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  1. Seletar consider quite a remove place in Singapore and taxi won't simply going there. Public bus are only efficient during rush hour as frequent as 5 to 10mnute, other than rush hour you might going to wait as long as 30minute to catch a bus.
  2. Berjaya Air? zero fare to Tioman Redang Pangkok.
  3. Now i see, thanks guy! I got another question here Does MH have the in-flight phone service?
  4. Found this on MH website: Anyone tried it before? Or it only available for J class passenger?
  5. Lets see will MAHB do anything to avoid they built any new airport
  6. i still remember last year AirAsia also say want to fly to Darwin, Australia but in the end it never happen... hope this time will success
  7. I also always face the same thing until i fed-up...
  8. the KLIA LCC-T is really sux, and we still need to pay the same amount of airport tax with the main terminal. i personally think that free-seating is not suitable for AirAsia because we are Malaysian which have special 'altitute'. Maybe AirAsia should charge those window seat/reserve seat when check-in.
  9. EK have lots of support from their rich goverment.
  10. who will be? Vincent Tan from Berjaya Group/Airlines? or Sugar king @ Robert Kwok from TransMile Air Service?
  11. the first 737-400 MH leased is in 1989, the last return to leasor is in 1998. http://www.airfleets.net/flottecie/Malaysi...ory-b737-35.htm
  12. company service and company management is totally in different story under MH.
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