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  1. Spotted during my SDK/TWU flight last week.
  2. Yes, but no more already right? They closed it and moved to the (new) SRJK© Yuk Chin in Kuhara
  3. SRJK© Sin Hwa? My primary school was near "ice box", now no more already... can always see big birds landing and take off, especially during assembly day
  4. Oh, very rare to see BI there
  5. Finally uploaded them all. Very hard to see 2 B734, 1 B738 and 1 A320 all together in TWU
  6. Some aircraft photo taken during my visit to Tawau for GE13 More:
  7. Yeah Josh, this new livery start to grow on me now.. much better than the "double blue/red cheat line" on the current A330s & B738s ....
  8. Found this: http://jetabout.webs.com/sea/mas12.htm See the "MAS" red color scheme too
  9. Eason

    ANA and JAL

    International flight instead .. thanks for sharing Cheng Long
  10. may i know is there any difference in term of the "current" economy seat on the A330-300 between MH and SQ/CX?
  11. Would anybody telling their inflight experience regarding these 2 flight operators from Japan? If you have a choice, which Japanese airline will you fly with? Regards ...
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