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  1. Just wondering, at that time, the misfortune aircraft under Jakarta Control or already handover to Singapore Control?
  2. The PK-FUD was seen at subang EADS bay few weeks ago.
  3. hehe... RMAF AFB no longer Invisible...
  4. The squawk code is generate by system, as identity to a target appear in radar screen. Each squawk code assign to an aircraft, the aircraft will use the code till it land at destination then only the system will “recycle” the squawk code again. Squawk code 21xx and 26xx are allocated to Lumpur ATC and not sure why Singapore ATC system sometime unable to accept squawk assign by Lumpur. Therefore Lumpur will assign another code for them and aircraft will change before entering Singapore airspace.
  5. I believe the aircraft lost contact somewhere between Kuala Lumpur-Ho Chi Minh FIR boundary. If it true, this area still have radar coverage from Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and even Thailand I believe. Let we pray all POB is safe...
  6. So another new comer to KLIA is Iraqi Airways. Not sure when will be 1st flight. Information i get from MA (Sepang) FOC.
  7. Generally, Is KCH-SIN-KUL-LHR cheaper than KCH-KUL-SIN ?
  8. Pictures were taken on 31 May 2013. 9M-AQS 9M-AFU PK-AXL still wearing AirAsia old version livery. 9M-TAM 9M-FYH First time capture this Last rehearsal to welcome Garuda Indonesia from Medan on next day. Binggo... Thank you for viewing.
  9. Something I found and would like to share... Copyright to Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia. Something not right within the line...
  10. Base on NOTAM, show will at SZB... 50 minutes show from 1100LT. =)
  11. Is Berjaya Air still operating to/from Pangkor as per statement?
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