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  1. This particular one doesn't need that 4 mins. Just a min and went off. Maybe the old engines have been 'upgraded/overhauled/modified.'
  2. Departed 0630 this morning to Bangkok. Like her other old IL76s sisters, they need to spool up their engines for about a minute. So we had a minute where the plane 'stood' still instead of doing a rolling take off.
  3. Some shots from 21/6 spotting session.
  4. Adding more to yesterday's session
  5. Some traffic on Sunday. Many thanks to friends for alerting the 'NHS-A346' arrival.
  6. Wind direction changed early this year. And because of less traffic, Rwy 14R will be used for all arrival and departures on Sundays and Mondays. Here are some captures between 11am till 2pm.
  7. It was good to finally spot after 3 months break. Towards mid morning, a MAHB 4WD dropped by and informed us that police may patrol around the perimeter roads. They may issue compound for disobeying CMCO. So spot at your own risk. This A318 has been around SAE hangar for quite a while.
  8. After these 3+ months of spotting hiatus, finally get to spot. Raya Airways has acquired this N741AX, former Amerijet International. She will be registered into 9M-RXB.
  9. Not often can get TK cargo during day time. Probably ferrying F1 cars and equipment en route to Melbourne for Australian Grand Prix this weekend.
  10. Some shots from the famous 'rock' . The patrols do come by to 'chase' spotters away. Have to be careful as they can be quite intimidating. Best to follow instruction and quickly leave the 'rock' as they have the tendency to 'push' you to move faster.
  11. Greenliner 2nd visit to KUL over last Sunday
  12. Last Thursday, 23 Jan, captures.
  13. Latest special livery for AK. I love Kelantan Three liveries of D7. Do we call them Retro, Classic, New liveries? Good night
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