18/8/19 Southern Cross, SX1912, VH-NUU, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Norwich (NWI), Bratislava (BTS), Hurghada (HRG), Al Ain (AAN) Nagpur (NAG), Subang (SZB)
  10. Embraer E195-E2 Profit Hunter 'Tech Lion' (PR-ZIQ) taxiing pass Anjung Tinjau to Bay A12. The port side has a more distinct Tech Lion look than the starboard. She will be performing a demo flight tomorrow at 1100 for an hour. Thereafter, she will depart to DMK at 1500.
  11. Usual Heathrow traffic
  12. Special visitor earlier today. SZB Resident
  13. After dropping off the Inter Milan FC in Singapore a day before (on 17/7), this Air X Charter came and parked in SZB from 18-21/7. Guessed on of the main reasons is cheaper parking rates. Departed this morning from Rwy 33.
  14. Day trip down to Singapore and caught some 'birds'
  15. michgyver... You were on board too... I was at 12F
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